Lake Louise!!

Hello friends!! To be perfectly honest, I sit here typing up this post in a hostel in Calgary. However, I will likely be at my sister’s place in Ottawa when this post actually goes up.

I’m a tad sad that my mountain adventure has drawn to an end. I’ve had a fabulous time exploring new corners of the world with people I’ve never met, yet already know will be good friends with forever.

My recaps of the trip thus far can be found here, here and here. It’s been an experience I’ll never forget – and I feel the need to recap it not just for my readers, but so I have a record of it all for myself.

Let’s get to it – shall we? ;)

Today’s post is all about probably the most beautiful spot we visited here in Alberta – Lake Louise.

Holly, Karen and I started early Sunday morning after a rocky nights sleep in the tent. We didn’t buy many additional groceries for camping, so I threw together a mishmash of things to make a decent breakfast.

This would be an almond butter sandwich on the Silver Hills bread. with the lovely addition of straight up soy protein powder. Yes, I sprinkled it right onto the sandwich. I’m weird, because I really dug this.

Now please prepare yourself for a slew of earth shattering scenery.

Meet Lake Louise. A lake located about an hour from the town of Banff.

The area is just simply stunning. I love how the mountains on either side come down to frame the lake, and the white-capped glacier in the back. Of course, there’s also the signature turquoise water…

There’s a trail that leads to the back of the lake and you can hike up to the glacier. We ended up walking an hour along the lake, soaking up the sights.

Fuelling up with some Canadian made protein bars along the way ;)

This is the view from the back of the lake. That’s the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise off in the distance. Can you imagine staying there and waking up to this view every day??

The lake wasn’t the only eye candy. The shirtless rock climbers didn’t hurt ;)

By the time we made it back to the other side of the lake, we decided we were much to hungry to wait and find a cheap place to eat. I mean, when you’re at the Chateau Lake Louise, you might as well live it up.

We chose the tea room upstairs to eat, and were seated on the balcony with this stunning view:

Holly, Karen and I all talked ourselves into getting the Afternoon Tea… but appaaarently you need to book that sort of thing in advance. So we just settled on individual pots of tea.

I got the cinnamon apple spice. Usually, my favourite kind of tea, but there was a lot of sweetener already in the tea – honey probably.

Pip pip! (It’s what the English say Holly!!! :P )

We didn’t just drink tea though. Ohno. For we were also here to feast. Expensively.

I went for the Smoke Gouda Reuben: thinly sliced brisket, braised red cabbage, dijon mustard on light rye bread, caraway & ale mustard dip.

When in Lake Louise, right?

SO GOOD. I tried a brisket at the beginning of the trip and was still kinda “meh” about it. But this brisket was smoked. I love any and all smoked meats. Especially on this sandwich.

Soon after we said goodbye to Karen (sadface!) who had a job to return to (jobs?? what are those? :P ) Holly and I trekked along without her.

Starting from Lake Louise, we hiked up one of the side mountains to Lake Agnes. Mostly because there was a teahouse at the top. How cute is that!?

The hike wasn’t that bad. A little steep, but only about an hour long. Let me tell you, nothing like a trail on an incline to remind you just how in shape you really are.

But we made it!!

There was tons of snow at Lake Agnes which made it even more fun.

And a waterfall on the other side pouring down the mountain.

Every mountain should come with its own quaint teahouse at the top.

Holly and I were actually too hot to drink tea and were pretty bummed when we found out they were all out of lemonade. Boo!

We chose the trail less traveled on the way back down. Erm, it may be less traveled for a reason. But we found some new pretty views!

On our way down, Holly and I had a very serious discussion about what to do for dinner back at the Lake Louise campsite. All we had left on us were items we brought for snacks. With our imaginations combined, we came up with grilled pita pizzas.

Ohyes my friends.

On one side we have a pita with an almond butter sauce, topped with green apple and dried apricots.

On the other side we have a pita with an almond butter sauce and chocolate cherry trail mix topping.

Sweet melty action. Omg.

And because a dessert pizza requires a dessert…

Maple fudge!

We then fell back into a food and sugar coma and watched the clouds pass us by.

Another perfect end to another perfect day in the Canadian Rockies!

