Flashback Friday – Babies!!

Happy Friday friends!! A special happy long-weekend to my Canadian friends ;) Oh wait. Do you UK or Australian folk celebrate Victoria Day too? Here in Canada we call it “May Two-Four Weekend.” As in, it’s the weekend everyone goes to the cottage for the first time and drinks a 24 pack of beer. Myself included ;)


Last night I dreamt I was giving a personal training session to some stranger at an unknown gym. The dream felt like it was an hour long while I took her through the whole session. Weird.


Thankfully, I did not wake up ready to gnaw my arm off at 7am like I have previously all week. So today I took the time to whip up some dairy-free protein pancakes.

  • 1/4 cup unflavoured soy protein powder
  • 2 tbsp whole wheat flour
  • 2 tbsp ground flax seed
  • 1 tsp Benefibre
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • lots of shakes of cinnamon
  • 2 packets stevia
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup egg whites (not dairy IMO!)
  • 1/2 unsweetened vanilla almond breeze

I sprinkled one tablespoon each of flaked coconut and walnut pieces on top of the pancakes while cooking. They turned out so fluffy!!!


I of course do not drizzle mine with syrup. Nope. I am a strict dipper. No soggy pancakes here.


I think this may be my new favourite pancake recipe. I’ll be sure to put a recipe page up soon :)

After breakfast I went to step class with my mom. It wasn’t a Les Mills class, so it was fun to learn some new steps! We then met up with her life partner Mark (boyfriend?) and did a 30-minute power walk along the Majestic Peticodiac River. Anyone who knows Moncton will know that the “majestic” part is a joke. It was a beautiful day out, and I must say, plain ole’ walking is my favourite way to enjoy nice weather!!


Flashback Friday – Babies!!

I grew up in a family of three girls. Suffice it to say each of us are quite different from one another. We all share the same sense of humour, but each have our own unique and individual traits.

We also all look different. I’ve heard my share of “postman jokes” regarding my mother’s fidelity :P

My oldest sister, Sara, is known as The Bald One.

This is no insult to her. Being a born redhead, she didn’t start to grow any noticeable hair until she was 3-years-old. All her baby pictures are of this cute little girl with just a few wee red hairs poking out the top.

My middle sister, Jane, has always been known as The Cute One.

You can’t argue with it, Jane was one freakin’ cute baby. Big blue eyes with long eyelashes and a mop of platinum blonde hair. As she grew into a toddler, her hair turned curly and she was just like a little cherub :)

But me, the youngest? What was I?

I was The Fat One.

You guys, I was one morbidly obese baby. Totally off the Baby BMI Scale :P

My mother claims my chub was 100% breast milk, down to the last ankle and wrist roll.

Somewhere along the way, I did thin out. I had a little pot belly as a toddler, and was a pretty skinny kid. But I think it’s safe to say, I was born with a love for food and eating ;)


Seriously, I am laughing right now just looking at these pictures. There is something so endearing about a fat baby, kinda like a fat cat ;)


I’m really excited because this weekend, I’ll be at my family cottage with “The Bald One.” Sister Sara is flying in tonight and we’re off to the Nova Scotia countryside for the long weekend.


It is unarguably the greatest place on Earth.

While I’m in the middle of nowhere opening up the cottage, I’ve scheduled two more posts from the Blogger Interview Series. Seriously good stuff to take you through the weekend, definitely worth checking out.

Also, if you’re in need of some weight lifting info – head on over to Hallie’s blog for my epic guest post on designing full-body workouts!

I also updated my About page if you’re interested :)

I’ll be back Monday with pics from the cottage, see ya then!!



Question of the Day: Do you have siblings? How are you alike or different? Sara is definitely the motherly eldest child, while Jane is the easy-going middle child. I of course am the spoiled baby ;) We also now have four younger step-sisters and a step-brother all between the ages of 12 and 16!


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  1. CUTE pictures! Love the chubby baby photos. :)

    My brother and I didn’t get along growing up but we get along great as adults! :)

  2. Omg, cute pictures! ahah :)
    I have two older siblings. My sister is ten years older than me and my brother is six years older. :)

  3. haha awww you were such a cute baby!

