Weekend Delight

Hellohello!! Hope everyone had wonderful weekends :) I went MIA yesterday, but hopefully my new Fitness Friday series was enough to hold you over! I’m trying not to get all bent out of shape about posting every single day anymore. When it comes to writing, I’m a true believer in quality over quantity. But I’m happy to finally be sitting down to share my weekend with you!

Let’s get to the highlights, in a topical and orderly manner.



I like to think of Friday’s breakfast as the black & white cookie of oatmeal.


Dark chocolate dreams + marshmallow fluff atop protein oats.


Post picture, I swirled together the two melted toppings. My father said marshmallow fluff is not appropriate breakfast fare. I beg to differ.


I can’t get my new protein waffle recipe off my mind. On Saturday, I made another fluffy batch with date pieces cooked in. Dipped in a sauce of syrup and almond butter. It was nothing short of amazing.

This morning, I wanted more waffles, but was missing an ingredient.


Next best thing – coconut walnut french toast. Bread dredged through a mix of two eggs, almond milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, flaked coconut and walnuts. Ohyes.



A dark chocolate vitatop smothered in my Easy Peasy Cream Cheese Icing and flaked coconut.


Just how easy is it? One wedge of laughing cow cheese + one tablespoon marshmallow fluff = instant deliciousness.


New tasty snack thanks to Lynndates stuffed with cream cheese. Sugar and cream cheese were meant to be!



IMG_0060 IMG_0099

My friends rocked it out on Friday night. I’m trying to learn how to take decent band pictures. The low light and movement makes it pretty damn hard! The pictures don’t do them justice either, you can listen to The Station Agents here ;)



During my fitness assessment last week, I realized that I’ve been ignoring my core a little too much. Okay, I hate working my abs. But I know having a strong midsection is so important to not just sports and exercise, but everyday mobility. So here’s the ab-focused full-body strength workout I came up with:

Exercise Sets Reps Load Target
Assisted pull-up  3 12 70 lbs Back, biceps
Push-up  3 12 Chest, triceps
Swiss ball crunch with dumbbell pullover  3 12 10 lbs Abs, upper back, chest
Curtsy lunge  3 24 30 lbs Quads, glutes
Swiss ball leg curl 3 12 Hamstrings
Prone jackknife  3 12 Abs
Front raise with lateral open 3 12 5 lbs ea Shoulders
Back extension on roman chair 3 12 10 lbs Lower back, glutes
Captain’s chair  3 12 Abs, hips
Cable pushdown  3 12 40 lbs Triceps
One arm cable bicep curl  3 12 12 lbs Biceps
Cable horizontal woodchop  3 12 25 lbs Obliques

I did these in mini-circuits of three exercises, indicated by the different colours. With a 15 minute cardio warm-up, whole thing took me 65 minutes :)



I did pretty well in terms of beer this weekend. I went out both Friday and Saturday nights, which provided ample opportunity to consume mass quantities of alcohol. I waited till Saturday night to splurge on any, and they were worthy splurges indeed.

Mill St. Lemon Tea Beer: “Sunset-coloured (orangey-amber) slightly sweet, malty palate with dry lemon-tea finish. Beer made with addition of Black tea leaves and lemon in aging tank. Very smooth and quenching; unfiltered.”

Smelled like tea, tasted like beer! A good tasting beer, thumbs up.

On an impulse, I treated myself to my new favourite beer, Fruli.


I know how some people feel about fruity beers, but this strawberry white is downright delightful.


The view at Sin & Redemption pub isn’t too bad either. Nice bike, no? ;)




Because you can’t attend a barbecue without grilling up some of the delicious sausage prepared by your neighbourhood butcher. Featured here is a handmade garlic mushroom sausage. Probably one of the best sausages I’ve ever had. No joke. Not pictured is the sauerkraut that was eaten on top. Not audible are the “MmmMMmMmmms” made while eating this.




Because there’s no better way to wrap up a weekend than with a giant bowl of greens. This one here included some kale, tuna, olives, mozzarella cheese, and a dressing made up of pesto and lemon juice whisked together.


Last but not least, I bought a watermelon for two dollars today. A pretty stellar end to a pretty stellar weekend, I’d say :)


Question of the Day: What are your weekend highlights?

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  1. Yum! Your weekend highlights look awesome!! :)

    I had such a great weekend in Atlanta, its hard to choose just a few. I would say the blogger dinner on Friday, the Botanical Gardens on Saturday, and dinner Saturday evening. It was all amazing, though!

