Drunk With Courage

It’s Monday.

I have one more day of living at my mom’s house, where I’ve been living since moving away from my old university town one month ago.

One more day of living in my hometown, home province, and the Maritime region of Canada of which much of my identity comes from.

One more day before I embark on a journey with Holly and Karen through the Canadian Rockies.

One more day until I begin the next chapter in my life, which includes eventually settling down in Toronto.

What better way to signify this than by making one of the most intimidating dishes I can think of. 


Yes my friends, I am talking about poached eggs.

Ooohhh, how I love those little yolky pockets of goodness. I tried making them when I was around 12 years of age, but ended up with scrambled eggs. And not the good kind.

Since moving back to my mom’s, I go to bed every single night telling myself that tomorrow will be the day. But then I wake up, and in my morning grogginess, chicken out and go with a breakfast that is tried and true.

Not today. As of now, I’m all about grabbing life by the horns. Taking on a sense of adventure. Naturally, my first call of action was to poach those damn eggs.


I followed Jenna’s step-by-step tutorial for poaching eggs. She lived in France, so I immediately consider her an authority on the subject.

I brought my water to a low boil, added my teaspoon of vinegar, and lightly slid each egg into the pot. After two minutes, my water started to break the surface with a boil, and I got nervous. I held the pot ever-just-so over the burner for the last minute, terrified my precious eggs were going to get mangled.


Lo and behold, they came out okay!


There were a few egg-white casualties, but much of the egg was still retained. Better yet, the yolks were perfectly runny.


Don’t let these photos fool you. I do not eat my poached eggs on top of toast. Ohno.


When poached eggs are involved, the bread must be dipped into the runny yolk. Brownie points if the bread is homemade Irish soda bread ;)

By the bye, I had a blast reading through everyone’s favourite kind of bread! Sourdough, french/crusty and naan were probably the fan favourites. Although, Madeline mentioned her favourite is Irish brown bread. This is most certainly next on my bread-baking list. I think soda breads are a good transition to yeast breads. Sister Sara – I hope you’re up for some bread baking when I get to Ottawa!! ;)

Okay, back to the topic at hand.

After my poaching success, I began to get a little drunk with courage. I reeeeally wanted to run today, but rain was in the forecast, and the skies were most definitely reflecting that. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a bit of a running Goldilocks. I typically don’t run outdoors unless the conditions are just so. But today I strapped on my running shoes and camelbak and took to the soggy trail!!

The first 15 minutes were great. The temperature was perfect, and the cloudy skies made for good visibility.

Then it started to rain. And it was actually really fun!! It was only a light rain, just enough to soak through my shirt a little. If anything, it was kind of refreshing! Ended up running for 50 minutes in total, finishing with a strong 5-minutes sprint. Felt gooood.

I was positively starving by the time I got home. It called for more soda bread.


Topped with tuna salad and cheese.


Then toasted to melty perfection. This may have been the best tuna melt of my life. Homemade bread makes a world of difference.


Veggies to round out the meal!


I put the rest of the tuna salad on top of sliced cucumber. I’ve been snacking on this combo in the evenings as well. It’s awesome.

Afternoon snack featured my last Homemade Wholegrain Maple Oatmeal Scone. *tear*


Toasted, then topped with blueberries and vanilla yogurt.


Ohmygosh. I love the combination of a baked good with fruit and yogurt. Maybe I will need to make scones when I go to Ottawa as well?? :P

We had some extra buffalo meat in the fridge, so I offered to make meat balls with it for dinner.

I couldn’t decide what kind of meatball I wanted, or what recipe I wanted to use. So I ended up combining Danica’s Healthy and Spicy Meatballs with Canadian Living’s Classic Italian Meatballs.


First, I soaked 2/3 cup panko bread crumbs with 1/2 cup water for a few minutes until it was absorbed.

Then I added:

  • 1/4 cup finely chopped onions
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped celery
  • 1/4 cup parmesan cheese
  • 1 large clove garlic, minced
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • 1 tsp dried basil
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 tsp hot sauce


Frank’s for the win.

After all that, I rolled up my sleeves and mixed in 1 lb lean ground buffalo meat.


I really love mixing up meat with my hands. I swear I used to be a vegetarian.


Rolled the mix into little balls (I got 31 balls) and browned in a frying pan. It took two rounds of frying, then I transferred to a baking sheet, drizzled with more Frank’s, and baked at 350F for 17 minutes (I’m all about the uneven numbers apparently).


While that was going down, I prepared a garden salad.



And a dressing of laughing cow cheese + buttermilk + Frank’s + herb seasoning blend.



Zee ballz!!



