Perdue Dans La Belle Province

Today was a wonderfully relaxing day. I have been feeling the need to relax more than usual here in Ottawa. Decompressing after my week trekking through Alberta, and preparing myself mentally for starting a new life in Toronto on July 1st.


Today was the first day in a while that I woke up naturally after 8 hours of sleep. You know the kind – when you roll over, sigh, stretch out long, and let your thoughts wander to the kitchen.


Or, my first thoughts are always in the kitchen anyways. I need breakfast in my belly a-s-a-p!! Today’s was a breakfast sandwich with an egg, mayo, and chicken bacon.

I have issues buying real pork bacon. I think it’s because I’m a label reader. No matter how hard I try, I can just never muster the strength to throw a package into the cart.


Today’s coffee is brought to you by Ottawa’s own Bridgehead Cafe. Ethiopian! It was a little lighter than expected, but otherwise good. I think that’s a wonky heart shape in that mug, or a whale. Or the Twitter bird. Or maybe the Twitter whale? Also, I feel like I can legitimately drink out of an Alberta mug now that I’ve been there. Both my sister and my dad lived in Edmonton!

My body was scrreeeeaming for a rest day today, so I gave it what it wanted. I didn’t even go to a Hatha Yoga class. Nope. I just sat on my butt. Ironically, it’s my glutes that are screaming.


Lunch was made up of leftovers.


The black bean burgers were half-cooked from the earthquake fiasco yesterday. I finished cooking them today and stuck them on some pita.


Worth the wait – these are my best veggie patties yet! Click here for the recipe :)

It poured rain for the first half of the day, but then it cleared up. I was getting antsy from being inside all day, so left on a mission to visit the National Art Gallery.


This is part of my running route here! Gorgeous scenery! Only complaint is the paved trail, my body prefers soft gravel.

People who know the area may be cluing in to the fact that this picture is not in the direction of the Gallery. Or at least I don’t think it is. I wouldn’t really know, since I never made it there.


I somehow managed to walk to Hull. I should have clued in when the signs on the giant bridge I was crossing started reading French first. For those of you who may not know, Ottawa borders the Quebec city of Hull. Apparently, it’s really easy to accidentally wander over there!!

Or perhaps I was just naturally drawn La Belle Province with it being St-Jean Baptiste Day and all ;)


Thankfully, I ended up only about 2 km from the Canadian Museum of Civilization. It’s no National Gallery, but good enough for me!


Plus, admission is free Thursdays after 4pm!


Historical museums aren’t really my thing, I’m more of an art gallery or science centre gal. But I did stumble across some interesting exhibits.


Look familiar? It’s Lake Louise! I was just there!! I kinda miss the mountains already…

Look who else I ran into.

Bahahaha, I love how it says Flamboyance! on the poster behind him. Pierre Trudeau was Canada’s rock star prime minister in the 60s and 80s.


These heritage commercials never get old. They were playing the Nellie McClung one, but I think this Superman one is my favourite. “Strong man in tights Joe, but it’ll never fly!” “Fly, no. But he can leap over tall buildings…”


Some of Ottawa’s tall buildings on my walk back to the Ontario side.


I think that’s the hill Sara made me run up the other day!! Damn. That was tough. I want to do it again.

Some nice Dutch lady took my photo in front of the Parliament buildings. I am going to have to come back when Parliament is back in session so I can see our elected officials at work. (*nerdalert*)


It took me a while to get back what with my unexpected detour and all. I went for the quickest thing ever – tuna salad with hummus and mustard on bread. Notice how I had a sandwich for every meal today? Oops.

Paired with an apple. Simple, yet incredibly satisfying. Hey, I can’t make boeuf bourguignon every day!! ;)


That wraps up the shenanigans for today. I am going to go cuddle up with a book :)


Question of the Day: What fitness topic would you like me to cover? It’s been a while since I did a fitness-focused post. Let me know if there’s something you’d like me to explain!

