Checking In On Those Goals…

Happy Monday!! Well, it was happy for me anyways. They call it “funemployment” for a reason ;)

I must say, I’ve been living back at my mom’s for a week now and I love it. I do not miss Fredericton at all. I don’t  miss living alone. For the past 10 days I’ve woken up happy. This has not always been the case over the past year. Life is what you make of it my friends, and I am so grateful I’ve been able to turn mine around :)

So what is a happy girl to do but make a pot of oats first thing?

For the second time, I could just not get oatmeal to absorb all the liquid on my mother’s stove. It doesn’t make sense to me, and I feel like I messed up the measuring cups. Or am losing my mind. So I added a 1/2 tsp each of guar gum and xanthan gum to thicken it up. Worked like a charm!! Would highly recommend for thick n’ gooey oats :)

I am very jealous of my mother’s oatmeal spoon/spatula. It is perfectly shaped to scrape down the sides of a pot. Must get one of these for new place.

Topped the egg-white custard oats with maple pecan peanut butter, coconut and maple syrup.

Check out that thick texture. Ooohhhyeah.

Hot bowl of oats + hot coffee = sweaty Susan. Definitely woke me up, but not this pup.

And my heart just turned to oatmeal mush.

Tried out one of the new-to-mew bars I got in Halifax for my morning snack.

The Elevate Me! bar is made out of whey protein, nuts and dried fruit – that’s it!

The nutritionals are pretty decent. A little high on the sugar and carb side, but it comes from all dried fruit and no additional sweeteners.

I really liked how this bar was divided into three sections. Each square is 80 calories, which would make for good fuel during activity as well.

Soooo, how did it taste??

Honestly, I did not like my first bite. I’ve never been a chocolate and fruit person, so I should have known better when getting something made of dried fruits and cocoa powder. BUT, I did enjoy it more with each bite. My favourite part of this bar was the texture. It was dense and crumbly, which is by far my favourite way to have a bar. At $2.50 a pop, I would not buy this again, but I’d probably try the other flavours out if I caught them on sale.

Shortly after this I hit up the gym with my mom. I still had to run last week’s 3-miler, so I figured I could do that then goof around on some of the other cardio machines.

Except, it was hard. Like, way harder than usual. I should have known better than jumping into a tough cardio session on a Monday after a weekend of hammering my body with booze, junk food, and no sleep. Alas, sometimes I must learn these lessons the hard way.

I also have to add that my left foot is killing me again. I’m scared it’s plantar fasciitis. I started getting symptoms about three weeks ago after walking 5 hours in one weekend. I stayed off it for a week and the pain went away, so I thought I was in the clear. Apparently not. It still hurts. WAIN.

Coming out of a workout in a worse mood than how I went in is never a good thing. But the tasty lunch after helped.

Scrambled some eggs with collard greens, put it on toast, then topped with a mix of hummus, nutritional yeast, mustard and water. Broiled to harden up a bit. Odd combo, but good.


Paired with belly-busting watermelon (ie, it felt like I was going to birth one after. SO filling)


And a reminder that things are never as they seem – I topped everything with hot sauce after. This has been happening a lot lately.

Spent the afternoon reading blogs and helping my mom with housework. Breaked for the world’s best muffin.


Deep chocolate Vitatop topped with peanut butter.


See the crystals? I like ‘em frozen. The texture is much fudgier that way. Honestly, I think I’d take this over a real brownie!

While I snacked and relaxed, my mom was in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

She basted the turkey in the leftover hummus/mustard/nutritional yeast/water mix. Ohmy. It was delicious.

Paired along with baked corn. THE best way to cook corn in my opinion, is to keep it in the husk and pop it in the oven for 30 or so minutes. The husk comes off much easier, and it gets all steamy on the inside. Seriously, if you haven’t done this yet, do it. My mom was sceptical, but she is now a believer.

And some lovely sweet potato pillows in the back there. Tough on the outside, mushy on the inside. Perfection.


