Chocolate Tooth

You know how some people classify themselves as having either a sweet or a salty tooth?

Well I have a chocolate tooth.

I love most sweets, and am typically down for a salty snack, but chocolate is my one and only.


I’ve been waiting to pour hot oatmeal into this jar since the day I bought it. I specifically saved the near-empty jar for a treat upon my return from Chicago. Made better only by the addition of even more chocolate in the form of dark chocolate covered edamame from Trader Joe’s.

If you think this is enough to satisfy my raging chocolate tooth, you are unfortunately mistaken. I tear through any and all chocolate at an astonishing rate. I have a piece after every single meal (sometimes even after a chocolate breakfast!).


There’s been an abnormal amount of chocolate in my house these past few days as a result of the stellar swag bag I received at the Healthy Living Summit. These Adora disks are calcium infused hunks of the good stuff. Texture is not quite up to snuff, but I’ll still take it!


When I was a kid, my mom always used to separate my Halloween candy into three bags: chips, chocolate bars, and the rest of the candy. Guess which bag always emptied first?


Adding healthy stuff is really not helping the cause either. As if I need another excuse to eat chocolate!

These Attune bars have priobiotic in them. When chatting with the Attune rep at the Healthy Living Summit, I told her we didn’t get them in Canada and she proceeded to give me a handful of free bars. I think my eyes glazed over.


Of all the food pairings in world, I would have to say chocolate + coffee is my favourite. Yes, even more than banana + peanut butter, or even chocolate + peanut butter. My favourite time to eat chocolate is with my morning coffee. I take a nibble, then let the coffee melt it in my mouth. It’s a near religious experience.


Angela totally got it right with this chocolate and coffee Glo Bar. Of the flavours I’ve tasted, this is so far my favourite.

As a side note, this ode to chocolate was in no way planned. When uploading my photos tonight, I realized that it’s the only food I deemed worthy to photograph over the past few days. Go figure!

I guess we all have a little Homer Simpson in us ;)


Question of the Day: What is that one food you eat over and over and never get sick of??


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  1. I just discovered Dark Chocolate Dreams and I’m OBSESSED!!

  2. You know, I love chocolate, but I ALWAYS come back to oatmeal raisin cookies.

  3. I am so a chocolate person too. (I’ve already finished the chocolate edamame, except for the 5 I’m saving for my mom. But shhhh, don’t tell anyone!)

    The next time I’m at Reid’s Candy & Nut Shop in Cambridge, I will buy you a chocolate spoon for your coffee :)

  4. The fact that this wasn’t planned totally cracks me up! lol But I guess seeing your love of fudge I shouldn’t be surprised. Fudge counts as chocolate right?!?

    Anywho – I kind of love seafood. Love it something fierce. I don’t get tired of those lovely little fishies, shrimpies, and the like! :)

  5. Greek Yoghurt is mine for sure.

  6. I’m totally a chocolate person, too. It ranks high above all other treats and sweets. Since you like chocolate and coffee I recommend you try Starbucks Chocolate covered cherries with their Kenya blend. They compliment each other perfectly, though I realize that recommendation totally made me sound like a Starbuck’s shill.

    • Oooh, that sounds good! When I worked there, we would always find excuses to do chocolate and coffee pairings for our taste testing. Verona and milk chocolate was my fave :)

  7. I never get sick of chocolate over – guess what I’m having for dessert! I never get sick of oatmeal or peanut butter.

  8. Yeah…I’m a chocolate girl too! I eat a handful of chocolate chips straight from the freezer (they’re sososo good frozen if you haven’t done that) every single night. It’s a problem.

  9. I don’t think I could ever get sick of strawberries or peaches. Or, you know, cake.

  10. Next time I’m back in Switzerland, I will have to get you some of the local specialty chocolate from my village. My almost-mom sends me a box every Christmas and it is the highlight of my year. I’m honestly saying that without hyperbole.Okay, fine. It’s the highlight of my Christmas and that really *is* without hyperbole.