A feast for three:


The step-siblings are only here every other week. Although, I think they totally would have dug this meal. Please note that is not my red wine. I despise the taste of wine. But alas, my new place in Toronto is above a home wine-making shop, so these things could change.

My plate!


Or bowl, rather. I opted to eat my meatballs on top of a big salad.


These were really, really good. Much better than my last attempt! Not only did they get another “gold star,” but Mark confirms they are great for dipping in ketchup, barbecue and plum sauce. He would know, he tried them all ;)

Mom said the meal was so good it required a coffee afterward.


At least it’s not a cigarette :P

And then I took pictures of Archie just because.


Even though his wet nose wakes me up at 7am everyday, I still love the furball.


If there is anyone out there experienced in Grand Theft Poodle, please let me know.


Well that’s all she wrote!! I will be back tomorrow with a short update of sorts. I say short, because I have to be up at 4am to fly out on Wednesday. I also have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll be so excited I won’t be able to put together a cohesive sentence.

I will have you know though, I am so far doing good on my Goal for June.

With a lot more smiles to come :)


Question of the Day: What is one thing that has made you smile recently? I’m watching How I Met Your Mother – the one where they all take up smoking. Barney said “Yeah and the coughing really works my abs.” I laughed. Hard.

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  1. I smiled this morning when my 2 year old was telling me what she wanted for breakfast. I kept asking her again and again because I couldn’t understand. Then I said to her sister who is 5, “what does she want?”. She replies, “she said she wanted cheerios!” Destined to be an interpreter, that child is.
    I just have to tell you this…..I just love how you guys use real people dishes. No fancy smancy trendy whatever dishes, but the kind you’d find in a home, dishes that have served up meals for a long time. Some food blogs go all out and have the latest dishware, because dishes follow their own trends, right? Anyway, I’m all about using what you have, and keeping it real. Good to see you are doing that. Want to see my dishes?

    • I love seeing old dishes too!! The ones in this post are from my grandparent’s cottage. My grandmother served food on those things for longer than I’ve been around. Give me an old-school floral pattern over some trendy modern one any day ;)

  2. you are a baking, cooking queen. i’m constantly amazed by your posts. i want to come live with you. of course you’d need to be my chef & trainer.

    i smiled reading this post & i’m thinking about making those Whole Grain Maple Oatmeal Scones, they look delicious under yogurt & berries!

  3. I love poached eggs but hate making them. But I think I am getting better. Practice makes perfect I guess ;)

  4. Good luck on your new adventure! Sounds exciting :)

    I love..LOVE dipping toast into poached eggs. I also love the looks of those meatballs+sauce…yummy.

    Can’t wait to read all about your travels/new life of sorts :)

  5. I was smiling this afternoon as my friend reminisced with two of her friends from school about their crazy apartment party shenanigans during their last year of school.

    I also smiled when my phone beeped because the boy I like and have been “talking” to texted me =) What can I say – I’m easy to please.

    I hope your excited for your trip. I’m sure its going to be wonderful and so much fun. I’m pretty jealous.

    Nicole G

  6. t-minus less than 36 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am vicariously so excited for your trip! Can’t wait to see the pics. My coworker brought my flowers and that made me smile. And The Daily Show. Always The Daily Show.

  8. Grand Theft Poodle. love it :)

    you are awesome!! look at you, making poached eggs like the pros do~! I have never tried, it looks insanely difficult… I cheat with one of those poachers with the cups. I grew up on poached eggs (as did all my dachshunds!) and love them. sidenote, Basil has never had a poached egg!! :)

    oh, and Franks Red Hot? the BOMB.

  9. Woooo so exciting that you’re tripping to the Rockies! Definitely one of my favourite places in the world :) I’m looking forward to reading of your adventures! I need to get back out there and do some serious hiking (I’ve heard the Skyline trail in Jasper is amazing!)

    That scone + blueberries + yogurt combination looks SOOO GOOD. Also very cool that you’re living above a wine-making shop! Whereabouts in Toronto will you be?

    • In Leslieville! I haven’t been to the area yet, but I’ve heard tons of great things about it – I’m excited to see my new place!

  10. We are going to have a blast!!!!!!! And thanks for rye offer to bring something from the Maritimes but I can’t think of anything! lol

    Have a safe trip and I’ll see you in Banff!!!!! Eeeeek!!!!!! 

  11. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Bahhhhh I’m so jealous of your girls and your Banff trip! Next time I tell you, I will be there with bells on!

  12. I never had poached eggs, yours look yummy. and nothing can beat fresh home-made bread. All your eats look pretty amazing actually, tuna melts…yum

  13. You are so brave to try poaching eggs without any “cheating” cups or anything like that! I am impressed. I couldn’t bear to see the wasted whites, but it looks like you got most of yours. Good job :)

    Congrats on this new chapter! I hope it’s everything you want it to be and more!