  4. Love the photos LOL!

    Have a super weekend, and thanks again for the nut butter :D

    My sister and I get along great now. We did not when we were younger.

    I am the younger brat LOL

  5. My mother claims my chub was 100% breast milk, —OMG I LOVE THIS

    you may have read in various posts of mine that i am a lactation educator. i feel extremely strongly about nursing and skylar didnt wean til a few mos ago. Right after her 3rd bday. Breasts are to nurse babies first, and for men to stare at 2nd :) I definitely used mine w/ skylar!

    There is something called a creamatocrit. It’s a machine that takes the fat content of milk and measures it. I think I make skim. Your mom (and plenty of other women) clearly, make like 4%. Beyond whole milk. I was always jealous of them LOL. But Skylar is 100th% tile for height so I guess I did something right!

    Thx for the FB props. I am totally unsure how much to post there and the blog. Tomorow morning though, i will have pics up!

    • My mom just told me that when she’d pump her breast milk and put it in the fridge, it looked like half and half :P So you’re definitely on to something!

  6. You are all ADORABLE babies! Its actually kind of creepy how similar my bro and I look as babies. We have different dads AND are different genders, but if you look at pictures of us as infants – we literally look identical. My mom has some powerful genes =)

    Enjoy your weekend at the cottage,
    Nicole G

  7. What a cute post!! I have a tad obsession with babies, so I love seeing ’em! :D

  8. Good looking pancakes girl!

    I am the youngest of 3 girls. We are all super close and each other’s best friends!

  9. My brother and I are so different that people can’t believe we came from the same set of parents. Not to mention he has this super-metabolism and me…not so much.

    Thanks for the shout out! I played with my friends baby all day and it was awesome. My baby fever is at an all time high. I swear turning 26 flipped a switch and now I’m like BABY BABY BABY even though realistically I know it’s not the right time.

  10. Aww, love the baby pics! My sister and I are TOTAL opposites! It’s crazy!!


  11. Awwww you girls are so cute! Have a great weekend at the cottage. I went up to northern Michigan last weekend. It’s so peaceful, no worries.

    I am an only child, and was a pretty average sized baby. But…I looked like a boy. I blame my mom; she MADE some of my baby clothes and they were red, white and blue. All of them. Besides that, I was bald. Regardless, boy or girl, I think I was kinda cute :)

  12. I’m so happy to see your post over on Hallie’s blog. I’ve been anxiously awaiting it since you accidentally posted part of it here. I’m just getting back into the gym myself after a few years of not going so it was exactly what I needed. YAY!!

    I have three brothers, two older and one younger, and no sisters. I was a tomboy more by default than anything else! My older brothers and I didn’t get along growing up (I was the annoying tagalong), but we get along great now (and are even planning a sibling two-day hiking trip). My younger brother, who’s 10.5 years my junior, is pretty much me in male form. We think the same, love the same shows, laugh at the same jokes, enjoy the same sports. We have entire conversations that only we can understand. He’s gone travelling in Europe (as I did at his age) and I miss him a lot.

  13. You were such a cute baby! I was laughing at all the pictures :)

    I have a younger sister. She is 31, yep that’s younger…sigh. We are night and day different BUT we are best friends at the same time! She is a big gamer, works at a pizza shop, and eats what she wants. Not to mention she sleeps during the day and stays up at night just because she likes it.

  14. Ahhh, your baby pictures! Too cute.
    I’m the oldest of 5, the youngest is getting married this weekend. I can’t wait until he has kids!

  15. Katherine: What About Summer?

    I got to see my sibling today! my sister is stopping in for the night; I’m so excited. We’re different as night and day but have learned to appreciate each other for it (she’s an artist, I’m a math nerd)

    looking at those baby pictures, I cannot help but smile. too precious!