    My one return to food would be either my mom’s Irish Soda Bread (preferably with some of her homemade blackberry jam, but I’m not picky) or my Swiss Zuepfe (preferably with tomato paste, mayo and Rustica, but again, not picky at all). I don’t eat a lot of bread so I like it to be really good bread when I do. Plus they both have fabulous memories attached to them so eating them is a little emotional hug while I’m at it.

  11. Hmmm, this might be an odd list. I don’t get sick of yogurt, apples (unless they’re off-season), peaches, or coffee. OH and chocolate chip cookies. ;)

    I’ve bought a few different types of Peanut Butter & Co stuff, and I’m honestly not the hugest fan? I think it might be because the sugar is all granule-y. I have the cinnamon raisin kind right now and it’s honestly too sweet to put on anything aside from really nutty, 12-grain toast! :\

    • Yes, that Dark Chocolate Dreams PB was my first PB & CO purchase, and I probably won’t buy it again. When it comes to peanut butter, I like it unsweetened and natural. When it comes to spreadable chocolate, I like it Nutella!! ;)

  12. POPCORN! Never ever ever get sick of it.

    I also have a chocolate tooth and like to buy chocolate in tiny portions. My fave go-to chockie treat are the teeeny tootsie rolls (midgees- they clock in at 11 cals each and they don’t melt in the desert heat- score!). I also love ‘real’ chocolate and TJs has canisters with small bites and nibbles. And my other fave is chocolate covered cacao nibs- nomnomnom!

    When I was in Canada the last two days I decided not to even LOOK at the energy bars because I’d just fall in love with stuff I can’t buy stateside! Seeing as I’ll definitely be in your debt, let me know if you want anything from TJs and I’ll pop it in the mail to you!

  13. that “food” is coffee for me…NEVER get sick of it. it can be 100F out and i love my coffee. chocolate too, but really it’s coffee! and raw green food. if i dont have that, i am a total bitch! i need my raw greenery!!

  14. I love the Homer reference :)

    I never get sick of oats!

  15. I think I could never get sick of oats, pizza, and chocolate. That chocolate OIAJ looks sooooo good!

  16. Personally, I have a sweet-and-savoury tooth. I like the mix better than either on their own!

    And ohmigosh… WONDERFUL idea for choc covered edamame!! I need to try that, STAT!

    I really can never get sick of eggs. I looooove me some eggs.


  17. Oh man–I’d have to say donuts, chocolate, and pizza! and queso :)

    Top foods for me!

    I love chocolate covered coffee beans—so good! and i dont even like coffee, so I think thats crazy!

  18. I am enjoying some coffee and chocolate right now… also my fav. pairing! I have a chocolate tooth too. I made it through an entire pregnancy without overindulging on most things… except chocolate… oh yeah and that Loads of chocolate peanut butter ice cream from Superstore… forgot about that healthy snack (sheepish)!

  19. Chocolate covered edamame! That sound so delicious!

  20. i could never get sick of cold chunky oatmeal with peanut butter!! and lately i’m becoming so obsessed with chocolate too! i’ll never get sick of it. oh and popcorn will forever be in my life haha

  21. I never get sick of yogurt, peanut butter, cheese, or chocolate. I find a way to eat almost all of these items daily. In fact as I type I’m having breakfast: plain greek yogurt mixed with sliced strawberries and dark chocolate dreams pb! Sounds gross but it’s awesome! :)

  22. I could (and will) def. eat chocolate over and over and never get sick of it! And chocolate-covered espresso beans are one of the best things ever :)

  23. I’m totally with you on the chocolate, I just finished my dark chocolate dreams and most of it was eaten with a spoon straight from the jar – it didn’t even make it to a bowl of oats! I had picked up mine in London, luckily amazon in the UK have started to stock it although I may wait a while before I place an order, its not good for my waist line to have that stuff in the house!

