Late Nights in the Tee Dot

Welcome to the weekend!!

I’ve been a little MIA again, but with good reason :)

After last blogging on Thursday, I went out with my friends, proceeded to drink more than intended, and didn’t get home until 3am.

What should have been a shitty morning on Friday (thanks to my weak minded-ness when it comes to cheap draft beer) was quite the opposite.

I got a job offer!! At a gym :D

I have yet to accept as I still have a couple more interviews. But I’m pretty frickin’ happy that after only a week of being in this city, I potentially have a job :)

I’d had high hopes of making it to a spin class Friday morning. Hopes that were dashed somewhere around 1am Thursday night. Instead I got to celebrate my job offer with a new blogger friend!!


Morgan, from Life After Bagels is another Toronto-area blogger, but she can’t make it to the big meet-up I planned for this Sunday. A lunch date was clearly in order and she picked out a fabulous place called Utopia.


Utopia is right next to Little Italy. I hadn’t been to that part of the city yet and it’s such a charming spot!! The restaurant is known for their burritos, so my decision was almost easy.


They had so many fun burrito combos to choose from! I ended up with a Grilled Tuna Burrito: grilled yellow fin tuna, zucchini, onions, pesto, asiago cheese, lettuce, salsa. 

Delicious combo. The tuna was well cooked and pesto makes anything taste amazing. I had an awesome time chowing down on this while gabbing with Morgan. We started brainstorming about all the fun blogger meet-ups we can do in the future – I can’t wait!!

The burrito kept me full for a while, so when dinner rolled around, I kept it simple.

I’d only ever found seasoned tempeh “burgers” in New Brunswick, so I was pretty excited when I noticed all the grocery stores here carry the plain regular stuff!


I sliced it up and put it between toast with almond butter, bbq sauce and lettuce. I know it sounds like a weird combo, but the bbq and almond flavour pair perfectly with the nutty flavour of tempeh.

And here is why I didn’t have time to blog yesterday – immediately after dinner I went to my first ever major league baseball game!

Toronto is home to Canada’s only MLB team, the Blue Jays. My now deceased Papa was their biggest fan, so I will always have a soft spot for them.

It was also my first time in the Rogers Centre (aka Skydome). It was a beautiful night to be sitting in there!! We also had a great view of the CN Tower ;)



We ended up leaving after the 7th inning, as the Jays were getting completely embarrassed by the Red Sox.



*Sigh* at least we’ll always have the ‘92 & ‘93 seasons :P Good news for Kelly though!


Somewhere around here I learned the term “street meat” and realized that watching baseball really does work up an appetite for hot dogs.

So many delicious toppings to choose from, so dangerous because they’re going to fall all over the place anyways.

Let’s see… there was ketchup, mustard, relish, sauerkraut and corn salsa. All on a whole wheat bun of course ;)

I decided early on I wasn’t going to get drunk drink a second night in a row. I had legitimate hopes of going to a morning spin class again.

Those hopes were once again dashed somewhere around 1am when we went to a fabulous bar called Sin & Redemption with an extensive beer menu. Once I saw the Fruli Strawberry Wheat it was all over.


Delicious. I had just one and it was worth every sip! I’m a wheat beer gal to begin with, and the sweet strawberry was perfect with it.

I also got to experience the madness of Queen St W at 2am on a Friday night. That in itself is an experience. We met an interesting fellow who gave us 20 bucks for no good reason – these Toronto people are so nice!! :P

And with that, I’m taking my sorry butt to the gym. No spin class today, but maybe some fun on the cardio machines. I will make it to that morning spin class someday. Mark my words.

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  1. Baseball games just SCREAM summer don’t they?? I can’t leave without a hot dog :) The night sky pics are stunning.

  2. congratulations on the potential job!!!! keep us updated

  3. Congrats on the job offer, that is great!

    Major league games are fun. We used to go to the Rockies in Colorado. Beautiful ball park.

  4. great news about the job offer! cant wait to hear more about what direction you take. good luck on the remaining interviews. you are having so many adventures, susan, i am envious! i just was thinking about how much you have done in the past year or so.. seriously, you have done it all! i love you!

  5. As a native Torontonian, I am loving watching you discover this city :) You are certainly hitting up all the great spots! Summer is a perfect time to fall in love with Toronto… and the memories of summer will get you through the winter.

    Now I’m just waiting for you to come across Whole Foods in your adventures… Although most of the products they carry can be found much more cheaply in the many small natural foods stores across the city. It’s still a fun place to browse.

    Congrats on the job offer!

    • Yes! I’m thinking I may attempt my first pilgrimage to Whole Foods next week. Must try the salad bar and blow 12 bucks on a jar of nut butter :P

  6. You lush!! JUST KIDDING! You’ve had a super fun few days. Aren’t baseball games so fun?! Stadium ‘dogs are a must. GO Detroit Tigers!

    Congratulations on the job offer, that is fantastic!! I’m not surprised at all that you have multiple interviews – great to have lots of connections!

  7. Aaahh! Congrats on the job offer! :)
    I’ve always been eager to try tempeh, and I’ve seen that exact brand at Planet Organic in Halifax..but i’m intimidated by it!
    Does it have to be pressed/prepared, like Tofu? or is it sort of like a block of cheese?

