I spent a lot of time on the streetcar today.

One thing I love about Toronto is that at any time of the day I can step onto the street and be whisked off in a matter of minutes. No need to ever check a schedule. The downside of course is that Toronto is a huge city, so getting around still takes time. And I had a lot of places to go today.


Remember when I worked an 8-5 office job and complained about cold breakfasts? HA! That seems like a different time in a different world. These days I’m looking for anything but an 8-to-5er in a chair and all about the cold breakfasts. It’s hot in the mornings!


I know this looks messy and gross, so you know it was delicious ;)

  • 3/4 cup vanilla yogurt
  • 1 scoop (30g) unflavoured soy protein powder
  • 1 tbsp mixed berry jam
  • cinnamon
  • fresh strawberries + blackberries
  • 1 tbsp crunchy almond butter
  • 1 tbsp coconut flakes
  • 2 tbsp dry rolled oats

Bam. One of those bowls where I throw things in as I go and the result is nothing short of amazing. As a side note, I still don’t like overnight oats (it’s cold mush! plain and simple!!), but I am loving dry oatmeal sprinkled on yogurt. Go figure!

That bowl had me bursting at the seams with fullness by the time I went off to job interview #1 at a *ahem* “very popular coffee chain.” One that I have 5 years experience working at!! It’s my back-up, and something I really love to do. Making lattes and chatting with regulars all day is a blast. I really liked the manager and store location, I think it could be a great source of income for me while I get this personal training thing off the ground :)


I also got lost for the first time since arriving in the city. Okay, I actually showed up to the wrong place, when it was really 10 minutes down the road. Not a good way to start off an interview!! I knew ahead of time I’d be tight on time for lunch, so I’d pre-made a tuna sandwich to eat at home between appointments.


With mass amounts of carrots + salsa! Better than carrots + hummus, or carrots + ranch, or any other combo. All in my humble opinion of course ;)

Then it was off to interview #2 for the day!! This interview is the reason why I held off on accepting the job offer at the other gym right away, and I learned today it was the right choice. I am in love with this new gym and feel like it really suits my goals for personal training. Please cross all your body parts that I get hired!!

After more running around and several subway and streetcars later, I ended up at a place called Kyoto House for sushi.

Kyoto House Japanese Restaurant

Okay. So funny story.

Last Thursday, I’m in this corner convenience store downtown picking up diet coke that I may or may not have mixed with whiskey. But that’s neither here nor there. The real point is that while in the store, I ran into someone I knew! From New Brunswick!! Toronto is almost 1500 km away and home to 2.5 million people. It’s not like I was expecting to just casually run into someone I know from New Brunswick in a random convenience store downtown.

Anyways, clearly, a dinner was in order.


Both of us New Brunswickers have been told that we need to experience sushi in Toronto. He was staying near Kyoto House on Dundas, which I’d been told had good sushi at a good price.

They actually offer an all-you-can eat deal, but we weren’t really feeling it. I opted for the Special Sashimi: Tuna, Salmon, Surf Clam, White Tuna.


Yeah, I legitimately love the “raw fish.” It’s got such a sweet flavour!

IMG_9547 IMG_9549

Loved the thick-sliced sashimi!! Oddly, my favourite part was the pickled ginger, and I don’t typically like fresh ginger.


Scott went for the Sushi Special which conveniently arrived on a boat. I hate to say this, but even the rolls tasted better than the ones I tried in NB. And the miso soup was honestly the best I’ve ever had. I don’t care if that makes me a Toronto snob now… good food is good food.


The sake was totally Scott’s idea.


But when in a sushi house in Toronto, right?


The best part though are the pieces of fruit you get at the end of the meal.


It was super fun catching up with a friend from home. Now I want all my friends from back home to come visit so I can take them out to eat in Toronto. Kapeesh??


Question of the Day: Sushi. Yay? Nay? What’s your favourite thing to get? So far I love salmon and tuna sashimi… but I’m always looking for new things to try!

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  1. I really want to visit Toronto! I went once a while ago when I was younger but I don’t remember it well.