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. You’ve got me hungry with those breakfasts!! (Well, everything else looks delicious as well but I just love some carby/sweet goodness the best!)

    Weekend highlights.. actually, I really did NOTHING! Just relaxed. Which was nice!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! And $2 watermelons make me giddy. I purchased 2 this weekend for $3.99 each and I thought I was getting a deal lol! The highlight of my weekend was going to see one of my best friends in Milton and having dinner at an amazing Thai restaurant (I’ll post my review of it tomorrow!)
    Have a good night! :)

  4. Tea and beer all in one. Wow! I wish we had that in the states.

  5. Friends and family with a smidgen of work was my weekend. Friday night I got to hang out with two of my best girlfriends, Satruday I had to work, only until 3, then I vegged out the rest of the day. And today I got a great run in, in the morning and then spend the afternoon/evening with The hubsters side of the family for the MIL’s birthday. Great weekend!

  6. what a great weekend!! my weekend highlights were getting ice cream, dads bday dinner, and church!!
    LOVE your marshmellow fluff usage!

  7. Beer, waffle, live music – good weekend indeed!

    My highlights were finally hitting the farmers market and getting a ton of stuff, going to the beach for the first time all summer, and generally enjoying being in the city for once!

    Abs – gah. I hate doing em too. Must get better…

  8. marshmallow fluff sounds delicious, I cant quite imagine the flavor though. or the texture for that matter.

    Looks like a great weekend.

    My highlight, hmmmm, would have to be spending quality time with my mum’s mother. We had a few lovely days hanging out before she heads to NYC on Wednesday for two weeks.

  9. parents are wise but i do think that marshmallow fluff is good anytime of the day. especially in the morning, get you excited :) and it really is the best with pb. never thought of putting it in oats before. good idea!!

    i love that last meal. prob my favorite. i realize that i need some lemon juice in my tuna salads. and olive. that is a must!

  10. A garlic mushroom sausage would be a highlight of my weekend too if I had had any :) sounds incredibly delicious!

  11. fluff and cheese…now that’s a girl who’s not afraid to EAT. i dont eat cheese but yeah, i could totally see that working

    as for the beer and sausage report…LOVE this.

    I am frankly so sick of green monsters and healthy this and that, thank you for posing beer and brats. I will post gay pride and marijuana talk, you keep up with the beer!

    not posting daily, quality over quantity, i think that’s fabulous!

  12. My god that oatmeal looks delicious! I’ve only just discovered the pleasures of dark chocolate dreams, I had to pick up a jar when I was down in London last week (I live in the north of england with a pitiful selection of food products available!) Holy Yum!

  13. Hey Susan! What protein powder do you use for your protein waffles? And, what are the stats for that said protein powder? I am trying to find one close to it so I can make these babies! :)

    • Hey Katie! It’s President’s Choice unflavoured soy protein isolate. 110 calories and 25g protein per 30g scoop. Definitely recommend using soy over any other kind of powder – the texture is the best for baking and cooking with :)

  14. Looks like a great weekend! I haven’t had french toast in SO long… I need to get on that again! :D

    This weekend I ate a “Mega protein” salad at the Big Carrot and there was SO much protein (tempeh & chickpeas) on it, I couldn’t finish it! Granted, I paid almost $10 for said salad… but there was likely MORE than $10 worth of tempeh on there! Loved it.


  15. ha! I love how you have headings for “Beer” and “Sausage”. Hilarious! Also, i LOOOOOVE Fruli! So amazingly delicious. I am not much of a beer drinker, so it is just awesome in my books.

  16. Have you ever had framboise beer? I’ve been tempted to order it a few times now but Blue Moon or Magic Hat always wins out. That bowl of oats has convinced me to buy fluff – I’ve never had it!

    • I’ve never heard of framboise beer before! I wonder if it’s available in Canada? If it’s anything like this Fruli strawberry beer, you should definitely try it :) And YES to the fluff!!

  17. That workout looks epic!
    I’m a part timer, so hence my weekends are mostly waking up at dawn, working, sleeping, veggin’ out, etc etc. This weekend however I had Saturday off due to a tattoo consultation appointment. :) I’m very excited for the actual appointment in August.
    RANDOM QUESTION, but do you have any simple vacation workout posts? I’ll be going away in a few weeks and our hotel has a gym..but really, i’ve never really worked out in a gym before. :|

    • You should be okay with the hotel gym. Usually it’s just a room with a few cardio and weight machines, nothing too overwhelming. What do you normally do for workouts?

