Markets and Bars

Hellohello! Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend! I sure did…


Thank gawd this cellphone photo is the only evidence of my busting out Moondance at karaoke last night. Also very happy that Billy chose not to take a picture of me awkwardly dancing during the musical interlude. Don’t ever let me do this again, mmmkay? :P

Anyways, I am not here to talk about how much whiskey it took me to do that, or the fact that I woke up at noon today. Ohno, today it’s about the food.

First things first, I’ve been eating a lot of bars. My cupboard is overflowing with all the bars I acquired in the U.S. last weekend!


I was really excited to try my second Clif Mojo flavour after declaring Peanut Butter Pretzel my favourite bar ever.


Mountain Mix had the same sweet & salty theme with almonds, peanuts, raisins and chocolate, among many other goodies. I did not dig the dried fruit in the mix. PB Pretzel still has a hold on my tastebuds!

Saturday morning I was up early (read: 8am and not noon) to attend what could be my last ever Les Mills step class. A very sad occasion, but I can’t afford to keep up my gym membership when I already have access at another gym for free!


I fuelled up for step with this Clif Z Bar in Chocolate Chip as I’ve heard they make for a good snack before running as well.

IMG_1131 IMG_1133

Not a big fan of this one. In general, I don’t really care for baked bars unless crumbled over top of something. It did at least sit well in my tummy while I jumped over a step for 60 minutes :)

Lastly, I reached for another Clif bar while working on the blog today. This time for one of the new Luna Protein bars in Chocolate Cherry Almond that came in my Healthy Living Summit swag bag.


For 180 calories, it was small….


And only 12g protein (compared to a regular Luna, which has 10g anyways)


Taste was just okay, I’m picky with my fruit-chocolate flavour combos. The texture however was great. Similar to certain flavours of Atkins or ISO Femme protein bars.

When not drinking whiskey and eating protein bars (killer combo, no?) I was eating some of the best food Toronto has to offer!!


I finally made my way down to Toronto’s historic St. Lawrence Market on Saturday. It’s a combination indoor-outdoor market district.

I explored mostly the indoor markets as it was raining outside. They looked like your typical market set-up…


In all honesty, I’m not the biggest fan of farmer’s markets. I know it’s a great way to support local farmers, but the crowds aren’t that great for my anxiety, and I find the food is often too expensive for my tight purse strings. 


However, I am never one to turn down free food ;) LOVE the free samples at markets. The above photo is a table with a gazillion different flavours of mustard – my favourite being the maple mustard. 


I asked Kristin for some market recommendations as I now consider her my expert resource on all things related to the St. Lawrence Market ;) Her first suggestion was to get a peameal bacon sandwich from the Carousel Bakery.


A quick Google search led me to discover the sandwich is world famous, touted by celebrities such as Emeril Lagasse and Bobby Flay.


I showed up starving after Saturday’s step class and this sandwich hit. the. spot. Wowza.

I ordered the regular peameal sandwich, with just the meat, cheese, on a amazingly soft and flaky bun. The bun is totally what made the sandwich, but I was impressed by how much meat they put on it too!!

After much wandering around, I decided it was time for some of the Freshly Squeezed juice Kristin also said I had to try.


I went for a carrot + apple + ginger juice made right in front of me!


Loved it. I’m always a little weary of vegetable juices, but carrots are so sweet and the ginger gave it a wonderful kick.

While sipping on my juice, I stumbled across this place…



I was actually in search of dessert when I saw this, but remembered that Kristin also said the perogies were a must-try. I LOVE well-made perogies. So I ditched dessert for something more savoury.


I ordered three potato and cheese perogies and three veal. Only cost $2.50 and they threw in an extra one! Even better, I had my camera around my neck when they handed me the perogies. The guy at the counter opened the container and asked if I wanted to snap a photo of them. How did he know?? :P

A lot of wonderful looking produce at the market, but again, much of it I passed up. Except for these little babies…


Those would be fresh dates. I’ve never seen fresh dates before!! The girl selling them said to keep them out for 3-4 weeks until they get wrinkly like the one in the top of the picture. That’s when they get good enough to eat. Can’t wait!