    Sushi – EEL! It’s not raw though…

  2. The spicy scallop is always super good! I was a little scared to try it at first, but its delicious.

    So glad that you’re having a good time in your new city. I have my fingers crossed for your position at the gym. :)

  3. I don’t like sushi! Well, I’ve never had the raw fish stuff since I’m veggie, but I tried some kind of roll before and the seaweed in it tasted fishy, which was really gross to me. I never liked seafood even when I was younger and ate meat.

    Anyway, I’m really hoping you get that job! :)

  4. Oooh that sushi place looks nice, and the fruit is adorable!

    My absolute favourite is salmon because it’s buttery fish perfection, but I also love amaebi, which are “sweet shrimp”. They’re so small that they usually come with 2 per sushi piece, and taste so much better than the regular shrimp. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ve seen amaebi since I was in Japan, but I’m still dreaming of the day I find them here!

    I don’t usually like miso soup at restaurants, but I’m used to the homemade kind with HUGE chunks of tofu. Come visit me and I’ll try to outdo the miso soup you had here! ;)

  5. Crossing my fingers for the second job interview for you! I love sushi – I have heard that Vancouvers is much better than Torontos, but, I haven’t been able to compare myself yet. I usually get a veggie box with miso soup, avocado roll, seaweed salad, and sometimes tempura. Yum!

    • Oh, I can only imagine how amazing the Vancouver sushi is!! Hopefully I will be able to contrast and compare if I finally make it to Vancouver next year :)

  6. greensandjeans

    Love love LOVE sushi! I will be crossing my fingers, arms, and legs for you!

  7. LURVE sushi. I love spicy tuna rolls and eel and anything with salmon and avocado. AND lots of wasabi please!!!!!

  8. Yah! I love tuna handrolls!

    P.S. You look great in the sake photo, love your shirt!

  9. I love love love sushi! It’s my favorite to get out. I love the Philly Roll or Spicy Tuna. Depending on the place, I have a few favorite specialty rolls I love too.

  10. I like sushi, but only cooked. I never consume raw fish. Of course, I am not a big fish fan anyway.

    I do like the shrimp roll (nigri??)
    Love smoked eel rolls.
    Crab rolls are also good, with the bit of cream cheese in them.

    I love the pickled ginger as well. Heck, I just love ginger period. Candied, crystallized, chewy, in cookies. Yum.

  11. Oh I forgot – best of luck with both interview results!

  12. It’s funny–I used to HATE sushi. The mere smell of nori (the seaweed paper) would cause me to gag.
    NOW i eat rolls with the rice on the OUTSIDE , and go all veggie (sadly not a huge seafood fan). I love rolls with cucumber/avocado or mushroom. :):) Now I crave sushi!
    Hamachi house here also has brown rice options..which I find are pretty hard to get at a lot of places.

  13. I’m a huge fan of sushi, I love it. I’m still trying to find a good place in my area!

    Best of luck with your interviews!

  14. Ugh, gotta disagree on the pickled ginger. I can’t stand it!

  15. BIGGEST yay ever for sushi. I think it’s the only thing I actually miss about eating meat. My favorite was the caterpillar roll. I forget what’s all in it, but I ordered it all the time!

  16. i LOVE me some tuna sushi!! i dk if ive ever had pickled ginger! you got me wanting sushi now. good luck with all your interviews!

  17. Random!!

    So you know the Chinese restaurant on top of the sushi restaurant you went to? It used to be my family’s go-to Chinese place for about 20 years.

    Originally it was in the basement of a ratty building across the street that no longer exists. Whenever we took people there we had to preface it with “The place is a hole but . . . ” And then it moved to the building it’s presently in. Unfortunately several years back the food took a dive in what I can only presume was cleanliness. They still have THE most amazing chili chicken and my personal fave, shrimp in lobster sauce. But the last couple of times I ate there I got sick. Really sick. So I can’t recommend it . . . which is a pity. Having said that, I think it is still pretty popular.

