The Non-Backyard BBQ

Happy Waffle Wednesday!!!

Confession: I couldn’t wait until Wednesday this week, and ate up my waffles on Tuesday. I was waffling in spirit though :) Actually, today was more of a Weightlifting Wednesday. Alliteration Wednesday??

In my unemployment, I’ve become accustomed to waking up at 7am every morning when my mom’s boyfriendlifepartner wakes up. I make breakfast, drink coffee, relax, then go to the gym with my mom when she’s ready. This really is the ideal workout situation for me, as I’m adequately fuelled and caffeinated for when the real work begins.

However, life was not always so agreeable. Back in my working days (almost a month ago!!) I was up at 5am every day to hit up the gym before my office job. I got pretty used to this routine, and my body adjusted to the early morning beating.

Suffice it to say, this is no longer the case :P This morning I woke up, gobbled up a banana, and was on the elliptical within 30 minutes of rising. Whoa. Shock to the ole system. Took me much longer to get into the groove, but once I did it was gooood!

Warm-up: 15 minutes on the elliptical, increasing resistance

Straight set (x3)
One arm dumbbell snatch (shoulders, quads, glutes)

Superset (x3)
Wide-grip lat pulldown (upper & mid back, biceps)
Single leg squat (quads, glutes, inner thigh)

Superset (x3)
Cable twisting chest press (chest, front of shoulder, triceps, obliques) 
Single leg romanian deadlift (hamstrings, glutes, lower back, hips)

Superset (x3)
Dumbbell front raise with a side lunge (front shoulders, top back, thighs, glutes) 
Standing calf raise (calves) 

Superset (x3)
Incline curl (biceps)
Kickback (triceps)

Superset (x3)
Cable horizontal woodchop (obliques)
Reverse crunch (lower abs)

Solid, solid lifting workout folks! Lately I’ve been alternating between upper-body and lower-body moves with my full-body workouts. I used to do all compound moves, but I’ve noticed more results with a few extra isolation moves thrown in there. Whole thing took me an hour. Doing supersets helps me speed through it.

Oh yes, and why exactly was I up working out so early when I’m unemployed?

I had things to attend to of course!

Fun things :) Friends of Sister Jane were in town playing a show. Bette & Wallet play vamped up folk music, you can listen to them here! And while we’re on it, Sister Jane is a musician as well. She’s currently working on her third album, and you should most definitely go listen to her music here.

There, I think I have all my shameless plugs accounted for.

The only thing that could have made this concert better was some free food. Wait! It had that too!

There was a “backyard bbq” theme. Despite the event actually being held on the stage of a theatre. I showed up hungry and figured I could snack on the veggie tray until I found something better after we left. Little did I know it was going to be good food!!


Albeit, not the “healthiest” food. The options were beef chili, seafood chowder, dinner rolls, bbq drumsticks, ribs and a raw veggie tray.

As soon as I saw the chili I knew I was good. Chili is surprisingly a good choice at times like these (if you love the beef). It’s not made with cream, is chock full of veggies, meat and fibre, and relatively low-cal. I had one scoop of the chili (~1 cup), a piece each of the ribs and chicken just to get a taste, and filled the rest of my plate with veggies.


It was the perfect serving! I got to try some of the yummy stuff, without feeling gross and overstuffed after. They were also offering black forest cake and carrot cake, but I put my foot down to that. Ohyes, and I think I may have a new addiction to ribs ;)

That held me over for a long time while we visited with my Nana after. Only needed a small snack to hold me over till dinner.


Homemade Maple Cinnamon Protein Bar made with rolled oats instead of oat bran, and added raisins. Never fail!

Dinner was yet another feast. I have definitely been eating well lately!


Mother dearest put together a tossed salad.


While Mark made the dressing – 2 parts apple cider vinegar, one part canola oil, and some secret seasonings. He tells me that Dr. Oz says this oil/vinegar combo can make you burn an extra 50 calories a day doing nothing. Fact: so can adding one pound of lean muscle ;)


Taters! And the star of the show:


Baked trout. I love trout, I definitely need more of it in my life. I always seem to gravitate toward salmon instead.


My plate! Notice the new design? My mom replaced the old 1970s plates with ones from the cottage.


Fish + veggies is my favourite meal EVER.

Then we dropped Sister Sara off at the airport :( It’s okay though, I’ll be seeing her again in Ottawa in three weeks!


Okay, I was totally going to blog all about the Perfect Plank tonight. But honestly, my mommy is downstairs watching the Idol finale and I want to join her! Tomorrow, I will yammer about plank exercises. Promise :)


Questions of the Day:

1. What is your favourite kind of fish? Salmon if it’s fresh, tuna if it’s canned.

2. How do you feel about catered events? Do you partake? I never used to, but they don’t frighten me as much anymore. If worse comes to worst, I can have a dinner roll and that emergency protein bar I always carry in my purse :)

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  1. Homemade salad dressings are the best. I love fish – whitefish, walleye, mahi mahi, tilapia, etc. I would take any sort of mild fish over salmon. I enjoy lox, canned tuna and canned salmon as well. I’m really not picky as long as it doesn’t have bones!!

    Great workout today. I always say this, but really need to incorporate more strength training in my life!

  2. Salmon is my favorite. But growing up I ate a lot of Rainbow Trout that we used to fish for. That’s a very happy childhood memory! Catching my own fish, gutting it and cooking it all ourselves.

  3. Awesome workout! I need to try out some of these moves – thanks for the links! I don’t mind catered events as long as I can find some reasonable veg options.

