Yo! I’m here!!



Callie and I drove for 8 hours from Kitchener to get to Chicago for the second annual Healthy Living Summit. 200+ healthy living bloggers such as myself, all together to well, talk about blogging and healthy living ;)

This post will be short on words, heavy on pictures. This weekend I’m soaking it all in, on Monday, I’ll let you know how it all really went :)

First of all, I realized too late that I might require some business cards. Arts & crafts anyone?


Yes, Callie and I were up until midnight hand-making business cards. They are novelty items. Catch them on eBay soon ;)


We were up and at ‘em much too early to tackle the long haul to the Windy City.




As a side note, if you are a Canadian road-trippin to the States, don’t forget to bring US cash for the road tolls! Oops.


Callie’s cinnamon hummus. To die for.



The Congress Plaza Hotel is huge, old, and really cool.


Needed fuel immediately upon arriving:


Thanks to Cathy from The Simply Bar for sending some bars for the Summit!


The American drinking age is a total bummer.

IMG_0814 Outfit!!

My first ever Blue Moon:

Thumbs up!! Very similar to Rickard’s White.


HLS Roomies!!







Yup. It’s been a long day. But a good day. Saw some familiar faces, met some new faces, looking forward to what the day of the conference has to bring :)


Have a great weekend everyone!! xo

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  1. I’m pretty sure you’ll have the most memorable business cards there! :) Awesome possum!

  2. Yahoo! You’re only 4 hours from me :) I thought I smelled waffles.

    Have a great time and stay cool!

  3. sooooooooooo jealous.

    Wish I could road trip to HLS!

    Have fun lovely

  4. What a fun trip already! Glad you guys are having fun, but miss all my Toronto girlies this weekend :P


  5. I totally wouldn’t think to bring money for toll roads. Heck. I LIVE in the US and almost didn’t have enough cash for toll roads while traveling last weekend because I didn’t realized tolls were over 10x as much in the north as in the south.

    Have a great time this weekend!!!

  6. I haven’t seen that Sarnia sign in so long. I used to drive through Ontario all the time when I went to school in Michigan and the rents lived in NY. Ahh thanks for the memory.

  7. How fun! Wish I was there! Next year, right?

  8. Ahhh I’m jealous! That is one long car ride. At least you had cinnamon hummus (will she provide a recipe?) Hope you enjoy the summit!

    And the homemade business cards are so cute! I think that’s even better, because people will for sure keep something that was so lovingly handmade!

  9. ahhhh so much fun! can’t wait to read all about the HLS :)

  10. I’m so jealous! It looks like a ton of fun. Love the homemade business cards! Also love your dress. What a cutie =)

    Can’t wait to read all about it,
    Nicole G

  11. I LOL’ed when I saw you put “Professional Eater” on your business cards. :-)

  12. How funny, I wouldn’t have even though about the drinking age thing!! But growing up in Michigan, we totally hit Windsor when we turned 19 ;)

  13. Love what you came up with for business cards! Those are great!

    Too bad the ride was so long, but you all look like you’re having a blast!

  14. Great choice of beer! Blue Moon rocks!

  15. Do you hear that funny noise? It’s the sound of me sobbing hysterically from the East Coast…because I’m devastated I missed my chance to meet you! And this is the second time I missed my chance, because I couldn’t attend HLS.

    Still, ignore me. Please. You. Just go have fun. As you already are, my darling! :-)

  16. Your business cards are so cool :)

    I love hotels like that, the atmosphere is great and I prefer the “old” ones to the modern ones :)

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