A Blogging Fiesta

Hellooo!! How was everyone’s weekend?? Everyone watch the soccer match? Don’t care? I’m indifferent, it’s Tour de France season people!!! :P

I have this bad habit of walking into bakeries, not to buy anything, but just to drool over the things they have on display. I found one not too far from my new place that had some Toronto-style bagels (as opposed to Montreal style). I asked the clerk what made them Toronto style and she had no idea. Thanks.


I had one for breakfast on Saturday topped with laughing cow cheese and egg whites.

I don’t care what style of bagel this is, it was delicious. Getting things fresh from a bakery makes a world of difference. A million times better than any bagged stuff at the grocery store!!

After blogging yesterday, I really did drag my sorry butt to the gym. I told myself I’d take it easy, and that’s just what I did. 35 minutes of sprint intervals on the elliptical, 10 minutes on the rowing machine, and 15 minutes of torture on the stepmill. Amazing how good an hour at the gym can make you feel for the rest of the day!!


Popped the rest of the tempeh in the toaster oven with chopped onion and bbq sauce. Stuffed it in a pita with feta, tomatoes and romaine.


I perhaps owe my first born to Lori for introducing me to the bbq-feta combo. SO good!! I still enjoyed the tempeh, however be forewarned, it’s not for everyone. I’ve heard it get compared to stinky feet before.

For dinner I went in the opposite direction. Traded in my vegetarian protein for some animal protein.


Went to the grocery store and found these pork loins on sale. I then made up the following combination in my head as I browsed the grocery store aisles. Most of my dinners are created that way!


Seared the chops on either side first, then cut them up and added white kidney beans, whole mushrooms and pesto to the pan.


Meanwhile, I prepared a salad of simple garden veggies, including beets and olives because they rock my socks.


You know what happened next…


Haha, you can see the difference between the low light in my kitchen and the natural light in my living room. Anyways, the pork-bean-mushroom-pesto combo was amazing. Another great grocery store brainwave!!

And would you believe it if I said I was in bed before midnight last night? Yup! My body needed it as it’s still trying to fight off a stupid cold.

I woke up 9 hours later and immediately threw on my running gear for what ended up being a very hot 4-4.5 miles. I’d had intentions of being out earlier to run before the heat set in, but I slept too long!! It actually wasn’t that bad for being my first run in almost two weeks. But I am so happy I didn’t sign up for a half-marathon this year. I can’t imagine training in this heat. I’ll take the stepmill in my air conditioned gym anytime ;)


I was still sweating even after taking a cold shower. I’d dreamed of thick and fluffy oatmeal pancakes but somewhere something went horribly wrong.

I made my usual protein pancake recipe (with 1/3 cup measurements) and didn’t bother blending it. They stuck to the pan!! I ended up with what looked like scrambled oatmeal.


Some people may have thrown them out, but not I. Instead, I slathered them in almond butter.


Then topped with yogurt, strawberries, blackberries and sugar-free syrup.


And you know what? They tasted fantastic!!

Best scrambled oatmeal ever. I’d actually make this again and again it was that good.

I made sure not to fill up on too many pancakes though, I had to save my appetite!!


Suddenly, I don’t feel so strange for taking pictures of my food ;)


Angela and I decided that a big healthy-living blogger fiesta was in order once I arrived in the city. She picked Calico Cafe based on their yummy looking vegan brunch menu and their ability to take large reservations! SO happy so many people could make it.


Angela, Jess, Jenn, Therese, Callie

Jenn, Kristin, Angela, Laura.  

Seriously you guys, how freakin’ lucky am I to be surrounded by so many fabulous women?? Also, anyone else ever notice that healthy living bloggers are always gorgeous and well dressed?? Just sayin!

IMG_9501 IMG_9504

I ordered a chai iced tea to drink. Picture on the left was taken with my stock Canon Rebel lens, picture on the right was taken with Callie’s 50mm lens. Apparently they’re only 150 bucks or so and take stunning food photographs! I want one.


Like many vegan restaurants, the menu at Calico Cafe is very unique. I ended up with a vegan omelette: creamy seitan filling, with potatoes, salad, toast + jam.

The waiter told me the omelette was a mix of tofu and cornbread, but wouldn’t reveal anything else ;) This was my first time trying seitan and I really enjoyed it. It had a similar texture to tofu and was perfectly spiced in this dish.