Thank you for indulging me in my vacay recaps!! I’ll be back with our final day in Banff and a fun blogger meet-up in Calgary. And of course – all the fun goings on here in Ottawa!! I’m in Ottawa until the end of the month before I move to Toronto, so let me know if you’re in the area and up for a meet-up! :)

Question of the Day: What’s your favourite kind of tea? Spiced apple is mine! Chai and peppermint aren’t far behind though.

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  1. Omg. Sooo I’m gonna have to review and read back on all your vacay posts, but this truly looks amazing. SO envious of yours and hollys time together. Had you met before? I forget. Honestly, it feels like I’ve met you both I like you two so much. Gotta love email correspondance. Also, I can’t believe a place this beautiful even exists. I haven’t seen such gorgeous scenery since I used to watch survivor. Lol. Have safe travels susan! And I loove the pita pizzas. Only a blogger camping trip that’s for sure. :) xoxo!

    • Nope! Holly and I met for the first time on our first day in Calgary together! Probably odd to some people, but bloggie friends are a special kind of friend ;)

  2. I cannot believe how great your pictures are! The Rockies are absolutely gorgeous, breath-taking really. I feel like I’m there. Even though I’m not a huge camper, I would totally love a trip like that!

  3. Gorgeous views!! Wow. I love your guys dinner too – you had the best camping food ever!

  4. Oh my! My co worker proposed to his now wife at lake louise – pretty perfect eh?!
    Your trip looks like it’s been just beyond brilliant – I would kill to go on a hiking trip right now!

  5. These recaps have been so lovely! I totally slacked on my vacation recap. Meh. It wasn’t as scenic as your trip. This makes me really want to go to…I dunno, Alaska or something…actually I want to go to Banff. At my work we show the winning films from the Banff Film Festival, but that’s as close as I’m going to get anytime soon. And as for tea…I’m a fiend, but it depends on the time of day and my mood. I love Earl Grey, the Good Earth spice tea, yerba mate chocolate tea, and lately I’ve been digging chamomile at the end of the day. I LOOOVE tea.

  6. I was all sad face when I left too :( It was awesome to have you girls out here though. Honestly, I don’t think I would have had such a weekend were it not for a Maritimer and a Mid-Western girl that decided to meet out in Banff. So thank-you for coming and thank-you for letting me tag along for the ride! :)

  7. Wow… awesome pictures. I was out at Lake Louise about a month ago and the lake was still frozen – so its nice to see it thawed. The tea there is amazing – its so authentic and so tasty. Glad to hear you had a great time. Great idea with the pita pizzas too.

  8. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Swoooooooon! The picture with of you two drinking tea with the mountains behind you is fan-freaking-tastic

  9. I’m insanely jealous of Lake Louise. It’s incredibly beautiful.

    I love your photography skills, you have a great eye & are able to capture that perfectly on film.

  10. i lived in the lake louise area for 7 years – i miss it sooo much…. my brother was one of those cute shirtless climbers at the back of the lake, way back when – and we would often hike to the teahouse and lake agnes. i really enjoyed reading your post, thank you! it brings back great memories!

  11. GORGEOUS! You so deserve this little break, Susan! Wow, what a spot to have tea!
    I think my favorite tea is Earl Grey. Always seems to hit the spot :)

  12. that scenery is mind blowing! amazing!

  13. pita with an almond butter sauce, topped with green apple and dried apricots. = omg i want that

    and the maple fudge. swoooooonnn.

    the scenery and that turq water?! it looks FAKE it’s so beautiful!

    time w/ holly…tea, the whole trip…memories of a lifetime, so happy for you!!!! xoxo

  14. Oh yeah, Susan that area is incredible! The plain of six glaciers is amazing! If you go past Lake Agnes to the top of the Beehive the views are even more incredible. Looking at your pictures just brings back the memories! I’m glad you are having a great time.
    My favorite tea is probably Peach Tranquility from a store called Teavana.

  15. Wow that is a gorgeous place. That trail mix wrap is to die for! I’m also a big fan of maple fudge :)

  16. What a great end to your trip! And, um, BRILLIANT idea for dinner! :D

    I love straight up sencha green tea. But I also love earl gray, and for herbal teas- Yogi tea’s egyptian licorice all the way!!