  24. I am a chocolate-kind-of-gal too! But my favorite chocolate flavor combo is Chocolate and PB – I love Dark Chocolate Dreams! <3 :-)

  25. I’m with you on the chocolate. I have very little control when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, I’ve loved them for ever. I rarely make them anymore, just a situation I don’t want to put myself in. Dosn’t that sound silly?

    • Totally silly, but also kinda smart! I only do chocolate chip cookies when I know I can pawn them off on other people right away, otherwise I WILL eat more than I prefer, and I will get the guilt that comes with it :\

  26. Chocolate is my one food. Seriously no chocolate is safe in my house!

  27. i have a chocolate tooth too! but i think ice cream is my one true love…so many flavors and i never get sick of it!

  28. Chocolate is a food group, for sure. I love it so.

    That said, pizza is probably the one food I could eat over and over. Pizza is my homeboy.

  29. I love me some chocolate, but only every now and then. My major food cravings are strawberries- I could eat these endlessly- and bread. Not necessarily together but one of my all-time loves is fresh baguette, guess that’s the French in me talkin haha
    Those chocolate covered edamame’s look intriguing!

  30. I never ever get bored with cheese!

  31. Chocolate is my weakness too. (I am a woman, what did ya expect?) Put it with fruit and OH EM GEE I’m sold. I just froze up a few strawberries and blueberries and I plan to melt a bit of a Green & Black’s bar over it for dessert tonight. Or maybe for dinner. Ahem.

  32. Coffee! I could have lattes over and over again.

    That picture of Homer is a running joke with John and I. That is totally him around chocolate and that is one of our favorite episodes!

  33. Chocolate is a heavenly substance its true, I just invested in a DARK DARK chocolate bar my favorite chocolate is dark the darker the better! But for me I never get tired of tahini tahini and rice cakes, tahini and vanilla smoothie, tahini and banana, tahini and oat cakes, tahini on toast, tahini on oats tahini tahini tahini!!!!!!!! Um my name is Tamzin and i am a tahini addict x x x

  34. That’s the GloBar I haven’t had yet but am DYING to try! Might have to make an order lol! One of the foods I could eat forever and never get sick of is Kashi Go Lean (the American one, because strangely enough it has fewer calories, higher fiber content, and lower sugar content than the Canadian version – go figure!) Oh… and I have a biiiig weakness for Werthers Originals!

    See you tonight! :)

  35. haah a chocolate tooth – I’d probably have to categorize myself within those lines too ;) I’m borderline obsessed with TJ’s dark chocolate edamame too,but have never put it in oatmeal!!

  36. Chocolate tooth over here too! Long lost one, I’ve rediscovered it now in Switzerland.
    You should check out my last post with the pictures what a whole lot of chocolate means :)
    I can’t get enough of watermelon lately, I think. And figs. And cereal…cheese…bread…yeah. Actually, a lot of stuff :)

  37. My chocolate tooth is just raging right now and this post did absolutely nothing to help, other than making me want to jump up right this second and consume anything chocolate related I can possibly get my hands on in this house. I cannot WAIT for the day my DCD jar is ready for OIAJ. I’m being nice and slow with that jar though so it might be a little while longer yet.

    I’m pretty sure I could never get sick of roasted squash. Or cottage cheese. It disappears practically before it makes it to the fridge, I swear.

  38. CHEEEEESE! I cannot stop once I start so it’s dangerous to have in my kitchen! ;) Chocolate is a close second.

  39. Chocolate overload. holy moly susan. yummo!

  40. Popcorn popcorn popcorn. I could absolutely eat it constantly and never get sick of it!

  41. I could eat chocolate all day long, too. Although, I have a big weakness for potatoes of any variety. You may want to refer to my blog post tonight. I believe it will prove my point. :)

  42. you know my answer.. ice cream! specifically vanilla bean.

    i love how much you love your chocolate.

  43. Great meeting you at the HLS…. I am also in love with all of the chocolate swag!!! Those Attune bars are phenomenal!!

  44. Whoa! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a completely different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!

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