Hellloooo from Toronto!!


Or, my new ‘hood Leslieville :)

Sister Sara took the bus with me from Ottawa yesterday and we immediately came to my neighbourhood and hit up a place called Ceili Cottage.


SO many good restaurants in my area, but we chose this place because Sara raved about their caesars.


Rimmed with seaweed!!

They had a lot of neat traditional fare, which varies day to day based on their weekly roast. Thursday’s special was a Peameal sandwich + salad.


With fresh Irish brown bread. OMG. So good.

We split the above sandwich and a smoked salmon plate. Salmon was freshly smoked too. I can see myself coming back here a lot!! Apparently they roast marshmallows sometimes??

Once our bellies were adequately full, we checked out the apartment situation. I came with only three suitcases and a sleeping bag, so my room is pretty bare at the moment.


Unfortunately the apartment wasn’t cleaned before we moved in, so it needed to be scrubbed down right away. More pictures to come once we get the place spic and span!!

Seeing as yesterday was Canada Day on top of moving day, drinks were in order!!


This GIANT beer is called the Leslieville Lager at Stratengers pub, although I’m told it may be Big Rock Amber or the likes. There was a lot of muscle contraction happening bringing that giant glass to my mouth.

I ordered an un-pictured salad (vegetables!!) but Sara ended up with something that was very  blog-worthy.


A gargantuan enchilada. Look at the cheese!! It was cah-razy. And wonderful. All at once. Check out Sara’s thumb in the back. She ate maybe a third of it. The rest is currently cheesing up our new fridge.


Yay! Sisters!! Sara has been so helpful throughout all of this. It’s not even worth going into because I won’t do her kindness any justice!!

Giant beers were followed by giant fireworks.

Fireworks must be watched on Canada Day. I think I missed them last year due to my job at the time. Happy to be here this year instead :)

We ended up going to bed too late, and were up too early. I’ve got a lovely cough happening right now which will hopefully be cured with a good night’s sleep tonight. I’ve been putting my poor body through quite the wringer lately!!

All hopes of running this morning were put aside. Sara and I rolled right from bed to the Leslieville Diner.


It’s everything a diner should be, from the endless coffee refills to the raspy-voiced waitress who knows everyone by first name.


You can’t go wrong with a $4.85 breakfast special. Yes, you could get egg whites, or fruit, or some other upgrade, but y’all know I really wanted the bacon and whole eggs.

Hey, at least I went fro whole wheat dry toast ;) And yes, I did eat all THREE eggs. It kept me full for 5 hours.

The lasting power was needed today, as Sara and I embarked on my first ever pilgrimage to IKEA.


The one-way trip required a bus, three subways, and a special IKEA shuttle to the store. Yes, a shuttle.


It was worth it though, we managed to get a mattress, bed frame, two small tables, two drawer units and a small bookshelf for a very very reasonable price.

I’m told any trip to IKEA must include a trip to its restaurant.


This was definitely an experience in itself. I of course had to try their famous Swedish meatballs.


Ummm, pretty frickin’ good!! I really liked the mild gravy on top, and the balls themselves were nicely spiced. I must say though, I still prefer making meatballs at home!!

Sara and I split the above, as well as the below…


Cinnamon rolls count as a meal carb… right?? Right?? :P Okay, this was so not necessary, but holymoly it was divine. My sister and I are self-proclaimed cinnamon roll and sticky bun connoisseurs, and this one definitely makes my Top 5. Lots of cinnamon sugar and super soft.

Currently, I’m drinking a DC (blame the hot weather and illness).


While blogging from what is likely to be my new favourite coffee shop.

Comfy chairs, good music and date squares the size of my hand. I have a feeling I’m going to like Toronto :)


Blogging will be sporadic until I get internet on Tuesday, but there are still more amazing blogger interviews to go up. Thank you so much for joining me on these last couple months of being a vagabond, I’m really excited to unpack my bags and set up a new life here. Now, if you don’t mind, I have an IKEA delivery due in 15 minutes ;)

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  1. I just read through your “real story” and wow, you have come a long way. I can’t relate to *everything* you’ve gone through, but I can definitely relate to a lot of it. It sounds like you’re in a really good place now! I’m glad I found your blog, I’ll have to read through some of the more recent posts and “catch up” =)

    PS – started following you on twitter, too!

  2. Congrats!

    You sound so much happier these days. Thumbs up!

  3. Wowza! I am so happy for you. And now I want a bloody mary (is that the same as a ceasar?). One of these days I’m going to come to Toronto and visit you…yes, I’m going to make that happen. It looks like an amazing place!

  4. Oh, I like the new digs! Your neighborhood looks cool. Thanks for sharing with us! I am liking the breakfast place a lot! You are so right…can’t beat the price. Good luck settling in! Congrats on everything so far!

  5. MMM love IKEA food. Weird, huh? ;)

  6. Cool! Can’t wait to see your new setup. I forget – are you living with a roomie in Toronto?

  7. your neighborhood sounds cool! congrats on the move and have fun getting settled in :)

  8. everything looks so cool!! amazing restaurants! i have never had FRESHLY smoked salmon, only lox which is SO SO SO good! i want to try it freshly smoked though!

    I tried those sweedish meatballs from Ikea once, they are DARN tasty!!

