Goals for June + My Favourite Food

For those of you that leave your pets at home all day and wonder what they’re doing while you’re gone – I have your answer.




They spend the day sprawled out on the furniture they’re not allowed on when you’re home.


Puppy nose!!! Paige posted a picture of her dog’s nose a few days ago and my heart melted into a giant puddle. Best doggy part there is.


Followed closely by paws. And I die.

The dogs weren’t the only comatose beings in the house today – my mom and I both slept until 9am!!


That’s 9 hours of sleep. I’m not a solid sleeper, so that’s very rare for me. I must have needed it. Or the step-fam was just quiet rushing off to school today.


Bacon was had to celebrate my lovely night’s sleep, with an egg, mayo, lettuce and tomato on ezekiel bread.

Unemployment is starting to get to me…


…I thought it was Waffle Wednesday!


Instead, it was just another Tuesday. Boo. The Van’s Mini Waffles at least make for a great snack when topped with homemade maple pecan peanut butter.

After this, I went to the gym for a 3-mile run, followed by 10 minutes on the rowing machine, and then 10 on the stairmaster. Not gonna lie, my treadmill sesh was bruuuutalll. Not nearly as fun as this contraption I played on yesterday:

It’s the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer. I’ve tried it before, but couldn’t figure it out and hopped off after a couple minutes. Then Julie posted about it, and I felt the need to step back on. You can do a circular motion like a regular elliptical, swoosh back and forth like an arc trainer, or step like a stair machine.

I did 15 minutes using a regular circular motion and I really liked it!! The best part is that it doesn’t have a set range of motion like most other ellipticals. My freakishly long legs were able to move freely :)


This is where I show you I ate green food today, because the following set of pictures may lead you to believe otherwise.


First, I must thank Hallie for introducing me to the World’s Best Recipe – ie Smitten Kitchen blondies.


It is no secret that I favour sweets above all else. Chocolate chip cookies and brownies are my favourite sweets, ergo my favourite foods. Ever.


I had never heard of blondies until I started reading food blogs. They are not popular around these parts. Our idea of a “sweet” is a boston cream from Tim’s.


It eventually dawned on me that blondies are like brownies without the brown. Or, “blonde” “brown”ies if you will ;) I still thought it sounded like a boring ole’ square. Give me my chocolate brownies, or regular chocolate chip cookies and I am good to go. Why would I need more sweets in my already sweet-filled life?


Oh, how very, very wrong I was. For blondies are like a combination of my two favourite foods in the world. As I explained to my little step-brother while he poked at what I was making, “They’re like brownie cookies!” Sold.


The recipe is incredibly simple:

  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • pinch salt
  • 1 cup flour

And then there are the fixins. People tend to get crazy creative with blondies. Me? I just like a little chocolate with my butter and sugar please.

IMG_7571 IMG_7573


It is approximately here where I regret committing to these blondies, as I’d prefer to just gobble up the rest of the dough from the bowl.


But I know this is one treat so good that it must be shared.


Just don’t forget to save a lick for yourself!! Baker’s rights!!


Then my mother and I proceeded to get in our first argument since I moved back home.


After 25 minutes in the oven, I felt they only needed one more minute. She felt they needed 5. We bickered before compromising on 3. This is serious business people!!!




My secret to baked goods such as these is to portion them out reeeeal small. I cut it into 24 squares, making them 108 calories each.


Perhaps still a lot for you volume eaters out there, but I assure you, worth every single calorie.

Not to be outdone, my mother prepared salisbury steak for dinner.


Along with garlic mashed potatoes and assorted veggies.


I must admit though, I don’t really care for steak all that much. People say chicken is flavourless, but I find steak is a lot more bland.

No surprise what dessert was.


With two blurry dog faces in the background. Mind my chocolate-y fingers ;) I think it’s safe to say half the squares are already gone. I heard my mother say “These are so good I’m going to DIE.” :P


Last, but definitely not least, it is time to set my goals for June! June is shaping up to be another crazy month. I leave for Calgary next week, to spend a week in Banff with Holly. Then it’s off to Ottawa for 10 days to hang out with my sis, then finally move to Toronto on June 25! Gah!

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to achieve this month, and I’m happy with what I’ve come up with. It’s something I will at times have to consciously work on, but it is most certainly achievable.


My goal for June is to SMILE.


I want to have fun on all my travels and soak up every experience. I can’t say I’ll be able to adhere to a strict exercise or eating schedule. I know there will be times of stress and anxiety. But I think June has the potential of being one month I will look back on fondly for the rest of my life. I want to keep a smile planted on my face no matter where I am or what I’m doing, hopefully collecting a few good belly laughs along the way :)


Question of the Day: Your turn! What are your goals for June??

P.S. I loved hearing everyone’s lessons learned. Those posts always get some of the best comments!!

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  1. Ok, fine…do you think it’d be ok if I moved from the U.S. to live with you and your mum? All the people in my life might hate it…but, gosh!