Finally, I had one more stop.


Just the other day I was reading about the best place to get a bagel in Toronto (because that’s apparently how I spend my free time) and St. Urbain Bagel was listed among them.


I picked up a couple whole wheat sesame bagels and brought them home for later.


And by “later” I mean it was the first thing I ate when I jumped rolled out of bed this morning afternoon.


Toasted and topped with laughing cow cheese, eggs and chicken bacon. Damn, this bagel was good. The perfect mix of soft, chewy and puffy. I may have to go back for these!

I also passed several meat stalls at the market. I so badly wanted to stop and pick something up, but I kept reminding myself that I actually live close to one of the best sausage shops in the city!


I picked up a strawberry spinach chicken sausage on my way home Saturday. Ate it for supper that night on top of lettuce, tomato and onions with ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut and Trader Joe’s corn salsa. No doubt the sausage was fresh, however I don’t think the fruitier flavours are for me. I guess my inner German prefers a more savoury sausage ;)


Ahhhh, another weekend, another three days of wonderful foodie adventures :) I’m kinda lovin’ this city!!

Also, if you’re taking it easy tonight like me, feel free to check out my updated pages: The Girl Behind The Blog, and Links I Love. I read so many blogs, I know I forgot to add some to my new blogroll. Don’t be shy, let me know if you think you belong on that list! Blog updates are still a work in progress, more to come in the following days!


Question of the Day: What would be your karaoke song??

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  1. lol the karaoke photo is hilarious!!!

  2. Great post – I LOVE the market. My office is down the street which means I’m there way too often on my lunch breaks! I’m a big fan of the perogies place as well. I’ve actually never tried St. Urbain’s bagels but now I’m going to have to check it out! Next time you go, I recommend hitting up Yanni’s Kitchen – it’s Greek food and they have amazing chicken souvlaki salads. Also, if you’re looking for dessert, go for a Portuguese custard tart – they are heavenly.
    Just out of curiosity, which sausage shop do you live near?

  3. Glad you let loose and had a great time out this weekend! Karaoke can be so much fun times, albeit embarrassing :-P
    That’s so cool that the perogi guy let to take a snapshot! Smart guy :)

  4. I really like local farmers markets and actually find the produce cheaper than the store. I like the fact that the food has not traveled miles to get to the store.

  5. That market looks like so much fun! Even just to people watch. How cool to see ‘real’ dates. I would probably eat one like that just to see what it tastes like LOL!

    What is peameal bacon anyway? Looks good.

    I have never done karaoke. I just can’t do it.

    • Ha… I also Googled “Peameal” before getting the sandwich! Apparently it’s similar to Canadian bacon, just not smoked. It gets its name because they used to coat in in peas as a way to cure it. Essentially, it tastes like ham :)

  6. what a great weekend!! I LOVE MARKETS!! oh my goodness gracious. and amazing prices too. i LOVE the mojo bars!

  7. How much do we have to pay Billy to make sure that next time there’s video?

    I’m a huge farmer market fan as there’s quite a few of them around Victoria and the prices are usually very reasonable. I think having a smaller city where a lot of people have gardens/hobby farms helps stop the prices from skyrocketing as there’s a lot of competition for your dollar.

    And I have yet to met a karaoke I didn’t like, but then I’ve also bursted out into song in the middle of staff meetings. I’m a little odd like that :)

  8. the luna protein, the cookie dough is best, then the pb, and the cherry one (yours) is way last IMO…sorry you got the “dud” of the 3 imo!

    the cliff. the choc brownie is the BEST. it’s dark and fudgey and really good. the one you have, again, is “fine” but weak compared to the choc brownie

    you are so sweet for telling ppl to email you about your blogroll. :)

    and your last post the lifting one..great job hon!

