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10 Things That Have Something To Do With Nothing

1. I ate french toast every single day for at least 100 days during my last year of high school.


2. Walking to the grocery store and carrying groceries home is an excellent way to save money. That giant jar of pickles suddenly doesn’t feel so necessary…


3. Sweetened coconut tastes better than unsweetened. Let’s face it.


4. After 10 weeks of unemployment, I am physically incapable of waking up in time for a morning spin class. Thank goodness for noon-hour ones.


5. My dad and little step-sister are coming to visit me in Toronto next week and I am really excited. Especially because I now have someone to go to the Harry Potter exhibit with.


6. Your bicep contracts most when your forearm/wrist is twisting, as opposed to the motion of the traditional bicep curl. Touch your bicep and try both movements. Now try a twisting bicep curl :)


7. The neighbourhood butcher sells the most ludicrously large marinated chicken breasts. Meet 9 lbs of mango poppyseed, paired with a sweet potato covered in butter, syrup and cinnamon.


8. I don’t know how I’ll ever find another date when I’m turned off by the act of most men flirting.


9. Pesto + lemon juice is giving hummus + water a run for its money as my favourite salad dressing.


10. Thank you!! For all of the congratulatory and kind comments regarding my new job and blog anniversary. You are all awesome. Yes, even you, the lurker ;)


Question of the Day: Give me one random tidbit from your day!

On this day…

Well, it is nearing midnight which means this day is almost over. I don’t have any big announcement, giveaway, or candle in a bowl of oatmeal to mark this day. Just a slight nod of the head and tip of the cap to the year that was.

One year ago, on July 14, 2009, I started a new blog. I’d been blogging for six months prior about my journey to my first triathlon. Once that was done, The Great Balancing Act was born as a way to continue my chronicles of leading a happy, healthy, balanced life. Special shout-out to Ellie who came up with the blog name!

To say a lot has changed since I began this blog one year ago would be an understatement. If someone had told me one year ago that this is what I’d be doing, where I’d be sitting, while typing up this blog post, I wouldn’t have believed it. Only because one year ago I don’t think I was capable of doing the things I’m doing today. But each day that has passed since has been a day of growth.

Here’s a measly selection of some of the year’s most notable occasions:

I moved into my first bachelor apartment.

I quit my job as a radio reporter, and left without turning back.

Took a job at Starbucks AND decided I want to be a personal trainer

Received an e-mail landing me a sweet position at my old university.

Almost burned my house down

Ended a four-year relationship

Celebrated one year of blogging

Announced I was moving from my home province of New Brunswick to Toronto

Took a personal training course

Took care of the world’s cutest dog (I’m biased)

Passed my personal training exam

Moved back home for a month

Left home and took off to a great adventure in Banff.

Lived with my sister for two weeks in Ottawa.

Made a new home in Toronto

Got my first job as a personal trainer

And that last link is from yesterday’s post. Today, I spent the day being shown the ropes at the new gym I’ll be training at. I can’t believe how my life has changed since I began this little blog one year ago. All I can say is that I enter this next year with open arms.

Bring it. ;)