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A Picnic Fit For Bloggers

Good news!!


I found my new running trail in Toronto!! Gravel path, waterfront, pedestrians only… LOVE :) I ran down there today for about 40 brutal minutes. Yes, brutal. It was HOT at 9am!! I reallyreally hope it cools down in August. I’m starting to feel like I’m losing some of my running season :(

However, I at least worked up a good appetite for the blogger potluck picnic!


You guys, there was so much food.


But first, the recipe for my contribution!


Tofu balls
from the Post Punk Kitchen. I don’t do a lot of vegan cooking, but that’s always my go-to site when I need something that’s animal-free.


image IMG_9797

My only changes were that I used Bragg’s for the soy sauce and panko for the bread crumbs. Oh, and I couldn’t find fresh basil! So oregano it was…


I also tripled the recipe to get a ludicrous amount of balls. Fried them in a little bit of sesame oil for additional flavour.


While the recipe calls for a traditional Italian-type sauce, I wanted to keep it Asian themed.


I e-mailed Averie for one of her vegan dipping sauce recipes. She suggested this peanut sauce and I knew it was perfect!!


Loved the sauce. So easy to make. I think I may now always make sure I have some of this on hand ;)

Now, back to the important part. My plate!


Starting at 12 o’clock and going clockwise: tofu balls, pita wedges, hummus, carrot sticks, pasta salad with goat cheese, couscous salad, fruit salad, smoked salmon sandwiches, caprese salad skewer.

Round two!


Bread and cream cheese, black bean brownie, Loblaw’s The Decadent chocolate chip cookie, fruit salad, edamame salad.


I was totally impressed by Sarah’s black bean brownies!! They were really rich and had a really light texture. 


Oh yeah, and there was a half of Callie’s green tea cupcakes. With a sweet red bean paste in the center. Yum!!


For people who blog about eating, we didn’t make much of a dent in all this food :P


Sarah, Christina, Jenn, Kristin.

Sorry about the pictures of people blinking! Gah!


Callie, Morgan, Miranda.


Me, Nienke.

What a chill day! The weather was perfect and the park beautiful. I had so much fun hanging out on blankets, eating, and chatting it up :) Let’s see… some highlights of discussion included the Healthy Living Summit, Whole Foods and tight rope walkers. 


Yeah, we spent like 40 minutes watching this guy set up bands between trees. I left before the real action started. One of those instances that had me saying “only in Toronto!” ;)

After digesting, I hit up my “new gym” (aka my place of employment) to test out all the equipment. Yeah, today was a two-fer kinda workout day. Why not, it was fun!


Was a little detoured coming home thanks to me mindlessly stepping on the wrong subway. Whoops!


I was so hungry by the time I got home, I assembled a mountain of a salad that my roommie exclaimed to be my biggest one yet. Topped with a couple spicy black bean turkey patties and a dressing of hummus + mustard + water.


Including raw hunks of jicama. Loved it raw!! Sort of like a sweeter version of water chestnut.


And with that, I bid you au revoir! I think I’m going out tonight, and the camera is being left at home. It happens! ;)


Question of the Day: What’s your favourite picnic food? Fruit salad and bread right here!

Kombucha vs. Beer

Some great suggestions on how to save moulah at the grocery store in my last post! Ironic, because I definitely spent a lot of money on food today. But let’s start at the beginning…


Ever have those mornings when you just can’t decide what to put on your toast?


One piece was smothered with Peanut Butter & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams + Marshmallow Fluff.


The other piece had a slice of bacon and a fried egg.

Sweet + savoury, gotta love it!


Plus some fresh figs for good measure. These are definitely ripe, but still bland. I’m thinking they’re just sub-par figs? Anyone in Italy wanna send me some? :P

Kept the theme of fresh fruit going for my mid-morning snackage.


Cottage cheese, almond butter, cinnamon, maple syrup, blueberries. Amazing combo.

No workout today, I like to give my body a break every 3-4 days. I still went to the gym though – but for work!! How weird is that? I love it. I’m training my first client on Monday and I’m pumped. Also, I got a call today for a second interview at Starbucks! Pretty excited for that too, as I genuinely love hawking lattes for people. If all goes well, work shouldn’t feel like too much work ;)

I’d gotten a few recommendations to check out the restaurant Kale, so I decided to hit it up for lunch while I was in the ‘hood.


Kale is a vegan & organic buffet where you pay by the weight of your plate.


When I first walked in, I was a little disappointed by the lack of choice. Usually these types of places have sooooo much to choose from.


I tried to go small with my servings, but my plate still came to $12!


Let’s see… there was a cabbage salad, dill and avocado salad (didn’t realize the avocado until I sat down, risked it and didn’t die… yay!)


sweet potato stew… 


shephard’s pie made with lentils…


…soba noodle salad and curried tofu. I’d say my favourite thing on the plate was the above pasta salad. I really liked the parsley in it. I was disappointed with the shephard’s pie, which is too bad because it had so much potential! I probably won’t be going back based on the price for what you get, luckily there are tons of other great places nearby :)

Including a store dedicated solely to organization.


I couldn’t help but walk in. It’s full of plastic bins and shelving, little trinkets and gadgets, it was fascinating. I walked out with a closet organizer I convinced myself I needed. Remind me never to go back in this store :P


By the time I made it home, I was hot, sweaty, and in need of refreshment. I pulled out the kombucha I had chilling in the fridge. For those of you that don’t know, kombucha is fermented tea. That means it’s regular tea that has sat fermenting with a hunk of of yeast and bacteria in it. Averie has been making it at home and the whole process fascinates me.


I’m all for a little healthy bacteria in my life, but this stuff scares me. I thought the peach flavour would mask any grossness (a proper word according to my Windows Live Writer), but it kind of tasted like vinegar. Expensive peach-flavoured vinegar. I think I will stick to my yogurt and fermented soy :)

By this time, my vegan lunch three hours prior had left me hungry again, and the kombucha left me still thirsty. There are only two remedies in circumstances such as these.

Beer + Burgers.


Let it be known that I only ordered a 12oz draught of PBR, but ended up drinking two. My friends each ordered their own pitcher and the waitress said she couldn’t serve one table that much liquor at once!! Baahahaha. This is what happens when you get a group of Maritime journalists together.


Chris + Nick on the left are visiting from Fredericton. That’s my roommie Billy on the right, aka “Marshal” ;)


Me and Meg! She’s my other roommie/soon-to-be biking partner.

Don’t worry about all this beer you are seeing though, I balanced it out by going bun-less ;)

Beef burger on bib lettuce with beets, chipotle ketchup, French’s mustard and pickles. W Burger Bar is one of those restaurants where you choose your patty, bun, and then toppings for no additional cost. Thumbs up!!!

The Maritime journalists continued on, while I hopped on the streetcar home. I had tofu to attend to.

The main ingredient for the dish I’m bringing to a blogger potluck picnic tomorrow. You’ll have to wait and see what it is!

Now, if you don’t mind, I have to go pick the tofu out of my hair :P