Sweat It Out

Hiiii!!! Long time no *see*!!

I hope you enjoyed the kick off to my Blogger Interview Series with Tamzin and Tina while I was off gallivanting around Halifax. I’ve got tons more coming up in the next several weeks, should be fun :)

So this will be a short and sweet recap. I didn’t snap many photos as sometimes it’s nice to put the camera aside and live life outside of a viewfinder. Let’s see some of the highlights…


Friday morning I woke up and gave a stab at dairy free protein pancakes.


  • 1/4 cup soy protein powder
  • 2 tbsp whole wheat flour
  • 1 tbsp ground flax
  • 1 tsp benefibre
  • 1 stevia packet
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • lotsa cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • 1/2 cup almond milk

Oh yeah, and I sprinkled some flaked coconut and walnut pieces on the batter while it was cooking. Holy yum. This batter may not work for waffles, but it makes good pancakes!

Friday morning I also did a full-body weight lifting workout which I quickly regretted upon my arrival to Halifax. The bestie has become a yogini since my last visit, and brought my to my first ever hot yoga class!


Moshka Yoga is a group of independent yoga studios across Canada and several parts of the world. It’s done in a heated studio, around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (or 38 C). It’s not a power flow based class, more static standing, sitting and laying postures.


We started out laying on the floor in savasana (corpse pose). As I laid there, I was already breaking into a sweat over my upper lip, and I was a little concerned I wouldn’t make it through the class. I’m pretty temperature sensitive.

We then moved into crescent moon, awkward pose, a warrior series and balance series, to name a few. All poses I know and am capable of doing, just with the addition of sweat pouring out of every pore on my body.

We also did a few bicycle crunches which was surprising, and ended back in savasana. I left feeling refreshed and peaceful, as well as thirsty and hungry ;)

We wolfed down some Subway (one occasion when the additional sodium is welcome!) and were ready to get our evening started ;) 

The smudges on the mirror are courtesy this guy:

Griffin tends to fight his reflection. He’s also always exposing his manbits by laying with his legs spread like that :P

We started our night out at the Seahorse Tavern for some live folk-pop music. But somewhere along the way we ended up at a sports bar playing pool (where I whooped some ass, might I add). The only other group of people at the bar happened to include someone I went to elementary/middle/high school with!! Small world. Several pitchers of beer were consumed and the night may have finished off with a McDonalds’ Big Mac Snack Wrap.

Because after some draught and pool, I get classy like that ;)

Night turned into morning and I have a feeling it was 5am by the time I crashed.

We were hurting bad enough the next day that I even gave in to Tim Horton’s coffee.


I hate Tim’s. But the caffeine did wonders :)

A chunk of Saturday was spent running around town picking up food – including this place!!

They have some things that I can’t buy in New Brunswick, including some new-to-me bars.

Vita TOPS (we can only get VitaMuffins)

Fact: muffins are superior when ingested in “top” form.

Plus, the peanut butter is easier to spread on top :)

I also picked up some waffles that I was sent coupons to sample. Will feature in the next few days – I’m excited to try them!

Then we got cookin’! I taught Erika how to make guacamole.


I helped her come up with a meal plan for a 12-day detox (don’t worry, it’s safe and healthy). We cooked up a whack of fish and brown rice.

And let the kitty lick up the fish juices ;) She lives in student housing with a communal kitchen though, and we stank up the whole house with the fish. Whoops!

The rest of the evening was spent laying in bed watching Supernatural, and eating bbq ribs and coconut cream pie. I’ve never had the big kind of ribs before. Amazing.

Since we were in bed at a decent hour Saturday, we were able to get up for a morning yoga class today. Friday’s was 60 minutes long, but today we tackled the 90 minute one. I loved it! Felt gooood to sweat all that beer and pie out. Also notable was that I was able to do a whole flow series doing the high plank, chaturangas and cobra, instead of the modified versions on my knees. Getting stronger!

Arrived back to my mom’s place in time for supper.

A giant chicken salad – just what I needed after an indulgent weekend!

I like to throw all my usual “healthy” habits out the window every once in a while. It’s more for mental sanity than anything else. To be able to eat and live without any nagging thoughts in the back of my brain. I will say, my tastes have truly changed. While a Big Mac Wrap is briefly tasty, something like this salad satisfies me on a much deeper level. Afterward I can feel my inside smiling :)


Well, this girl is beat. I will do the goals check-in tomorrow, so you’re off the hook this time. I hardly went near a computer all weekend, I’ll be tackling my inbox tomorrow. Fret not if you haven’t heard from me yet! Heart you all! xoxo


Question of the Day: Have you ever done hot yoga? What are your thoughts on it? I was expecting to pass out, so I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed it!