      • Today I biked 10km (woohoo!) or do workout DVDs. 10 Minute Trainer, Turbo Jam…etc.
        I tried jogging 5kms a few times, but I have this weird pain that isn’t normal that seems to spark up when I do for several days. :\

  18. Mmmm what’s a marshmellows fluff? :) looks very SLURP GNAM GNAM! :D
    this morning I biked 10km too, and I wanted to do some legs exercices in our little pool, but it’s very windy outside and I just prefer to stay home. Tomorrow I will begin witg Zumba fitness, do you know it?
    Swiss greetings

  19. your vitatop looks so decadent!

    weekend highlights for me was relaxing and doing absolutely nothing at the lake!

  20. um GREAT workout and even more delicious looking beer :) i’d like to sip one of those after a solid full body sesh like that one! love your workouts thanks for posting them girl!

  21. i love that worokout! the lateral raise and open is an awesome exercise!! I have my 3rd interview today to be a full time personal trainer!!! ahh maybe we’ll be twins!

  22. I was a booze cruise! Wild weekend but back to study and exercise for me now : )

  23. Wow- 2 bucks for a watermelon! Is it sad that I was more excited about that than the marshmallow fluff? (ok, maybe they tied) Your french toast looks awesome- what kind of bread did you use?

  24. Great icing recipe! I will be sure to use it soon… :-)


  25. NICE, I love both Mill St. lemon tea and Fruli strawberry! I drank both this weekend, in fact :)

    I still haven’t been to Sin and Redemption – I’ve been meaning to ever since I noticed the eye=catching sign

  26. Hello! Hello! Oh how I’ve missed you!

    Love your new layout- so much to catch up on with you. Not enough hours- will have to go through older posts in due time.

    Not blogging every day? I am all for it (I’m lucky to blog once a week these days! ha!) You need to LIVE too. Blogging is living, but a different sort of living.

    You sure do stay lean for all of those amazing yummy foods that you eat. I’m green with envy! :-)

    Weekend: BBQ at my brother’s was fun and yummy, followed by heading out to the delightful desert where it is warm and lovely.

  27. Oh my gosh – I’m obsessed with protein waffles this summer too! Have you tried adding Greek yog to the almond butter/maple syrup combo? Aaaamazin’
    Sounds like a great weekend! My weekend was filled with my best friends’ wedding – lots of fun!

  28. I think marshmallow fluff is the perfect breakfast item. In fact, I think I may have it tomorrow!

  29. That so does look like a black and white cookie!

    Fruili really sounds like a great beer, and I have only come across one brew that I actually like! I’m not a big beer person, but strawberries could change my mind. Does it have a very “hoppy” flavor?

  30. OK, just made your protein waffle recipe for breakfast, except turned it into pancakes instead. And threw in some chopped up dates and topped with coconut butter for good measure. Great recipe. They were really good – thanks for sharing.

    I must know, what is this marshmellow fluff and chocolate business pictured in this post?! It looks divine. It is something you made or something you bought? Thanks.

  31. Let’s see…weekend was so long ago, but I ran 11 miles and then was locked out of my car and had to wander around San Diego in order to get rescued. That’s the abbreviated version!

    My mom just told me she’s doing black-and-white cookies as her favors for her wedding…I’m excited :-)

  32. Haha – I love that sausage got a category all its own. Love love LOVE sausage and that garlic mushroom one sounds amazing Susan.

    OK, so I bought some cream cheese on whim a few weeks ago and haven’t touched it. Now, I’m just wishing I had some dates, and I’d be going to town. Great idea.

    Fluff is so appropriate for breakfast. Sorry Dad, but you’re wrong! ;) Oh, and glad to see your waffle iron is back!

  33. Marshmallow fluff is amaaaze! This is a little late but congratulations on the new job lovely :)

  34. I’m not a beer drinker, but Fruili sounds right up my alley.

    My weekend highlights included a lamb chop feast on Saturday and winning my age group in the 5k run I did on Sunday.

  35. is it bad that it’s wednesday, and i can’t quite remember what i did last weekend? i only wish i had beer to blame.

    i am getting really lax about posting too – if i am not feeling it one day, i’m not feeling it. no shame.

    and i am LOVING all your eats – definitely may have to try that laughing cow/marshmallow fluff idea. if anything, it gives me a great reason to buy some fluff :)

    MISS YOU!!!!

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