The Cat, The ‘Hood and The Goals

Remember that elusive cat I mentioned in yesterday’s post? Well, I went to bed armed with my camera last night ready for when he made his appearance.


He’s fast, getting this shot was not easy. 


You see, my roommates and I have been cat-sitting for a couple weeks now. Mew Mew (the furry one’s given name) has thus far taken refuge in my roommate’s bedroom. But they are both out of town this weekend, which brought Mew Mew wandering into mine.


Mew Mew does not cuddle or purr. No. He will walk right up to you and aggressively start head-butting you in the face.


Do not be fooled. This is not “cute.” That is one thick-skulled feline. At one point my eyes starting watering because he conked me right in the nose.


I love all of God’s creatures, but dogs totally rule ;)

Before being attacked, I was reading my current book of choice:


The first in the Stieg Larsson series, thanks to the several recommendations I got for it in this post. (psst, click on that link and read the comments for tons of great summer books to read!)

Woke up after a glorious 8 hours of sleep with flapjacks on my mind, it’s Pancake Sunday after all ;)


My protein pancake batter consisted of:

  • 1/4 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/4 cup unflavoured soy protein powder
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp flaked coconut
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • 1/2 cup almond milk


For my dipping sauce, I mixed sugar-free syrup with mixed berry jam. Omg. Why don’t I do this more often??

I really want to make a pun using the word “berry” right now, but I will refrain. Instead, I will just tell you to try this :)

All big plans I had for the day went out the window once it started raining. That paired with it being a Sunday made me want to stay in and tackle some chores!


When my family visited a few weeks ago, they brought all my stuff from New Brunswick (I only arrived in Toronto with three suitcases). The stuff has been piled in my closets untouched since then. Today, I created rightful spots for everything and my room is beginning to feel a whole lot “roomier.”


Broke for some Bbq Chicken Pita Pizza. Aka bbq marinated chicken breast on top of a pita with sauce, veggies, cheese, and stuck in the toaster oven for 15 minutes.


Fact: I have not used the oven since moving to Toronto. It’s too damn hot.

I started to get a little stir crazy after a while and wanted to do something after the rain cleared. In this ginormous new city of mine, that can mean a million things. Out of all the parts of the city I’ve so far explored, ironically I haven’t spent much time in my own neighbourhood!


I took a couple hours wandering up and down Queen Street East poking my head into antique shops, clothing shops, ice cream shops (not buying, but ya know, scoping out the goods), butchers, cheese shops and bakeries.


I found this one cute little bakery just off Queen on Logan Ave called Brick Street Bread. They had a million different kinds of artisan loaves, as well as some tasty looking sweets. They are expensive – $5 to $6 per loaf. But they provided samples for many so I knew what I was getting into first. Plus, why can’t a gal treat herself to a loaf of carbs once in a while? ;)


The girl at the counter said their Organic Basil & Parsley bread is their best seller – but I tried a taste of this Organic European Rye and knew it was mine.

I lovelovelove rye bread, especially with some good cheese and meat. Sliced it up into quarters and froze it when I got home. That way I can defrost it just a bit at a time.

I stumbled into a cheese shop, but I just could not open my wallet to the high-end prices. I did however find some good sausage.


Rowe Farms has tons of local, organic, free-from-all-the-bad-stuff meat. Most of it was horrendously priced, but if you looked hard enough, you could find something decent. These four Italian sausages cost me $5.

I continued on to the grocery store where I found my favourite kind of deal…


Expires on August 19?? Pfft, no problem ;)

I came home hungry after exploring my ‘hood all afternoon, so I whipped up something quick.

Into a frying pan went:

  • 1 chopped Italian sausage
  • 1 cup cubed butternut squash
  • 1/4 head of green cabbage
  • sliced onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1/2 a zucchini
  • 2 tbsp pizza sauce
  • oregano, basil, parsley


All topped with cheddar cheese. Solid meal. Loved the sausage.


Weekly Goal Check-In!

Ahhh, yes, ‘tis that time of the week already. Let’s see how I’m doing one week into this month’s goals…

1. Eat out twice a week, at no more than $15 a meal. Technically, I only ate out twice. I spent $9 on a Freshii salad on Friday and $14 at the Greek fair on Saturday. However, I also spent $5 on a beer on Thursday and $5 on frozen yogurt on Friday. Does beer and dessert count? I sure hope not :P

2. Read more. I spent close to two hours reading a day this week. I spend a lot of time on public transit reading, then always for a bit before bed. Making progress on that Larsson book!

3. Do at least one outdoor activity a week. All I’ve done is tons of walking, which I’m going to say counts. A few times, I ditched the streetcar or bus and just took the extra 20-30 minutes to walk where I was going.

4. Look for part-time work and volunteer work. Thumbs down!! This week, promise!

5. Update my blog pages. Nope :( But I did get catch up on getting my content up on Healthbuzz.

6. Lose weight. I am by no means back normal, but I’m starting to feel better in skin. Progress. Honestly, I think this past week was my first week in two months where I didn’t eat a meal out every day. That alone made me feel a lot less puffy and better in my clothes. However, the battle still rages on! :P


You’re turn!! How did everyone else do on their goals this week??

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  1. Hey sweet girl. I had a chore-laden sunday too. I cleaned our apartment top to bottom (it takes forever – we have too many rooms!) and probably burned 1000 calories in the process!

