All Shook Up

Ever have one of those days when you wake up with a lump already in your throat? You know something big is inside of you, and if you don’t tiptoe around it, it’s going to explode out all at once… You can try to keep it locked in all you want, but sometimes bigger forces are at play. Sometimes the ground starts to move, and it literally shakes it out of you.

But let’s start at the beginning, shall we?


Today started off in a big way – I was reunited with my waffle maker!!


I’ve been waiting until Waffle Wednesday to bring this bad boy out ;)


Whipped up my usual protein waffle recipe:

  • 1/3 cup rolled oats
  • 1/3 cup egg whites
  • 1/3 cottage cheese
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla extract


The waffles were a little rough around the edges because I didn’t have spray to grease the iron with. I rubbed a little butter in the creases instead.


I doubled the recipe for Sara and I, then made a topping for both of us made up of a mashed banana, 1 tbsp almond butter and around 1/4 cup sugar-free syrup.


Ohyes. This reunion was worth waiting for. SO GOOD.


The banana topping is what made this batch. Especially with the crunchy almond butter. Ohmy.


The decadence continued after breakfast with a coffee and a President’s Choice Two-Bite Brownie. Canadians, you know what brownies I’m talking about ;)


Unfortunately, it was not all I’d hoped for. I can make something better than this!

I was all excited to try out something called a “Gliding” class today at the gym, using those little hand and feet gliders…

Fuelled up with a High Protein Banana Bar. The nutritionals I provided on these by the way were a little off – they’re actually 170 calories and 11g protein. Score!

Unfortunately, I missed the Gliding class!! Boo :( I went early to get 20 minutes of intervals in on the elliptical. But I got into a groove and did an extra 5 minutes, and by then the class had filled up!! They only do it Wednesdays at noon, so I am determined to get there good and early next week.

I ended up finishing my workout off with 20 minutes of extreme incline walking on the treadmill (trying to stay in hiking shape!! ;) ) and 10 minutes on the rower. Ended up being a pretty good sweatfest without the gliders anyways.

I walked home and immediately got started on lunch to feed my growling belly. I threw some kale chips in the oven and leftover black bean patties on the stovetop. It’s no secret what happened next.


My sister’s 10th floor apartment started to rumble and shake. At first I thought there was a construction accident nearby, but after a few seconds I could feel the building swaying. The power went out and I immediately got really pissed off. I was hungry and an earthquake just ruined my damn lunch.

It was just a 5.5 magnitude, the epicenter only 33 miles north of Ottawa, where I am now. Thankfully no damage, although my sister said some windows broke in her office building. 


Even after the ground stopped shaking, I still was! What a nerve-wracking experience!! Umm… can I go back to the Maritimes now? We only ever get hurricanes.


Because the power went out, I ended up throwing the half-cooked kale chips in a bowl with tuna and hummus. Munched on baby carrots while I wandered around the dark hallways trying to find out what was happening. No internet or cellphones… what’s a girl to do!?

Actually, I then immediately jumped in the shower to get what was left of the hot water and changed out of my sweaty gym clothes. If there was an aftershock, I wanted to be clean and well dressed for the evacuation ;)

Thankfully, the one tremor was it, but it seemed to set off a series of tremors within myself. It literally rattled me enough to turn that lump in my throat into a weeping mess. No explanation really needed here. I have an anxiety disorder and panic attacks come with the territory. It was nice to get it out. I’ve been going through a lot of life changes, too bad it took an earthquake for me face them!!


Once the power came back on, I soothed myself with a little cooking therapy.


I really, honest to goodness, love everything about cooking. It’s one of my top favourite ways to pass the time.


I think my favourite thing about it is just standing in the kitchen and putting things together. The tastes and smells are all great, but the motions of the activity just please and entertain me.


Remember that elk stew I had in Banff? Well, I’ve had it on my mind ever since. As you may know, once I get it in my head to make something, I can’t shake it.


When I saw organic stewing beef in my sister’s freezer, I knew it was meant to be.

I’ve been drooling over Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon for years now. I love a good meaty stew, and of all her recipes, it seems like the most doable. 


And the wine, let’s not forget the wine. I hate to drink it, but my gosh I love to eat it.

Because my sister doesn’t have a dutch oven, I followed this recipe on how to make beef bourguignon solely on the stove-top.


I changed it around a little because I was only working with one pound of meat, but I essentially followed the directions.


My sister, the “vegetarian by nature,” suggested we perhaps have a salad with our meat. Pfft.


I also roasted sweet potatoes instead of the traditional white.


And the stew??


