The Final Frontier

Howdy!! Wait, I am no longer in Alberta, I can’t say that anymore. I am currently sitting in my sister’s apartment in Ottawa having a lover’s reunion with my laptop. As much as I would like to sit here all day and reunite with it, I have a new city to explore – Ottawa!

But first, I must recap my last two days in Alberta. For those of you catching up, I spent a week in the wild rose province with my blogging soul-mate Holly, traveling through Calgary, Banff and the Rockies. Other recaps can be found here, here, here and here. I don’t even care if you read them all – but the pictures are definitely worth looking at! Canada is incredibly beautiful, I think something a lot of us may take for granted!

Also, for those of you who may not know the area – here’s  a handy dandy map of where we were:


Circled are Calgary, Banff and Lake Louise. All within a couple hours drive. That green area are the Rocky Mountains which border Alberta and British Columbia and stretch far down into the US. It’s seriously one of the most beautiful places on this side of the earth!

Unfortunately, the skies clouded over again by the time we returned to Banff from camping on Monday. But it did make for some spooky mountain views ;)


I’d gotten a recommendation for The Bison. We had no idea what to expect walking in, but who are we to turn down a stunning recommendation?



It was a nifty little lunch-type place with a long list of sandwiches, wines and interesting cocktails.

I actually don’t typically order sandwiches when dining out, but it seems like it’s all I got in Alberta! All the options looked amazing!

I took a break from the red meat and went for the House Smoked Tuna + Aged Gouda: olive tapenade, fried capers, fresh tomatoes, romaine.


Yumyumyum. The seedy baguette enclosing the inside goodness was definitely the highlight of this sandwich.

Highlight of the meal though, surprisingly, was the side salad!

Greek salad, but more along the lines of a traditional Greek with no lettuce and cubes of all the usual suspects. I dug this. A lot.

This is where Holly and I spent the afternoon in an internet cafe… LOVE traveling with bloggers! ;)

Seeing as our trip was starting to wind down, our bank accounts were looking a little smaller. We opted for a cheap-o dinner in on Monday night. Thankfully, that also included well over a serving of vegetables. Perhaps my first the whole trip (well, that wasn’t bacon-wrapped).


An egg scramble of sorts with broccoli slaw we found on sale. However, it was missing a little sumthin’ and at the last minute, we threw in smokehouse almonds. YUM. The almonds totally made this dish.


Rounded out with a piece of buttered Silver Hills bread and dried apricots.

There seems to be evidence of a saltwater rum taffee after this meal, however I see no reason to believe this ever happened ;)

Our oatmeal stores had run out come Tuesday morning, but we still managed to come up with a lovely breakfast.

Or Holly did anyways, as my soft-fried egg was a little, err, scrambled ;)

But the maple jelly and almond butter toast was to die for.

We made our last Evelyn’s stop…

The “Again” part is quite appropriate, as there is an Evelyn’s on literally every block in Banff. Why walk two blocks for coffee when you can just walk one? ;)


Extra extra large of Evelyn’s house blend. Ahhh… and all is right with the world again…

There was also this guy…

Every time we walked past The Fudgery while in Banff, we were harassed by an array of deliciously sweet smells and a mouth-watering window display.



I’d like to blame Holly for finally getting me in here… but let’s face it, I’m an easy sell.

That my friends, is a vanilla coconut drop straight from the heavens.

Similar to a macaroon, but smoother. Mostly because it had more butter and sugar than a macaroon, which as we all know makes everything better.

I may have eaten this for lunch while waiting for the Greyhound bus. Just sayin’.

Tuesday afternoon we went back to Calgary for our final night. I tried one more Banff goody once we got to the hostel (macaroons don’t make for filling lunches)

Salmon jerky. I apologize to my fellow hostel-mates, because this definitely stank up the room.

I have a soft spot for jerky though, and I love salmon, so this was right up my alley. A wonderful snack!

Holly and I needed to bring a little class back to the trip, so we visited the Glenbow Museum in Calgary for an Impressionist Print exhibit.



I lovelovelove Impressionist art. Van Gogh (seen above) is probably my favourite. I blame my parents for taking me to the Van Gogh Gallery in Amsterdam when I was young and impressionable (no pun intended).

Unfortunately, Holly and I aren’t very good at this “class” thing. We soon found ourselves getting rosy-cheeked at a bar.


A Big Rock Grasshopper at Lounge Burger to be exact. We were waiting for Allison of Eat Clean Live Green fame!! You would think we’d be sick of burgers after a week of non-stop red meat. But a classic Alberta beef burger was the perfect way to leave with a bang.


