Can’t Stop the Heat


It’s hot people!!!

I am sitting here in front of the fan with sweat dripping off me. It’s gross. But I felt the need to share.

Some great “keep cool” tips and recipes shared in the comments yesterday!

Jennifer suggested squeezing lemons and adding stevia for a fresh and low-sugar drink option.

Tamizn shared a healthy sundae recipe.

Angela suggested her strawberry rhubarb frozen yogurt.

Yes to all of them :)

After posting yesterday, I hit up the friendly neighbourhood sausage shop. I walked in and bought just one sausage. I felt so silly. But it’s all I wanted for dinner!


I took my lonely sundried tomato chicken sausage and chopped it up to pan fry.


Thrown on top of a garden salad with hummus, olives and feta.


YUM to the sausage!! Living so close to a sausage and butcher shop is going to be awesome. I want to try all of their sausage flavours now, one lonely sausage at a time.


Cantaloupe + cottage cheese was all I could muster in the heat this morning. I briefly thought about running early before the heat set in, but it was already 26C by 8am!!

Instead, I went to the gym and it’s actually really growing on me!! The number one thing I was upset about leaving Fredericton over was my gym there. I’d really grown to love it. But I get good vibes at my new gym here in Toronto – way important!! You’ve got to love the gym you go to, or else you’ll never make it there.

Ohyes, I suppose you may like to know what I did there ;) Full-body weightlifting day!

The following exercises are all in straight sets, meaning I did the sets for each exercise all in a row with a short rest time in between. Normally I alternate, but it’s fun to switch it up from the norm sometimes.

Exercise Load Reps Sets Target
Sumo squat  70 lbs 8-12 3 Quads, glutes, thighs
Barbell split squat  60 lbs 8-12 3 Quads, glutes
Cable twisting chest press  17.5 lbs 8-12 3 Chest, front shoulder
Seated cable row  60 lbs 8-12 3 Back
Good morning  50 lbs 8-12 3 Lower back, glutes, hamstrings
Standing calf raise  50 lbs 8-12 3 Calves
Barbell upright row  30 lbs 8-12 3 Top/side of shoulder
Cable pushdown  30 lbs 8-12 3 Triceps
Preacher curl  25 lbs 8-12 3 Biceps
Captain’s chair  b/w 15 3 Abs

Oh, and my warm-up was a torturous mile on the treadmill. Running is sonotfun when you’ve got a stuffy nose. And when it’s hotter than a sauna. Otherwise, awesome weightlifting workout! :)


Post-lifting snack = protein powder + banana. Whipped up some of my favourite protein goo (ie chocolate whey with a dash of water). Stellar snack!!

Then I rush-rushed (and sweat-sweated) off to Kensington Market for a reader meet-up!

Please excuse our “I just stepped out of an oven” look. It’s the fashion in the Tee Dot right now ;)

Jamee moved to Toronto on the same day as me!! She took the plunge coming all the way from British Columbia. It was so much fun bouncing things off someone who is brand-spankin-new to the city as well.


Jamee is a vegan and had already scoped out Hibiscus Cafe for us.

Their menu consisted of mostly delicious looking buckwheat crepes. I ended up with one that popped out at me immediately: pear, pecan and chutney. The flavours together were fabulous. Jamee got a yummy looking salad that I want to come back and try…


It also must be noted that we sampled one of their vegan peanut butter crisp bars and it was amazing. Like, reallyreally good. Definitely recommend!

Afterwards, Jamee and I wandered around Kensington Market, peeking into many of the shops and things on the street.


Including shopping in an organic market!! I may suck at clothing shopping, but I’m happy in any grocery store ;)

Jamee and I then said goodbye, but I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll be seeing lots of each other. She was so sweet and fun to hang out with!

I wandered back down to catch the streetcar, stopping through Chinatown along the way.

IMG_9399 IMG_9400

The rumours are true – Chinatown really does have the cheapest produce!! Left with a 69 cent head of romaine and a $1 pint of strawberries :)

Ohyes, and another drink to beat the heat after walking around for so long.

Fresh watermelon juice.

Aka the best dollar I’ve spent in a long time. 

Now I’m off to go heat up more leftovers and shower for the second time today.

Ohoh!! And I got another job interview at another location. I totally wasn’t expecting it so I’m pretty pumped about it – it’s on Monday :)


Question of the Day: What’s the best dollar you spent recently? ;)

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! :) The best dollar (and 53 cents) I spent lately was yesterday when I got a large coffee from Tim Hortons after coming into at work at 7.

  2. Sounds like a great day! I’ve never had watermelon juice, but can imagine how refreshing it would be, especially on a day like this!