  18. eel!! aka, unagi. THE BEST. EEL SAUCE ROCKS. I would un-vegan myself for eel, truly! I just fear a massive shellfish/fish reaction and my airway swelling shut so i dont but lemme tell you, sounds gross, but you know me, I can hardly eat anything except raw veggies, i would not steer you wrong. They cook the eel, sometimes they call it ‘bbq eel” so it’s not even raw. omg please get some. eel sauce is orgasmic too :)

  19. I love reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful pictures. The food you eat always looks so delicious!

    What kind of camera do you use to take your pictures?

    & Congrats on the move and the interviews! :)

  20. I’m really hoping you get that job! :)
    And about sushi… I like it a lot! At the landline with Italy there is a chinese-japanese restaurant and they do a super delicious sushi. But we rarely go there because we have to drive a lot to reach itt. Sad :(

  21. Mmm I love sushi, I’ve only ever tried the Maki though – my fav rolls are the spicy tuna and sweet potato. Oh and I tend to always start with edamame or miso soup.

    Hope your interviews went well!

  22. I adore sushi :) salmon is the way to go.
    Good luck on the second interview!

  23. Oh I miss eating sushi! Seafood is the only thing I miss since becoming a vegetarian! SO GOOD! Best sushi I ever had was this little out-of-the-way restaurant in Japan that a student of mine (I was teaching English) took me too just before I moved back to Canada. It was to-die-for!

    Such a cool thing when you meet people you know in the most unlikely of places!

  24. Mmmm, I love sushi! I’m going to have to try that place out- I’m all for cheap sushi!


  25. that is too funny that you ran into someone you know!! that bowl of mush looks delicious! so many bloggers create these dishes and say they look gross, whenw e all know it is probably delicious!

    mmm SUSHI!

  26. Sushi yay! I am however relatively new to it though so I am still pretty rubbish at naming things – I just like to try everything!!

    Crossing my eyes, fingers and toes for you on the gym job!

  27. ahh I love the fruit at the end.

    I’m not a fan of sushi. Saddens me—just dont feel cool like all the sushi lovers :)

  28. I like sushi as a snack or appetizer. I have to have warm food for my main event! lol!

    I like salmon, tuna, spider rolls, just about any of them really!

  29. Oh sushi how I love thee. And the raw stuff is where it’s at. I love rolls too, but sashimi and nigiri just have a special place in my heart. I think the chance to eat sushi again is the 2nd biggest thing I look forward to after a pregnancy being over. Right up there after holding my baby. LOL

    I hope you get the job you’re wanting!!!

  30. I would love to hear what it’s like to work at that famous coffee chain since I am such a fan! It is great to hear it’s a positive work environment. I have always felt that it’s somewhere I would like to try working some day!

    You are seeing so many great things about this city! You are inspiring me…(as I continue to sit in my basement ;))

  31. YAY for sushi for sure!!!!! mmm my favorite in the whole wide world is seaweed salads :) and brown rice veggie rolls! i’ve actually just started to love smoked salmon & cucumber rolls too! i don’t really go much fisher then that haha

  32. How ironic that you ran into him! How do things like that happen?! I love sushi – usually rolls (brown rice preferably) with no tempura or mayo. I love wasabi and avocado!!

  33. susannnnnn! just caught up on all your posts – from the baseball game to the job offer to the blogger meet-up to just doin the dayum thang, i am SO HAPPY to see so many good things happening for you in toronto! you so deserve it. but don’t forget, we are going to work at lululemon, become yogis of mindy and drink rickard’s white ale next summer in banff. just sayin’…

    • Definitely have not forgotten about our Banff plans!! Seriously though, I’m going back out West next summer. I refuse to let anything come between me and the mountains :)

  34. yogurt with dry oats? sounds scrumptious. and its beautiful no matter what. i’m telling you.. i always say with a good camera, a picture of anything can be beautiful!

    yay carrots+salsa! :) haha.
    as for me.. i think i gave your blog like an extra 100 views today as i was searching for your old protein bar recipes! um, found!

  35. p.s. i have 100% confidence that you’ll find like 3 jobs. you always do. :D

  36. That is such a cute picture of you. And I read your tweet…CONGRATS!!! :D

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