Thank you for coming out everyone!! I had a blast gabbing with them about everything from photography to seaweed to yoga. Next Sunday we’re doing a blogger potluck picnic, so if you couldn’t make it this time, e-mail me at thegreatbalancingact@gmail.com for details!! :)

While delicious, my meal wasn’t very filling. I was hungry again by the time I got home.

Angela was sweet enough to bring Glo Bars for everyone. I pretty much tore into mine the second I bust through the door.

Impressed by the nutrition stats!


I really enjoyed the taste of this bar. The peanut butter really stuck out, and the huge chunks of cranberry were nice. I also really dig the incredibly gooey and crispy texture. Thank you Angela!! Hopefully I’ll get to see you in Oakville soon ;)


On that note, I am going to wrap up this incredibly long post and leave you to the rest of your day. I’m off to read a book. Don’t be fooled by how smart that statement sounds, I’m reading Harry Potter for the gazillionth time ;)


Question of the Day: What was the best thing you ate all weekend?? I love asking this question because I always get such great answers!! Mine was the above “oatmeal scramble.” Kitchen disaster turned kitchen fluke!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful time with all TO bloggers. I love getting together with other bloggers, always so much to talk about and they don’t find it strange that you take pictures of your food!

    I hear on the staying inside to work out in the AC, it’s crazy hot here too.

  2. The vegan omlette you ordered looks delish! I had a hard time picking something off the menu, it all sounded so good. My tempeh sandwich was very yummy! I can’t believe I live so close to this place and had never been before. I’ll be sure to visit often now.

    So great meeting you and everyone! :)

  3. I had a Frappachino at B&N, Yum!!!

  4. The best thing I ate this weekend was probably my breakfast smoothie yesterday, or the bean & wheat berry salad I made last week, but ate as a leftover this weekend. SO good!! It was awesome to meet you today!!! :)

  5. I ate a giant chocolate brownie concrete on Friday night after a 12 mile run and it was heavenly.

    But I also made a salsa/chicken/black bean/corn thing in my crockpot for dinner which was divine when topped with a little fresh lime juice and cheese. Mmm.

  6. I get to try a Montreal style bagel in about a month! I need to know the difference LOL.

    BBQ and feta. Sweet – salty – sublime…. (I don’t need the child, though, thank you…).

    Wish I lived in a bigger place where more bloggers congregated.

    Best thing I ate this weekend was either a little blueberry tart or a s’more crepe. I cannot decide.

  7. That’s so fun that all you gals met up! Toronto is only 4 hours away…hmmm… I was just thinking how glad I didn’t sign up for a half-marathon (yet) this year either. It’s so freaking hot, I can’t do more than 5 miles at 6am even!

  8. I made an awesome fruit smoothie with honey dew, a kiwi, lime juice, almond milk, and vanilla protein powder. It was so delicious and especially refreshing with all these heat we’ve having lately!! :)

  9. Aww , sounds like you guys had an awesome time. I love readiing about bloggers local to me meeting up !
    I may have to pay Calico a visit.

  10. LOL I love how you can see me pressed against the wall taking photos! The lens is $130, so it’s actually only $150 with tax and everything ;) Your vegan omelette looked really interesting, especially because they made it look like a regular omelette, and I can only imagine how delicious it was.

    Thanks for organizing the meet-up, I had a great time meeting all you lovely ladies :) We’ll need to find a night we’re both free for another blogger date!

    And I ate a ton of delicious things this weekend so it’s hard to pick, but I’d probably say the tempeh scramble won ;)

  11. oh that bagel looks ULTRA gooey and soft and delicious!!! you had SUCH a fun weekend girl :) and congrats on the offer! can’t wait to hear more about it :) :)

  12. The best thing about blogger meetups is the chatting. oh & you dont feel different when you pull out the camera.

    I’m still searching for blogger friends here, Sydney doesn’t have many at the moment.

    My mexican dinner way beyond AH-MAZING

  13. Best thing I ate this weekend? A roasted tomato, eggplant and goat’s cheese tart on a spelt crust. Delicious and made extra sweet by the fact that it was prepared by good friends, who are ideal houseguests and bring their own dinners!

  14. Those oatmeal pancakes look amazing. I did not expect you to say they were a mishap because I feel like I couldn’t make those if I intentionally tried =) I’m also jealous of these blogger meetups and tempted to catch a flight to Toronto for this awesome sounding picnic. I’m sure I’ll get to read all about it on the blog though so I shall live vicariously through your pictures.

