Blogger Interview Series – Madeline

Hiya!! How is everyone’s weekend going? I am most likely off hiking in the Canadian Rockies, then sleeping under the stars. Unless it is snowing in Alberta. Which, in June, is apparently a likelihood.

One girl who I really wish could be out hiking with us this weekend is Madeline. She’s an experienced hiker in the Arizona landscape and has biked cross-country twice. Not to mention, she’s got both a keen sense of fashion and killer sense of humour.

1. Quick! Describe your blog in 6 words! 

Girl who loves to eat, run, and wear clothes (oops, that’s 8!)

2. How did you come up with your blog name?

It actually popped into my head while I was at work. I had been toying with the idea of starting a blog, but I knew I needed a sweet blog name. I wrote it down on my hand so I wouldn’t forget it!

3. What attracted you to blogging?

I had been reading blogs for a few weeks and I just thought, "hey, I could do this." I thought it would be a fun hobby and a way to combine a few of my interests.

4. What surprised you about blogging?

The friendships! I truly look forward to reading about these people’s lives every day.

5. What do you do for content ideas?

I have probably typed and erased an answer for this question 10 times. I have no content ideas for a question about content ideas, however, things just seem to pop into my head when I’m writing my blog posts!

6. Blogging is a big time commitment – what makes it worth it to you?

There are enough benefits to blogging that I really don’t mind the time commitment, however, I don’t post or feel that I have to post if I’m doing things with friends and family. I don’t want to be that girl plugging away on the computer while everyone else is having a good time.

7. What hobbies did you have before you started blogging?

I read like crazy, I run (I’m training for my first marathon) and bike (I’ve actually biked across the country twice), I love to travel, I play the guitar, and I’ve even been known to knit a sweater or two. I still manage to squeeze these things in!

8. What is one secret you’ve thus far conveniently kept off your blog?

This isn’t such a secret, but I have the worst taste in TV and movies. My Netflix list reads like that of a 15 year old, and I definitely still watch the Real World/Road Rules challenges.

9. What do your friends and family think of your blogging habits?

My boyfriend has to put up with it more than anyone else, and he is such a good sport! He has even been known to make food "more photogenic"

10. What other blogger inspires you?

This is the hardest question because I really think I take inspiration from every blog I read, whether it’s to take more risks in the kitchen, run harder and faster, or even rock a sassy outfit. Because this is your blog my friend, I’m going to say you! I am so incredibly impressed with your giant life changes that you are making for yourself!


Question of the Day: What are three items in your closet you could not live without? Me? I pick my Lululemon pants, Lululemon jacket and my favourite Ramones hoodie!

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  1. Great interview, I’ll have to check your blog out, Madeline! :D

    Clothes I couldn’t live without? My favorite Champion running tights, my j crew straight leg jeans and my men’s hanes white tanks… I wear them with EVERYTHING! hah


  2. Madeline is my homegirl. She rocks, she’s amazing. She is the nicest, sweetest, most geuniune person…and she is also super funny and intelligent. How’s that for some Madeline positive PR! It’s all true!

    Hope Susan and Holly are having a ball. Just a smiddge jealz. Darn. Next time, would love a quad: me, madeline, susan, holly. Oh now THAT would be fun times!

  3. Great interview!! What an awesome sounding adventure you’re on!

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