    …Meatball salad?! Now that’s my kind of meal :)

  14. Good work on the eggs. I’ve made poached eggs before and they were actually pretty easy. I too was intimidated though. I didn’t understand the concept of how the eggs dont just all run if you pour liquid into liquid? I guess it works out somehow :)

  15. I made some delicious spelt soda bread whilst staying with my mum in Ireland. Warm with butter that definitely made me smile! x x

  16. Have a great time in Banff, I see a lot of smiles in your future. I spent 2 weeks hiking in the Canadian Rockies in 2003 and I’m so jealous of you, the area is absolutely stunning with amazing hiking.
    That episode of “How I Met Your Mother” is so funny. Laughing works the abs too!

  17. omg those balls look SO SO SO good (twss) haha but seriously I saw danicas recipe for them and they look amazing! franks red hot…really does go on everything!!!

    I made poached eggs the other week, they came out hard and not runny though :( thats okay, because i have some fear of eating a runny egg yolk BUT it was still good!!! I still need some perfecting though!

    something that made me smile recently?? I have a SHORT WEEK this week and going away on friday!!

  18. Never tried poached eggs because I’m so afraid of food poisoning. I know I’m ridiclous! Yours look amazing.

    All your food looks amazing! something that made me smile this week was watching my kids play. Truly wonderful.

  19. Grand theft poodle. Ha! Look up instructions on how to poach an egg in the microwave, it’s very easy. It isn’t the old fashioned way, but it works, and even faster with a higher success rate.

  20. The poached eggs look so good! I may have to try that sometime.

    I wish I would have seen your buffalo balls last night. I had some turkey and wanted to make them into balls but wasn’t sure what to do. Next time i’ll try it out!

    Boomer always makes me smile :)

  21. Chef’s secret: There is ALWAYS egg white casualty. We just cut it off ;)

    Great job, those look like perfectly poached eggies! I am STILL working on my technique… and we had a whole WEEK of eggs in class!!

    And yes, yolk dippage is NECESSARY. :D

    Your house is above a WINE MAKING SHOP? How cool!!! Oh, you are my new project Susan- I love me some wine!! And you will too ;)

    My cat made me smile today, by headbutting my fiance’s FACE to wake him up. He was pretty startled. :D


  22. Something that made me smile recently was an unexpected visit with my cousin! :)

    I think it’s so funny that you are cool with mixing meatballs with your hands and I who have never even considered being a veggie am terrified of raw meat. I don’t make meatballs because I’d have to touch it…I only do meatloaf! lol!

  23. Wow, poached eggs! I’ve tried to make that before. It was probably one of the top ten biggest disasters of my short cooking career, hahah. I ended up with a big pot of water with a bunch of disenegrated egg! I was super confused afterwards, because I was only like 12 and I didn’t realize that poaching a egg was difficult!

  24. bahahahaha i LOVE that episode of himym!!!! so hilarious :)

    WOW um julia child called and wants her cooking skills back ;) that ON TOP of the run! for real yesterday was a STELLAR day for you!!!

  25. Watching the Golden Girls ALWAYS makes me smile, it’s my favorite show! :)

    I have never attempted the poached egg, but my boyfriend loves to make them!

  26. Haha! What made me smile was that you “chicken” out of making eggs…seriously, maybe I am just mega sleep-deprived but that cracked me up. Oh, what do you know- another eggy joke. The fun never stops.

    Seriously, I am impressed by your poaching skills. They look great! As does your tuna melt. Touching raw meat is something I haven’t been able to do since I started eating it again- I won’t even touch cooked meat with my hands (closest I get is when it is enclosed in bread).

    Things that made me smile today…my foam roller arriving, phonecall from my mom, PBJ and butternut squash scramble (oh so delish).

  27. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten poached eggs before. I should request them sometime when I go out to eat at some breakfast diner. They look great. I’m not a fan of scrambled eggs, but more so of hard boiled, or sunny side up. Mmmm.. egg whites

    I should probably also not have visted your site in the a.m. My mouth is drooling just looking at the bread, melted cheese, veggies and whatever that stuff is ontop of the green stuff (cucumber? lol) I have no idea! But it looks GREAT.

  28. Poached eggs scare me too! Your way sounds pretty easy though :) A trip thru the Canadian Rockies!?! So jealous! Have a blast!

  29. you are a master poacher! and you are also frolicking your life away in the mountains right now an i am ever so sad and jealous :( i hope you guys are having a blast! i already miss you! great tuna melt, by the way. MWAH!

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