Alberta’s Own: From Alberta’s own butter beef ranch, hormone free, ranch raised beef, served with blue cheese and caramelized pears on a kaiser bun.

I seriously do not know how I was a vegetarian for 8 years and honestly thought veggie patties were a sufficient substitute for the real thing.

Not even close.


The three of us ended up chatting for hours (as these bloggie meet-ups usually tend to go) and we were so distracted we forgot to snap a photo!! Boo! I guess that just means Allison and Holly will have to come visit me in Toronto ;)

Well my friends, that wraps up my week-long adventure in the Rockies. I can’t remember how Holly and I cooked up the idea to gallivant through the mountains, but it was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. In the past, fear probably would have held me back from doing something like this. But really, the only thing I need to fear is perhaps a little indigestion from too much red meat ;) And to think – the adventure is really only just beginning!

See ya tomorrow for a Banff trip exit interview with Holly, and a sneak peek at what I’ve been doing in Ottawa since arriving on Wednesday!!

Ohyes – and have a great start to your weekend!! xoxo


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  1. Thanks for the little map, I feel like you put it there for me.

    The Bison look adorable, cute little place.

    Oh fudge, yummy. i haven’t had fudge in FOREVER!

  2. Wow Wow Wow!!! Everything you posted made my mouth water!!!!


  3. I really want to go to Alberta now, so pretty!

    And nope, veggies patties do NOT compare to the real thing. Which is why I can never be 100% veg again. ;)


  4. Love the spooky mountain view photo! Beautiful.
    I’m not so sure about the salmon jerkey, but the vanilla drop sounds incredible!
    Have a good end to your trip!

  5. i could have used that map at the start of the trip :) although i will say i completely impressed my friend’s canadian bf (the one i told you about) with my canadian geography knowledge thanks to teacher susan. he then asked me who was the last canadian team to win a stanley cup…i was screwed there – we didn’t cover that i told him!

    i miss our rando meals.

    and you forgot the part about how we got yelled at (or rather, i got yelled at) for taking pictures while we also got yelled at for eating. when a lady’s gotta eat, a lady’s gotta eat. he clearly didn’t know we were bloggers.

    ahhhh i am loading my post and it looks eerily similar. and i will send you my exit interview ?s this morning, and i am SO exhausted. seriously. but in the best way possible…besides the fact i’m no longer in banff.

    can’t wait to hear about ottawa – love you susan!!!!!!!!

    p.s. start brainstorming places for our next trip…

  6. I love reading about your adventures. This sounds like such a cool trip! I have a major desire to take a road trip across Canada one of these days–it’s so beautiful!

  7. I love Ottawa! That was my first experience with a beaver tail, and I fell in love.

    We have Fudgery around here, too. Wonder if it is the same place where they make the fudge on a marble slab and sing silly songs and stuff.

    • Ohgoodness, I had my first Ottawa poutine the other day that I’ll be posting about, it was amazing. I don’t know if both poutines and beaver tails can fit in this belly :P

  8. I would totally eat salmon jerky. And what is this maple jelly you speak of???? Ummmm….YUM.

    • Ohmygosh, the maple jelly was so good. It’s made in my hometown of Riverview, New Brunswick and I brought it for Holly. Just maple + water + pectin and 25 cals a tablespoon! Amazing.

  9. starsinthecity

    I’ve been loving the Alberta posts! I spent many summers there growing up and it feels a little bit like coming home seeing the familiar scenery. I miss the mountains!

  10. Wow, what a trip! Yep, Canada’s definately on my Bucket List now of places to explore. I never realized how gorgeous it was! And I love jerky. My favorite is alligator, muhahah. Sadly I’ve only been able to find it in Florida!

  11. So great! Glad you are having a great time! Enjoy Ottawa- another great city!

  12. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I want that maple jelly! Also, I’m totally crashing your next adventure

  13. Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely! That is how this trip looks. I’m glad you girls had such a blast. And ate so many good sandwiches..sometimes you just have to go with what looks goooood.

    Excited to hear what’s to come!

  14. i always love reading your posts!! you have been dining on some amazing food! those sandwich descriptions all sound delicious! i think the tuna one sounds so great as does the turkey and greuyere cheese!!!

    just think about all of the memories you have from your trip!!!

  15. You’re in Ottawa! I live here (only for another month)!

    We should go for some bites – I know some yummy places! Shoot me off a message if you have any time! ;)

  16. Love all your pics!

    And OMG – Lounge Burger is so awesome! I went once after a Flames games and it was PACKED since its like across the street from the Saddledome – great food though!

    • It was packed when we were there too!!! Everyone going to the Tom Petty concert. Weird, because that location totally doesn’t look like there’s a fancy and incredibly busy restaurant inside!

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