A Peek Into The Camera of A Food Blogger

Hellohello friends! Before we even get into today’s topic, I first want to thank you for the kind and supportive comments on my last post. If having a balanced life was easy, then everyone would be living a perfect life! I just do what I can :)

I woke up not a happy camper today. I think it’s a combination of being run-down, fighting off some flu-like symptoms, and the fullness of the moon lately (yes, I believe in the effect of lunar cycles).


Thank goodness it’s Waffle Wednesday or I may have just resigned to my bed for the rest of the day. Now this is something worth getting out of bed for!!

Whipped up a batch of protein waffles (recipe found here) and topped with a mixture of plums, raisins, sugar-free syrup, cinnamon and sunflower seed butter.


Adding the topping just a bit at a time. I do not like soggy waffles!!

Now usually, I would stop here with the enticing waffle photos, but today I’m doing something a little different.

I want to show you the food photos that didn’t make the cut. Here are the ones you would have otherwise missed out on (all taken on my Canon EOS Rebel XS):

IMG_1285 IMG_1286

IMG_1287 IMG_1288

IMG_1289 IMG_1291

IMG_1293  IMG_1299

IMG_1297 IMG_1300

I usually take anywhere from 5-15 photos per dish. I aim to get a view from the top, from the side, and close-up. Most of the time photos are not used because they’re not as crisp as the others. Crispness is key. If it’s the least bit fuzzy, I don’t use it.



Chicken slices and laughing cow blue cheese on a pita with onions, tomatoes and spinach. I’m back to eating pitas and carrot sticks every day. One meal that I never tire of!

If this were a regular post, I would keep it to that one photo. But here are the other ones I captured…

IMG_1301 IMG_1303

IMG_1304 IMG_1306

IMG_1307 IMG_1308

I’m not a huge fan of the composition in the top photos. The bottom part of the pita that is closest to the camera is not what’s in focus. For some reason I get really bothered when the foreground is blurry and the background is focused. It’s my “thing” I guess. Also, the loser photos are either too shaded or too blanched out from the light. It’s tricky getting sunlight to hit textures juuuuuust right.

Lunch was polished off with an Adora disk. I got a bag of these for free at the Healthy Living Summit. I reallyreally like them. 30 calories a pop for a little piece of calcium infused chocolate.


The shots that didn’t make the cut:

IMG_1309 IMG_1311

One of my pet peeves is when people review a packaged good and don’t reveal what’s inside of the package. Instead of taking a shot of the chocolate in the wrapper, I decided to capture what the chocolate actually looks like along with the packaging. You get the best of both worlds in one frame :)

Also, I went for the angled shot here so you can see both the width and height of the chocolate. That way you get a better feel for its size. The last loser picture is very similar to the shot I chose. The only difference is that the chosen one has more of the chocolate in focus when enlarged. The area of focus on the loser one was too small.

Finally, there was dinner.

Stir-fried tofu, grated carrot, zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, onions and garlic with pesto and laughing cow cheese.


This bowl also got a lot of camera lovin’…

IMG_1314  IMG_1315

IMG_1317 IMG_1318


IMG_1321 IMG_1322

I really like doing long shots with plates and bowls because you get a feel for just how overflowing they can be. Plus, I kinda liked the packaged Ikea bed slats as the diagonal background ;) The close-up shots in this series unfortunately all turned out blurry, so they were ditched. The bottom two turned out okay, but were too similar in composition to the first photo I chose. If I’m going for more than one photo of a dish, I want them all to come from noticeably different angles.


And that my friends is a little peek into my camera!! I always joke that if someone were to steal it on me, they’d think they stole the camera of a crazy person. Which I guess may partially be true ;)

I’m taking the day off from blogging on Thursday, but if there are any requests for what you’d like featured on Fitness Friday this week, let me know!


Question of the Day: Food bloggers – do you photograph all your food? How many shots do you take per dish? I obviously don’t photograph everything. But I do admit to sometimes featuring boring food on here just because I think the picture turned out pretty :)

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  1. I love the post idea!!