    Enjoy your Monday – soon you will have begun your re-employment and will dread them again ;)

    Nicole G

  15. That’s a great question for me this weekend! But incredibly tough! We ate out at two fancy restaurants for Dan’s birthday. So I have to include both the filet mignon I had as well as the Tater Tot Haute Dish – which was basically a fancy take on the midwestern delight that is Tater Tot Hot Dish. This one involved short ribs and basically wowed my face off!

  16. The best thing I ate this weekend was whole wheat pasta with asparagus, goat cheese & lemon then an apple w/ almond butter for dessert – not very exciting, I admit, but the “best” part of it is that I made it myself, in my own kitchen after traveling the past 2 weeks for work & eating every meal in a restaurant!

  17. greensandjeans

    I had to laugh at the end of this post because I’m currently watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix…

  18. Hi! I found your blog through Callie’s. It looks like you girls had a blast on your blogger meet-up!

    I do what you do too–walk into a bakery simply to admire the different displays of freshly baked breads or pastries they have on display, and to smell the aroma of yeast and sweetness. Occasionally I leave the bakery with a muffin, scone, or a fresh loaf of bread :-).

    Your “pancakes” actually look delicious! I love pancakes with texture rather than smooth.

  19. SO much fun:) Thank you for taking the time to plan today! It was so lovely to meet you and everyone else!! Definitely will have to do it again!

  20. What a Stellar Meetup!!! Can I also just say what an amazing array of gorgeous women!!!!! You are all looking so lovely and beautiful. All you girls clean up so well :) I wish I coulda been there!

    “I’ve heard it get compared to stinky feet before.”–to the tempeh! haaha! I have heard the same thing said about kombucha but neither my tempeh or my ‘booch is anything of the sort!

    Have a super week Susan!

  21. Your blogger meet up looks so much fun! I wish we could so something similar over in the UK, and your totally right, all us healthy living bloggers look fab! The best thing I’ve ate this weekend was my new frozen chocolate nut avocado cups – seriously amazing!

  22. Thanks for putting together the meetup- it was lots of fun!! Can’t wait til the picnic :D

    I had a delicious lunch at Fresh on Saturday… that one won! And it always does…;)


  23. Wow – I´m so jealous!
    Looks like you´ve all had a true BLAST!
    Delicious eats as always, Susan!
    Wish you a fantastic week :)
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  24. The meet ups look so fun! Glad you are loving your new city! :)

    This weekend wasn’t the most exciting foodwise. I’m going to say Chori Pollo at my fav Mexican place was the highlight.

  25. omg fresh bakeries have NOTHING on store bough bread in a bag…seroously its a whole world of difference! I am SURE that bagel was delicious!! Somtimes the hardest part of a workout is acutally making it to the gym, right?? so glad you had a killer workout!!

    best thing I ate this weekend was probablythe fro yo I had on Sat night!!

  26. That white bean/ mushroom/ pesto combo looks delicious, definitely have to try that one out.
    I think the best thing I ate all weekend would be the Banana-coconut GM I made Saturday morning. The coconut gave it a fun unexpected tropical flavour to it!

    I have to ask though- which did you like better Fresh or Calico?

  27. The blogger meetup looks like such a blast! I wish there were more bloggers in the Central Pennsylvania area!

    Almond butter & greek yogurt can fix any foodie fail! ;)

  28. The meetup looks great! I would have loved to meet you and Angela. We are having an Atlanta blogger meet up next Friday night and I can’t wait for it.

  29. That’s some serious amount of laughing cow cheese on there.. is that safe? If so I’m loading them up!


    Adventures of Grocery Clerks

  30. My favorite meal was pretty simple but so delish–tomato-basil hummus sandwich with mashed avocado and spinach.

  31. My weekend was pretty average but today was fab I got to meet debs from smoothie girl eats too and it was a blast! Those pancakes look amazing what a delicious mistake! x x

  32. Hmm…best thing I ate all weekend. The best thing would be my Wawa Chef Salad that I picked up on the way to the shore. (Boring I know, but delicious!)
    :-) Great Blog!

  33. Aw I love the bloggie meetup! While I know all of us bloggers have different traits and personalities and little quirks– I think we’re all a little type A (even if we pretend not to be) which def means when we go out, we look nice! Like our blogs, we like things to be aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. :)

    Scrambled oatmeal? I’ll take it.

  34. lol I’ve just started re-reading Harry Potter, but it’s only the 3rd time for me!

    Looks like the meetup was fun! It seems as though all of the healthy, food bloggers are in TO! (well, the ones that aren’t in the US!)

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