Another Fabulous Sunday in the City + Those Goals

Ahhh, another weekend, another two days of amazing adventures in Toronto!!

I was a good girl and in bed sober and early last night. Set my alarm for 8am and was up and ready before it even went off!

I was excited for what I had planned this morning – free yoga at Lululemon!


Most Lululemon locations offer free yoga classes on Sunday mornings. Something I’ve never been to as New Brunswick doesn’t have a Lululemon retail location yet.

I was a little nervous about what I would be walking into. I went to the Eaton Centre, expecting to be surrounded by yoga experts dressed to the nines in Lululemon gear. So not the case! There were about 15 of us in the cleared-out showroom. The instructor led us through 50 minutes of Baptiste Power Yoga. A style I’ve been apprehensive to try, but it really wasn’t that hard! I’m strong enough now that vinyasa doesn’t tire me out like it used to and I’m starting to move through it more quickly.

After two months of no yoga is was SO nice to do it again. My body absolutely loves it. I’m realizing it’s an important activity to include in my workout mix, so I suspect I will take advantage of many more free classes until I get the funds to join a studio :)


I had some time to kill afterwards before a very important date downtown. I decided to wander up to Yonge/Dundas Square. The great thing about Toronto is that it’s guaranteed something will be happening there on any given weekend.


Today I happened to stumble across the Live Green Toronto Festival. How ‘bout that!


There wasn’t much going on though. I poked around at some of the vendors then wandered across the street to something that was a lot more eye catching:


Forever 21. A clothing store I’ve heard manymany people rave about but have never been to. It was pretty cheap! I was thisclose to buying a dress I probably don’t need, until I looked at my watch and realized I was about to be late for my very important date!


With a food blogger of course! ;) Jessica was in town visiting her family this weekend. Always on the lookout for a dining partner, I told her we had to get together to eat.


We opted for The Queen Mother, a cute place on Queen West  known for good vegetarian fare (although not a vegetarian restaurant).


Both Jessica and I took a quick look at the menu and decided on the same thing right away. I’m typically a fast decision maker (maybe sometimes too fast!) and appreciate eating out with people who are too!

We went for The Q.M. Burger: a high protein vegetarian patty of grains, nuts, herbs and mushrooms, covered in melted cheese and served in a whole wheat pita with our own special sauce, romaine lettuce and tomato.


You had me at “pita.”


What I wasn’t expecting was for the burger to be delicious. Dare I say… the second best veggie burger I’ve ever had?? Yes, I think so. I loved the combination seedy and soft texture, with chunks of whole peanuts. It was spiced perfectly. Their sauce of ketchup + something creamy paired with it wonderfully.

If you’re wondering, my favourite veggie burger still comes from Calactus in Moncton, New Brunswick. That will be hard to trump. I’ve got that burger on a pedestal.

Me and Jessica! I had a lot of fun chatting and enjoying good food with her today. I have yet to meet a fellow food/healthy living blogger I don’t click with. What is it about us that makes us all so friendly and easy to get along with each other? Anyways, she totally convinced me that I need to take the train to Montreal some time. Soon!!

Just as I started getting settled back at home, this tweet happened :


Don’t need to tell me twice.


The bake sale was going on outside the Ceili Cottage, a wonderful Irish restaurant/pub in my neighbourhood. I originally went for the sticky toffee pudding, which I hear is amazing.

Then I saw this.

It was love at first sight.


I’m not sure if y’all know how much  I love cinnamon buns. Cinnamon rolls are great. But the white, doughy, fluffy, sweet n’ sticky bun is where it’s at. Perhaps Holly can tell you about how I drool at the mere sight of them. She watched me do this in every bakery we visited in Alberta :P

The above heavenly treat comes from a Leslieville bakery I’ve been meaning to try – Sweet Bliss Baking Company. Just another reason to snatch one up. They’re what Toronto Life calls the “best cinnamon buns in the city.” Fret not, in the spirit of moderation, I only ate the outer layer. The sticky center is now wrapped up and hiding in the cupboard. I can hear its muffled cries from here.


After missing a couple weeks, I do believe it is time for the second and final check-in on my Monthly Goals For August.  

1. Eat out twice a week, at no more than $15 a meal. Surprisingly, I did pretty good with this one!! I know I typically only blog about my meals out, but I brought all my food to work with me and often ate at home before going out. Even in Chicago, I only ate out once!

2. Read more. Finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which was good. Slow to start but turned out pretty scandalous. Love the main characters in it, which is the number one thing I look for in a book. Currently half-way through Generation A by Douglas Coupland. It’s a look into the not-so-distant future where bees are extinct. Until five different people around the world are stung. Told through the eyes of each of the sting-ees. In typical Coupland style, the unusual and impossible occasionally happens out of nowhere, but a good criticism on how we treat our planet.

