Working Girl

Before we even get into things, I have to address several comments I got in my last post that deeply concerned me.

Some of you do not know what marshmallow fluff is!!


Marshmallow fluff my friends, is made up of sugary pillows sent straight from the heavens.


In all reality, it’s a lot like spreadable marshmallows. Fabulous with anything peanut butter or chocolate related.


I typically only ever use a tablespoon at a time, which only sets me back 24 calories.


So there you have it! I typically don’t allow sweets like cookies or pastries in my pantry, but dark chocolate and marshmallow fluff are the two exceptions that must always be made :)


You may have noticed that I was MIA again yesterday – and with good reason! I’ve been working! After 2.5 months of being unemployed “between opportunities,” it’s nice to get up and have a job to go to. My days have a sense of purpose again. Plus, I was starting run out of things to complain about ;)


Monday had a late start, so I took my time preparing my new protein waffle/pancake recipe.

  • 1/4 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/4 cup unflavoured soy protein powder
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • several shakes cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • 1/3 cup skim milk (it seems skim milk produces a different consistency than almond, before I used 1/2 cup almond milk)


These weren’t any ordinary pancakes, ohno.


I also added a tablespoon each of flaked coconut, walnut pieces and chopped dates.


Made better only by the presence of iced coffee.

In these troubling humid times, iced coffee is a must.

Now, y’all know I am not about fancy or complicated recipes. To me, the idea of simple food pairings is tasty enough. On Monday, I got to put together a pairing I’ve been dyyyying to try.


Watermelon + feta cheese. It was delightful!! I love pairing berries with cottage cheese, or apples with cheddar cheese, and this combo was just as tasty. Watermelon is very sweet and juicy, which paired wonderfully with the saltiness of the feta. Thumbs up!!

I then proceeded to spend the rest of the day training clients at the gym! My very first client that I trained last week was back in and said she already felt a giant increase in energy and gained a ton of confidence at work. After a week! I was brimming with pride for her :D

T’was close to my bedtime by the time I made it home, so I opted for a light and simple dinner.


A small chunky salad tossed in cottage cheese, feta & hummus. Looks gross, but I assure you, it was awesome.

Before I knew it, my alarm was blaring at 4:30am to get up and ready to hit the gym once again. It was eerily familiar to the days when I worked the morning shift as a radio newscaster.


My years of getting up at 4am have turned me into a pro for these early mornings. I had these overnight oats and iced coffee waiting for me in the fridge. For the oats, I just mixed up some yogurt with a dash of milk, scoop of oats, raisins, fresh apricot, cinnamon, maple syrup and a dollop of almond butter. The measurements here don’t seem to matter, as I’ve noticed the outcome is always different for everyone. Experiment! :)

Today, I was shadowing one of our best trainers at the gym. He specializes in functional training, something I’m not overly familiar with, so it was really fun and interesting to watch! It’s not something I can see myself specializing in, but I really appreciate aspects of it, and would love to start incorporating more of it into my programs.

Even though I kinda wanted to go back home and pass out, I stuck around the gym for a workout of my own. Full-body:

Straight set x1:
One arm dumbbell snatch 12 x 20 lbs

Alternating sets x3:
One arm dumbbell row 12 x 25 lbs
Plie squat 12 x 25 lbs

Straight set x1:
Alternating Step-up w/ forward knee lift for 1 min
Alternating Step-up w/ back leg lift for 1 min

Alternating sets x3:
Standing one arm cable chest press 12 x 25 lbs
Bulgarian split squat 12 x 10 lbs

Straight set x1:
Mountain climber for 1 min

Alternating sets x3:
Barbell upright row 12 x 30 lbs
Good morning 12 x 45 lbs

Straight set x1:
Reverse lunge w/ forward kick 20 each leg

Alternating sets x2:
Skull crusher 12 x 30 lbs
Barbell curl 12 x 30 lbs

Straight sets x 2:
Plank 60 sec

Whole thing with 15 minutes warm-up on the treadmill and 5 minutes cool-down stretching took me 65 minutes and burned 450 calories. It also left me unable to run up and down the stairs in the subway station without my legs wobbling ;)

After the workout, I was ready to come home and nap. I closed my eyes and fell asleep for what felt like an hour, only to find 10 minutes had passed. I claimed defeat and made lunch.


