Hometown Runner

Mmmm… can you smell the bacon??


Damn, no wonder I wake up starving every morning. My belly is already awake in anticipation for the goodness that’s about to enter it.



Breakfast was ready in 5 minutes flat. Egg + bacon + laughing cow + ezekiel.

IMG_7373 IMG_7374

Citrus on the side as always. Why have orange juice, when you can just have a juicy orange ;)

Breakfast needed to be quick, so I could digest sooner. It was shaping up to be a hot day and I wanted to get a long run in before it got too unbearable. I’m a bit of a goldilocks when it comes to running outdoors – the climate has got to be juuuuust right ;)

I decided to test out my new and improved mummified foot by re-introducing the long run. I’m working on building up my mileage over the summer months, and this week’s was a 6-miler.

One of the challenges of moving back to my mom’s place has been finding decent running routes. There are a couple lakes that I can loop around, but both loops are short, thus better suited for shorter runs.

My mom and Mark told me the city improved on their waterfront trail. Waterfront trails are my favourite running routes ever. The surface is agreeable for my body, the view is fantastic, and the people are always friendly. My favourite trail in Fredericton ran along the St. John River. I took that trail for every single outdoor run, and loved it more with each outing.

So not surprisingly, I got quite excited by the idea of finding my very own riverfront trail here in Moncton. Now, those of you who know the area are probably beginning to clue in to what I’m getting at here, because there is a glaring difference between the two rivers. Fredericton’s St. John River is beautiful. Moncton’s Petitcodiac most definitely is not.


It’s a pile of mud. With flocks of seagulls. When the tide is out, it smells like sewer and boiled eggs. Oh yes, and see that little hill on the left? That’s where much of the trail is. Looks like a nice mound of grass, doesn’t it? It’s a landfill.

So no, my run wasn’t as beautiful as Fredericton, nor was it as pleasant to the olfactory. BUT, it is still the best trail I’ve found in Moncton so far. And I guess the landfill provides some fun challenging hills. Actually, it was a pretty darn good run :)

I made it back home just as the sun was starting to beat down on me. I immediately refuelled with half a bunch of grapes.

Other half was consumed for my pre-run sugar ;)

Gave my muscles an extra good stretch and iced all my hot spots (ie trouble areas).


Then sat back with an article on Bieber Fever.


It was actually a really good article on how his management team used a new internet marketing model. I didn’t know he sold “mini albums” online. Neat-o.

Eventually, The Hunger kicked in and I had to get up to make a meal.


A pita stuffed with sautéed tofu, red pepper, onion, mushrooms and kale.


Carrots + salsa!


Hit. The. Spot. So good. So filling.

I used a new-to-me pita bread for the sandwich. I was quite excited to discover it at the Superstore!

It’s made in Halifax, but what really got me is that it’s only 80 calories!


Mind you, it is a very thin pita, but I much prefer it that way.

I also tried out a new dip on the pita.


It’s no hummus, but I love red pepper anything.


Despite being thin, the pita bread held up perfectly. Sticking it in the microwave for a few seconds keeps it from tearing when you assemble it.

I played chauffeur to my mom and Mark all afternoon. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Snacked on a couple Maple Nut Oaties.

I also stopped by a new cafe in town called Cafe Codiac. I was very excited to check it out as the building used to be a liquor store, and I wanted to see what they did with the place!

Got a soy sugar-free vanilla iced latte. Verrrry tasty. I will have to go back with my camera, they had a vegepate sandwich I was was eying. If I was staying in Moncton, I would 100% apply for a job there. I was at one point a career barista afterall ;)

I also got roped into going over to my mom’s friend’s place on a whim. She told me there would be free chicken burgers. Who am I to turn that down?

Just finished off my evening with my new favourite protein snack.

Hmm. Doesn’t look very appetizing, does it? I thought the image looked a little yellow-ish. Then I remembered I can change the white balance on my camera.

I watched this video, and figured out how to do it.


Et voila!! C’est magique!


Neat, eh? I think I will keep manually adjusting the white balance, I’m almost embarrassed that I wasn’t already!