Bonus question for Canadians: What is your favourite Heritage Minute? My second favourite is the one with “Patrick, Patrick O’Neill.” ;)

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  1. I love Bridgehead. I was just thinking that I have a tonne of money on my Starbucks card right now because I’m always choosing Bridgehead instead. (my sister loves it too- she looks forward to coming to ottawa so that she can drink the coffee. i swear she likes the coffee more than me ;-)

    I think my favourite heritage moment is “The TRAIN…we have to stop the TRAIN!”

  2. Melanie Mitchell

    TOTALLY Patrick O’Neill!

  3. Gorgeous sites! Hull looks beautiful. I would love some posts on more strength training moves & workouts!

  4. i would love if did a post on how to get well defined, “ripped” arms, ive been working so hard (doing lots of power/vinyasa yoga and arm weights) but it doesnt seem to be working all that well :/ it would be very much appreciated :)

  5. What a fabulous area to have been running! Love the free Thursdays at museums- perhaps that’s common- Tiffany (Carbzilla) & I went to the Palm Springs Museum for free last thursday but I thought it was because there’s a nearby street fair at that same time. I ALMOST went again today, but I really just wanted to curl up with my blogs for the first time that I’ve slowed down in, oh I don’t know…two months?

    I was hoping you’d update on your uncle- best left for a private email perhaps. I was thinking about you all day though- sending positive vibes your way and for your uncle.

    Love ya!

  6. i can’t believe you guys had such a huge earthquake yesterday! apparently they felt it in nyc too! cuhrazed girl.

    i am lovin those bb burgers though! i think i’m gonna whip up a batch of the asap!

  7. Wow, your running route is beautiful! And I’m more of a science-museum girl myself (hahaa sooo nerdy).

    The black bean burgers look really tasty! I love how you can see the chunks of beans

  8. “I smell burnt toast!” God, that scarred me as a child lol.

  9. You know the kind – when you roll over, sigh, stretch out long, and let your thoughts wander to the kitchen. == HAHA! No, I have no idea! I am a mom! I seriously cannot remember back that long. IT’s been at least 5 yrs. That’s why i can live vicar thru you :)

    Fitness topic…hmmm…Do you believe in gadgets, i.e. hrm’s, polars, garmins, etc or not? and why? and if so, your top picks and why.

  10. Ahhh yes, accidental visits to Quebec – I have done them a few times myself! At least you ended up at the Museum of Civ! :) I’m sure you’ve heard this, but you’ll know you get to the art gallery when you see the giant SPIDER statue (complete with an egg sac – blech!) haha.

    Glad you’re still having fun! Let me know if you want to get up to some nonsense this weekend…I can check into events happening in town if interested! :)

  11. I love Ottawa! I have not been since high school- but when I was in high school, I dreamed of crossing the river and hitting the Liquor Dome- ask your sister about that place!

  12. greensandjeans

    You are such a cute tourist!

  13. fav heritage moment:


  14. aww i love having a rest day and doing something fun every now and then! i’ve never had chicken bacon, i didn’t know you could get it! xx

  15. My favourite heritage minute is with the guy stopping the train that was headed for Halifax before the Halifax explosion..i’m having a huge brain fart and can’t remember his name !

  16. lol I love those commercials!!!! And I can’t choose a fave. They all tug at my Canadian heart strings! 

  17. Wait now, that one is Johnson, sir, molly johnson!

  18. Hmm…I’m trying to think of a good post for you…let’s see, my thing right now is trying to balance my strength training with my half marathon training. See, I want to have energy for my runs (which have been sucking lately, blah), but I also want to retain my muscle mass and the metabolism benefits I get from lifting. So, I want to go and lift and be productive, but I don’t want to be too sore that my running suffers. Any thoughts on a sweet spot there?

  19. I love days when there isn’t anything planned and you can do whatever you feel like. I need more days like that!

  20. That’s so cool that you can walk all those different places! That’s the only thing that appeals to me about living in a city: the walkability (if that’s a word…) Out here there’s nothing but country roads and woods and corn fields! Which, you know… I’m okay with. :] I can’t wait to see a fitness post!

  21. mmm tuna salad. haven’t made that in a while. lunch, today. i have one can, and i am going to use it! :)

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