Things I Learned The Month I Found A New Home

Having a bed and a closet to put your clothes in is luxury I previously took for granted.


Things have a funny way of working out. I definitely make the decisions, but the universe still nudges me around.


Gaining weight is not the end of the world when trying to maintain a weight loss. But when you’ve been maintaining for so long, trying to lose again sucks.


There is a very real possibility that this healthy living blog will exclusively turn into a waffle blog.


I spent years being sleep deprived when an eye mask was all I needed. I now sleep close to 9 hours a night in utter darkness.

Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter whisked with sugar-free syrup makes for a most excellent dipping sauce.

There is such a thing as too much bacon.


I shouldn’t feel pressure to blog every single day, nor should I. In order to blog about my life, I have to live it :)


I am a nerd of epic proportions, proved by squealing with delight at Harry Potter props with 13-year-olds.

This country girl may have a bit of a city girl in her.


It’s possible to wake up one day and be living the life you always wanted.


Marshmallow fluff makes the world go round.

Kensington Market eludes me.


Getting paid to meet wonderful people and put them through workouts is amazing.


I have a lot more drive and energy than I ever gave myself credit for. 


It’s really important to actively stay in touch with people. Old friends, new friends, relatives. Don’t always count on others to make the connection.


Pitas make the best easy pizza crust. No, really.


I’m finally in a place where I can go out to bars with people, stay sober, and still have tons of fun. It’s taken a long time to get here.

No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I can always find a sense of comfort.


Going to bed last night, I looked up and spotted the moon through my skylight. I spent a long time looking at it, just as I did as a little girl while sitting on my bedroom window seat. I think it would be so easy for me to feel an overwhelming sense of drowning in this big new city. But my heart is so full, my eyes so wide, and my mind so peaceful. Following my gut was the best thing I ever did.

Question of the Day: What did you learn in July?

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  1. I learned that wearing flip-flops around the house, particularly on the stairs, is a terrible idea. (I fell down my steps THREE times this month.)

    I’m so happy that you’re loving life so much lately and that your move has gone so well.

    Nicole G

    PS. I’m so jealous of that Harry Potter Exhibit! It looks SO cool.

    • Nicole, I wanted to take pictures for you but they were strictly forbidden!! It was all stuff from the movies – tons of costumes and set props. The coolest being everyone’s wands, textbooks, Harry’s glasses, the Quidditch kit, Daily Prophets and the sorting hat! Okay and so much more. I think I was actually more excited than the 13-year-olds ;)

  2. A Great Balancing Act indeed. I’m so glad you feel so right in your new, big, scary city. I learned that money is no object when it gets you to the people you care about.

  3. Sometimes the gut knows best :)

    I learned that having a job is a MUST for me!!

  4. Especially love the part about living your life rather than blogging daily.I don’t know how some bloggers write three posts a day-I feel they must be rushing their lives to get their blogs done and in. On the other hand if it their job income….but still then it is a job that never ,ever ends (it just goes on and on my friends!)

  5. I love your posts like this one. Simple and to the point, with so much meaning :) In July I learned to be my own self, no judgment. Bikram taught me to use my inner strength. An amazing feeling. Nearly one week till we meet!

  6. I always envy your waffles!
    I learned this month that eating ice cream, pizza and drinking wine and beer won’t turn me into a pig in just two weeks. I learned that living healthy has it’s boundaries, and that I crossed it. I learned that you should treat your body with respect and love, and not push it as far as it goes.

  7. What did I learn in July? I learned that Mitch wants to spend the rest of my life with my and knows how to follow ring-buying directions :-) is that too cheesy for a Sunday morning? Well ok, I also learned that I don’t like running long distances (aka for over an hour at a time) but I have the drive to finish what I start anyway, and I TOTALLY know what you mean about trying to lose weight being super difficult when you’ve lived in maintenance-land forever.

  8. I love your ‘learning’ posts! I learned a lot in July, including
    1) whatever happens for me job-wise will happen. i shouldn’t stress about it because whatever is meant to be will be.
    2) as soon as you’re no longer a student, the bank will hunt you down and rob you of your student account
    3) that i don’t like kombucha
    4) that you take delicious food photos (particularly of the waffle genre!)

  9. i love this line…I have a lot more drive and energy than I ever gave myself credit for.

    it’s one of the best things to realize about yourself…and you should remind yourself of this fact often! im glad to hear you sounding so happy and enjoying your new city. dreams can turn into reality if you make them happen!!

  10. Just from reading your most recent posts, it’s evident that this move has been such a positive, revitalizing force for you. Your writing is brimming with optimism, peace, and excitement. So happy for you!

  11. In July I learned that great experiences don’t automatically fall into your lap but that if you pursue them, you’ll probably be very happy that you did.

  12. Ummm…I want an eye mask. I have been having serious sleep issues lately. I wonder if one would help.

    I always take a blogging break at least one day of the weekend. It makes blogging much more enjoyable to have a bit of a break from it and not feel pressured.

  13. I love the comment “I shouldn’t feel pressure to blog every single day, nor should I. In order to blog about my life, I have to live it :)”. This is so true and I struggle with it all the time.

    Although I think I always knew it, the phrase “if it was easy, everyone would do it” has really started to ring true for me in the past month- and it’s making me up my game!

  14. Great post lady, your waffles always look so damn good! x x

  15. What a wonderful month it’s been for you, Susan :D So happy for you.

    How come my tortilla pizzas never turn out like that?!

  16. Beautiful post! I’m so proud of you for starting over like that and completely taking control of your life. You should be very proud of yourself.

  17. Great post, I’ve learned that accidents happen, don’t ever forget safety. Don’t ever take your family for granted.

  18. greensandjeans

    Such a good post Susan! How do you keep your mask from staying on? Maybe I just toss and turn too much in my sleep?

  19. I always love your ‘what I learned’ posts :)

  20. totally off topic but i think your waffles look crazy delicious and would love to make them.

    what are you using? a griddle? waffle maker? been looking for ages can you please tell me what yours is?

  21. Yay! Good for you, Susan. You most definitely deserve it. Thank you for another inspiring post. :)

  22. awww i loved this post! you are so wise my dear susan – i am so lucky for having to had the ability to spend a full week with you. let’s do it again – sooner rather than later please!!!!

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