Ohyes, and the snack! It’s 5 tbsp unflavoured soy protein powder, 2 tbsp hot chocolate mix, 1 tbsp flaked coconut and enough almond milk to dissolve everything. The soy protein powder has a completely different texture than that of whey powder. It’s very fine like flour and puffs up instead of getting gooey. Instead of being like a protein pudding, it was like a protein mousse cake!


Now I am off to finish up this fine Saturday by catching up on Gossip Girl. My step-sister says the season finale was shocking, and I have to know what happened! See ya tomorrow for a final goal check-in!!


Question of the Day: What is your favourite thing about your hometown? Your least favourite? I actually grew up in a smaller town across that muddy river. My favourite part is that everyone knows everyone. My least favourite part is that everyone knows everyone!! :P

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  1. adrienmelaine

    I would be hungry if I was smelling bacon when I was waking up as well!

    I’m on the other coast- my favorite thing is the ocean, and Bean Around the World (best coffee shop ever.) and least favorite thing about my home town is running into people from high school- I tried to leave this place for a reason!

  2. I prefer waterfront/flat runs too.

    My hometown is Seattle. I love the city. The excitement, being close to nature, good coffee. :) hate the traffic!

  3. Haha I am totally Goldilocks when it comes to running too. It was HOT on my run today, which is good since my half marathon will be hot too, but still. Not nearly as pleasant.

    I think my favorite thing about San Diego is that if I wanted to, I could go from the beach to the mountains in one day. I dislike how expensive it is to own property (or anything else) but I guess the price we pay to live in basically paradise!

  4. fave thing about my home state of Minnesota would be the friendly, real, people. nothing fake about those peeps

    HATE the frigid temps

    ice onthe knees..ouuch girl

    the maple nut oatie balls look great. i put my spin on heabs recipe about 6mos ago and actaully reposted them a couple days ago.. funny!

    have a great sunday :)

  5. Awesome job on the run! I have to try your protein snack out, it looks awesome . Fav thing about my hometown = good community centers/recreation options, least favourite = reaaaally bad reputation for being ‘ghetto’!

  6. I’m from/in Halifax, and…I ADORE my town. Going downtown and just walking around and seeing the huuuuuge variety of shops, people and cultures just never fails to make me smile. :D

  7. What a beautiful place! ;) For anyone that says just that they didn’t read your
    post LOL! I saw the prettiest landfills in Florida HA!

    My favorite thing about my hometown is the way I feel there. Like a kid or an abnoxious teenager.

    I wouldn’t really have a least until I moved up here. Franklin Indiana has changed so much and become DEAD.

  8. If you love waterfront trails, you are going to LOVE running in Toronto!! Ahh I run along Humber Bay all the time and it is so beautiful!!

    Those are two of my favorite and least favorite things about my town too! But really my FAVORITE thing growing up in Narragansett was the beach. Least favorite? Tourist season!!


  9. Hmm… I think I’m going to try putting almond milk instead of water in my protein cookie dough concoctions. I never make them because they always give me such a stomach ache! Maybe the almond milk would make the protein gentlier on my stomach?

    Even though I wasn’t born here, I consider the town I live in my hometown… and I love everything about it! My favorite would have to be our lake, though.

  10. I totally feel you on the ups and downs of everyone knowing eachother. One of the best AND worst things about my hometown. And I’m reminded of it everytime I go to a local bar there. All the kids I grew up with.

    Though I have to say one of the things I miss since my family moved to Rockland about 3 years ago was the ability to walk EVERYWHERE in the Bronx. I hate how I have to drive to get anywhere in Rockland.

    Enjoy your Sunday!
    Nicole G

  11. I think you have just convinced me to invest in some soy protein powder. I have been buying individual packets for baking, but…yeah. Need that in my life. Also a new camera- what a cool difference between the pics!!!!

    I microwave all my wraps/pittas to stop them tearing- makes such a huge difference.