  9. I love markets, but you are right about the number of people though. I went to one with hubby last Sunday, and the place was packed. I happened to buy lots of veggies, and I think I am hooked. I will be going there next weekend too. I love the way you compared those bars. At least now I know what to avoid. Thanks :)

  10. I think I need to wait till summer hit before i start exploring markets, the weather isn’t really suitable right now to be outside all day!

    Karaoke is not on my list of things to be doing in life. I’m a terrible singer.
    I’d probably go with something embarrassing & awkward to sing!

  11. I love the clif mojo bars! yum!

    and I love singing Joy to the world when I karaoke–ya know “joy to the world, all the boys and girls, joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me”

  12. What a cool market! Lots of neat things there.

    And I’m so picky about bars too. Especially the chewy ones like Luna protein bars. Not all that into them.

  13. ahaha! I LOVE sneaky iphone pictures. Glad you had a fun night :D

    SO glad you liked my suggestions at the St Lawrence! Totally drooling over that sandwich know, I think I need to head over there next Saturday, it’s been too long! ;)

    And girl… I may need to hire you as my special sausage dealer. I REALLY want to try some of those sausages from your butcher!!

    My karaoke song? Something by Social Distortion. :D


  14. Anne @ a daily slice

    I LOVE karaoke. I’m all about anything Journey :)

    Those berries look beautiful. I want to jump through the picture and eat them :)

  15. lol! My Karaoko song will forever be Total Eclipse of the Heart! That song owns my soul! I only ever sing it when I go out of town to Montreal though! Never will you see me singing it in Ottawa! Come to think of it though, I’m not aware of any Karaoke bars around here!

    Love all the eats featured here! Interesting to see Dates fresh!

  16. The last couple of times I have done karaoke I sang Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy. I think this is more because I love to wear my cowboy boots to bars.

  17. Oooh everything looks great! A few other bloggers that I follow haven’t been that impressed with the new Luna protein bars so now I don’t feel like I’m missing out as much. And don’t worry – if you do end up canceling your membership, we could always have a little blogger meet-up here once Callie moves back… I can arrange to get you into one of my spin classes! Oh, and we could go out for some karaoke too lol! I think my song would have to be Don’t Stop Believing.

  18. You’re killing me! Every time I read one of your posts, the words: “I really miss Toronto” spring into my mind. Keep this up and I’ll be knocking on your doorstep, suitcase in hand haha kidding!
    But I love that you’re enjoying Toronto so much, it’s truly an amazing city, no matter what my Montreal counterparts tell me :)

  19. You, missy, have got nifty with your camera in this post! Loving the photos. Did you get a new camera or have you just been playing with the settings? Either way, it really makes a wonderful difference!

    I just blogged it up about getting the most out of a visit to the farmers’ market. I feel like following my tip about getting there super early/late might be good in avoiding the full-on hecticness of the crowds.

  20. I was in that market while visiting Toronto!!! I didn’t try the peameal sandwich, though I mean to next time, because I was too full from eating everything else that day. ;) And I was heading to Little India for a food crawl in the afternoon too!

    In terms of local farmers’ markets, I find them cheaper than going to the grocery store if you want to buy organic.

  21. Looks like you had some great eats at the market! Yummm :)

  22. I wasn’t really a fan of the chocolate cherry Luna- I couldn’t put my finger on it but it was definitely similar to an Atkins bar! Tasted to fake for my taste.

    I LOVE that you did karaoke. I tried to sing some on Saturday for my birthday but the place we went was too crowded and the lines were too long to sing (gah!). I usually sing Britney Spears (I have a killer impression- don’t ask) or Queen. Because I am apparently a glutton for punishment.

  23. i have to say karaoke is not for me i can’t think o anything worse i would make peoples ears bleed! Ha ha sounds like you had fun though x x

  24. omg i thought the same thing about that luna protein bar!! it was good but quite small and calorie dense for what it was…meh it was okay, not amazing

    ahh fresh dates! i had those in israel once…SO SO SO good!

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