  16. Hahaha! What cute baby pictures. I love chubby babies. Your mom must have had chocolate breastmilk. ;)

    My sister & I are VERY alike. My brother is quite different though. He is quiet and into videogames and things. We get along, but aren’t extremely close. It kind of makes me sad.

  17. thats a GREAT pancake recipe!!
    LOVE the baby pics! i have an older bro- we are very different but very close!

  18. Ahhh SO CUTE! I was a fat, happy baby as well. We rule!

    And those NS pictures make me really want to take a trip out east! Hopefully in August…

  19. chillel williams

    Haha! Awww..Susan you were a michelin baby too huh!?..
    So cute..i can’t stop laughing..
    Im an only child..(if you dont count the cat)..
    ..and i love it.. :)


  20. your pancakes look delicious! i have 3 siblings, i am so happy for all of them (: we are definitely different but get along in the end!

  21. oh dammnnnn i wish i saw this recipe before i had breakfast today! i will DEFINITELY be making those babies soon! and they look so fluffy :)

    have fun this weekend girl!!

  22. It’s a holiday here on Monday, but I don’t think it has a name…just “random May bank holiday”! I hope the good weather lasts for it- Britian is notorious for rainy holidays but yesterday and today have been gorgeous.

    You were such a cute baby! Not that I am surprised by that, but baby pics are so awesome…and you guys do look so different! I have two brothers and we all looked completely unrelated- my older brother was bald and fat, I had a headful of hair from day 1, and my little brother was HUGE (over 10lbs when he was born) with bright red curly hair that nobody knows where it came from. Hmmm. People say I look like my dad (I think I look more like my mom with my Jewish nose and frizzy hair) but my brothers could be anyone’s kids. Hope my parents brought home the right babies cause I love the brothers I have!

  23. A few things:

    1. Cookies are my life (and I definitely have to try the Super-Charge Me recipe now that I’ve seen it in multiple blogs)
    2. I just noticed we both have the same blog layout.
    3. Redheads!
    4. I also dip my pancakes!

    Twins separated at birth? lol :) Have fun at the cottage!

  24. Susan – what cute pictures!! So sweet. I don’t really look like any of my siblings.

    Love those pancakes!

  25. LMAO!!! Oh gosh, you looked a LOT like my bro when he was young…he was one obese baby, too! They almost had to perform surgery on my poor mom. But he grew up to be one slender guy! And haha, I think ALL of you are super cute!

    My bro and I are completely different character wise, but we look a lot alike. We’re both skinny and tan easily, and have long arms and legs.

  26. AHAHAHA CHECK OUT THE ROLLS! dude, i was the fat baby TOO! i have to dig up some old photos for the wedding, i will have to scan some in so you can see. this is the BEST flashback ever.

    no, eggs are NOT dairy. in any opinion! haha. great pancakes. do you know the stats of them? im too lazy to plug it in. they do look SO fluffy and i am a dipper TOO! one more reason we need to be neighbors. so we can dip together. our pancakes and our triceps.

    love ya lots! hope the cottage is a blast!

  27. Oh my I giggled at your baby photos. I was bald till I was 3 and my mums was a hairdresser so it drove her crazy as she wanted to put ribbons in my hair!

    Question of the Day: Do you have siblings? How are you alike or different?

    I have two sisters. Clare my older step sister and Chloe my younger sister… we are all VERY stubborn and are really protective of each other. I am definitely the girly girl and really sensitive where as they two are very strong and also we look nothing alike!

  28. Ooooooo those pancakes look so good! x x

  29. fattiefatterton

    Very cute baby pictures. :D My sister was the fattest baby of the 5 of us and she is still the skinniest.

  30. two important things: i am a total dipper. and i love fat babies. which means this post makes me love you even more. even better? ONLY 2 1/2 WEEKS UNTIL WE GET TO UNITE!!!!!

  31. Oh my gosh…how CUTE are you?! I love little baby rolls :) I was the opposite…a scrawny baby, if you can believe that, and I put on my “baby fat” when I hit the double digits.

    Thanks for the push-up tutorial in your last post, too! I have always wondered about proper hand placement!

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