    What I love about where I live is all the cool history! We have everything a “modern” city has, but there are tiny cobbled streets with stories behind every building. I can’t wait to show you around :D What I don’t like is that it’s not New York. Haha. Not a huge fan of the weather either.

  12. i want bacon now. your breakfast looks great!!

    whenever I run in an ugly setting I try to find the ugliest thing and keep a contest going – takes my mind off the run :) weird, but hey it works!!

    ps. I tried your dairy free pancakes and they were epicly good. so making them again.

  13. Isn’t the difference between soy and whey amazing? I just ordered some egg white protein and I am going to see how protein cakes do with that.

    I haven’t really been back to my home town much. Funny I don’t remember a whole lot about what we did there other than playing as kids. Maybe the parks were the best part.

  14. starsinthecity

    The lakefront trails in Toronto are my favourite place to bike and run, I hope you love ’em when you get to the city!

  15. Is it weird of me to say that you have become probably my most favorite blog to read? It’s weird only because I feel almost like a fan now. But I know you’re such a good friend too. hehe. But seriously. Bacon and egg sandwich? Protein faux mousse? 80 calorie pita bread? running trails? carrots and salsa? justin beiber? what’s more to love?? :)

    fave thing about my home town: university and downtown area, tucson is sooo hippie, and i love it. you walk into any of my grocery stores, thrift shops, coffee shops, yoga studios, and you see the same person, or at least the same type of person. its great. and the mountains. nothing beats it.

    least fave? restaurant scene! as much as i love my fave hot spots of food, the food scene is very lackluster. especially for me. boo.

  16. Least favorite thing about my hometown (super small and not too nice) is the lack of outdoorsy things available. Just buildings, homes, roads, and orchards… would have been better to grow up some place a little greener.

    Favorite thing… my parents. They still live in my hometown and I do enjoy visiting them in my childhood house… a beautiful house, at that.

    Good question!

  17. I just have to comment and say that I love how positive you are on your blog. I don’t know how you do it, but you always seem to have the best attitude about everything! It’s kind of relaxing… haha.

  18. I consider my hometown where I grew up, Arlington, VA. My favorite things are that stuff is always open and people are always out and about 24/7. Least favorite, traffic and that it’s so far from my current home.

    Favorite thing about my current home is that there is no traffic and there are awesome parks and hiking trails nearby. Least favorite is that there are no healthy food stores, mostly chain restaurants, and no good paying jobs.

  19. That breakfast sandwich looks amazing!

    Um, I’m totally bookmarking that video because i have the yellow-y issue as well. Thanks for posting that! And keep photo tips coming!

    Being a military brat, I don’t have a real hometown but I consider where my dad lives to be home base. I love it because it is small and gorgeous (that’s where we got our engagement pics) but I hate how touristy it gets in the summer.

  20. Ahh, my hometown was your home away from home until recently ;) Like you, I ADORE the river. To this day, coming across the Princess Margaret bridge looking up at UNB as the sun in rising or setting takes my breath away .

    Well, a lot has changed since I moved away. But my least favorite thing was that it was a bit “white bread”, if you know what I mean. Everybody seems to be cookie cutter there – not a lot of individuality like you see in the bigger centres in the rest of Canada. I notice that in Freddy, people like to stare A LOT. If I’m dressed a little differently than the other 30,000 females in the city, I seem to get the stink eye.

    • Oooh, I’m glad you answered this question! Totally agree that the river and physical beauty of Fredericton is the best part. Least favourite (and part of the reason why I was anxious to get out) there is no one between the ages of 21 and 45!! It’s all students and government workers and no one in between :(

  21. My hometown is Toronto and what I love about it is that it is really easy to get around (well if you use public transit, at least – driving is a bit of a nightmare) and that there is always something to do. Least favorite part was that its just so busy all the time that you lose a bit of the smaller town charm (ppl don’t hold doors as much etc.). Its still a really fun city though.

  22. t’s funny that certain things make me think of certain bloggers.. and oranges ALWAYS make me think of you! and now so does bacon ;) thanks for the white balance link. and the other link you posted to me. any others you may have, send my way! love ya!

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