Fortune Cookie



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  1. awesome. fortune.

    i think it sounds even better in francais! haha

  2. Very profound.

  3. Love it. And you!

  4. A. Maz.Ing.

  5. I wish my fortune cookies were in French. We don’t even get Spanish.

  6. amen. too bad i dont eat gluten anymore b/c i dont think i will ever have another fortune cookie. damn bc i need messages like this in my life :)

  7. Wow, how beautiful is that?!? Love it.


  8. …what or who was next to you…? ;)

  9. That’s a GREAT fortune! Thanks for the reminder. :)

  10. I like it! The last fortune I got was in fact not a fortune but more of a description. “You have an active imagination”. This is very true, but I didn’t need a cookie to tell me. :)

  11. Nice fortune! Do you ever play the lucky numbers in them?

  12. I got this exact fortune 10 years ago when I was just beginning to date my husband. It’s a good one!

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