Goals and Updates

Hellooo!! Gee whiz, thanks a bunch for all the compliments on my cottage pictures! To be perfectly honest, I’m a little paranoid that I’m, ahem, “filling out” a little since moving back home to my mom’s. So it was beyond awesome that some of you noticed all my hard work in gym paying off :)

Well, hard work I was doing. As there was absolutely no time spent in the weight room today. Instead, my day began at 6:30 am, a mere six hours after falling asleep.


I was hungry. I have this bad habit of waking up with my tummy in mid-growl. I’ve been like this all my life, it’s always a challenge finding a way to tame the beast!


I fell out of bed, hair wild, old mascara well on its way to my cheeks. Chugged a glass of water and felt my way to the kitchen.


Van’s mini waffles, sweet little breakfast cookies I like to think of them as. Dipped in a concoction of almond butter, protein powder, cinnamon, vanilla extract and almond milk.


I remember this being delicious. It truly is all about the dipping. It’s a lot more fun than topping and dripping everywhere.

I then stumbled back to bed, read a few blogs, and promptly passed out until 10am.

The second time around was much better. I was functioning enough to put on a pot of coffee and became a member of the living once again. My mom is still getting used to this bad habit of mine of getting up early to eat breakfast then going back to bed. I’m sure this is not the healthiest thing to do… but it at least deals with that hunger beast!

By this time though, I was hungry again. My stomach doesn’t sleep while the rest of my body does.


This is a new-to-me Larabar flavour purchased while in Halifax not that long ago.


I don’t eat Larabars that much anymore because they’re too sugary and calorie dense for their size, despite the natural ingredients. But I do love the taste of them, now including this flavour!


I can confidently say this is my second favourite flavour now (after PB&J). Although, I really want to make my own version of this. The ingredients are just dates, peanut butter and peanuts. Easy peasy!

I then proceeded to get lost in a vortex of planning and booking various travels. My stomach eventually told me it was lunch. But not before I had to start “la-la-la-ing” and shut off the TV when Whoopi Goldberg started talking about the Lost finale. I haven’t watched it yet!!


Fridge was empty after our weekend getaway. Scrounged together an egg and bacon salad with mayo, onion, celery and red pepper, spread on top of ezekiel toast.


Bacon is my new love. I never used to buy bacon when living alone because it intimidated me. But it is plentiful in my mother’s fridge and I like it. I like it a lot.

This afternoon I re-packed all my belongings. I hate packing. But I think I hate unpacking everything and repacking it more. It called for an afternoon chocolate fix.


Ohyes, I’m still eating my little bowls of protein brownie batter! This version is 40g natural whey powder (unflavoured) with 2 tbsp hot chocolate mix. Made fudgey with a dash of water and bits of chocolate chips. I’m easy to please, and this did the trick :)

Mark (my mom’s boyfriendlifepartner) showed up with arms full of groceries just as I was beginning to gnaw on my forearm. Score!!


I called him today and requested kale be in this week’s haul. I’m obsessed with this stuff you guys. Best salad base ever.


Just rip it off the stem and mush it all up with your hands. It softens the leaves (leafs?) and gets rid of the bitter juices.


The usual combo with tuna as my protein, hummus as my dressing, and feta as the extra sumthin’ to make my tastebuds happy :)


Monthly Goal Check-In:

Strength train three times a week, with a focus in muscular power.
In case you are wondering, “muscular power” means “plyometrics.” I hate plyo. Hatehatehate. But I did do a little of it in my weight sessions last week. Progress!
Run twice a week, increasing my mileage by 10% each week. I only ran once, a 4-mile trail run at my cottage. My foot feels fine – I really think it’s the walking that’s killing it! Strange.

Stop buying dairy, eating it only when out or when it’s “a must.” I’m still essentially off all cottage cheese and yogurt with 20g of hard cheese a day. Nothing new here, but I will be writing out some thoughts on this at the end of the month.
Stay away from refined sugars, again eating only for special occasions. Wain! I love sugar! I had Oh Henry bars and cinnamon rolls, and a piece of Queen Elizabeth Cake my Nana conveniently froze for me. I think this goal was doomed from the start.

Add and organize content, new recipes, workouts, and revised pages and categories.
Check! I updated my About page and added a new recipe page for Dairy-Free (ish) Protein Pancakes.

Improve my organization. Make lists, finish them, know what needs to be done, when.
Check! I got a handy dandy notebook and have been writing all the important details of life in it. Amazing how much stress can be relieved just by transferring it to paper.
Spend time with my family. This has been my life as of late. I love it.
Enjoy and soak up every single minute. Step classes with my mom, Lost nights with my dad, even cleaning out a cottage with my big sis. I will cherish these moments for a very, very long time :)


Now, some other updates in my life for those of you who may keep track (which, really, is sort of impossible these days). I’d been planning on moving to Toronto for June 1st, but there’s been a change in plans! I’m staying at my mom’s a little longer. Here’s what my new future looks like:

June 9 – Fly to Calgary, Alberta from the Maritimes.
June 10 – Go into Banff for what promises to be the blogger journey of a lifetime featuring Holly and Karen.
June 16 – Fly from Calgary to Ottawa and spend 10 days hanging out in my big sis’ sweet bachelorette pad!
June 25 – Train to Toronto with my sis and stay there for good!!

