A Picnic Fit For Bloggers

Good news!!


I found my new running trail in Toronto!! Gravel path, waterfront, pedestrians only… LOVE :) I ran down there today for about 40 brutal minutes. Yes, brutal. It was HOT at 9am!! I reallyreally hope it cools down in August. I’m starting to feel like I’m losing some of my running season :(

However, I at least worked up a good appetite for the blogger potluck picnic!


You guys, there was so much food.


But first, the recipe for my contribution!


Tofu balls
from the Post Punk Kitchen. I don’t do a lot of vegan cooking, but that’s always my go-to site when I need something that’s animal-free.


image IMG_9797

My only changes were that I used Bragg’s for the soy sauce and panko for the bread crumbs. Oh, and I couldn’t find fresh basil! So oregano it was…


I also tripled the recipe to get a ludicrous amount of balls. Fried them in a little bit of sesame oil for additional flavour.


While the recipe calls for a traditional Italian-type sauce, I wanted to keep it Asian themed.


I e-mailed Averie for one of her vegan dipping sauce recipes. She suggested this peanut sauce and I knew it was perfect!!


Loved the sauce. So easy to make. I think I may now always make sure I have some of this on hand ;)

Now, back to the important part. My plate!


Starting at 12 o’clock and going clockwise: tofu balls, pita wedges, hummus, carrot sticks, pasta salad with goat cheese, couscous salad, fruit salad, smoked salmon sandwiches, caprese salad skewer.

Round two!


Bread and cream cheese, black bean brownie, Loblaw’s The Decadent chocolate chip cookie, fruit salad, edamame salad.


I was totally impressed by Sarah’s black bean brownies!! They were really rich and had a really light texture. 


Oh yeah, and there was a half of Callie’s green tea cupcakes. With a sweet red bean paste in the center. Yum!!


For people who blog about eating, we didn’t make much of a dent in all this food :P


Sarah, Christina, Jenn, Kristin.

Sorry about the pictures of people blinking! Gah!


Callie, Morgan, Miranda.


Me, Nienke.

What a chill day! The weather was perfect and the park beautiful. I had so much fun hanging out on blankets, eating, and chatting it up :) Let’s see… some highlights of discussion included the Healthy Living Summit, Whole Foods and tight rope walkers. 


Yeah, we spent like 40 minutes watching this guy set up bands between trees. I left before the real action started. One of those instances that had me saying “only in Toronto!” ;)

After digesting, I hit up my “new gym” (aka my place of employment) to test out all the equipment. Yeah, today was a two-fer kinda workout day. Why not, it was fun!


Was a little detoured coming home thanks to me mindlessly stepping on the wrong subway. Whoops!


I was so hungry by the time I got home, I assembled a mountain of a salad that my roommie exclaimed to be my biggest one yet. Topped with a couple spicy black bean turkey patties and a dressing of hummus + mustard + water.


Including raw hunks of jicama. Loved it raw!! Sort of like a sweeter version of water chestnut.


And with that, I bid you au revoir! I think I’m going out tonight, and the camera is being left at home. It happens! ;)


Question of the Day: What’s your favourite picnic food? Fruit salad and bread right here!

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  1. Does wine count as a picnic food? If so, that’s my fav. If not, I’m going with a cheese, meat, and cracker spread.

    Also, I’m requesting you hold something up next to the most monstrous salad ever so we can adequately judge the size.


  2. Great turnout of bloggies and FOOD!! Holy cow!

  3. Your tofu balls were awesome, thanks for posting the recipe, I’m definitely going to have to try making these myself some time.

    Definitely interesting seeing a tight rope walker, he certainly got his picture taken by a lot of women today! haha :)

  4. You know what is weird?!

    Guess what I saw today in Point Pleasant Park in Halifax?….

    Yup, a guy walking a tightrope between two trees,I am not kidding!

    So,yes the Maritimes is just as kooky/funky as TO my dear ;) Yup,and even as HOT these days (38 degrees with humidex-UGH!)

    Enjoy your blog !

  5. These tofu balls and that peanut sauce looked amazing, Susan!
    You´re a genius, hahaha :D

  6. How cool! I really need to make a visit to Toronto!

  7. It was great seeing you again today, and I’m so glad you posted the recipe! I loved the tofu balls and I didn’t even have the sauce with them (it seemed really awkward and dangerous trying to reach it lol). Definitely gonna try making these at home :)

    Hmm, I’d say that my favourite picnic food is big chunks of summery fruit, or finger-friendly desserts like brownies and squares :)

  8. Looks like you guys had a blast! Awesome. As far as picnic goes, I’m going to say watermelon. I never buy it, so when it’s available for me to mooch, this time of year I go to town. It’s SO good!