Monthly Goal Check-In:

Strength train three times a week, with a focus in muscular power.
Only got in two full-body workouts. But those two yoga sessions this past weekend made me a whole new kind of sore. So that counts for something!
Run twice a week, increasing my mileage by 10% each week. Only got one 5 miler in. This goal may be put on hold until I get my foot thing sorted out. Honestly, I don’t care enough about running to be that upset about it – I just want to be able to walk without pain!

Stop buying dairy, eating it only when out or when it’s “a must.” I did really well on this, sticking with only 20g of cheese a day MAX (if any). But then I greatly failed over the weekend with a giant piece of coconut cream topped with two inches of whipped cream. Whoops.
Stay away from refined sugars, again eating only for special occasions. I give myself a big ole’ fail on this one. I’m trying, but not hard enough. I just really like sugar. A lot. Which is why I’m trying to cut back! :P

Add and organize content, new recipes, workouts, and revised pages and categories.
Didn’t do much of this, but I did get 20+ guest posts together, so that’s something!

Improve my organization. Make lists, finish them, know what needs to be done, when.
I need to get back on this. Not only do I need to plan for a big move, but I’m also going on a big trip to Banff in three weeks.
Spend time with my family. It’s all I’ve been doing :) 
Enjoy and soak up every single minute. I know this isn’t a very measurable goal, but I feel like I’m doing really good at this one. Sometimes I just stop and breathe in whatever it is I’m doing in that moment. It is making this brief time at home much more enjoyable, and I feel very thankful for it :)


Your turn! How is everyone doing with their monthly goals? Any new ones?

Off to work on a post for tomorrow on Easy Tone shoes. Oh yes.

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  1. Ha! I cant wait to see what you have to say about those shoes! I must have got an ‘ off’ batch of vita goodies because I have to say I do not get it! I still have a freezer-full of them! Do not like :(
    Do like that amazing looking turkey and your breakfast of champions! Wowzers.

  2. Hello friend! I’m making a few rounds today and I’m glad I popped by!

    Good move on the xg/gg in your oats- I have done that and you can do that with anything hot or cold if you want to thicken- I used to do it with PB2 but fell out of the habit.

    Love love love your maple pecan butter- thank you so much- it’s delish- I ripped it open & tasted it stat!

    Your Elevate Me reminds me of the Eat More bar I got in Canada in January that I’m still eating (I eat about half an inch at a time- odd I know).

    Plantar fasciitis. I can show you a way to tape your feet- the combo of taping and cortisone shot (but only in ONE of the two affected feet) CURED me. So one foot had no shot and the other did- so the tape cured the other foot- capiche? If interested I’ll draw you a diagram. LMK.

    Corn- I also nuke it for 1-2 min in the husk- delish.

    20+ guesties wow…THAT alone is a butt load of work! Good for you!!!

    Love and thanks so much for everything!


    • Eat More bars!! Haha. I never liked those. They were always the last bar in my Halloween stash. Canada has tons more chocolate, or “candy” bars than the US. Why is that?

      And I would love to see a diagram! I’m going to the running store today to discuss insoles with them.

  3. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Your mama’s turkey looks incredible! Hummus and nooch?! Amazing!

  4. i am SO glad you are so happy and you aren’t missing your bachelorette pad! or your smoky cabinets ;) dude.. adding the gums to oats? THAT IS THE SMARTEST THING IVE READ ALL MONTH. also, that spoon is smart design. whoever thought that up is a thinker. YAWNING ARCHIE?! LOVE. love love love. can you tell i am reading then commenting then reading then commenting? i am a goon. HEY, i am not a chocolate and fruit person really either. i would take a strawberry over a strawberry in chocolate and i HATE those chocolate oranges you always get at christmas time. i kind of hated reading about you eating the vita frozen. it hurt my teeth (weird?) BUT.. i agree.. they are the bomb dot com. and ummm i ate SO much watermelon these past 3 days. YUM! wait no, these past FOUR days. YUM. i want to bake my corn. i love grilling it in its husk, so i imagine it would be similar. great job on your goals so far. i really need to get my guest post to you. sorry! i will! cross my heart! dd you buy those shoes?!