  2. I cannot be trusted with cookie dough. I used to be a GREAT baker. Lots of yummy cookies, cakes, brownies…But once I started getting healthy I stopped all that baking. I’d seriously eat all of the cookie dough if I could. :)

  3. I love dog noses and paws :) Boomer is getting gray around hers…old lady.

    I will hop on the smile wagon! That’s one I will NOT fail at :)

  4. Mmmmm, blondies are good.
    Awesome goal for this month….for you. Take it all in. Once employment sets back in, your free time will be limited. Gosh, if only I sucked up all I could from my days not working. I need a vacation!

  5. oh i’m SUCH a sucker for blonde baked goods its ridic. mmmm :)

    hahaha i’ve been dabbling more and more with the awkward space shuttle machine! and i gotta say i don’t hate it so much! it actually is a great workout haha

    • It was definitely awkward when I couldn’t decide on what stride I wanted and was doing a mix of swooshing and stepping. Can’t wait to play around with it more though!

  6. You have never had a blondie before? I actually really like the batter alone LOL! Yum. Try with white chocolate chips some time.

    I think you will have a great month as long as you just go with the flow. It sounds pretty exciting already :D

    I think we are going to shoot for a 70-mile ride this month as one of the goals. Eeep!

  7. I quit the gym back in december but miss the motion trainer the most. It was such a great workout and now that I think out, it makes me sad :( Note to self, play lottery tomorrow in hopes I win and can buy my own!

  8. I believe that recipe is the very same one that I use because I think smitten kitchen got it from mark bittman! Either way, I LOVE those blondies so much. We don’t have them in England either so I was also flummoxed by the name until I made the same deductions as you!

    Ok, I just have to talk about steak for a minute, because I used to kind of dislike it until I discovered that I was always eating it well done. Is that how you tend to eat it? I didn’t know what had hit me the first time I tried my steak medium rare: it was life changing! That’s all I’ll say about it.

    My goals for June: enjoy every weekend because they are all jam packed! Get back into yoga and have fun!

    • Yes! I have heard medium rare is indeed life changing! It seems most people around here like their steaks a little more on the done side. I may have to suck it up and try making it on my own. I feel like I can’t make a proper judgement until then :)

  9. I love your goal for June. Can I copy it? :)

  10. We just got those weird looking elliptical things and I cannot figure it out! I try to use it like an elliptical and then all of the sudden I’m stair stepping. I felt so awkward and out of sync! I’ll stick with the arc trainer instead. Wow – don’t get me near those blondies – SO GOOD! They would be gone instantly. That’s my portion control problem kicking in.

    Goal for June – stay sane at work :)

  11. adrienmelaine

    Best goal around- I had one from March that was around being nicer to myself- and then I stopped making goals and was a hell of a lot nicer to myself- now I’m realizing that giving myself chocolate and tortilla chips every day isn’t a nice way to be nice.. perhaps yoga 3 times a week instead would be better!

  12. I am totally a chicken fan too!

    Still working on my goals…

  13. good job with the brownie cookies. they look awesome! the time spent at your moms seems so relaxing. i hope you are still able to do that even though i know it must be stressful without a job right now. hang in there girl. keep baking :)

    my goals for june are the live a little more. i feel like i have been wallowing in my bad mood for a bit. so im gonna try to smile and live a little!

  14. Archie looks just like my dog Graham haha everytime I see his picture I’m like….”graham, what are you doing on the blog?” hahahha! They are almost identical. Graham is a cockapoo though but he is the same color and curly! Their size may be different.

  15. I skipped over the blondies real quick…. they keep popping up everywhere and tempting me! Sounds like June will be a great month…hope it is! For June I simply want to break through 250lbs for the first time in 20yrs!

  16. I don’t know whether to say your welcome or apologize profusely. I describe the blondies as the taste of a cookie with the texture of a brownie. So basically, the best thing in the whole wide world.

    Oh and I freaking LOVE your goal…I need to make it mine too…I haven’t been too good at that one lately…

  17. homemade maple pecan peanut butter = yum

    the blondies omg as a kid, i could and did make myself sick i love them so much
    there is truly no way to replicate them as a vegan AND GF option. isn’t possible. the horror and shame. sigh.

    goals for june
    win my show!
    become a rich and famous sports & fitness model
    move without divorcing my husband or yelling at my child when the going gets tuff and in moving, it always does :)

  18. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    My goal for June is to get you to make me some of those blondies. Or to muddle through my job situation and try to get myself in a better place by the end of the summer!

  19. fattiefatterton

    We have those machines at my gym and I have yet to figure it out. I think I’m going to ask my trainer (who is quitting at the end of the month to give birth) to show me how to use it during our last session.

    I love Love LOVE Blondies. More than I should. We’re co-dependent – they need me to buy them and I need to eat them.

    Every time you show your plates, I grin. My mother has had those since I was a baby (and I’m 38).

    • My mom says they were a wedding gift in 1977! I don’t understand how she’s kept plates unscathed for over 30 years, when I managed to go through a whole set living on my own for just 5 :P

  20. We have those machines at my gym too! I’ve used them a few times, but for some reason they’re just too complicated for me to keep up with. I don’t know why, because they’re really just deluxe ellipticals, but for some reason my brain can’t keep up with my body!