3. Do at least one outdoor activity a week. Walkwalkwalk. Walking to the next subway stop instead of the closest one, getting off the streetcar early to walk the rest of the way home, choosing a part of the city to explore on foot… I did a lot of walking this month because that’s the only outdoor activity I can think of that doesn’t cost money and won’t kill me in the heat.

4. Look for part-time work and volunteer work. Spent some time with Simply Bar yesterday and paperwork is out for another volunteer opportunity! I may or may not have a really cool part-time job interview lined up for this week, but I’m not talking about any of that until I get a job offer. No jinxing!!

5. Update my blog pages. Changed the page names, including a new “The Girl Behind The Blog” section. Not the overhaul I wanted to do, but something is better than nothing.

6. Lose weight. Ugh. I’m tired of devoting mental energy to this. I was doing well, then went to Chicago and now feel unchanged. I’m playing around with my eating patterns and exercise schedule. As I wrote about in this post, I’m having difficulty adjusting to certain areas of my new life. I don’t want losing weight to top my list of priorities anymore. It’s tough when I’m looked to for fitness and nutrition inspiration and feel like I don’t look the part. I just want to eat well, be active, and enjoy doing all of it. It seems I’m happiest in my body when I’m not thinking about it too much. So this goal was not achieved, nor will I be setting it again.


And with that, I’m back to the Emmys!

Question of the Day: How did you do on your August goals?

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  1. 6. It’s such a tough goal for foodies.

  2. Aah I’m so jealous that you did BPY this morning, it’s one of my favourite styles! I went to the free yoga at Sherway Lululemon but it was more the stretching-focused variety and I’m definitely a power yoga girl. Glad you liked it though :) I’m gonna miss it so much when I move home!

  3. One of my goals is to start eating more healthfully and intuitively. It’s hard to do that here at college where the cafe is filled with yummy looking desserts and pizzas and treats. But, when I eat that stuff I feel gross and it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. So, why do I keep eating it? Another thing is that I need to drink my water before I eat, so that I only eat as much as I am hungry for. I tend to eat more because I am thirsty, not hungry.

    So, I make a pledge to myself to eat more healthfully and stay away from all of the excess sugar. I feel my best when I eat fresh, whole foods and no added sugars.

    I feel on the same page with you and your weight goal, because it’s always on my mind. I want eating intuitively and healthfully to be second nature. It’s hard, though, with my past of an eating disorder. Every day is a challenge, but I think to conquer this challenge I just have to keep up my pledge and keep eating healthy and avoiding the things that make me feel bad.

  4. I really like your reflection on your last goal. It is a great way of looking at things. Firstly, you DEFINITELY look the part of a fitness/health expert. And I’m sure all of your clients agree. Plus espousing such a balanced outlook on health is the best example to set because it is the most likely to be successful over time.

    Also – I also recently read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I agree it started a bit slow but really picked up speed and got so good. I’m on the last book in the series now – even though with all the reading I have to do for my new law school classes I should prob be sick of reading – and its really interesting because you get more a history about Lisbeth. I recommend reading the second and third if you get a chance.

    Well that was a novel of a comment! Have a great start to the week,
    Nicole G

  5. Impressive that you are kibboshing #6 for good. I need you to be my mentor :-)

    I’m struggling with my august goals. I think I need to just start over with September!

    I cheated for my book club= we were reading “tattoo” also and they told me what the book was with 2 days to read the book- so they told me to catch the movie in the last remaining theater in LA, so I did. We’re reading the trilogy. So I bought and read the next one- Girl who played with Fire…GOOD. Now I’m started on Hornet’s nest- I’m hooked! (first novel I’ve read in a decade- shameful!)

  6. you are living the life, susan! i love vicariously living thru you and your many adventures. i am SO happy for you, i have said it before but seriously.. you are truly living life as it should be lived and i gotta give you major props!

    ALSO. your arms look so great. i was thinking that in the photo of you and jessica :)


  7. ah, august is over, this is a shock to me.

    your adventures are incredible.
    i need to follow more places around me on twitter.

    Big big hugs!

  8. Remember that whilst you may not feel at your best, you are still an amazingly hot mamma! People would kill to look as good as you do. You look healthy (and ARE healthy), you live life to the full and have fun. All things to keep in mine me thinks.

  9. yoga, congrats! baron b yoga is challenging and if you felt it wasnt a biggie, you’re in great yoga shape and that’s great!!

    that cinny roll, nice!

    your goals, you win some, you lose some :)

    goals of mine and how i did? i cant even remember if i made any for the month LOL

  10. I love looking back at what I’ve achieved each month – in August I was worried that my appetite was off the scale and I was gaining weight but then when I checked where I was at the begining of August I’ve actually lost weight and inches. Just goes to show! I really need to try and do more reading too. That cinnamon bun looks insanely good! x

  11. bahaha oh the angles I contorted my body into to get that shot!
    It so awesome to meet you too! Looks like you got your dessert after all ;)

  12. Ahh I have wanted to try Lululemon free yoga FOREVER… next time you’re gunna go, let me know && I’ll tag along! I always forget about it :P

    WOW does that sound like a good veggie burger… now I need to go hunt it down :D

    Yum, I love cinnamon buns too… the week we made them in class… ALL bad. I can honestly say, as delicious as they were I never want to make them myself again. Too dangerous. I’m just going to have to go to Sweet Bliss and buy one! ;)

    I actually…. did NOT set any August goals. *Gasp*. The beginning was a bit too crazy around the wedding time…and I find myself SO lost without goals! Can’t wait to make them for September :)


  13. Anne @ a daily slice

    What a blast of a Sunday! I didn’t know about Lululemon and yoga–I’ll definitely have to look into it :)

    August goals for me, not so great. I’m working on some September plans!!