Well, there will be another trip to Ottawa in July, and the Healthy Living Summit in Chicago in August, but Toronto will be my new home :)

Needless to say, figuring out the logistics of this has been slightly mind-bending. Hence the need to unpack and re-pack my things today. I won’t sugar-coat things. I haven’t worked in almost a month and I’m flat broke. I’ve tucked away some spare change for some of this madness, but I’m also a very lucky girl to have a family that can support my falling back on them. For some reason they aren’t sick of me yet and are more than willing to help out.

In the meantime, I’ve got to get to bed. There will be some plyo in the gym tomorrow, all before an 11am folk concert!

See ya then! xoxo


Question of the Day: How is everyone doing on their goals? Do you even remember them? You better!! :P


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  1. Those waffles look DELICIOUS! I’m always starving in the morning, I was never one to skip breakfast! Sometimes I even wake up early in the night/morning hungry.

  2. I think your goals are great! My May goals were: drink more water, wear sunscreen, and stretch!! I’ve been doing okay with most of them. I still struggle with stretching. I just don’t know how much is “enough”.

    It sounds like you have a busy summer planned!

  3. Mmm everything looks great, especially the protein brownie batter! I have a couple packets of cocoa powder lying around that I should put to use. You’re really lucky that you get to travel so much! I’m super excited for HLS :)

    My goals are really simple (but not always easy) right now:
    1. Enjoy the exercise that I do.
    2. Only eat when I’m hungry.

  4. Bacon is god.

    That’s all there is to it.


  5. The mini waffle dippage looks amazing. I need to try that! You guys need to head farther out west to Vancouver BC this summer!!

  6. “almond butter, protein powder, cinnamon, vanilla extract and almond milk.”

    OMG that looks heavenly! I can only imagine how good it tastes! THAT’s my kinda dip! i could even omit the prot powd :)

    goals. good for you for rocking them out and making headway!
    best is that you’re with your family, LIVING life, not a slave to your ‘puter. GREAT job Susan!

  7. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    That dip looks so amazing! When I was in college I used to wake up early to eat breakfast and fall back asleep all the time!

  8. Good luck on all your goals! My goal is to post everything I eat for the next 40 days. I have a habit of leaving out the ‘not so healthy’ things, giving me an out! not good! Your waffles look amazing. I dont like syrup and I love this idea of almond butter dipping sauce. I’ve been putting jelly on my waffles and pancakes forever and am in need of more syrup free inspiration.

  9. I love those mini waffles! They’re adorable!

  10. I’m doing okayyyy with my goals. An injury has set me way back with my running… only 13 times out of the 20 that was my goal for May.

    Writing I have done more of on the blog, but not creatively…
    The apartment has stayed pretty clean, I’m proud!
    Saving money is not the easiest… I am up to $100 out of the $200 I wanted to… it’s a start!
    The early riser challenge I have kept up… just not as early as I had intended, but I am still up at 6am!!

    Can’t wait til you get here in the T-dot, we need to plan some big blogger dates :P


  11. I love how your family and cherishing daily moments are part of your goals. Very admirable. And trying to reduce added sugars would be doomed from the start for me too. ;)

  12. mini waffles! omg my brother and I used to eat the eggo ones when we were younger and we would stack them with fresh berries and whipped cream on top of one another we would have competitons who could stack the most without falling over…annnnd those waffles reminded me of them! i would LOVE to dip in some protein powder concoction now adays!!! YUMMMMM

    i LOVE your life goals, I try to do that each and everyday…soaking up every minute always smile and take nothing too seriously !

  13. i love those mini waffles. perfect for dipping!

    looks like you are making good progress on your goals. cutting out dairy is kind of hard for me too. i’m eating waaaaaaaay less yogurt and cottage cheese now. all other dairy i can forgo though.

  14. your breakfast is truly inspiring to me, i need to try something like it verrry soon! and i am officially MAKING goals now (: hoorah

  15. Those waffles look delicious- I’m off dairy too- but sometimes I eat ice cream.. it’s like crack, and sometimes you just need a hit..

  16. hahaha! Oh man, I didnt realize those were minis at first and I was thinkin “dang shes hungry! :).

    I find that once you get around a week or so with no added sugar, you just dont want it as much! now getting through that week is darn near impossible! :)

  17. It truly is wonderful that you have a great family system to lean on when you need it! Makes life just a little easier, you know?

    My goals were to hit the dentist (done), lose 3 pounds (fail as of now), and ponder life (still doing).

    I wish I were going to the Healthy Living Summit. Chicago was my old stomping grounds.

  18. Those waffles and dip look awesome! I go through phases of going back to sleep after breakfast- I am up and eating by 5:30 usually, but sometimes fall into the habit of going back to bed after…those extra hours are always amazing.

    Hmm. The last blog I read featured egg salad with bacon in it- I think this is a sign that I need some bacon-ised eggs in my life. Sounds hellah tasty right now.

    My goals are a work in progress- I am pretty excited about my ones for June!

  19. That’s exciting you’re moving to Toronto! I hope everything goes smoothly :)

    Kudos on the organization goal. I would be lost without my little notebook! It’s definitely good to have everything down on paper

    And next time I go to the store…I’m gearing up for Waffle Wednesday :D

  20. i cant remember if you like coconut but if you do.. the coconut cream larabar is so good! it is the only one ill eat aside from the PBJ one.. which isnt often because of the nutritional stats. anywho, i love how much fun you have with your waffles! and i have been carrying a card around in my purse for you for over a month. shit. and i am jealous of your upcoming adventures. and i love you!


  21. i don’t remember my goals. but i do know that banff is in 12 dayssssssssss!

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