    Yay for you already feeling better in your own skin. Love “exploring” Toronto with you by the way!

  2. We’re twins! I’m reading the same book. Though ridiculously slowly because I’m way too caught up watching DVDs of Grey’s Anatomy 24/7. I’m watching it right now in fact. I haven’t watched any other show in a week. It’s kind of sad.

    Nicole G

  3. My goals are to:
    eat less cereals and stick with oats (but I still have some coupons for some Kashi!)
    clean my room
    look at my class options for college
    bake a successful batch of protein muffins
    make YOUR protein pancakes on Tuesday!
    stop eating so much sodium – ugh, bloat
    drink plenty of water
    be patient with my muscle gaining/showing :)

  4. A couple of questions…

    Will you let me know how you like that book? My mom let me read the introduction the sequel, and it was a little heavy for me.

    Also, how much weight are we talking about here? Surely it can’t be more than a couple pounds?! I think you look wonderful in all your recent posts…really!

    • I’ll be sure to blog about what I though of the book when I’m through, I’m about a third of the way in and the story is really pick up. Verrrry intriguing stuff going on ;)

      And I ended up gaining 6 lbs during my months of travelling!! I think I’ve lost about two so far. Probably nothing you’d notice unless you saw me in person, but enough that a pair of jeans I bought last summer no longer button up :(

  5. I read so many books when I lived in Chicago and took the “L” for at least an hour a day! Happy reading!

  6. if you think $5-6 a loaf for artisian handmade bread is pricey, try buying GF bread. mass produced, tastes like shit and is generally awful. and is more than $6 a loaf. that’s why i dont eat bread anymore :)

    holy meat on spinning sticks in your last post…that was carcass city! LOL

    glad you are doing well on your goals..nice!

    the squat post, pistol squat, you need to do yoga for 10 yrs and then become a weightlifter in order to pull that one off i think:)

  7. Love how fluffy your pancakes look! I always freeze bread in portions when I buy some as I only have it every so often as a treat, theres a great bakery in my home city – I might have to pick up a loaf tomorrow!

  8. I just finished that book yesterday and started on the second book! LOVE it!

    I can totally understand your frustration with the cat! I used to live with, what I refer to as, The Cat From Hell when I first moved to Toronto. He was/is the most annoying cat ever!!!!

  9. I’m reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for my book club right now! I guess it’s not a HUGE coincidence considering how popular it is, but still. It’s too bad you won’t be in Chi-town a week or two later when we have book club! :)

  10. What a cute baby! It looks like my kitty. :)

    I’m reading the 2nd book in the series. I like it a lot better than the first so far.

  11. gah, you are so good about your goals. i swear i always make them, then never follow through. although, my goals for 2010 are going pretty well – i am going to do a post about them soon with an update.

    two goals for this week: finish my freelance project, and no more frivolous spending (i.e. the diet coke i am drinking right now!)

  12. i want to read tha tbook! i hear its so great! i love that you said you are feeling better in your own skin. SOmetimes if I know i Have put on even a few lbs, I just get back to normal, change my diet a bit and up my workouts, and i always go by how my pants fit! thats when I know I feel better, I dont care about a number on a scale, but how I feel!

  13. Your pizza looks AWESOME!! Good for you for sticking with your goals. What a great idea ;) I think I’ll play copy cat!!

  14. my extremely overweight cat had a similar head-butting problem. but it was a little cute because she would head-butt once, and then her head would just stay there, and she even fell asleep in head-butt position a few times.

    oh wow, that greek festival looks like a good time!

    and i’m glad you’re feeling a little better body-wise, even though you’ve always looked healthy and amazing. :)

  15. Loved the movie – maybe I should read the book too!
    I enjoyed the shots of your neighborhood – sadly, I just got denied re-entry into Canada after a week in Montreal..we were headed to Toronto and stopped back in the States for the cheap gas we’re spoiled by there..ah well, next trip!
    I’d check the dumpster of that bakery at the end of the day – save yourself $5 and get good bread at the same time. Most places throw away their merchandise at the close of the business day, and it’s usually tossed into a bag containing just carby goodness – no trash or anything. Bakery dumpsters are a common provider in my household!

  16. maranatha no stir crunchy is THE BEST!! what a steal to find it 50% off. i love spotting those pink stickers at loblaws. sometimes it’s like a hunt because some items that are exactly the same as others in the pile won’t have them.

  17. No Starbies for a part time gig?

    Yay for kitties! Pixie does that head butt, too – usually on my hand when I am holding coffee…… They just somehow always know.

  18. YAY congrats on your progress so far! I’ve heard a lot about that book as well and it sounds like one I might just have to read since there’s so much hype about it! Goal-wise, I’ve been hot yoga-ing my brains out so that’s that goal more than accomplished!

  19. Oh, your neighbourhood looks and sounds a lot like my favourite neighbourhood in Berlin, Germany. I’m quite sure I’ll move there someday :)

  20. My cat (who looks remarkably similar to the one pictured) is a huge into pushy head butting. She is easy to photograph though because she is too fat to move fast! lol!

  21. mmmm your eats in this post are all phenomenal. that pizza looks so savoUry and to die for. and jam+syrup=pancake lovin’ for sure. cute cat, sorry he is a pain in the ass. love your goal check in posts. they motivate me :) did you unpack that little box yet???

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