Blogger Interview Series – Angela

Hello friends! I am quite exited about today’s Blogger Interview Series post. Angela from Oh She Glows is not only a fellow Canadian blogger, but we also went to the same middle school! Her best friend lived next door to me growing up – small world, eh?

Despite our connections, I met Angela for the first time over the Christmas holidays. She is just as wonderful in person as she comes across on her blog.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with her story, Angela is the successful owner and creator of Glo Bakery (not to mention the Green Monster Movement). She used to have a fancy schmancy job in the city, but left it to follow her dreams of having a bakery. She’s another one of those vegans who makes delicious looking meals and treats that I regularly drool over. Her and her husband also just completed their first triathlon together!! Yayy for fellow triathletes!! ;)

1. Quick! Describe your blog in 6 words!

Glow from the inside and out.

2. How did you come up with your blog name?

When I struggled with an eating disorder for many years, I lost my glow. Once I decided to be better to myself and feed myself healthy foods in the amount that my body needed, my glow came back. My friend Leah told me, ‘Ange I know you are being better to yourself because you really glow now.’ That is where I got the idea for the name.

3. What attracted you to blogging?

My love of writing and photography attracted me to blogging and also the amazing and supportive community.

4. What surprised you about blogging?

How much time it takes each day! There is so much more that goes into it aside from the actual post…photography, recipe planning, recipe testing, emails, editing, writing, editing photos, guest posts, product reviews, contests, planning topics, etc.

5. What do you do for content ideas?

I use my real life events to inspire my writing.

6. Blogging is a big time commitment – what makes it worth it to you?

The great friendships, support and positive feedback makes it worth it to me.

7. What hobbies did you have before you started blogging?

I didn’t have any…I was an unhappy and uninspired person!

8. What is one secret you’ve thus far conveniently kept off your blog?

hahah nice try!

9. What do your friends and family think of your blogging habits?

They think I’m strange, but they love me anyways.

10. What other blogger inspires you?

There are too many to name.


Question of the Day: If you owned your own bakery, what would be your specialty item? Mine would be chocolate chip cookies and all their wonderful forms :)


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  1. Oh you know I’d be the blondie baker…LOL since that’s the only thing I’ve baked that’s foolproof.

  2. Great interview! Love ya, Ange! (And Susan! :D)

    I loooove making vegan cookies- and I also make a kick-arse vegan banana bread (if I do say so myself)… those would be my specialties!!


  3. Angela is one of my absolute favourite bloggers, and not just because she’s a fellow Canadian!

    If I opened a bakery, I’d specialize in scones. I am a fiend for scones!

  4. beautiful interview!! i love angela’s blog!!

  5. I read Angela’s blog daily and love it… she is funny and inspiring.

    My mom and I were JUST talking about this 10 minutes ago… if I had a bakery my specialty would be gluten free cupcakes & muffins.

    …and brownies. :)

  6. Hmm if I have a bakery, I will have bread with different fillings from sweet to savory and also whole wheat bread!

  7. Great interview! Oh She Glows is the first health blog I ever read! I love reading it daily (along with yours!) :)

    I don’t have a signature recipe yet with baking…I’m still pretty new. But I do enjoy making cookies!

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