  3. Oooooh I’ve never had fresh watermelon juice! Sounds delish!

  4. Lovely workout lady! Those sumo squats always leave my inner thighs sore!

  5. It is SO hot! Whew, welcome to Toronto, eh? ;)

    I love the looks of that chicken sausage… I need to head to your parts and get me some fresh sausage!!

    I’ve never heard of the Hibiscus cafe- looks delicious!

    AND FRESH WATERMELON JUICE!!! Ahhh, so jealous I still need to try it :D


  6. Melanie Mitchell

    Toronto should be using your blog to bring people to the city. If I didn’t already adore Toronto your food posts alone would make me want to move there!

  7. WOW i really need to go to that crepe shop!! that sounds amazing!

  8. I know what you mean about running in the heat! I woke up early today, expecting it to be cool and when I walked outside it was like BAM. Oven.

    The best dollar I’ve spent lately was at [ironically] the Asian market! Whyy is it so much cheaper?!

  9. Watermelon juice, really? That is fantastic!!!

  10. Chocolate milk and water this morning at the end of my run. 6.8 miles at 7am and I was sweating buckets.

  11. I haven’t been to Kensington Market in a long time, there are some great foods to buy down there. Glad you had a good meetup!

  12. oh no! I hope the heat isn’t making you melt entirely!
    Kensington Market is pretty cool, isn’t it?
    That place looks like it has really good food!!
    And the dinner you made looks very tasty!

  13. That wrap sounds amazing! Such an interesting yet absolutely tasty sounding combination!

    Spent a nice $0.75 (maybe a dollar in Canada or are we more equal now?) on some wheat thins that were a great snack this afternoon.

  14. Best dollar I’ve spent recently…hmmm. Ok it was $1.39 but it was on a Chobani peach yoghurt. First one I’d had in about a year. So worth it!

    Woah, that heat sounds like it sucks big time. I ran this evening. It was 81F which is good for recently but I was s-l-o-w and looked like a tomato the entire time…awesome!

  15. I’m jealous of your sun & freshly squeezed juices & shorts & vegan salads. stupid australian winter

  16. I’m so going to try and recreate that crepe! Looks well tasty. The best dollar (or £ in my case) was spent buying a butternut squash and avocado in my recently discovered discount superstore!

  17. I love the Kensington Market/Chinatown combo! You are really hitting up a lot of the great spots this city has to offer. Now I want to try out Hibiscus!

  18. Watermelon juice?! That sounds amazing! SO jealous, heheh. I wanna have a healthy sundae!

  19. YAY for toronto, new bloggie friends, DELICIOUS-looking eats and exploring your new city! glad it is going well, and good luck on that interview mama!

    have a great weekend!

    love ya!

  20. I am so jealous of your afternoon! That sounds like the PERFECT day. Chinatown up in NYC had uber-cheap produce too – I was SO tempted to buy a ton but I didn’t really want to drag it home in my suitcase :/

    The best dollar I just spent was a fresh mango at Publix. SUPER ripe and I tore into it on the way home!

  21. Everything looks mouthwatering in this post, yum!

    I think my best dollar.. or euro would definitely be a raspberry frappucino in Berlin :P

  22. greensandjeans

    ROCK that interview my friend!

  23. Looks like you had a fun meet up, that food looks gooooooooood and the watermelon juice sounds amazing! x x

  24. I know what you mean about the heat! Montreal has also been crazy hot and humid….your watermelon juice is totally making me jealous! Enjoy exploring your new city!

  25. awesome workout woman! that hibiscus cafe looks DELICIOUS! i want a buckwheat crepe right now with exactly that filling! sounds like perfection! :)

    ohh its so too hot to exercise outside! maybe tomorrow morning though, its supposed to tone down a bit, we shall see!

    happy friday!! xoox

  26. Hmmm…I did a grocery shopping trip for a work event and treated myself to a diet Hansen’s soda…nothing like some artificial sweetener that I’ll get reimbursed for…

  27. Aaaaah Kensington is great in the summer, eh? I love love love Hibiscus, you gotta try their mixed salad bowls!

    Also that natural foods sore (is it Essence of Life?) has some unbeatable prices- plus bulk tofu! I’ve never seen that anywhere else.

  28. Fresh watermelon juice sounds like the perfect cure for the heat! The best dollar I’ve spent lately? My new boots – totally worth it!

    Looks like a fun meet up! How cool that you both moved to the city on the same day!

  29. i had the besttttt iced americano ever today at a random coffee shop in a church. my best friend works there and we went and she made it. and i topped it with some whipped cream for good measure. SO good.

    the vegan cafe looks amazing! (but after that little lunch, i am guessing the butcher shop sounds pretty nice in comparison!)

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