    • It comes dry, so you don’t have to press it like tofu, but you can otherwise prepare it just the same. I put it in a frying pan to cook before putting it on the sandwich. I LOVE the texture of it, and for some reason really like bbq sauce on it :) Try it!

  8. You are making Toronto look like one cool city. I’ve never been there before, but it is inching its way up my list of places to visit.

  9. I would cut yourself a little bit of slack since you are still getting settled and whatnot. You still have to have fun. Healthy living is a balance and sometimes that means skipping spin class so that you can be carefree and drunk and have fun! Haha I love that a man just gave you $20. Random nights out stories always tend to be the best!

    Congrats on the job offer!

  10. Congrats on the job offer! Can’t wait to hear more about it! :)

  11. I was at the game too….in teh 500’s like you…..section 531!

  12. Yay to your job offer! It looks like fun times ahead for you in your new home town x x

  13. YAY! Congrats on the job offer! That’s so awesome; I’m so happy for you! I know how much being unemployed can be stressful >.<

  14. My daughter and i were chatting yesterday about how many bloggers we know are in the Toronto area! We’re in Kitchener which isn’t that far and one of these days we’ve got to go to one of the blogger meet ups!
    I’ve been on Queen st in the very early a.m and it’s hilarious :)

  15. Thats FANTASTIC about the job offer! Kind of takes the pressure off a bit, eh? Good luck on the next of your interviews & I can’t wait to hear what you decide to take!

  16. Girl, you are making me want to try SO many new places in the T-dot!! LOVE it!

    I love tempeh with sweet & savory stuff- jam and cheese are my faves!!

    See you tomorrow!!


  17. okay I had that tempeh before and it tasted like metal . . . really the same brand and everything hmmmmmm . . .

    PS – if I knew I could have enamored you with street meat I would have taken you to a street corner for lunch instead! No just kidding, and I can’t wait to do it again :)

  18. Congratulations on the job offer, Susan! I’m sure you will find the perfect place that will fit you and will lead you to some amazing clients!
    I’m with you on the wheat beer. Stouts just make my head hurt!
    The tempeh sandwich looks great. I’m not so sure about that AB/BBQ combo. That’s one that I should probably try before scoffing, though :)

  19. Congrats on the job offer!

  20. Congrats! That HAS to ease your mind a bit. I know it would mine.

    And the sunset at the basketball game is gorgeous.

  21. That’s awesome to hear about the job offer!!! I’m excited to hear what other thing syou have in store:) I’m sure whatever you choose will be great for you. Sounds like a fun few days!

  22. Congratulations on the job!!!! What’s the location? Where are your other interviews?

    I have to confess I’m super excited for you. It seems like you’re settling in beautifully! 

  23. Good luck with the job. And, if it makes you feel any better, it’s been blazing hot here in Cali, too. It hit 103 today and we’re lucky when it’s in the 90s (Fahrenheit, of course). Our power bill for our little apt was 160 bucks! Gross.

  24. i love a girl who can break out the word shitty in her intro. amen for bloggers not afraid to swear. if i see bitch typed out as bee-otch one more time i may cringe since i can curse like a sailor :)

    CONGRATs on the job offer!!! in a week!! in a shitty economy!! in a gym….girl, the stars are aligning for you!

    and although its probably not the best thing long term, for the short term, am loving seeing you going out LIVING life!! yay for that!

    fun blogger meetup

    and i take that for granted, there’s like 19 versions of those in every store here. ok welcome to tempeh and nut butter combos, i am loving that!

    thx for sayin hi today, ive missed you but clearly you know you’re freakin busy!!!!!

  25. Congrats on the job offer!!!! Way to go on getting one so soon after moving here! It took me two MONTHS to find a job when I first moved here!

    I’m not a huge baseball fan but I do enjoy going to games, it’s a lot of fun even with the ridiculously expensive beer!

    Mmm…street meat…

  26. CONGRATULATIONS on the job offer! I hope you wind up at the best place possible :)

    Bummer when your team loses, especially when it’s the first time you’ve gone! All three times I’ve gone to a game (football, baseball, hockey) my team has lost…I guess that really says something about FL’s teams, right?

    I generally don’t like beer, but if you threw strawberry in it, who knows? I can’t believe you only had one!

  27. Congrats on the job offer!! That’s great news!

    Random side note but I really like Morgan’s HOT PINK camera :)

    That beer sounds absolutely amazing! I’m a wheat beer girl too and I love anything strawberry. Have you had Pete’s Wicked Strawberry Ale?! Tis delish!

  28. haha looks like a blast in the city!
    Congrats on the job offer!! I have an idea if you’re interested- shoot me an email and I will explain :-)
    Little Italy is a great area of Toronto! Have you checked out the Danforth yet?

  29. greensandjeans

    CONGRATULATIONS Susan! I am so incredibly excited for you and it looks like you celebrated in style!

  30. Congrats on the job offer! That is so great!

  31. Susan, I’m so happy for you!!! I hope everything turns out fabulous, more than you could ever have wished for! Glad you had a fun time with Morgan…she seems sweet! Wish I could someday meet you myself, too!

  32. Sounds like a super fun weekend! You have to do it up in style in a new city. Things can calm down later…now is for fun!! I love that strawberry wheat beer too…weakness!

  33. um baseball, beer and street meat?! hells to the yeah!

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