Giant kale salad topped with shrimp, egg whites, and a dressing made of pesto/laughing cow/lemon juice. The egg whites were an afterthought, and a delicious one at that! I just zapped half a cup in the microwave and added the bits to the salad. Such an easy and delicious way to add protein.

I also polished off this Chakra Bar that I hate half of on Monday.

I purposely left the price tag on because $2.99 is pretty frickin’ steep for a granola bar. But if you look closely, there are two servings, which sort of justifies it. And in all honesty, the full bar is kinda huge (110g).


Not gonna lie, I was attracted to this bar because of the ingredients:


See that?? The first ingredient is love!! Not any kind of love, but organic love!! I’m such a sucker.


The spirulina is what makes it green. According to the Chakra Bar website, spirulina  is “a blue-green algae and is known as a green "superfood". It has over 60% digestible vegetable protein, is jam-packed with vitamins and minerals and is a great source of chlorophyll (antioxidant).”

Taste-wise it had that “grassy green” taste to it, but I don’t mind it. It was a little sticky from the syrup, but I liked the additions of the seeds. I probably won’t buy it again because it’s $$$. But it was fun to try!

It is approximately here where I dropped off the face of the planet for three hours.


I read the final Harry Potter book when it first came out, and forgot completely what happened!! It was like reading a new book all over again. But now I’m depressed it’s all over. Anyone else ever suffer from post-book depression? I think I may stick with this theme and re-read the final books in the Twilight and Golden Compass series. I love children’s fantasy novels, I cannot deny it. Plus, it is summertime and I want something that won’t make me think too hard ;)

I did eventually stumble out of my room, disoriented, to make a quick dinner.

That would be grilled pork in a mesquite flavouring with a microwaved sweet potato slathered in Heinz BBQ beans. Classy :)


Now it is time to get my things ready for another 4am wake-up call. But I’m excited for my morning client. He wants to bulk up, which means some old-school heavy weightlifting, my favourite!!


Question of the Day: What’s on your summer reading list? Any recommendations for the class? As Holly would say, sharing is caring!!

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  1. Hi Susan! Your food looks amazing! Do you know that I’ve never had fluff?

    I wanted to let you know that I tried your Heart Pumping Upper Body Workout today and it was awesome. I have a feeling that I may not be able to raise my arms tomorrow! :)

  2. That makes me sad that everyone in the world does not have a jar of marshmallow fluff in their cabinet. It is one my favorite sweet treats! I love putting it on pretzels for the salty/sweet combination!

    That workout looks like a killer. I may just have to try it out :)

  3. You and your fluff! hehe.

    I’m reading The History of Love ( Also on my list after that is Women Who Run with the Wolves (és/dp/0345409876). Should be an interesting read!

  4. You’re gonna hate this, but I don’t like marshmallow fluff! My husband is obsessed with it, but it’s just toooo sweet for me!
    What a workout you got in! Very nice :)
    Morning clients suck when you wake up, but they make for wonderful morning naps :)

  5. i love the concept of marshmallow fluff, but I’ve never actually had it. :(
    one day i’ll break down, buy it, and be stuck with a lifelong addiction. i just know it.

    hah! i actually just finished re-reading the twilight series because i couldn’t remember what happened.
    its such a good series, but it turned me into a romantic twat for a couple of days (don’t worry, it wore off).

    i also love the links explaining your workouts, i’m learning a few new moves. :)

  6. That last meal actually looks perfect to me! Love pork chops and you frankly can’t go wrong with baked beans :)
    So I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books! A travesty, I know. I think my first set of books like that might be the Stieg Larsons though…

    Have fun with your client tomorrow!

  7. Loving all your combination here! Those pancakes look perfect, and I’m always a huge fan of cheese + hummus.. I haven’t had that baked bean + sweet potato mix but I know I’ll love it too :)

  8. That is so great your client is already noticing such positive changes. Very rewarding.

    I certainly have post book depression. I am still frustrated that the Twilight series is done. She NEEDS to write more! And I read Judy Blume’s book Summer Sisters two times directly in a row because I couldn’t give it up.

    I don’t think I could do watermelon and feta. I’m not a huge feta fan.

