Deep Dish

I have a confession to make.

Before arriving in Chicago, I did no research on the city.

I didn’t look at the Healthy Living Summit schedule.

I didn’t even get a good grip on where Illinois is on the U.S. map.

But I did spend hours researching deep dish pizza.

The content of the summit itself will be saved for another blog post. Right now, it’s a Saturday night, and I feel like we need to keep it on the lighter side ;)

Lori used to live in Chitown and gave me a bunch of restaurant recommendations for deep dish pizza. I’ve been dreaming about this since I was a little girl. No. Really.

Lou Malnati’s, while not the best according to the experts, is sufficient enough and was close to the hotel. Sold.

A lot of the conference folk had fancy dinner plans for this evening. I just told people that if they wanted greasy, cheesy deep dish, to meet me in the lobby at 6pm. We had a good showing.


You probably recognize some of these faces as some of my new blogger friends! Sarah, Miranda, Callie, Julie.

Seeing as we didn’t have reservations and it was a Saturday night in Chicago, the hour-long wait for a table was expected. Lessened by the free thin crust samples at the counter ;)


Callie and I had agreed that splitting an individual serving of pizza would be in our best interests.


When in Chicago!

IMG_0882 IMG_0886



Omg. The cheese. It was as thick as the crust. The sausage was pretty good too. I hear you can get deep dish with one slice of sausage patty that covers the whole surface of the pizza. Whoa.


Callie and I also split a Malnati Salad for, ahem, “balance.” Although, I’m not sure how balancing bacon bits are ;)


After dinner, we decided to walk the pizza off and see some of the sights Chicago is known for!




A lot of us went to the photography session at the conference today, so we had fun playing around with the settings on our cameras!







We then went up to a vegan restaurant called Karyn’s On The Green to meet up with some of the other bloggers.



They had a pretty neat looking cocktail menu.


I went for the Green Mojito.


At 9 bucks a pop, it was my only cocktail, but a delicious one at that! By this point however, I started to crash and my ability to socialize plummeted. I promise to give you a more in depth scoop from the day when I return to the comforts of my Toronto home.

By the bye, toooootally weird to tell people here that I’m from Toronto when I’ve only been living there for six weeks. I feel like such a faker! :P


Okay, the bed calls, and I’m getting up to do the 5k fun run in the a.m. AND my first ever visit to Trader Joes! Youbetterbelieveit. Then the 9 hour drive back to Canada :\

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


Question of the Day: Trader Joes experts – what should I get??

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  1. TJ’s dried fruit, nuts, and trail mixes are great. The nut butters are very reasonably priced, too — definitely go for those. I’m also a big fan of their version of Pirate’s Booty — I think it’s called “Buried Treasure” or something like that. Oh, and the Triple Ginger Snaps, sold in plastic tubs . . . yeah, lots of good stuff!

  2. Oh oh, buy me something from trader joes. i really want something, anything cheap!

    your too awesome girlie, love this post.

  3. Their nut butters are really good…so are their PB filled pretzels…huh?

  4. you’re a girl after my own heart susan. love you.

    almond butter with flaxseeds, trail mix (nuts + raspberries is a good one), muffins! (high fiber are good), chocolate covered edamame, two buck chuck (aka cheap wine), trader joes summer brew, their curry sauces (yellow and red are my faves), cheap beans, flaxseed tortilla chips…go wild girl!!!!

  5. trader joe’s must haves:

    peanut four (this is a NEW item!), muffins (carrot ginger, high fiber), all the cheese you desire, chicken sausage, pb filled pretzels, trail mix, they have cheap baking goods, and really cheap and all natural beauty care!

  6. Chicago looks like such a nice city, seeing pictures of it all over blog-land makes me want to visit!

    Have fun at TJ’s!

  7. I’m from Chicago as well, and Lou’s is considered to be the best by many!! my parents included! I’m more of an Uno’s gal, and my hubby likes Giordanos. Looks like you are having fun!

  8. NOW do you understand why I am constantly homesick for Chicago on my blog? Haha!

    I love Lou Malnati’s. Gino’s East and Giordano’s are good too, but it depends on my mood which I like best!

    If you’re looking for an excellent dessert–grab a Rainbow Cone ( on the South Side. Yummm.

    Trader Joe’s? I like their almond butter (super cheap and good), tomato soup, and trail mix.

  9. I need to go to Chicago, just for that pizza! :D

  10. oh YUM! i am wanting to go to chicago for the deep dish alone. i love that you researched it ;) i cant wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

  11. Pizza in Chicago is a MUST!

  12. haha i’m ashamed to admit that last summer when i was in CHItown i didn’t have deep dish pizza. i’m from new york though so i feel like i don’t want to sample the competitor.

    but i’m glad you did! and i’m so glad you’re having such a great time at the hls!

  13. Sometimes have no plans but foodie plans is totally fine! That’s usually the way I roll ;)

    That pizza looks TO DIE FOR. I want to hear allll about it when you get back. Glad you’re having an amazing time!!


  14. Looks like your having a fab time x x

  15. OMG, a Trader Joe’s virgin? You’re going to have a blast! There are so many things I want to recommend, but to start here are just a few of my absolute favorites:

    -Dark chocolate and pistachio encrusted toffee
    -White bean and basil hummus
    -Temptation trail mix
    -AB&J Trail Mix

    Your pictures of Chicago are STUNNING! The angles really pay homage to the city’s magnificent architecture.

  16. You must get TJ’s Tomato Basil and Red Pepper soup. It’s a staple for me, perfect for taking to work and even tasty in the summer months.

  17. I LOVE the Bean! So glad you went and saw it!!!

  18. THAT VERY LOU Malnotti’s is where I have spent MANY A DRUNKEN evening! The story goes like this…go out drinking, other people want to eat, i.e. boyfriend du juor (this is flashing back 10 yrs ago when I used to live downtown chicago)…and we’d go there. I continued to drink and watch them stuff their faces with dairy and gluten and it worked out well for me, the drinks kept coming ! ha! the wall decor hasnt changed in a decade, very little anyway!

    the next place karyns..there’s a woman in yellow carrying a $2k Chanel black bag. She should have been buying you your drinks :)

    Love all these pics and recaps and seeing all these chicago posts makes me miss my hometown…but not enough to ever leave san diego!

    oh and the congress hotel from the last post?! are you kidding me?! that place is like 100 yrs old…a bit past it’s prime but maybe they’ve redone it. I hope it was decent for you guys! i read one blogger who said they took one look at it and bailed and checked into another place!

  19. So happy to see you posting about Lou’s, I ate a frozen deep dish from there over the weekend to pretend like I was at HLS!

    You will LOVE TJ’s! All the recommendations so far are spot on: nuts, dried fruit, nut butters, naan (I just discovered this last week and it really is delicious!)

  20. So happy to see your post about Chicago and Chicago deep dish pizza! Looks like you had a great time! Chicago is about a 4 hour drive for me so I love to go whenever I can!

  21. Gahhh….this is why I need to keep up better on my blog reading! I have a whole list of things for you to try at Trader Joe’s! :(

    You look great, Susan, and I wish I could have gone to the Summit, if only to meet for you! <3

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