  4. hope you and your mama had some good qt watching idol :)

    i really want to start adding in some more full body moves so i love that you keep posting the links. i’ve been starting to add them in here and there because iusually seperate my lifiting days into seperate body parts. but maybe i’ll start doing more days of full body and less days of single body parts. does that make sense? hahaha anyways

  5. Nice workout! Funny – I just posted about plank tonight. Think we have that funny vibe going again!

    As for fish. I just can’t like it. I sort of like whitefish. I will eat tuna, but give me chicken, steak, or pork over fish any day!

    Love catered events. I get to try stuff I normally never eat, although sometimes they have things in them I won’t eat, so I end up hungry!

  6. what a great dinner! I LOVE SALMON! great workout to! im a chili girl-love me some meat!

  7. all of your eats look so good. I love whitefish of any kind. It’s not too fishy tasting, and always leaves me satisfied.

  8. chilean sea bass! its so light and flakey!

  9. well hell, workout twin! we both did total body today. you were slightly WAY more hardcore than i was, though. go figure. i was a slack ass ;) dude. that dinner looks incredible! i love apple cider vinegar dressings. and i DID notice the plate. it is fun to hear about all your fun quality time you’ve had lately. i bet youre loving that.

    1. i cant pick! i love all fishies!
    2. i usually have a little something. i went to a catered thing today TOO. twins, toldja

  10. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    My dad SWEARS by apple cider vinegar! I’m with you, fresh salmon and canned tuna please.

  11. catered events = me not eating anything other than iceburg lettuce and nasty tomatoes. it’s a gluten and meat warfare usually :(

    trout. as a child, in minnesota, i grew up eat locally farmed and caught trout, i.e. from lakes, and i loved it. adult when pregnat, salmon was my go to.

    now, it all skeeves me. and sends me into anaphalactic shock :(

  12. 100 percent agree with you on the fish front- salmon and tuna :) I agree with you that your body definitely gets used to your work out schedule- I’d love to do the wake up at 7, eat, and go in a little bit thing but unfortunately it doesn’t work most days.

  13. I’m not a catered event time of girl. I usually don’t attend or partake.

    I love tilapia and trout. I don’t eat trout enough either and I tell myself that fish and veggies are my favorite meal too and not brownies ;) No really I love all types of fish and every veggie known to man and they don’t make me feel sick.

    You and Jennifer Garner resemeble each other!!!! Just don’t name your children Purple or Indigo ;)

  14. I love salmon, but flounder is definitely my fave fish! I also LOVE shrimp…but they’re not technically fish ;)

    I can take or leave catered events. I usually partake if I have to, and just choose the healthiest options available!


  15. I really like catfish, trout, flounder, tuna, salmon, and mahi mahi. I’m not picky! :)

    Catered events are too dangerous for me. Gluten everywhere!

  16. Why do catered events scare you? I mostly don’t think much about it…I don’t get excited over it, but can’t really fuss about it, either…since I mostly eat anything (except white rice!)

    I love salmon too!!! Also, mackerels, and mahi mahi, and croakers, and stingrays! :D

    • Food is usually AWFUL at catered events. Ugh ugh. I used to cover city council when I was a reporter and they always got pizza and gross caesar salad. I always brought my own lunch instead. You just never know what to expect, and I tend to expect the worst. I’m in a headspace where the extra calories no longer freak me out – but I would appreciate it if they were at least tasty (and digestable) calories :)

  17. Favorite fish? Sushi salmon or tuna. I do not eat cooked fish….unless it is in fish taco form. I’m weird.

    I hope you had fun watching Idol with your momma! What a nice way to spend the evening.

    Great workout. When I do my own lifting plans (which no one would know I’m actually really good at coming up with), I love doing full body with supersets. I also like doing mostly compound movements, but always add a little isolation work as well. A good balance.

  18. That trout looks delish! I have had trout a few times and loved it- no idea why I don’t have it more often. My favourite fish is smoked haddock…oh so good.

    I don’t go to many catered events- when I do, I either skip the food part (if it’s just snacks/informal) or go with healthier options.

    I do days of upper body or lower body, then one full body workout with my trainer :)

  19. Trout is amazing. I ate a bunch in Peru–something about the trout in Lake Titicaca apparently–and was hooked from then on! Fish and veggies is such a satisfying healthy meal.

    My fave kind of fish? I’m not crazy about fish if I’m honest. I wish I was. Trout or salmon probably win out for me. However if we are talking about battered cod or haddock then that is another story altogether!

    As for catered events, I normally partake, especially if it’s during a normal meal time – I figure that I am healthy enough and active enough that eating random unplanned stuff is not an issue (even the muffins! the horror!) – same goes with all unhealthy delicious things. If I went to those events more often, I might be a bit more selective about what I chose – you did a great job! High five.

  20. hayleycepeda

    I can definitely be one of those people who is “afraid” to eat at certain events, but I’m getting better! I love reading blogs like yours that reassure me I can still eat at these types of places and not freak out.

    Your dinner looked SO yummy!!! I haven’t had trout in ages…I used to eat tons of salmon, but now I’m kind of sick of it. I’d have to say my favorite(s) are cod and halibut. YUM!!

  21. Of course I partake in catered events! I love a good party :) And the food! I’m do not fear food, I love it!

    My favorite fish is a kind i’ve had only once and it was amazing! It was called “trigger” fish! It was delicious.

  22. Salmon is definitely my favorite fish!

    Does your mommy live in a cottage, too? I’ve been reading about “the cottage” on your blog, and that is what we call my mommy’s house in the woods! :) I love it there, it’s a relaxing retreat!

    • Awwww, I love that your mom lives in a cottage in the woods! Nah, we just live in a bungalow on the west side of town ;) Our cottage is more of a “summer home” by the water. And by “summer home” I mean “summer shack.”

  23. Ooo I love salmon, tuna and rainbow trout… haha, but I like them most if they come in sushi form :)

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