    It’s funny that you’re all about the crispness, because I’m *obsessed* with the bokeh in pictures. Sometimes I’ll ditch a crisper image just because it doesn’t have enough bokeh for me, and go with one that’s probably blurrier than it should be ;) Usually when I’m focusing on bowls I want the focal point about an inch inside the closest rim for the effect I like. I love how everyone’s photography style is unique!

    I usually photograph all my food, except for some really quick snacks or things at night I eat after I blog :)

  2. You know I don’t photograph everything. Only new recipes/concoctions or something I’m really enjoying at the moment. I do take about 10 pictures per thing I know I plan to use on the blog though. I also use picnik.com to do a bit of editing if none of the pics came out just right. Not all the time though.

    • That’s one thing I forgot to mention – I rarely edit photos. The most I’ll ever do is crop or adjust the white balance afterward. I have nothing against photo editing, I’m just too damn impatient with the editing programs :P

  3. I’m totally stealing this idea, it’s adorable.

    I love your pictures my love. big huggles

  4. I don’t photograph everything, just things I might want to blog about. I only take a few shots per dish as I only have a point and shoot and few fun settings to play with.

  5. wow 5-15 pics per dish?!?! haha i usually take one and thats that! unless its so nice I want ot take it at different angles your pics are so pretty though! i like all theones that didn’t make the cut!

  6. Love it. :)

    I photograph 90% of my food. I am like you, I probably take 5-15 pictures per dish… unless I’m really hungry then I’m lucky if I get 2. I want to get back into the habit of taking pictures of my cooking process and all the ingredients and steps.

  7. I definitely take pictures of most of my food. I also only have a point and shoot so i generally take 1-3 pictures per dish.

  8. I don’t photograph my snacks, but I am pretty consistent about taking pics of my meals. I take anywhere from 3-10 pictures per dish–I like to have options!

  9. I am like you in that I take about 5-10 (more if it’s a really really sexy looking meal!) photos per dish. If it’s something I know I’ve taken a squillion photos of before and probably won’t talk about on my blog, or just a little snack that isn’t particularly exciting, I usually don’t bother. If I had a super fancy camera though.. .well then there would probably be many more photos taken! :)

  10. Leg workouts…squats :) :)

  11. I took a peek at your protein waffle recipe – have you ever tried it for pancakes? Alas, I don’t yet have a waffle iron!

    Idea for a fitness post – I run on the treadmill (not so much outdoors) occasionally and only for 10-15 minutes at a time, but I notice that I run on my toes as opposed to rolling through my heel. Can you write a bit about different running strides and what type of stride is most beneficial for the legs/stamina/injury prevention?

  12. I take pictures of just about everything. It is just habit at this point. But I agree with you on the thought that a picture needs to be crisp. I can’t stand posting fuzzy pictures. Because I have a point and shoot camera, my photos don’t always turn out the way I would like, but if I am really hungry I give up and just eat. Some dedication, huh? I can’t help it though. My tummy takes control and the blog suffers. :)

  13. I photograh some things but I dont take nearly that many pictures. Maybe if I had a nice rebel I would :)

  14. Oooh man, the moon. I’ve been feeling like a crazy/menopausal person lately! I believe it 100%!

  15. Great post idea girl.

    I take anywhere from 2-10 photos of each meal…more at lunch or dinner, less for snacks and such. Oddly, it’s almost always the first shot that makes the cut. I really should trust my eye…it’s actually pretty good! :)

    I don’t edit either. Partially because I dont really know much about it, but also because the little I have tried I’m too impatient for too.

  16. greensandjeans

    I don’t take pictures of everything, but now that I have a dSLR in my life, I take WAY more pictures!

  17. from the last post..
    “This time, I am in a new city, but still adjusting to a new work and life schedule. ”

    I have moved 10 times in 10 years. From IL to NC to SC to CA to AZ and back to CA. And within those states, different house/towns/neighborhoods/areas. It’s HARD. I used to think, well, ive made this work before, i can make it work again but my hatred for my 10 mos in phoenix showed me that no, you cant always make every city work. Not saying you wont make your current city work but rater just saying even when you do love/like where you’re living it’s still hard to make a big adjustment like you have. Be patient w/ yourself!