    • Definitely did not buy those shoes!! Trying to come up with an informative and balanced post, but it may just turn into a rant against them :P

  5. Hi! It’s been awhile since I’ve commented, but I’ve been lurking! I was just wondering whether you were going to cut whey protein out with your dairy? And what made you decide to keep it or cut it also?

    • Hi Kristin!! :) The biggest thing I cut out was the 2-3 cups of yogurt and cottage cheese I was eating a day. It was A LOT and too much for my belly. Everything else I’m just consciously cutting back. So whey is still okay (it doesn’t have lactose anyways) but I’ve cut down on my powder usage altogether and am using unflavoured soy more often. I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll keep up, I think I may reintroduce small amounts of yogurt at the end of the months and see how my belly reacts after going so long without.

  6. Can’t wait for the Easy Tone shoes post… ;)


    <3 <3

  7. Ohh I’ve never thought of adding the gums to oats! Good thinking, I’ll have to try that :D

    Even though you didn’t *technically* hit all your goals, I think the very last one is the most important! For the dairy thing- let me know if you need recommendations. I’ve tried every non-dairy alternative out there lol

  8. ok so it feels like YESTERDAY that you posted those goals..omg where has the time gone??!!

    congrats for doing well on the dairy!

    as for being happy you’re not alone and being in the company of your fam, that’s so awesome.

    love weathered and worn spatulas, like that, they just scream…I have made amazing food in my wooden lifetime :)

    The corn. I have never baked it like that…would be SO Much easier than a hugh jass vat of boiling water which takes pratiacally a half hr to bring to a boil! i am trying to oven method! any oil or time or temp rec’s?

    And thanks for getting caught up on my posts, loved all your comments. Esp about the recipes, that you have no plans to write a book but that you know i am more into it than you LOL. I wouldnt say I am more “into” it…just that I guess I hate being ripped off more than you! I wish I could be more like….whatev. Mostl, I am. But, i draw the line at a huge magazine empire who has deep pockets and is ripping off the content of the little ole blogger….for free! bastards!

    Have a super nite babe!

    Oh sorry bout the guestie I never got you. I am announcing something tomorrow on my blog that will explain things a bit :)


    • I like the corn best at 425F for 25-30 minutes. But my mom did it at 350F for a little longer and it still came out wonderfully. Just cut off all the gnarly husk bits and pop in the oven! SUPER duper easy and the best thing you’ve ever tasted :)

      Haha, I don’t know about you Averie, but I totally think you could write a cookbook someday. That’s why I say you’re more invested in it than me – you’ve got to protect those recipes for future publishing!! ;)

  9. love the check in with those monthly goals and that Oatmeal??!! helllo deliciousness…great idea with the gums making it thick and creamy I still ned to get some gums but at 14 bucks a bag its hard to fathom getting them BUT I know they last forever!!

    if you liked baked corn with the husk on you MUST try grilled corn with the husk on it brings out that grill flavor and its amazingly perfect!!! delicios with that gerogeous looking turkey!! like thanksgiving all over again!

  10. Those oats look divine! Sorry the workout was tough on you. Good job on the goals. You are doing great at them. And the ones you aren’t accomplishing 100% you are still making strides in and are being realistic with. Awesome.

  11. chillel williams

    I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much about the sugar thing dear..We have pretty similar goals in this respect and im totally struggling a wee bit too..I guess it’s just a case of slowly training your palate.. I do at times miss having a par-tay in my mouth so end up caving and indulging in a little sweet treat though…however Ive learnt that a little goes a long way .. :)

    Totally would have stuck my head in that oatmeal pot and licked it clean if your ma didn’t have that awesome spoon! YUM… probably NOT someone to invite to breakfast.. :op


  12. I really need to make goals like you. I love reading how others are doing yet I never do things myself! Lame-o!

    And why haven’t I thought of humnut sauce on eggs yet? You are lightyears ahead of me girl!