  9. Bicep-curling beer haha- sounds like a good day!

    I could easily drop thousands of dollars at Ikea. And I remember eating the sweedish meatballs when I was younger! (Yeah, Ikea has been like a field trip throughout my life).

    Yay for finally moving in!

  10. I’m sure Finnsh meatballs are better than Swedish ones :D ha, just kidding! it’s the old rivalry between neighbour countries :P

    It’s a pity we never have firework on our independence day, it’s kind of a serious event here and I wonder why. Drinks and fireworks would be SO much more fun!

  11. congrats on the big move! i’m so excited for you. and so sweet that your sister is helping out so much –arent sisters just the best??

  12. it looks like you’re settling in nicely! i also have a weakness for diet pop – although i’m more of a DP girl than DC (although I’ll settle for it occasionally). i think ikea is quite possibly one of the best ways to spend a weekend. hope you got some good finds (apart from the food that is!) :)

  13. Wow looks like you’ve chosen a good place to be, I think your going to have lots of fun in your new surroundings x x

  14. So glad to hear you made it to T.O. safe and sound – enjoy exploring your new neighbourhood!

  15. oh my gosh. i wish i wasnt banned from canada so i could come visit! it looks AWESOME! have a great weekend. love you to pieces!

  16. Congrats on your new place! Very excited to see pics and hear about the moving in process. That cinnamon roll looks DIVINE! I once was a cinnabon addict. I would not go to a mall and not get a cinnabon. Though after all my eating issues, I can’t remember the last time I had one. I may need to make that a challenge for the summer.

    Well good luck moving in,
    Nicole G

    PS. What is a caesar? I thought you meant salad but then I saw the drink – what is it made of?

    • Ohgosh, they have Cinnabon in some of the subway stops here and walking past smells DIVINE!! You should most definitely add a cinnabon to your list of “Summer of Yes” – perhaps I’ll do the same ;)

      Caesar’s are essentially a bloody mary but with Clamato juice instead of plain tomato juice. I don’t care for either, reminds me of spiked soup ;)

  17. Oh Ikea, I love thee! Way to go on the 3 eggs. I’ve never been one to fear the yolk. It definitely helps with satiety!

  18. WOW such ballin eats girl!! YAY FOR 3 EGGS! I love me some REAL eggs!

  19. Welcome to Toronto! I live just a bit east of you, east of the beaches on the border of Scarborough. I have heard of Ceili Cottage and the Leslieville Diner but never been. Glad to hear Toronto is treating your well so far!

  20. Holy moly, huge post.

    First things, first, welcome to your new home.
    Enjoy cleaning it up & getting it sorted.
    I’m coming to visit one day, your neighborhood is fantastic. I’m impressed

    Ikea scares me, a lot. It’s got so much & it takes hours to get through everything.
    The meatballs are a must, if you go to ikea you must get the meatballs so you can tick that off your list.

    Happy Canada day!

  21. Those lagers look fantastic. Toronto is going to be so fun! There is one IKEA in Michigan and it’s located right by me. I’ve been there three times. I’m not a huge fan of the quality, but for the price it’s so worth it!

  22. Just found your blog…and I have to say, IKEAS in Europe are just as CRAZY as in the US and Canada…but I haven’t bought anything from there yet…
    what I would buy is that bread….
    my gosh, Welcome to the Neighboorhood indeed!

  23. 1st EVER??! ikea trip? holy big box overwhelment, Im sure! haha! I went there for the first time in 1997 in Chicago. Life time ago. And i felt so! overwhelmed but the prices are worth it :)

    Enjoy Toronto and the next few days of chaos :)

  24. Holy God, I want that cinnamon bun. Also, I had no idea that IKEA had restaurants in its stores. Kind of a weird combo, but I can roll with it; maybe some people just work up a mean appetite shopping for dressers?

  25. Ah, good luck! That looks like such a cute little town. Sucks that the apartment was dirty, though! Ugh, that reminds me, its Saturday… that means its cleaning day… yuckkk.

  26. Great area of the T-dot! So happy you are enjoying yourself!!
    Check out my blog for my giveaway when you get a sec! ;-)

  27. You know a good diner by how well they poach their eggs and how often they refill your coffee mug. 99% of the time, if both those aspects are on point, all other aspects will be too..

    that first sandwich place you went to looks so ridiculously good! i need to take a trip to Canada.

    • “You know a good diner by how well they poach their eggs and how often they refill your coffee mug.”

      I love this – adding it to my list of mottos!!

  28. Ohh, aren’t IKEA’s cinnamon buns just the best. My kids bug us from the time we walk in the door…how long before we can get a cinnamon bun Mama?! Truth be told, I’m always as anxious as them to have one. Did you get a couple of bags of those meatballs for your freezer too? ;)

    If you’re up for it, I think at some point in the Fall, I’ll come to TO for a meet up. Andy says I MUST treat you to some Greek food. Maybe we’ll be bad and have a gyro at Messini on the Danforth ;)

  29. yayyyy for moving day FINALLY getting here!!!!!

  30. Isn’t IKEA great?! I swear, half my apartment is furnished with stuff from there. Gotta love eating there too, so cheap! I’ve only ever been for breakfast though.

    I think you’ll love Toronto! :)

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