10 Things That Have Something To Do With Nothing

1. I ate french toast every single day for at least 100 days during my last year of high school.


2. Walking to the grocery store and carrying groceries home is an excellent way to save money. That giant jar of pickles suddenly doesn’t feel so necessary…


3. Sweetened coconut tastes better than unsweetened. Let’s face it.


4. After 10 weeks of unemployment, I am physically incapable of waking up in time for a morning spin class. Thank goodness for noon-hour ones.


5. My dad and little step-sister are coming to visit me in Toronto next week and I am really excited. Especially because I now have someone to go to the Harry Potter exhibit with.


6. Your bicep contracts most when your forearm/wrist is twisting, as opposed to the motion of the traditional bicep curl. Touch your bicep and try both movements. Now try a twisting bicep curl :)


7. The neighbourhood butcher sells the most ludicrously large marinated chicken breasts. Meet 9 lbs of mango poppyseed, paired with a sweet potato covered in butter, syrup and cinnamon.


8. I don’t know how I’ll ever find another date when I’m turned off by the act of most men flirting.


9. Pesto + lemon juice is giving hummus + water a run for its money as my favourite salad dressing.


10. Thank you!! For all of the congratulatory and kind comments regarding my new job and blog anniversary. You are all awesome. Yes, even you, the lurker ;)


Question of the Day: Give me one random tidbit from your day!

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  1. 1. I felt completely defeated while doing my first open water swim today. BUT going back out tomorrow.

    2. I love all the bad photos of me and my hubby from the beach today.

  2. I spent way too much time on the computer looking for freelance work and getting attached to Twitter! LOL

  3. greensandjeans

    I only got 5 hours of sleep last night and had to be at work for 10 hours today. But I got a free lunch and free Starbucks, which kind of made up for it. I’m easily bought.

  4. I’m going to give those twisting bicep curls a shot. :)

  5. Random tidbit: I’m drinking chocolate soymilk for dessert.

  6. LOL Love this post :)
    I found out that it’s really easy to make sweet n sour sauce. Oh and apparently I like to call armwarmers “armbands”.

  7. I loved this random post! At first, I thought the only pictures were going to be shots of your breakfast from different angles and that didn’t even seem dissappointing because it looks DIVINE!

    Harry Potter exhibit? What does that entail? Can you take pictures and dedicate a post to it for us Potter fans? I’m such a geek =)

    Nicole G

    • Apparently they’ve got pieces of the sets and stuff at the science centre!! And of course I’ll take pictures. Others will just have to endure through our geekiness ;)

  8. That coconut French toast looks ridiculously good.
    Random tidbit: I am excited to watch Big Brother in 20 min.

  9. HOW do you do a twisting bicept curl??? im so interested!!

  10. Today . . . I set up four episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations to record on my parents DVR. Love that man.

  11. Those french toast look amazing! congrats again. I hope in one year from now, I will be able to share a similar story of change and growth. :)

  12. Love the bicep tip! Thanks!

    I ate pan seared wild boar today in blackberry sauce!

  13. I am currently at work and bored, I finished everything I needed to get done before lunch. There are still 1.5 hours left in the work day, so thank you for posting and giving me something to do.

  14. I went to an advanced bootcamp circuit class and nearly died! ; )

  15. i had to go back to a grocery store and walk around and scour the floors of it for a half hour looking for a 10 cent plastic toddler ring that was dropped and tears ensued. no luck finding it. bad day, very bad!

  16. Even though I learned it countless times before, I decided it would be best to remove the legs BEFORE the breasts of a full chicken. Bad idea, but somehow… it worked out! Thank goodness, it wasn’t like my final depended on it or anything ;)

    See you Sunday!


  17. Great post! Happy Blogiversary and congrats on the new job. Your blog is very entertaining and provides some great ideas. Thanks and hopefully you don’t mind the lurkers. ;-)

  18. Oh man, I feel you about getting up early. I was out of the job world for two months and now 7 a.m. feels crazy early!

  19. Agreed: “Walking to the grocery store and carrying groceries home is an excellent way to save money.”

    The times that I bike to the grocery store with a backpack are the times that I am most frugal and sensible. Although sometimes you really don’t want to be sensible…

    The banana/pb little snackage you’ve got going on is the cutest! Random tidbit about my day: I’ll be going to my friend’s cabin on lake superior tonight! WOOO.

  20. haha…i love it. and the idea of lemon + pesto. noted.

    something that has to do with nothing: i have 5 days of dishes sitting in my sink that need to be done.

    c’est la vie.

    happy weekend :)

  21. I would eat french toast every day if I could. I might for lunch since I proclaimed today a no dairy day :)

  22. Nice list :D

    My random from yesterday was that I had forgotten how good dates and nutbutter were as that snack hadn’t appeared in my eats in a bit.

  23. Random Tidbit: Today, I had french toast – it was deeeelish!
    Great blog!

  24. haha i love all your random things!
    random tidbit for moi: i have spent far too long looking at blogs today and really should get some productive work done, but i love them all too much!

  25. When I was a student I had to walk to the grocery store and I felt the same way as you…my grocery bills were low and my weight was always in check because I couldn’t buy all the extra goodies I would have, could the bags have been loaded into the trunk of a car.

    Tidbit of the day: I got a week long assignment at our manufacturing plant in Mexico in September :P

  26. Your photos are really pretty! I don’t know what settings or lenses you’re using but there sure are working for ya. Let’s see…random tidbit…I just insured my engagement ring, which was #1 on my priority list since I am so klutzy and spacey, I would totally be that girl who would drop it down the drain or something.

  27. I booked a flight to Seattle today (for a wedding I’m going to) and nearly passed out from the price. Yikes. Anyone have any extra money they want to give me??

  28. Loved the fun tidbits!
    Happy Late Blog-birthday!

  29. Red Pepper Hummus stains carpet. Bad. :(

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