Blogger Interview Series – Caitlin

Well hello there! Hope everyone’s weekend went by swimmingly! I can guarantee you that while I may be at a beach, I am not swimming in the water. My cottage is on the Northumberland Straight between Nova Scotia and PEI. Its waters aren’t known for being balmy in May, not to mention the jellyfish. *shudder*

Today’s Blogger Interview Series post features one of my all-time favourite bloggers. I started reading Caitlin back in September 2008 when she was blogging at See Bride Run. She created Healthy Tipping Point after getting married, and has since started the very popular site Operation Beautiful. She’s definitely a blogging success story, having left her corporate job to write an Operation Beautiful book, out in August!

There are many things I love about Caitlin’s blog. First and foremost, she is real and honest. She never sugar-coats anything, including her experiences completing dozens of races. She’s even doing her first 100-mile century bike ride this weekend! Caitlin is a constant reminder that anyone is possible of completing any fitness achievement, no matter how big or small.

1. Quick! Describe your blog in 6 words!  A fitness and foodie blog!

2. How did you come up with your blog name? Lots of brainstorming while on my honeymoon! My original name was See Bride Run… which definitely had a shelf life!

3. What attracted you to blogging? I wanted to join the amazing community of bloggers that I’d been reading for over year.

4. What surprised you about blogging? How big of a part of my life it would become!  I blog full-time and all my local friends were made through bloggers.

5. What do you do for content ideas? I get inspiration from my everyday life and write down thoughts in my iPhone so I don’t forget them.

6. Blogging is a big time commitment – what makes it worth it to you? The fact that it’s all self-directed.  I don’t have to answer to anyone else.

7. What hobbies did you have before you started blogging? I like reading, running, cycling, writing, and drinking beer!

8. What is one secret you’ve thus far conveniently kept off your blog?  I can’t tell you that!  But I can say that the secret is revealed in my upcoming book about Operation Beautiful.

9. What do your friends and family think of your blogging habits? They just think it’s part of my normal life now.

10. What other blogger inspires you? I am super inspired by That Wife.  She’s not in the same genre as I am, but I love her strong will and independence.

Question of the Day: What bloggers inspire you? I want links people! ;)

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  1. adrienmelaine

    I love Caitlin’s blog too! She’s such a great writer- and has delicious eats to be inspired by on a daily basis!

  2. I think it’s safe to say that Caitlin inspires us all! :)

  3. i totally agree with her about blogging being directed by the writer!! there is no one to report to!!! i love that :)

  4. Caitlin’s blog is one of the first couple I found and continue to read. I liked it for her attitude towards food and fitness and life in general. Helped turn my thinking around on these points as I wasn’t doing well at all on the food and fitness front!

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