Bonus Question: What’s one dish you really want to try but haven’t because it’s not “healthy?” I’ve been dying to try a rack of ribs since I started eating meat again. A real rack doused in sauce. When I had the option of getting them this weekend, I knew the time was right. Worth the wait!!

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  1. I tried hot yoga for the first time a couple of months ago and it kicked my arse!! I found it so hard. It was Bikram though – I don’t know if that’s what you did? The next time I tried it hot, it wasn’t Bikram and it was a hell of a lot easier and more pleasant!!

    I feel you on the letting it go every now and then — and also that the chicken salad looks the most appetizing of everything!

    Sounded like an awesome weekend!

    • No, but I think it was very close to bikram. The posture sequence is a little different, and changes a little each time. They also offer a heated power flow class but there was no way I was doing that!! :P

  2. I would love to try a hot yoga class, never have. The chicken salad looks great – so simple and yummy!!

  3. oh my gosh you got me wanting a FRESH SALAD!
    i am dying to try HOT YOGA!! i did p90x yoga today and it def wasnt hot yoga..that is HARDCORE! that sounds like an awesome sunday!

    • I love the P90X yoga!! I have never been able to get into yoga DVDs but that’s the only one I’ve really enjoyed. Even with creepy Tony Horton as the instructor…

  4. I LOVE hot yoga. I always feel like I get so much accomplished in a class. oh, and my cat poses like that too… so funny!!!

  5. Ok 10 yr yoga teacher and yoga veteran chiming in to the chagrin and hatred of many who may totally disagree with me but…
    I don’t find Bikram or “hot” yoga that hard. Yes, it’s hot. But if you removed the heat, there would be very little challenge left. If you could do those poses in your living room in a normal temp, i dont find them that hard. Now, I teach a hot power flow and teach it at about 90-95F. That, is hard. Not just b/c i teach it :) but b/c it’s like doing a full on cardio session meets yoga meets a very hot room. I think that all yoga is great, but I have known many a student who wants a “really good workout” and although Bikram will make you sweat, pretty much walking into a 100F room will do that, I dont find it that “hard”.

    Sorry to anyone who disagrees. This is merely my .02 :)

    That said Susan, I am impressed, proud, and happy for you that you did yoga! Yoga is not about being “hard” or a “good workout” if we really let go of all that anyway..so just showing up is money ahead of the game!


    • Ohyes, I do not do yoga for a workout, one of the main reasons why I’ve never done a power flow class. I work my body hard all week weight lifting and running, when I go to yoga I just want to find a little peace and put my body through some good movements :)

  6. ooooo.. dairy free version of PP~ intrigued! LOVE griffin! so cute. hilarious photos of him. and i have never done yoga.. every time someone talks about it i think “i need to try it” and i still never have. um, the TOPS are definitely the way to go, glad you got some. this comment is random, hum one thing i would love to eat even though it isn’t healthy? well shit, i usually will eat most things on my free day so i can’t think of an answer! ribs and coconut cream pie sound pretty stellar.


  7. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I have never done hot yoga, but I HATE to be hot, so I don’t really think it would be my cup of tea!

  8. Oh I absolutely love that you watch Supernatural!! Not many people watch it, but it’s such a good show!! And such hot men ;-)

  9. I’m so glad you liked yoga! As a loyal weight trainer I doubted I’d like it, but I have completely fallen for it. I don’t do Bikram, but I do hot flow & power. Some people don’t believe that you can leave a class like that feeling beat up, but I love it!

  10. chillel williams

    I LOVED this post Susan.. :)
    There’s something really warm and refreshing about hearing you take time out and just LIVING..I’m glad you had such an awesome time lady!..

    Hot Yoga…Hmm…I admit that i’m curious..but as a Hatha Yoga devotee i’ve had it drummed into me by teachers that Bikram yoga in particular is ‘arrogant’ and not actually very good for you..I think some of my yoga teachers just feel like Bikram yoga is a bastardised version of ‘regular’ yoga….I’ve listened to A LOT of rants by teachers on it..
    I’d still love to give it a go though..
    I’m VERY temp sensitive though and have pretty low blood pressure so im worried that i’d faint.. :(

    Awww..how gorgeous is Griffin!!?? Totally makes up for not having Archie in this post..