    And as far as goals…number one is to find a summer job when I finish school (June 9th!) and read 5 books this month!

  21. Your puppy pics are soo sweet!!

    My everyday goal is to smile! I have been posting something that makes me smile everyday on my blog :)

  22. I am posting my goals on my blog later today! But I’ll give you a sneak peek ;)

    -Keep active, even if I’m not running- by SWIMMING at the local YMCA
    -Be more creative in the kitchen, and with my meals
    -Continue saving $$\
    -Try to keep a budget
    -Get more sleep!
    -But also get up earlier… in between my early riser challenge and my current wake up time.
    -Try not to stress about wedding stuff!

    I LOVE your goal to smile!


  23. I LOVE your goal! And your comment on my comment last post =)

    The downside of June and your adventures – less regular blogging: I’m gunna miss you =( BUT I’m excited for all of your adventures.

    My goal for June is part of my goal for Summer 2010. I have declared this my “Summer of Yes.” The Summer of Nicole, if you will (any Seinfeld fans lol). I just want to live life and not shy away from any opportunity because of disordered beliefs or routines. Of course I regret telling a bunch of my guy friends this (tell 20-something guys that you’re saying yes to everything and you’ll never hear the end of it), but I will have fun that’s for sure!

    NIcole G

    PS. I’m reading this Wednesday morning and enjoying Waffles!

    • Fret not, my posts will be so spectacular when they go up – it will be worth the wait!! ;) Saying yes more was a goal of mine a few months ago and it started a series of positive changes in my life. It most definitely will be The Summer of Nicole :D

  24. Those plates are unbreakable! My mom’s had hers for 30+years too. I guess it’s like old people say, they just don’t make things like they used to! lol!

    Blondies…I love them so. For the same reason as you…two favorites combined into one mega treat! :)

    Goal for June? To go somewhere fun and outdoorsy.

  25. Can I just tell you that your pictures are looking SO good?! Your picture taking skills rock.

    I love your simple goal. Shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish :).

  26. Hi, if you would like to send me some of those blondies, I would be happy to send you my address! :) Also, my mom has those same plates and she has been using them my whole life.

    Cute pictures of your pups. I recently started worked from home and I think my dog is upset that I disrupt his sleep pattern during the day.

  27. Best goal you could possibly have :D

    Waffle Wednesday…waffle Tuesday…potato…poTATo….

  28. i LOVE that goal! its so simple but so many of us go gthrough the day without a single positive comment or SMILE :) amazing!!

    those blondies…ill take one right now, thank you!!

    this morning I slept till 8 which is late for me during the week too (i had work at 1130) so its my day to sleep in but I guess my body really needed it too!!! your body will thank you later, when its not tired!!

    goals for june? Make it through INSANITY and also call my grandparents more!

  29. While I don’t bake much, um, I do believe those blondies are insulin worthy! Yum!

    My goals – work out more, track calories and drink less wine! :D

  30. I freaking LOVE blondies. True story- when I was little, I hated chocolate and was always so upset when the only dessert options were chocolate cake or brownies. Then I was introduced to a white chocolate chip blondie…there are no words. Just imagine angels singing.

    We have that machine at my gym now too! I tried it once- took a little getting used to (am I stepping? am I floating? am I ellipticalising? what is this thing?) BTW, is ellipticalising a word? I think it should be. According to spell check, it’s not. But then again, neither is “blondie”.

    Love your June goal!!!!! I might add that to mine too.

  31. I have the sudden urge to take a picture of my pup’s nose now, hahah. And I know what you mean! Last summer when I was still in a lot of pain from my horseback riding accident, I spent weeks at home lying on the couch… and I figured out the only thing my dog does all day is SLEEP. And then he wakes up when everyone else comes home. And then he goes BACK TO SLEEP at night!! I wish I could sleep half that much!

  32. Those blondies look fab! I love your goal I think mine will be to sort all my life changes out but I need to think about this a little more! x x

  33. those blondies look delicious, and I always love photos of the pups !

    my goals for june? Hmm, as I sit here and look out the window at the Portland rain, my goals are to open our swimming pool in June, and hopefully get my garden finally planted… the temps have been really low and cold.

    oh, and to Smile! :) LOVE THAT !

  34. Susan! I am sitting here hungry for chocolate-chip anything now! haha
    Cute doggies! awww- rough life!
    What a busy month you have! I hope you enjoy all of it!! Do you have a job lined up in Toronto?

    My goal in June is to work hard (in school and in diet and exercise) so I can reap the benefits now and later! :-)

  35. those blondies look amazing! I love any baked goods that don’t require many ingredients and aren’t very complicated. I’m going to make these next week! thanks for posting :)

  36. that is the absolute best goal. ever.

  37. hahaha marshall and i want to put up a camera so we can spy on the dogs while we are gone. love the nose shot. it is dangerous how easy blondies are to make. i ALWAYS have all the ingredients on hand. ive stopped making them! smile. i love that.

  38. oh and i havent thought about june goals yet, but maybe i will tonight!

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