Things I Learned the Month I Moved Back Home

I could comfortably live at home with my mom for the rest of my life. This is why it’s imperative that I move out.


They should lower the retirement age to 24.


Experimenting with my diet is still a good thing. I now know dairy does not adversely affect my body.


Sometimes it doesn’t take a grandiose action to make a difference. Just being there is often enough.


Don’t let your mother pick up men’s phone numbers for you.

Dairy-free (ish) Protein Pancakes are better than Bisquick.


I was silly to think I’d stop hearing sad stories once I left my job as a reporter.


Wear a seatbelt.


HEAB’s Maple Nut Oaties are not a cookie. They are little nuggets of happiness.


Manual white balance has changed the way I photograph.


Blue chips > yellow chips.


I’m a dog person.


My mom puts crack in her food. It’s the only way to explain why her chili, spaghetti, pie, etc are the best in the world.


Of all the exercises in the world, lifting weights is my favourite.


I have an insatiable sweet tooth. Instead of denying it, I need to just manage it.


I like to shop alone.


Jugo Juice won’t do snack-sized protein smoothies, but they will add a scoop of whey to a Snackin’ Wacky Watermelon.


It’s time to get a job when your day is defined by what talk show is on.


Hummus or bean dip makes a fantastic sauce for a pepperoni pita pizza.

Blogging has become part of my livelihood. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I can still come on here to write it all out, and have a group of friends here to support me :)


Question of the Day: What did you learn in May?

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  1. I love this post. Crack in the food is funny: My grandma used to have a saying: Food always tastes better when your feet are under someone else’s table”. :-) So true.

    I must say that Heab oaties have crack in them for sure.

    Hee hee on the mother getting boys phone numbers and lowering retirement age to 24.

    Must check out manual white. First I’ll google it- then I’ll explore it ;-)

    In May I learned that you learn an awful lot about life by losing someone you love dearly. And it’s not all bad.

    Much love,

  2. I always love your lessons learned and resolution type posts. It makes me realize that we are so similar in many ways and not just because I LOVE blue chips and hummus pizza sauce. I just love your style and the way you think. I believe we’d be good friends if we lived in the same city.

    Little Nuggets of Happiness – I love it! :)

    P.S. Is it sad that I am so excited to make waffles again just so I can dip rather than drizzle?

  3. Great post! I agree the retirement age should be 24 as well. I learned that if you think something is too good to be true, it probably is, and I CAN live without beef.

  4. I had your pancakes again this morning. Yes, they are better than Bisquick. :]

    In May I learned several things: the school year is way too long, I like working hard, I love sunshine, and dissecting dead baby pigs doesn’t bother me. Heheh.

  5. Those are great lessons. I think the best lesson I learned in May, was that I could bike 55 miles–not get tired and not give up when my bike broke. ;) We can all do things we never thought we could.

  6. Great post! I can sympathize with so many of these things whenever I come home for the summer. I love my mom’s home cooked food and she totally spoils me!
    I always find that it’s so relaxing shopping alone, and I’m much more efficient! And those pancakes look deliciousss

  7. Loved this :D I thought I was the only one who liked shopping alone. There are plently of leisurely activities I can enjoy with friends…shopping isn’t one of them ;)

    Soooo is there a story behind mom getting men’s numbers for you? lol

    • Hahaha. Let’s just say that my mom now knows what the term “beer goggles” means, and that it’s very important to Facebook any names she may bring home for me :P

  8. I love this post- love, love, love it!

    I live at home right now and am like you that I could stay here forever- needless to say I’m leaving in a month and will not be looking back- comfortable at 24 cannot be a good thing!

  9. I love all those things you learned!! And yeah, hummus for a pizza sauce- or ANY sauce for that matter- is delicious!!!!

  10. Love this post Susan. So glad you like to blog…I love reading it. Thanks.

  11. Lovely lessons learned at the parentals. :)

    I sometimes wish my mom would get men’s numbers for me. I need all the help I can get. Haha

  12. I love shopping alone.

    This post was fantastic. i really do love reading your blog & now i want a better camera

  13. Love this post! I’m so glad your time at home was good!

  14. I am so loving your camera, Susan! Those are some awesome shots!

    I learned just because you bike 60 miles, that doesn’t mean you will lose weight LOL!

  15. I’m right there with you. I could totally live with my parents the rest of my life. I heart them!!
    In May I learned that life can come together exactly the way you hoped but still be complicated!!!!

  16. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    So many warm fuzzies in this post! I love to shop alone. I’m actually thinking of going to see the SATC movie alone tomorrow!

  17. loving lifting, insatiable sweet tooths, and mom putting crack in her food….priceless.

    i learned in may that i love lifting too and cant wait to see where it takes me!

  18. Crack in the food! Great line, maybe she’s trying to keep you there?
    That pizza looks so good!.

    I learned that bad training runs don’t always translate into a bad race…..thankfully!

  19. The things I learned in May are things I already “knew” but definitely needed to be reminded of. Such as, being kind to my body when it is clearly injured and not sweating the small (wedding) stuff!!