  9. I love watermelon and feta, too! Such a perfect combo. I add some chives on top, too.

    As for summer reading, anything by Bill Bryson is a total hoot. I just finished “The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid,” his collection of stories describing what it was like to grow up in 1950s Des Moines, Iowa. My mom is reading his travelogue of Australia, “In A Sunburned Country” — that one’s fabulous as well!

  10. I knew what Marshmallow Fluff is but I have never tried it. My reason for this is the knowledge that I would most likely find a way to add it to *everything* (anyone got a good steak and marshmallow fluff recipe?)

    Good to hear that your client is already feeling results. That’s a sure way to keep them coming back :)

    As for summer reading, I tend towards non-fiction (I grew up watching the National and NOVA) which are often a little too heavy for summer reading but let’s see what I can come up with. I’m a huge fan of Michael Palin’s travelouges as well as Bill Bryson’s (mentioned above). For a good laugh, check out “Round Ireland with a Fridge” by some fellow whose name I forget or “Travels with My Donkey” by Tim Moore (really, *anything* by Tim Moore is a good bet). “Playing the Enemy” by John Carlin is the book which served as the basis for the Invictus script. It’s incredibly engrossing without being depressing. I can’t say enough good things about it.

    • PS. As for what I’m reading: currently (re)reading “Shake Hands with the Devil” and, for someting a little lighter, “the Orchid Thief”.

      • Oooh, I actually read Shake Hands With The Devil on a trip to Cuba several years ago. Not really ‘light’ beach reading, but a book definitely worth reading!!

  11. I was watching Rizzoli and Isles (new procedural cop drama on TNT) last night and Rizzoli’s mom had brought her lunch – it was a fluff and peanut butter sandwich. I thought of you!

    I’m curious about the personal training stuff. Do you do the exercises along side the client or do you just stand by? Does that get awkward just watching someone work out?

    I’m so excited for you and happy that you’re doing something you so obviously enjoy!

    Nicole G

    • Ha, this is a funny question, because at first it does feel a little awkward! First and foremost I spot what the client is doing, meaning I follow the movements in case they drop the weight. But sometimes i walk around to check out their form, touch to correct them or check their muscle movements. And of course, i’m there to nag them to do better – err – provide motivation ;)

  12. All your salads look so good and I must try the feta/watermelon combo!

  13. i really prefer making my pancakes with yogurt instead of milk, like the oats, it gives a better flavour and texture!

  14. I need that marshmellow fluff in my life! I’m currently reading Eat, Pray, Love before the movie comes out and ruins it ;-) I’m also planning on re reading the last two Harry Potter books in preparation for the movies as I have a total mind block and can’t remember the details from reading them the first time round! x

  15. how does anyone not know what fluff is?! isn’t that the stuff that everyone’s childhood memories of rice krispie treats are made of? and after school snacks of it, by the tbsp?! well, that’s mine at least :)

    love your workout! and the fact that you told me that your roomie was coming in at 5am as you were getting up!

  16. You have made things right in the world by sharing the beauty of marshmallow fluff.

  17. I got post-book depression after The Millenium Trilogy (the Stieg Larsson books). I love books that are in a series. Like Sue Graftons alphabet books…lol. When I want to escape I read Agatha Christie books. I’ve read them all thousands of times.

  18. I can’t say I’ve ever taking a liking to marshmallow fluff (too sweet) – but give me a some Nutella & I’m a goner. As others mentioned, I just finished the Millennium Trilogy – all the hype is true…

  19. Funny that people don’t know what marshmallow fluff is! He he!!

    I’m reading The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis for the second time this summer. It’s really intense, crazy imaginative, and full of theological questions.

  20. I love fluff but you can’t get it here unless you find a shop that sells american foods : (

    Yay to your baked spud I had one today with beans and tuna mayo it was sooooooo good! x x

  21. ooohhhh susan, i just read last post but this post made me miss you! not only because i called watermelon + feta gross in banff, and here you are eating it, but because your client is already seeing results. it seriously made me sooo happy!

    not to mention your use of baked beans + sweet taters (a delicious classic) and the fact that you said sharing is caring.

    so much love to you – and sooo glad things are going well!

    lots of love,

  22. That’s right- you stick to your marshmallow fluff loving guns, girl! :)

    I want to read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo this summer- I might even suggest it for my next book club meeting! (

  23. I love Marshmallow Fluff! Classic fluffernutters….mmmmm. :-D

  24. Fluff rules! I made homemade chocolate fluff and it was sooo good. I am going to try doing it with honey instead of corn syrup and see what happens. It’s on the agenda for this weekend!