  11. I would love to try hot yoga but my town is pretty basic when it comes to exercise. Sounds like you had a blast its good to let go once in a while! x x

  12. I’ve never done hot yoga since my yoga is only the basic stuff my gym offers, but I would love to try it. It sounds fun and like a good workout.

    I gotta say I love how you ate a McD’s wrap and shared about it. None of us need to be perfectly healthy all the time. You enjoyed your weekend and it fit in just fine with your overall approach to health. You’re awesome.

  13. It’s so funny, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Moksha! I pass by it EVERYTIME i’m downtown and have yet to try!

    • It cost me $20 for a week-long trial and you can go as many times as you like. They offer tons of classes at all times of day – definitely recommend it! :)

  14. Griffin is so handsome! What a cutie!

    I pretty much eat what I want when I want, so I can’t think of a food I’ve deprived myself of lately. Maybe doughnuts? Those things are soooo good. Unfortunately, they’re totally deviod of nutrition.

  15. What a fun weekend!

    I have done hot yoga, and I’m honestly not a huge fan. I LOVE yoga, but dripping sweat and slipping all over the mat is just not my thing.

    I eat pretty much everything, in moderation! Of course now that I am a pescetarian I don’t eat meat, aside from that I just control my portions!


  16. Good for you for living it up this weekend, girlie! Sounds like it was just what you needed :)

    I’ve never done hot yoga, but I really want to try it out. There’s no classes here in Bloomington/Normal that I know of…

    I’ve pretty much tried any dish I’ve craved; At least a bite of it. I can’t think of one particular food that’s been “off limits.”

  17. Never tried hot yoga. I do some yoga, but it just doesn’t do it for me.

    I love, love chicken wings. Deep fried, smothered in hot sauce and extra bleu cheese dressing on the side. I really keep wanting to eat them like I did in the ‘old’ days, but can’t quite do it. Maybe after a 50-mile bike ride LOL!

    Sounds like you had a fabulous time!

    • You know, I still crave my old crappy food too – but when I eat it, it’s never as satisfying as I think it’s going to be. I felt like junk after and my body was working overtime to digest it all :\

  18. I’ve never tried hot yoga. It isn’t offered in my town and I’m not a big yoga fan anyhow. If it was offered I’d try it once to be a good sport! :)

    If I am craving something and it’s gluten free I eat it. :) Everything in moderation and all that!

  19. What an awesome weekend! I really want to try hot yoga- the nearest class is in London, but it sounds amazing. On my to-do list for New York. And HOORAY for letting loose…living it up on occasion is what health/balance is all about, IMO. Muffin tops are so much better than muffins- also on my to-do list for NY is to hunt down a muffin top pan.

    Something I really want to try but haven’t because of the health factor? I can’t think of anything (!)- mainly because my taste buds have changed so much. There are things I want to try but are pretty healthy, whereas some completely unhealthy stuff feels ‘safe’ to me…oy. I got my priorities upside down. I would like to try Ceasar salad one day just because I have never had one. And a real NY cheeseburger (and NY pizza). okay, I guess I do have things.

  20. I went to a hot power yoga class and I enjoyed it much better than Bikram! I’m one of those yoga-haters because I have to keep moving or I get bored! LOL. I wish I could get into it because it’s so good for you.. and I know my body would like the stretch!

  21. I love hot yoga! I’m not a naturally flexible person, and the heat definitely helps me go deeper into the stretches.

  22. Sounds like you’re having a blast!
    It seems like hot yoga is one of those things that people either love or hate. I have never tried it, but I’m so glad you liked it!
    I won some of those Vitatops in a blog contest recently, and I LOVE them! They’re fantastic with almond butter spread on top :) LOVE!

  23. Glad you made it through your 1st hot yoga class! I just went back after about a year of not doing it and you’re right…hungry and thirsty are the 1st things that come to mind afterward! HA

  24. Never tried hot yoga – or any yoga at all! I would like to try sushi. I know it’s healthy, but I haven’t worked up my nerve to eat raw fish. I’m a wimp at heart!

  25. adrienmelaine

    I LOVE Moksha! It’s way better than anything Bikrams- just to inform you of that fact now- it actually resembles yoga. I hope you get to keep going!

    • The BFF is actually moving to a neighbourhood close to me in Toronto and we’ve already picked out a Moshka studio we can go to together! I would like to try Bikram for comparison now though (and now that I’m no longer deathly afraid of it :P )

  26. yes. i love that you had a snack wrap. no shame in livin’ yo life lady. LOVED this fun post :)

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