It turned out really good!! I got confused by the cooking time because I was working with a smaller pot. I probably could have simmered it a bit longer to get the meat more tender. Otherwise, it was really rich and flavourful. Too bad it’s like a gazillion degrees today – Sara and I were both sweating as we “mm mmm-ed.”


Thank you for all your kind thoughts and well wishes for my family, as well as those of you who got in touch after the earthquake!! I hear it was felt all the way down to Ohio, so I hope all my mid-Eastern friends made out okay!! xo

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  1. Yikes! I’m glad that you were able to get out your emotion and then recoup with some cooking (and that all was OK despite the quake!). Sometimes it feels so good to get everything out. You’re definitely inspiring and I definitely can relate to how scary it can be to start new. You’ll be great! :)

  2. we had a 7.something when I was in college, living in a three story condo… that thing was shakin like crazy!! and I was an intern at a microbiology lab, and what a stinky mess that was! :)

    happy you are ok, and that you spent the day making wonderful food… :)

  3. Hurricanes that weaken once they hit NB, but if your NS, your a little unlucky.

    I am glad to hear your okay, I was thinking about you when the story broke in NB.

  4. I would be pretty scared if we had an earthquake over here, specially with all these catastrophes happening lately!
    I’m glad you’re ok now!
    Gosh, I have to try that waffle recipe, and really follow it. I’m awful at making waffles :D

  5. I’m glad that you’re okay and nothing bad happened. I felt a mini quake once and I was so confused. I live in the midwest for christ sake. We’re not supposed to have quakes here!

    Cooking is therapeutic for me too. I love knowing that I can take such basic ingredients and create something so delicious!

    Ooooh and waffles, yes! I need to get a waffle maker. I only have them RARELY when I was in college and there was a waffle maker in the cafeteria or at continental hotel breakfast bars.

  6. OMG = what the heck are you people doing having earthquakes!? I thought that we had dibs on those! FUnny, whenever we have one, I want to be showered and clean like you and I need to make sure I have an empty bladder- no idea why this is. Nutty right?

    The boef looks amazing. What?! You had elk- I still need to read your banff posts- I LOVE game like that! so lucky you guys have it at your fingertips.

    I got so excited when I saw the photo of the mini choco muffin- I thought you had made a protein muffin, but alas no, it was store bought- can’t wait til you improve it though!

    Well, wishes for your family? Better shoot you an email- I don’t know what this is about.

    I also LOVE cooking, and chopping- chopping veggies- I just adore it. So meditative.

    (Not that you will need it, but you should have your emergency kit ready now that you have earthquakes!) ;-)

  7. greensandjeans

    I was thinking about you when I heard about this! So glad you are okay!

  8. “mashed banana, 1 tbsp almond butter and around 1/4 cup sugar-free syrup” = NICE i want it!

    the Pres Choice. You know they sell that brand at Walmart or somewhere ? Anyway I think all store bought baked goods like that were great b4 I knew how to really cook but now, you couldnt pay me to eat them. gluten issues too in those of course for me.

    the earthquake, not sure if you were still in bampff but last week i posted about OUR EQ here in San Diego. 6.7 and the entire house shook. Whoa. 4 stories all rattling. SCARY

    glad youre safe!

  9. I hope you have left overs….the flavours really develop overnight!

  10. I’ve never felt an earthquake & can’t really imagine it. I’m glad your feeling alright & got through it alright.

    Your waffles are abit rough on the edges but I’m guessing they were still delicious.

    Your stew looks delicious & i don’t even eat meat. i’m going to pretend it’s chicken.

  11. For the High Protein Banana Bars do you need use soy protein or will whey protein work just as good? thanks x

    • Hey Kerry!! I would recommend using soy protein. It’s a lot more flour-like and always makes for a nice and crumbly baked good. Whey tends to get really dry and hard, and sometimes squeaky!!

  12. the title of your post.

    Some people felt it in Indianapolis but I think I was taking a napping er…I mean on the treadmill at the time?? ;)

  13. YUMMM I really need a waffle maker!

    And PC two bite brownies make everything better. True story.

    The earthquake was SO strange for me!!! We didn’t feel it, downstairs in class, but the people upstairs did! I’m not used to earthquakes around these parts… my parents didn’t feel it at all!

    I LOVE Julia Child’s bouef bourgignon… such a classic :D


  14. We felt the earthquake here in central Ontario followed by a lovely path of tornado’s! Quick get out of the house – earthquake…..quick take cover in the house – tornado…..what’s a girl to do? Mother Nature certainly had her knickers in a knot yesterday!

