Sweet Tooth

Heyo!!! How is everyone’s weekend going? I will keep this short. Why? Because I instruct you to go soak up some of your weekend once you’re done reading :)


I got my eggs and biscuits!


My tummy was still off for the most part of the day, but I could at least still fill it with good stuff. Including my homemade rosemary yogurt biscuits. Sara and I have nearly demolished the whole batch already.


Eggs were scrambled with a little butter, pepper and half and half. Avec du crispy chicken bacon!


And citrus. Whether juice or whole, there must always be citrus.


I piled the eggs and bacon on the biscuits. This was an amazing combo. Biscuits > english muffins. Just sayin!

(p.s. Ellie and I did extensive research today on the difference between scones and biscuits. Read here for more very important bread info)

Shortly after my sister woke up and reminded me we’d planned on running this morning. Damn. It was cold, and raining, and I was just not into it. Somehow, she convinced me out. It was so humid it felt like I was running through pea soup. Pretty sure I wheezed the whole time and had to take a couple walk breaks. Got through the 4-ish miles though. Thank you to my sis for hauling my butt out. But I was damn glad when it was over ;)


A nomination for world’s ugliest food photo.

For lunch, I mixed up a heaping scoop of unflavoured soy protein powder, cocoa powder, stevia, almond milk, a tbsp almond butter and a banana. This was a lot of chocolate, even for me. It’s just too tempting sometime to eat chocolate for a meal! It was however very filling :)

After this Sara and I hit the road to visit an old friend outside of the city. We munched on a special Luna bar in the car.


Chocolate Raspberry is not available in Canada, I had my girl Holly smuggle it in for me.


One of my top fave flavours!

Even though we feasted on some delicious hamburgers at our friend’s place, Sara and I were still a little snacky later on.


We picked up some Tartinade au Tofu aka Tofu spread ;) I am obsessed with tofu in spreadable form.


And dill cheddar!

My first time trying rainier cherries. Delicious.


Solid snackage happening here folks. However, it was more like an appetizer to things to come…




My first gelato ever!! I’ve never had the opportunity to try it in during my sheltered Maritime upbringing. As soon as I saw Pure Gelato on Elgin Street, I told Sara it was meant to be. I’m not a huge fan of ice cream because it is too sweet and creamy for me, but gelato is made with a lower butterfat and sugar content. I went for cinnamon, apple pie and pistachio.


Sara got hazelnut, chocolate mint and pina colada.


Excitement!!! We both agreed that pistachio was the best, closely followed by hazelnut. I did indeed enjoy it more than ice cream, and it took all my strength not to get it in a waffle cone (despite the differences, it seems gelato is similar in calories to ice cream). My new place in Toronto is apparently close to a gelato place. Danger!


Okee dokie bloggie friends. I am off to cuddle up with the sis and watch Alias. Now you go off and enjoy your free time!! xoxo


Question of the Day: Ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt? Favourite flavour? So far I love real frozen yogurt the best, with fresh raspberries mixed in.

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  1. i am still in shock you’ve never had gelato before…better late than never though!

    honestly, i’ll take any of the 3 that i can get :) i don’t discriminate with my cold treats :)

  2. I like all three! But I’d say that gelato is probably my favourite because it’s kind of a balance of the best of ice cream and froyo flavour.

    What’s the difference in taste/texture between soy protein and whey protein? I was thinking about trying soy next time, but I’m afraid to commit to a whole gigantic man-canister of it.

  3. I love gelato! Whole Foods sells it, and most of the time I cannot pass it up when I go there. I am seeing eggs in my future this morning. Definitely never heard of or seen chicken bacon at the store. Turkey bacon is good enough for me!

  4. Mmm…

    coffee flavoured gelato ! mint choc chip! PB choc!!! so many flavours, so little time!! :)

  5. Gelato is my FAVOURITE. I used to live near two gelato places that I walked to all of the time, but now I am in gelato-less territory. The nut flavours (hazelnut, pistachio) are definitely my favourite. Hollywood Gelato’s on Mount Pleasant in Toronto has the best Chocolate Hazelnut gelato called “Rocky Rocher” (like Ferraro Rocher!). It will change your life.

  6. greensandjeans

    I am definitely a massive frozen yogurt fan and I like all of the fruity flavors the best!

  7. I love gelato!! Pistachio is one of my favorite flavors. I prefer gelato over ice cream or yogurt, but we have to go 15 miles to get some, so I don’t have it very often.

  8. You must not look hard enough because Gelato is now running ramped in the Maritimes!! I kid, I kid.

    My favorite is the banana one from The Candy Chameleon shop in Moncton. So good!

  9. I love your breakfast, i want it. please come cook for me.

    im in love with frozen yogurt at the moment, with fruit. yumminess!

  10. Give me gelato anyday! You absolutely must go to Italy in the summer. There, you can eat gelato any time of day, however many times a day you want, because it is illegal not to! Ha! I love the gelato flavors, and the way they are presented in shops. Hope you had a great Sunday!

  11. Gelato is my favorite. I can’t even pick a flavor, they are all so wonderful. My town is a gelato-less territory so I must look for it when I travel.

    I have recently bought an ice cream maker and I think my strawberry chocolate chip creation maybe the best frozen dessert…ever.

  12. Lots of good eats!!

    I prefer ice cream, all the way! The texture and flavor is better than frozen yogurt or sherbet.

  13. Love love love love love gelato. hands down, best ever. but there are is no denying me ice cream or fro yo either. or protein ice cream. or a smoothie in a bowl. really, anything creamy, and in bowl+spoon form= good news. the only thing i enjoy more is plain dark chocolate.

    dark choc raspberry luna= yum. biscuits and eggs= yum. rainier cherries= super yum. totally jealous of all your eats. :)

    p.s. i blame you for my overload of protein powder. i do so many odd snackie things with it, that i am out! and i have 10 days till i ho home for break, which means 10 days= no protein powder! we’ll see how it goes. it may be nice though, to eat some real food. haha.

    • Hahaha, I make a weird protein snack before bed every night. Some sort of weird concoction usually involving water, nut butter or coconut. Ever since I’ve been staying with family, I always get a “What is THAT!?!?” I just always say “you don’t want to know” ;)

  14. I love them all! Anything sweet, creamy, and cool, give it to me!

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