    I LOVE hummus pizza, yum!


  20. We never stop learning things about ourselves! It makes life fun! The better we know ourselves, the more we are able to makes the right choices. Such a simple concept, but I love it!

  21. I hope my kids feel as though they could live at home forever (even though I hope they don’t!) I too like to shop alone.

    I learned in May that I must get better at time management.

  22. hahaha i totally need to move out too before my mama sucks me in forever. <3 living at home but when my wallet allows me to i'm outta hurrrrrr

    can your mama cook for me too? puHLEASE

    in may i learned that being 24 is exactly the same thing as being 23

  23. Awesome post. I agree with so many of those. Live at home forever? Umm, sign me up! All of my friends (most of us just graduated college) are complaining about moving back home until they have the money to get their own place and I’m terrified of having to move out one day LOL I’m such a Momma’s girl =)

    Something I learned in May? An extra couple hundred calories and some fats can be all the difference your body needs to function properly. I have SO much energy lately. I’m amazed at what my body can I do when I nourish it properly.

    Nicole G

  24. Great post Susan! I have to go back in read, I don’t know, the last year to catch up on what has been going on with you haha :-)
    That’s great you had a good time living with your mom. I don’t know if I could! haha I love my mom very much but the combo of her and my dad would drive me bonkers!

    May was a big month to learn! I learned I can make it through law school with tons of hard work and determination and a positive attitude. I learned it’s never to late to get back into shape for the purpose of health and the things you love: for me running! I learned I have made some amazing friends here at law school and I hope to remain friends. I learned I MISSED blogging and reading blogs so I am back! :-)

    When are you heading to the T-dot? I was there this weekend for a half-marathon! I definitely miss the city! You will LOVE it there! Maybe we can meet sometime once you are settled and I am back in the city!

    • I’m heading to TO on June 25 and moving into my new place on July 1st! YES to a meet-up! I hope to arrange lots of bloggie get-togethers once I get there :)

  25. I am SO thankful that blogging has become part of your livelihood because it sure has become a favorite part of my day to see your posts and your pictures. Honestly, I subscribe to MANY blogs…and yours is truly a delight. Keep up the amazing work!

    On another note, I moved home with my parents after college for what I thought was going to be 2 months while I found my “dream” job. I stayed two years and it was two of the best years of my life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Nothing quite as comforting!

  26. These are some of my all time favorite posts of yours! So insightful you are :).

    I learned that I need to demand more in my relationship–I’m a catch and he should act like I am.

    I learned that smores taste SO much better when you aren’t worried about what kind of calories they contain.

    • Oooh, those are good lessons Lisa – damn straight you’re a catch! The way people treat us tends to be a reflection of the way we treat ourselves. Unfortunately I didn’t figure that out until the end of my lat relationship :(

  27. Love it!!
    Blue chips > yellow chips = agreed
    I like to shop alone = again, agreed

    In May I learned that I can run 13.1 miles and that I feel an amazing sense of accomplishment from running races! I also learned that a poached egg makes anything (almost) a meal.

    Happy June!

  28. I really liked this post. I live with my parents and younger brother right now too, and we literally almost killed eachother over an eaten hard boiled egg about three days ago! Moving out is a MUST! This May I learned that you do NOT need to stress to get things accomplished, and that life will go on, taking things in the ‘moment’ is a good thing. Don’t think about all your moments at once.

  29. What a great post and your pictures are fantastic! I agree with so many of these things, including that blue chips are far better than any other kind.

    I am envious you can still eat cheese! I had to cut that out, along with a million other things.

  30. Your mom picking up a guy’s number cracked me up- my mom is always trying to set me up with a “nice Jewish boy from the synagogue”. I don’t think he has a say in this either… And speaking of mom’s, why is there cooking so amazing? My kids are going to be disappointed if I don’t learn to cook properly!

    LOOOOOVING the new lighting on the photos. This is my year for getting a DSLR. For sure.

    What did I learn in May? A bunch of things, but the most important one is how important it is to listen to your body.

  31. I WANT IT ALL and by “it” I mean everything in this post including most the pancakes and that pizza!!

    and yes, retirement age should DEF be lowered ;)

  32. Aw, I hear ya on the trying to get away from bad news deal. That’s actually why I got out of journalism…my soul was becoming hardened!
    Must try HEAB’s oaties. They look fabulous!
    In May I learned that going for what I want lowers my blood pressure and makes me sane.
    Have a great day, hun!

  33. Aww… I loved reading your last sentence :) Love your blog.

    And… yes, it would be wonderful if they would lower the retirement age. Then we could all head to Florida and sip mojitos by the beach – it would be blissful!

  34. I love Jugo Juice SOSOSO much!! I almost cried when they closed their location in my hometown :( Even now I’ll sometimes drive to Oakville or Vaughn or downtown TO just to get one…

  35. perfect sunday activity is catching up on your world. i don’t like to shop with people either.. in fact i kinda hate going to the mall/grocery store with people! and YAY for being a dog person. and for all these other things. and nuggets of happy.

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