  17. Wow – gorgeous photos and lake! I wish we had that beautiful blue sky right now ;)
    And the pita pizzas look genius! I especially love the combo of almond butter + dried apricots, so I’m sure I’d have loved that half ;)

  18. OMG Susan! I have been soooo awol, but I’m going to make a date with all of your vacay posts (and your guesties too!!) when life settles down because it looks soooooo fabo!! I LOVED Lake Louise when I was there in January- totally different look now- ahhhh!

    I have been tucking into your delish nut butter that you so kindly sent me and I want you to know that I think about you each time and how sweet you were to send it. :-) not to mention how delish it is!!!

    PS. Love all the eye candy ;-) hee hee!


  19. All the pictures of your trip are gorgeous! I am so jealous!

    My fav tea is chai or basically any spicy tea. But I also love lemon and chamomile.

  20. i love the eats!!! i want to try the simply bar so bad!! i have hear amazing things about it

    thats so cute that a tea house is at the top of the mountain!! i love that idea…it gives you something to look forward to, right!?!?

    awesome pics of you and miss holly!

  21. I would quite literally kill to be there right now. Its so gorgeous! LOOK at that! I’ve never seen mountains like that in real life. Okay, Canada just moved to the top of my list of “Must Go” places. I never realized how beautiful…!

    I love Celestial Seasoning’s Sleepytime tea best… I’m not entirely sure what’s in it off the top of my head, but its so comforting and just feels warm.

  22. That lake is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could see it in person!

    I am a huge tea person! I drink it 24/7. My favorites are Earl Grey, Oolong, and white pear. Favorites change every few months without notice! lol!

  23. Yum on those pitas! I am hungry for lunch, so these look extra, extra good.

    My favorite teas are either chai or Constant Comment (oldie, but goodie!).

  24. this is SUCH a great journal of your trip :) seriously you’re gonna look back in a year at these posts and feel amazing at what you did and HOW AWESOME that you’ve documented it all :) love. it.

    and love your dessert pizza sammies!! dessert on dessert? yes pulease

  25. Everything is so beautiful, it looks like a great trip!

  26. gorgeous! Im saving this post and remembering this post for a vacation someday. wow.

  27. Lake Louise was one of my favorite spots during that same trip I did. So beautiful. Thanks for reminding me!

  28. After all your posts I will have to make it to Alberta and see all the sites one day!
    I’m near Ottawa, do you want to kick my butt training me one day? :-) Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  29. Ahh I just read Holly’s post and said I was jealous of the gorgeous scenery and now I’m double jealous! Seriously, the turquoise water + mountains are perfect.

    I’m more of a coffee > tea person :D

  30. Holy Moly. SUCH wonderful pics!
    This place is incredible. I mean, the views…!
    You´re soooo lucky, Susan.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure!
    Wish you a great Thursday.
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  31. OMG!! so so so amazing!! Western Canada is too beautiful for words! I am so glad you are having a great time!!
    My parents actually went to Lake Louise for their honey moon almost 30 years ago! :-)

  32. hiiii there, i’ve been creepin’ your blog for a little while, and i just have to tell you how much i love your vacay recaps (and your dairy-free protein pancakes).
    the recaps are so interesting to read and the pictures are gorgeous!
    hmmmm. i think my favourite tea is peppermint. i’m either not trying hard enough to find it or it’s seasonal here, so i buy 10-12 boxes of it just after christmas like a crazy woman, and make them last all year.

  33. i love all of this.

    and i miss you! and i am SO jealous of your spin class this morning – when you said you were going to sweat out maple fudge, i just about died laughing at my desk. i should have just come to ottawa with you…i mean, a job? puh-lease. lame excuse to go home.

    p.s. i ate the biggest salad for lunch today. it tasted SO good!


  34. I’ve never been to Canada but wherever you are looks absolutely beautiful!! I think my mom’s been to Banff (my great aunt lives in Regina) and I’m pretty sure she said it was quite pretty there. Enjoy the rest of your trip! I love your recap. :)

  35. This is all absolutely BEAUTIFUL :) You must be having a total blast!!

  36. All your Banff pictures are making me homesick…I’m from Calgary and really miss the mountains.

  37. Wow those pictures look amazing! x x x

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