Hellohello! Just finished watching a movie featuring this man:

Cary Grant in Charade. Much more dapper and debonair than this man I just watched in Up in the Air.

However, neither are as ruggedly handsome as this man:


Where were we??

Ohyes. I’m here to ramble about food.


I had to bring oatmeal back into my life this morning. An empty jar of nut butter demands it.


I previously pretty much scraped this puppy clean, so I added a little dollop of peanut butter and nutella on top for good measure.


And then I reeeeeally scraped it clean.


This image always entertains me. It looks like I ate a whole jar of almond butter with a spoon.


Not that I’m above that or anything ;)

Just so we’re clear, I’m not off the bacon yet either.


Someone *coughmymothercough* enjoyed themselves a little too much at a beer festival last night. She woke up craving a bacon sandwich, which in turn filled the house with the aroma of bacon. It’s a smell that can’t be denied once unleashed. I went straight to the bacon stash when doing up my lunch, adding an egg, mayo, tomato and lettuce between two pieces of ezekiel bread. Heaven.

I traded in my lifting workout today for a long walk with the dog. My body wasn’t too keen on yet another day of intense exercise, and the sunshine looked pretty darn inviting. Archie and I were out for about 45 minutes. He did really well this time, but still collapsed once we got home.


You’d think I had a death wish for this poodle. But I swear, it’s for his own good!


I was quite chipper after the walk. I’ve taken to listening to podcasts while on these jaunts. Today’s was Jillian Michaels’ show of course. She was talking about NEAT.


For the record, the poodle is alive. He’s sleeping at my feet, twitching from puppy dreams :)

Made my new favourite snack again this afternoon!


5 tbsp soy protein powder + 2 tbsp hot chocolate mix + 1 tbsp coconut.


Mixed up with almond milk until everything is dissolved.


It’s like ice cream, but better. Which is easy for me to say, because I don’t like ice cream ;)

Supper was a… you guessed it! Big salad!


The family went over to the step-grandparent’s place for Chinese food. The thought of it made my stomach turn, so I opted to stay home and eat salad while watching Gossip Girl.


It was a good choice. Have you seen the season finale!?!? Holy dramz. The dressing for this salad is White Bean & Grilled Red Pepper dip. Protein is tofu, base is kale and romaine and the “fun” is shredded swiss cheese. Solid.


Final May Goal Check-In:

Strength train three times a week, with a focus in muscular power.
I only got two lifting workouts in this week. But the hard labour I did at the cottage counts for something… Right??
Run twice a week, increasing my mileage by 10% each week. Yay! I ran twice this week and my foot is pain-free! I did 2 miles on the treadmill then 6 miles outdoors.

Stop buying dairy, eating it only when out or when it’s “a must.” The only dairy I had this week (as in previous weeks) was one serving of hard cheese a day. I really like it on top of my salads, and I wasn’t ready to give that up.
Stay away from refined sugars, again eating only for special occasions. Failfailfail. Did you see that Nutella up there? I think this may make for a better short-term goal like Lori did. Doing this for a whole month is a long time for me.

Add and organize content, new recipes, workouts, and revised pages and categories.
Hmm… I haven’t done anything new to the blog since I checked in last! Boo.

Improve my organization. Make lists, finish them, know what needs to be done, when.
I organized my belongings and travel plans this past week, so that’s a plus. I still have a lot to do though.
Spend time with my family. Happy to not just be hanging out with my family, but my step-families as well (I have one on each side – including five step siblings!)
Enjoy and soak up every single minute. Now that my departure date is getting closer, it’s becoming harder not to get ahead of myself. So long as I have everything in place, whatever will happen in the future will happen. I need to enjoy right now :)


Overall, I feel pretty good about this month’s goals. I don’t think I hit both of my fitness ones in one week. But I was doing other activities instead, which is better than nothing.

As for my food goals, I will not be continuing them. I will keep an eye on my refined sugar, but I’m just not at a point right no where I can experiment by cutting it out completely. I fully expect to eat desserts when I go to Banff next week. I also didn’t notice a huge difference without dairy. I think I may allow one serving of yogurt or cottage cheese a day on top of the hard cheese. So two servings of dairy a day. My tummy will be able to handle that. I think it was the 5 servings I was having before that was the problem.

There will definitely be a few more blog updates before I start travelling. I also really enjoyed paying attention to my life goals this month. So many moments are now etched in my memory because I took a second to be still and absorb them. Bliss :)


Questions of the Day:

1. How did you make out on your goals for this month?

2. Who’s your Hollywood crush? Robert Redford circa 1973-1976. Yes, I have eras for my crushes.


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  1. I really enjoyed Up In The Air – it hit close to home. I’m glad I watched it after I landed a new job though.

    My goals for May: no bread, no beef. I completely failed on no bread, but did not over-indulge. No beef = no problem. I tried no pork as well but broke down and had pizza with bacon today. That’s ok, I am feeling good about it.

    Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

  2. I love making OIAJ using the Maranatha containers. I find the smaller PB containers are just too tiny for my massive oatmeal breakfasts! Archie is impressive for being able to walk for 45 min. My pup can only handle 20-30 min before he starts absolutely dragging.

  3. First time visitor to your blog – hello! I love the pics of the empty jar (kind of does look like you’ve eaten the whole thing) and little Archie. I bet he found his energy again when you mentioned dinner? Works every time!

    1. Pretty good – achieved some stuff I hadn’t planned for… that made up for the bits that were planned for but not achieved. Balance!
    2. Johnny Depp still does it for me, pre-Pirates though.

  4. adrienmelaine

    I didn’t even post any goals for this month- I fell off the wagon completely, buy am looking forward to making new ones in June!