  13. As weird as it may sound, I was looking at that egg/collards/sauce concoction and going “mmmm…. that looks good” :D

    My goals are going alright…
    Run at least 20 times- I am up to 11 so far. So I need to run 9 more times this month… with 14 more days (plus a 3-day mini vacay in between) I think I will be set!

    Keep my apartment clean- Better! It is much cleaner, and I am making an effort to organize every day!

    Write/blog more… I have been doing new and interesting things with the blog, writing some- but not as much as I should be!

    Save $200… umm, I’m at $60. I kind of don’t have a full time job. So maybe I’ll make it too $100? hah.

    Eat pescetarian as naturally as possible- well, aside from the copious amounts of baked goods I have been consuming, this one has been pretty good.

    Early riser challenge- pretty good, aside from a couple days (such as today!) when I woke up at 6:30 instead of 5:30!

    And new goals? Planning a new big venture, details to come soon!!


  14. My family had those plates with the little green flower design when I was growing up! :) I had kind of forgotten them until now!

  15. Eeks! I hope it isn’t plantar fascitis! I have it and it blows! Stretch out your hamstrings really well a few times a day. That supposedly helps. I wouldn’t know. I forget to do it. ;)

  16. I’ve never even thought to eat a vitatop frozen. I like it all soft and mushy when its heated! YUM! Either way, top it with pb and you are good to go.

    Hope your foot gets better. Injuries suck. I feel like I have some sort of chest injury–it hasnt gone away so Im cutting out upper body work this week. Blah.

  17. YES FOR BANFF!!!! YES FOR WEEKEND FUN!!! AND YES FOR YOGA!!! I seriously feel more toned from yoga than from any other lifting I’ve ever done in my life. Bold statement, but its one I stand by.

    and i SO feel you the sugar thing. i love sugar. its bad. i want to stop. but i can’t. what’s a gal to do?

    love ya susan – did you get my comprehensive banff list a week or so ago? let’s chat this weekend!

  18. Damn reoccuring foot injuries! I know what that’s like and I agree it’s not fun. Hope it gets well soon!

  19. You have reminded me to SET some goals!!! Thank you :)

  20. Thanks for reminding me! It’s easy to forget goals. My goals for May are to drink more water and use sunscreen. And stretch!!!

  21. You sound so much happier, Susan… I am glad you are enjoying your time at home. Congrats on your goals- I don’t know what I would do without dairy! So funny you mentioned that about the oats because I thought I was going crazy- I have made stove top oats once in my apartment and it took f.o.r.e.v.e.r. At my old place, it was fine?! I need to try that hummus sauce! Also not a fan of fruity chocolate bars- I think it’s the cinnamon that is usually in there. The two clash, IMO.

    My goals- heh. Let’s not go there, though I did have a few breakfasts with no sweetener added. The cottage cheese ones- seems I can do salty cottage cheese but not tart yogurt. Hmm.

  22. What a fun Monday! Funemployment…love it!
    Great idea to add the gums into oats. Would have never thought of that

    I’m looking forward to what you’ve found out about the Easy Tones. IMy clients ask about them a lot, but I don’t have anything to tell them other than just can’t imagine they’d be good. I haven’t researched it enough.

  23. Like you, I’ve had some successes and some failures with goals this month- but thats okay, we aim high :)

    I’m so glad you are loving living with your mom and where your life has turned to- you deserve it!

  24. How was that watermelon?! I have been seeing them in the stores but I’m not sure when the “in season” begins.

    Love how you are keeping yourself accountable with your goals. The list one–I need to work on the follow-through as well. I make tons of lists and never FINISH THEM! Gah.

    Your posts lately seem so happy and uplifting. I can tell you are relaxed :)

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