    The weight loss thing. I have a suggestion that jumped off the page as I was reading your post, but email me.

    This post with the camera/pics…fabulous!!!! I take about 40 pics per day BUT fewer are food, some are products i get, many are skylar or our life together that day. I NEVER photograph all my meals…what’s the point. Having an online pictorial food diary just is never why i set out to blog!

  18. Great shots! I’m still “getting to know my camera” and so it’s a lot of trial and error with the shots I take.
    I’m very guilty in that I don’t photograph everything I eat. I’m pretty selective on the meals I show on the blog as I feel redundant posting things such as “toast with almond butter” or “cereal”. My breakfasts are usually boring (and rushed) and lunch is almost always a by-product of dinner. So dinner is usually the star of my show :)

  19. I photograph almost all of my food, and I would say a 5-15 shot is a pretty accurate range, depending on the meal. Since I’ve gotten my new camera I feel a bit more freedom to try new shots without it dying on me ;) Actually, I my husband jokes the reason my last camera died is because it wasn’t “supposed” to be “designed” to take 50 photos of food a day. Ooops… ;)


    • Baaahaha, your husband may be on to something ;) I used to have a crappy Kodak point & shoot and it died the same day I got my SLR. I was impressed it held out for that long!

  20. You’re a great photographer! I don’t photograph ALL my food. Mainly because I work at a desk and the pictures aren’t usually too visually appealing. That and because I take my point-and-shoot to work instead of my SLR. Also, my SLR is OLD and I need to buy a new lens, so my pictures are never quite as pretty as yours. Even your loser ones :)

  21. I photograph all my food. At least I try to. I probably take 5-10 shots each time, and I agree that crispness is key.

    I’ll photograph everywhere but in the cafe at work though! I usually take shots at my desk before taking it down to eat with others, or I take them at home when I’m packing my lunch. I think a bunch of attorneys might think I’m strange!

  22. i dont like soggy ANYTHING, that is why i am a dipper like you. waffles look so good! i was going to make some yesterday and then i got lazy and made a shake. i think i will have to make up for it this weekend because your array of photos are making me drool!

    i need to find the LCBC wedges. i have yet to spot them.

    this concept for a post is AWESOME. i may have to copy you some time because i do the same thing. SO many photos that don’t make the cut.

    i used to photograph ALL my meals, even my BLTs.. but now i really only take shots of a few of my meals. the meals i DO take photos of.. oh yes, a zillion shots.

    excited for tomorrow’s post!


  23. I definitely don’t take pictures/post everything I eat. I just mentioned on my post last night that my breakfasts are fairly monotonous (and who cares that I have peanut butter toast almost every morning?) so I rarely post them. I love your photography! You’re very skilled, Susan!

  24. I LOVE this idea for a blog post. I’ve often thought the same, ahaha. My camera is filled with pictures of food, my cat, and markets. Crazy fat cat lady? I guess so ;)
    You are much more talented than I am with your photographs. I take about six or seven for every one that gets used :)
    Those waffles look great! Thanks for linking us over to the recipe.

  25. What a super fun idea for a post- love ALL of the photos- even the ones that ended up on the ‘cutting room floor’.

    Oh dear, sounds like I should go back and read your last post- hope you’re OK. :-/ I do have an item or two that shall cheer you up but I need your new addy. :-D Let’s just say “Yay TJs”!!!

    I have tried the LCBC and LVOE LOVE LOVE it- I trialed it with Allie and we both loved it.


  26. haha sometimes i’m SO hungry i friggn snap one shot, don’t even care if it’s blurry and just DIG IN. other times i spend waaaaay too much time taking pictures and messing around with the shots that my food gets cold!

    that bowl of veg totally makes me want some pesto now though!! i gotta make a solid pesto soon :)

  27. I usually only photograp my dinners but I have a crappy camera and not enough natural light so my photos never looks as good as yours :)

  28. loved your last post, love the camera shots and love you. happy weekend dear :)

  29. Love this, Susan! I have so many photos that didn’t make the cut. I’ve hardly been blogging recently but am still in the habit of taking photos, so my camera is totally backlogged. I think all bloggers can relate!

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