  9. i think ive died and gone to blogger heaven! haha that picnic is INCREDIBLE!! oh my gahhhhh!! those tofu balls sound awesome too! I NEED TO COME VISIT

  10. Quite the spread you blogger ladies put together. Next big shindig I have, which may not be until graduating law school in 3 years, I may have to ship you all out to New York to cater for me! Those tofu balls look delish too – thrilled to have that recipe =)

    Nicole G

    PS. Yay for finding a new running path. I like changing up where I run every few months – it makes it a truly new experience. Thank God I love running outside – I would definitely not do it nearly as often if I relied on a treadmill.

  11. What a fun meetup! I love picnic foods – my favourite are pasta, fruit or bean salads!

  12. greensandjeans

    Fun fact- what that guy is doing is called “slacklining!” I have quite a few friends into it!

  13. Ok the tofu balls look great and I usually hate what I would call, mushy tofu. i.e. any tofu that I usually don’t press the crap out of and get every last drop of water out, i deem mushy. But the way that you broke the tofu up, and used the breadcrumbs and then fried it in sesame oil (swoon!)..you totally are onto something!

    Glad the peanut sauce was a hit and yes, always keep it on hand. I do b/c it doubles as a salad dressing, a cracker or veggie dip, or a marinade. Pretty much versatility at it’s finest.

    Ok all these wonderful ladies….omg why cant I be there with you lovely people??!!! You better come to San Diego for your next meetup!


  14. Oh.my.goodness. I want everything on your plate!! I don’t often eat tofu by choice, but your dish looks great!

  15. It was a fun picnic- your tofu balls were AWESOME!!


  16. Oooh that looks so good! I love picnics. Epic. My favourites are good cheese and baguette along with some fresh pineapple. YUM.

  17. What a lovely picnic!

    Classic picnic food for me – watermelon.

  18. Wow – So much delicious food! (I guess that’s what to expect when its a food-blogger picnic! Haha!) My favorite picnic food is fruit salad, watermelon, shish kabobs, and pasta salad! :-)

  19. Susan! So much goodness in these last three posts – so glad you enjoyed your first WF trip! and kombucha experience – it is a bit too vinegary for me. and who am i kidding? PRIC-EYYYYY!

    yay for beginning at the gym, first client and STARBUCKS! so glad so many wonderful things are happening for you – i could not think of anyone more deserving.

    lots of love,

  20. Oh, girl, picnics make me so happy! And those tofu balls look awesome…I’ll have to try the recipe out. What’s the texture like?

    My favorite picnic food is definitely cheese and crackers. A boring answer, perhaps, but it always tastes so, so right. :)

    • The tofu ball recipe gets my stamp of approval!! ;) The texture was a little crumbly, but otherwise just like regular tofu. Combining everything in a food processor and frying them in more oil may help keep them together better.

  21. Socializing and food! My two favorite things! Looks like you’ve been having lots of fun! Congrats on the new job! :)

  22. That looks like so much fun! And I am going to have to remember that tofu balls recipe. Looks awesome.

  23. I love bread and cheese! And fresh watermelon! :D
    That’s great you already found a great running trail there…that’s the first thing I look for (besides good grocery stores) in a new place.

    Your tofu balls sound very korean! I have a korean recipe for tofu patties!

  24. My junior year of high school my friends and I would have a picnic on one of our school lawns once a week, and we’d organize it, so we’d each bring something different each week from drinks, side dish, dessert, and main dish, and i think fruit? Who knows. But it was SO much fun, and lots of good food! Pretty sure my fave picnic item is the chips, because I rarely eat chips like out of a bag in general, I love having something to munch on during a picnic, whether it be popcorn, or pirate booty or terra chips or salt and vinegar potato chips or chips and salsa, I’m SO there!

    Love this blogger picnic though- so many bloggers in Toronoto! Cerrazy.
    As for beverages- prosecco or wine is lovely. (in high school,we settled for sparking water or iced tea or whatever.)

  25. Oh hello pasta salad! Actually who am I kidding, pasta is just the perfect food for any occasion. :P

    Sounds like from the recent twitter update that you had a fun time out tonight. ;)

  26. i always go-to the post punk kitchen, too. it is the best.

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