    Funny how the Canadian calorie count is different. My label is 2 tbsp for a serving at 40 calories. That’s still a lot when it gets all melty.

    I just finished “Savor” which is a book on mindful eating, and I realized that I could apply a lot of that to my regular life. Good book. I’m also reading a recipe book of cupcakes…..

  25. I’ve been reading truckloads but it’s hard to find books that I really love. I think I’m in a time of life that nobody really writes for…. everyone writes about being young and a student or in your 30s but other than chick lit it’s difficult to find a good book about being in your 20s and making your way in the world.
    That said, some good books I’ve read (can’t-put-down-ers) are ‘The Help’, ‘The Slap’ and ‘False Economy’. The last one is non-fiction but an interesting look at how the world works.

  26. Oh, well. I do believe I need some of that fluff. Every time I see it, I want some. it looks delicious!

    Your pancakes are insane, like seriously. GREAT ONE!

  27. I just finished “Uglies” by Scott Westerfield this morning. Young adult (sort of) sci-fi.. lots of parallels to The Giver, actually. I’d suggest reading it if you like HP and the Twilight Saga.

  28. Mmm, I actually like the taste of spirulina! This health food store back home has the most amazing spirulina carob chunks and I’m so looking forward to snagging some next week when I go visit!

    Oh dear. Book rec’s. That’s a dangerous thing to ask an English major for. Hmm…This summer I’ve read We Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates; The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (actually this was a re-read); No Country For Old Men; The Hours; Dostoyevsky’s House of the Dead, and Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. I totally rec all of them except for Fitzgerald! I was so bummed, too, because I loved the Great Gatsby!

  29. I’ve been reading a lot of Jodi Picoult this summer- love her!

    I also finished Sarah’s Key, The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Help and American Wife. All five fantastic- highly reccommended!


  30. I loooove marshmallow fluff! Have you ever tried the all-natural kind? I picked up a container in the states a few months ago (called Anne’s Ricemellow Creme, I think) but I’m scared to open and try it, because I know that it will probably disappear much too fast.

    I love spreading fluff on graham crackers and sticking chocolate chips in, then broiling it in the oven until it gets all brown and toasty. Which is exactly why I refuse to buy graham crackers right now. I’m in s’mores rehab because I have no self control around them ;)

  31. haha i love how concerned you are about people who are strangers to the fluff! i know what it is but, gasp, i dont like it! i mean, i will eat it, there are few foods i won’t eat, but i don’t prefer it. too sweet i guess?

    a reader just emailed me asking about protein pancakes and had said she saw a new recipe from you, and alas, here it is! looks good, you know i am a sucker for new flapjack recipes, i will give it a go when i am settled. i even bought a new griddle yesterday! i am so excited to get flapjackin’.

    overnight oats and iced coffee has been my breakfast every day this week. well, the oats are not overnight. they are 1 hour oats. actually that is about all it takes to make them nice and mooshy!

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Marshmallow fluff and cream cheese with fruit is my favourite! YUM!!!!

    I just finished school for the next six weeks (thank GOD) so I’ve picked up the first two books of the Millenium Trilogy (i.e., The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, et. al.). Soooo happy to start reading for pleasure again.

    I should, however re-read Deathly Hallows before the movie comes out!!! I LOVE Harry!

  33. greensandjeans

    I really miss the Harry Potter books! Maybe we would plan a field trip to Universal Studios?

  34. Confession: while I did know what Fluff is, I’ve never actually tried it! But it sounds like heaven in a jar, and the calories are pretty decent too!

    I love Heinz Baked Beans on sweet potatoes! Oh, I miss those little beans.

    Susan, I know exactly what you mean by post-book depression! When I start reading a good book, I hate to keep reading because I want to “save” it for later! Then I’m always so sad when I get to the last page. That’s the gauge of a good book :)

    Sorry I haven’t been a faithful commenter. I’m a working girl now, too! We are quite the pair!

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