  14. I would love free yoga! I think thats so awesome for Lululemon to do.

    Lunch looks great. Dining with other bloggers is always the best.

  15. Our free yoga here is on Parliament hill and it’s over at the end of September! Sad because I only found out about it a few weeks ago. I for sure have to look into finding a studio to start practicing more regularly.

    You should for sure go visit Montreal, it’s such an amazing city, I never get enough of it when I go!

    • I looooved the Santosha yoga studio when I was in Ottawa!! But from what I hear Rama Lotus is “in” studio right now ;)

      I’ve been to Montreal a few times, but my sister lives in Quebec City so it always gets bypassed for beautiful QC!

      • I’ll have to check out Santosha! It’s funny that you mentioned Rama Lotus because the guy who led the Lululemon yoga session last week was the founder of that studio! I really didn’t enjoy the yoga we did though so I was turned off by that studio because of it :/ I really shouldn’t though since it was just one style of many out there.

        I used to live in Montreal but all of my family lives in and around the Quebec City area – I love both places very much!

  16. i have always wanted to go to the free lulu yoga!! that high protein burger looks delicoous and love that it was served inside pita bread!

    I want to find a part time job too! ( already have a full time job, but I have plenty of time to do something else :)

  17. Wow – what a fun day! That veggie burger really does look amazing. And the bake sale has me drooling. Billy and I have Toronto on our list of places to visit asap!

  18. Wow, I really wish I lived a bit closer to the Tdot. So much good stuff going on over there! That pita veggie burger would have been my choice too fo sho. And I admire your cinnamon bun resistance, I highly doubt that thing would have been anything other than devoured 10 minutes after I bought it. Heck if anything I would have tossed the outside and JUST eaten the amazing sticky middle.

    Good job on the progress with the August goals. I’m right with you on weight loss and everything you said about your body feelings. I’m feeling the same w(eigh.. chuckle) right now but the more I think about it and focus on it, the more it bothers me and the worse it seems to get. So I’m trying to devote less focus on it.. it’s such an energy sucker! It’ll come off with time, a bit more balance and a bit more happiness. I know it ;)

  19. What a fun day! Free yoga, delicious veggie fare, blogger meetups and baked goods?! Is there a more perfect day imaginable? I think not.

    Good job with your goals!

  20. Where did August go?? I’ve been walking everywhere this summer, too, and I’m not excited about being forced to take cabs because of the cold again! And to answer your question about why food bloggers are so nice- it’s because you, my friend, are impossible to be anything but nice to!! :)

  21. Grad Skool Girl

    I love, love, love the free yoga at Lululemon! I’m super lucky to have one just five minutes from my apartment.

    I’m also reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo right now… Only on about page 80, and I agree that it’s slow to start… Hope it picks up soon!

  22. susan…why wasn’t i eating chocolate bacon at that festival with you? and reading over your toronto ventures totally makes me want to move there. i am not even lying about that.

    i love that we are so alike but so different – cinnamon is my LEAST fave simply bar. but i do love cathy, and am jealous you got to hang out with her. she’s such a sweetheart!

    good work on your goals! i am getting derailed at losing that fun chub too. we are works in progress. works in progress who like good food and refuse to pass up an opportunity to eat despite our desire to lose said fun chub. and that’s okay by me.

    love you and miss you!

    p.s. for the record, susan AND her sister are cinnamon roll queens. don’t get between that girl and her rolls!!!

  23. Good job with your goals! I loved the girl with the dragon tattoo – quickest read of the summer for me! And don’t worry about #6 – you look so toned and gorgeous in your restaurant picture : )

  24. Love seeing food bloggers in action!

    I have been to a Lulu yoga class on Sunday mornings in my area. The actual class was great, but it was just SO crowded that I had a hard time getting into the flow!

    Good lord, it’s been years since I’ve had anything that remotely resembles a cinnamon bun. I think we’ll have to change that soon after seeing your photos!

  25. Susan, awesome on going to the yoga even though you were a little nervous!

    You are fabulous, strong and beautiful! Keep up with the yoga!

  26. Christina @ Food.Fitness.Fun.

    I’ve always been curious about the lulu yoga classes but I feel weird going since I’m not a yogi. The QM is pretty great, your food looks delish!!

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