    I love Bing Crosby, not going to lie- those sparkly blue eyes in White Christmas.. or Paul Newman (http://365pwords.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/paul_newman_cover_gq.jpg) don’t even tell me you wouldn’t do that! haha

  5. I dont have any hollywood crushes but i lust after some of the super hot chicks in the fitness industry. my gawd there are some seriously hot babes :)

    your goals. i love that you have done nothing w/ the blog and everything w/ the fam. THAT’S a huge!!! goal! or meeting of a goal that was never set. I think that was life working in your favor :) and helping you w/ what’s important vs not as much )

    Nutella and beer festivals. I think you’re a 20something and this is life and you’re living it!

  6. Is it sad that I can name off my boyfriend’s “free pass” list way easier than mine? I am a big fan of Justin Timberlake…and Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds…can’t think of any movie stars at the moment though. Now I have a project for this evening.

    I think I need to make some goals for June…I tend to make goals and then forget about them, but I think I’m going to go back to my New Year’s resolutions and work on those.

  7. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    My boyfriend and I were just watching Star Wars and good gravy, Harrison Ford was sure a looker (well, still is)

  8. thank you again for comment on my blog :)
    Yeah, season finale is terrible, I mean, why are they doing this to us? :D we can’t stand that much drama :))
    my goals…hm. I think I’m going to make some for the next month. but I did increase my food intake, I guess, so that’s one goal acomplished :)

  9. your goals are going good! i loove the smell of bacon but i dont like eating it! xx

  10. I LOVE bacon. Oh, man… I know I’m a veggie now, but it’s really only for health reasons, let’s be real. I don’t think I could go FOREVER without bacon!!

    Great job with the goals! I came up short on a few of my goals… especially running (due to injury) and saving (only saved $130 out of $200… wedding! sigh.). But I have kept the apartment pretty clean! :D

    And hollywood crush… I love Jesse Williams (Avery on Grey’s Anatomy) those eyes get me every time… mmmm…

    On a TOTALLY random note, I had a dream about you last night. No joke. I was driving “home” (i’m assuming in Toronto) and saw you on the way, outside your “house” raking leaves, and you begged me to stop and help you, so I did but I complained the whole time about you not living in Toronto yet because it was so far away to rake leaves. WHAT? I swear I am not a crazy stalker… ;)


  11. The no sugar thing is hard, especially when it is in some of the favorite foods, you know? Maybe just being aware is enough. I might add in a few sugar-free days during the month, just to keep things interesting.

    I have a few Hollywood crushes:
    Marlon Brando in the “On the Waterfront” and “Streetcar Named Desire” era. Hubba, hubba…

    Ralph Fiennes (Yes, I loved the English Patient!)

    and not really Hollywood, but I do have a TV crush on Alton Brown. Or the earlier Alton Brown anyway. Not too keen on his ultra skinny look these days.

    • Yes, I’ve noticed a lot of Food Network stars seem to be shrinking lately! Nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel healthy, but it would be nice if they actually ate the food they make ;)

  12. I absolutely believe a normal human being who wants to be productive and not turn into a cranky bitch NEEDS sugar. Hee hee! I’m glad you’ve got such a healthy perspective towards this, and not cutting it out completely. Moderation, baby!

    No Hollywood crushes…I think I dont watch enough movies.

  13. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s a shame we couldn’t have met when you lived in Fredericton! Seems as though we’ve got lots in common with the fitness and food stuff.

    You might be interested in checking out my other blog as well, although it’s still pretty new: thefrillyapron.blogspot.com.

    I’ve added your blog to my regular reads, and I hope you’ll do the same with mine.

    Talk soon,

  14. good for you on keeping track of that dairy and finding out what works for you! i also got a little uncomfortable (ahem, bloating, pain, etc) when i ate too much dairy. if i keep mine around 1-3 servings a day, i am usually okay too.

    and YAYYYYY for banff. and yes, we WILL eat dessert. post-yoga of course.

    i am OBSESSED with gene kelly (a la singing in the rain), paul newman (a la cool hand luke) and george clooney everything. chris noth (aka BIG from sex and the city) is up there too :)

  15. Hahaha! I thought I might have killed my dog on Saturday from our walk, too! I posted a picture on my blog with him looking exactly like Archie–completely crashed out on the floor. Funny, haha. Its like deja vu, because on Saturday night, too, my family got Chinese, but I opted for a big salad instead! Weird, huh?

  16. My May goals were: drink more water, wear sunscreen and stretch. I did pretty great on the first two. :(

    My Hollywood crush would be Josh Duhamel. :)

  17. I once again didn’t have any big goals so none to check in on. I think you did great on yours. I love that you admit that the sugar one just isn’t for you and you aren’t going to keep pushing it.

    And nothing is better than icecream. :D

  18. A big fail on my goals this month, I didn’t post them because I kinda feel a bit weird sharing them, maybe too personal. But really they aren’t. Anyway, I have learned perhaps posting them keeps them more visible.

    • Yes, posting my goals is more of a way to selfishly make sure I achieve them. Without the check-ins, there is no way I’d ever achieve them. And hopefully it inspires others to set some concrete goals of their own. Accountability is key for me!!

  19. At least you had some success with your goals and are honest about it, good job though!! I have yet to evaluate mine but know I already failed on some of them but we shall see.

    I love when I see Lincoln moving from his dog dreams, it just make me smile :)

  20. I always get a kick out of the empty OIAJ pictures :) I am such a huge fan of Jillian’s podcasts- thank you for introducing them to me! I think you did great with your goals…progress, not perfection, right? And if they were easy, we would have done them already.

    I have never seen any old Hollywood movies! (seriously, you could probably count the moves that I have seen on one hand… I have the attention span of a goldfish).

    I was so excited about my June goals for the past few days but my priorites have changed and so have my goals.

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