  15. 11g of protein? Nice!! Glad everything is a-okay in your parts! I haven’t had a two bite brownie in so long that now you’re making me crave one!

    Hope you have a calm Thursday :)

  16. ooh, I’m trying that protein waffle recipe this weekend. I tried my own last weekend, and it was good – but a little cake like. So we’ll see :)
    Have a good one!

  17. You were so close to the earthquake source! Pretty nutty, eh?

    I want to try your protein waffle recipe. I like that it doesn’t include protein powder, since I don’t have any!

  18. Funny story…

    I was sitting here at my desk yesterday, sneaking a peek at your blog when I felt the ground quiver (that’s the best word I can use because we didn’t really shake). I looked up from my screen and did a quick sanity check…did any of my coworkers feel that, was it just vertigo or am I losing my marbles? LOL About 20 minutes later a co-worker came out of a meeting room and asked if anybody had felt the ground move. I admitted I did. Realizing he wasn’t alone in feeling the tremor, he did a bit of searching and announced “it was an earthquake – in Ottawa!” No lie, my first thought was… I hope Susan is ok. You poor girl – you’ve experience Ontario thunderstorms (much worse than in the Maritimes) and now an earthquake, all in what….a week? You know what they say…”Ontario – yours to discover!”

  19. Oh my goodness! That’s so scary! I’m glad you’re okay! I’ve never been in an earthquake… I never want to be either! I already have a tendency towards light-headedness (I can’t even ride in an elevator or I’ll be spinning for hours after), so if the ground really started shaking… man, I would have a flippin’ panic attack, too!

    Oh, and hahahah… I love the (unintentional?) pun “As you know, once I get it in my head to make something, I can’t shake it.” You had me lol’ing.

  20. So glad you are okay! I would freak out if I experienced an earthquake! Especially if I was alone. You poor thing!

  21. Glad you are safe!

    I also suffer from panic attacks, although I can control them much better now, but I know how awful they can be. Take care of yourself girl!

  22. Glad you are ok. I understand about your panic attacks. I’m there too, working on it along with you. Why is this so common?

  23. I would be shaken up too. We just felt the earthquake a little. I didn’t even know what it was, but I felt something strange. I love that you like meat as much as I do! Especially with red wine!

  24. when i heard about the earthquake, i was like
    ‘………..what? no. that doesn’t happen here. no. these poor news people must think its opposite day because earthquakes don’t happen in ontario.’
    blewww my mind. and also made me paranoid about what’s going to start happening in little old manitoba. i have major tornado fears, and i understand how you feel about the earthquake. it suuuucks!
    on a totally different note, the stew looks fantastic! elk is sooo good. if you ever get the chance to have elk pepperoni, don’t pass it up.

  25. earthquakes can be scary (I live in LA; I’ve experienced a few!) but sounds like it was a catalyst for you to release some emotion. and cook! cooking is very therapeutic; I agree.

    I got a waffle iron for christmas two years ago and I’ve only used it once! shame on me.

  26. ahh that beef dish reminds me of julie and julia

    oh my that is scary! i am glad you are okay…cooking theraphy is exactly what I would do as well :)

  27. Susan! We felt that earthquake here in Buffalo NY!!! It was just a baby though, I literally just thought it was my head getting dizzy, and since I was at work, my cube mate kept yelling though the wall “are you erasing something over there??”

    I’m glad you were okay, it was scary for me too, so I could have only imagined in that tall building!!!!

  28. i soooo hope you are okay dear – that is so scary! let’s PLEASE chat soon – i want to catch up on your life, and i need to talk to you about some thangs!

  29. Mmmm yes yes yes you are going to make a man very happy one day. (Not to say all cooking is meant to make men happy) But I’m just saying. And until then, gahh don’t you just love cooking something up for yourself?? It is not only therapeutic, but also very rewarding. Great looking beef. I approve. :)

    As for the earthquake?!! Glad to hear you’re ay-ok. My mom texted me that day because apparently the earthquake was felt a little bit in NY, but I’m far enough away from canada so i had no idea. But I was like Ottawa?!! SUSAN! haha.

    I have minor panic attacks that usually result in fainting spells- I had them my freshman and sophomore year of highschool, and I’ve been able to control it since then, but I did faint once up here at school, and that was super scary! So I definitely know what you mean about it being a major deal. But I’m glad you got a good cry in. (I hate to cry, but I guess its sometimes necessary.)

  30. CHICKEN BACON?! Hooray! This could be a substitute for SPAM in my friend rice recipe :)

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