My Favourite Restaurant + An Early Flashback

Tough day.

Watching cars drive by all day.

Barking at the occasional dog passing by.

I only joined him for part of it ;)

I dunno you guys, but I’ve been waking up every morning dreaming of runny eggs on toast.

I tend to go through phases with breakfasts, where I’ll eat the same thing everyday for a couple weeks.

Except for that period in high school – when I got up and made myself french toast every day for a couple of years. Seriously. I think it lasted over 700 days.

I met up with my dad today for a noon hour spin class! My dad is what I call an “h-core cyclist.” He’s been road and mountain biking for as long as I can remember, and bikes to work everyday only to change into a suit after.

His office building has a gym in the basement with a spin set-up. It was kinda cool – the instructor set one of those light-up disco balls on the floor and shut off the lights. At first it was off-putting, but ended up being fun because no one could see me dying on the spin bike! 40-minute class, and got my heart pumping. Lots of low hovers over the seat which kills my glutes.

Afterward, my dad and I hit up my fave restaurant in town, Calactus. It’s vegetarian/vegan, which works out well now that I’m off the dairy!

I opted for the special, which started with a squash and lentil soup.

The main dish was a hummus and olive flute with a side of their amazing tabbouleh. The “flute” is essentially a wrap in their homemade (and to die for) lavash bread.

Dad got their burrito which I ordered here.

And his favourite chocolate banana soy smoothie. I had a sip. It’s dang good.

Me and the old man! I think he may have kicked my butt at spin today ;)

Came home to a message from a gym in Toronto who want to set up an interview for a personal training job when I get there! Yayyy! Even if nothing happens from it, it’s at least nice to finally get a callback from all those resumes I sent out :D

Took the puppers for a walk in my new hiking shoes, and my feet were happy campers. So weird that my feet are fine running, but I get shooting pain after long walks. No picture of that walk though – my hands were full with the two leashes ;)

Supper was a smattering of leftovers.

Leftover egg noodes, eggplant chicken tomato soup, and spicy buffalo buffalo meatballs. 

Had to make up for that vegan lunch somehow!!

Lots of carrot snacking on the side. Will be orange by 2011.

My mother keeps (and has always kept) healthy food in the house. 

Except, I keep finding boxes of specialty chocolate in the back of her fridge. Dangerous for a person like me!

I always say that I like dark chocolate, but sometimes a melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate can’t be beat.

After dinner, I went up to my old middle school to see my step-brother in a school play. Walking in, I realized it’s been ten years since I last walked through those doors. I was only there for Grade 8, but it will always stand out in my memory as a fun and formative year.

noname (2) 
Mind the blurry cell phone photo. I tracked down my class on the wall and had to snap a pic. We don’t own these school photos, so it was fun to see my 14-year-old self immortalized on the wall :)


That’s all for this fine Thursday – I have to go get some guest posts ready! I’m going to Halifax this weekend to visit my Best Friend Forever (BFF). This weekend will be the start of a Blogger Interview Series that I’ll be posting during all the moving and travel madness over the next month. Y’all are in for some great stuff – so many fun bloggies to feature!

See ya with a trip recap and goal check-in on Sunday!


Question of the Day: What was you favourite age/school grade growing up? Grade 8 was definitely fun for me because I made some new and great friends. Grade 6 will always stand out too – my friends and I used to take off on our bikes for hours, and then always end up at the local ice cream shop :)

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  1. That wrap looks amazing! I really need to visit a quality vegetarian/vegan restuarant soon. I live right outside NYC damnit!

    Have a great trip and be safe! I’m looking forward to your guest posts but will miss your reg blogging =(

    Nicole G

  2. I wish I was an egg person, but sadly all I want are carbs/sweet tasting things in the morning!

    Oh, and I am seriously orange! I tried giving up the beta-carotene for a couple months and when it didn’t go away I learned to embrace it! LOL

  3. I love the picture of Archie. So cute.

    Congrats on the interview – that’s great!

    This is probably predictable, but senior year was definitely my favorite. I finally got into a groove and felt super comfortable. Fun!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Love the pic of you and your dad! That soup looks so good, too.

    (from yesterday’s post) I am in love with medjool dates. Like you, I used to get the smaller ones, but then I got spoiled and now cough up the $4.99 a pound for the medjools!

    I have to say that I totally disliked school. I was picked on so much that I was miserable until I graduated. Once I got to college, a whole new world opened up for me and I loved it!

  5. Wow! I am developing a love for food blogs and so glad I came across yours! The pictures of eggs on toast honestly made my stomach start growling immediately. Pretty powerful! Perfect combo – great writing and beautiful food!

  6. i love the pic of you and your dad….how awesome!

    i dont have that many fond memories of school. i was a great student and athlete but never really fit in that well with peers my own age. More like peers 10 yrs old than me :)

  7. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Yay for an interview! It’s always exciting to know that people are interested! Unlike 99% of people, I loved 7-9th grade! I was in an awesome school, made some amazing life long friends, and pretty much had a permanent smile on my face

  8. aww he looks so cute looking out the window!! haha! xx

  9. chillel williams

    You’ve totally inherited your parents most awesome features! You have such a beautiful family.. :)
    I have to say that Archie is totally hogging the cute butt gene though! haha..

    Gonna keep you in my prayers with regards to job stuff..It’s gonna feel awesome when that stuff takes off..Im so excited for you!

    Not sure how long you’ve been avoiding dairy for but have you noticed a difference yet?..I find that i’m a lot less sluggish and my skin is like woah-glowing!..I didn’t actually consciously cut out dairy..It just seems to have happened over the last 2 months..and i don’t seem to miss it..Life’s full of little surprises!


    • I’ve only been off it since the beginning of the month, so I haven’t noticed any huge changes yet. My skin unfortunately hasn’t changed, but I do feel a lot less bloated :)

  10. Mmm, I am drooling every time you post about Calactus! I kind of want to head cross-country just to try it :D

    And there are SO many good veg/vegan restaurants here in T.O… you’ll love it!

    I loved high school-my last two years. The first two were awkward and angsty ;)


  11. YAYYY!! Newfoundland chocolate!!

    Actually. I haven’t seen those in NL. Ever? lol weird.

  12. That’s great you and your dad can do a workout together. My dad smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day. I love the man but…. :)

    7th and 8th were great school years for me. That when you have your true friends I believe. Thank goodness for FB we can all reconnect again.

  13. My favorite age had to be like 8 or 9. It was before crazy hormones. It was before mean middle schoolers. It was before my little brother was born and I was an only child. It was when I could go out and play and not have a care in the world. Sleepovers and forts and barbies and hoop dresses. Those were the days.

  14. Love eggs and toast! I am going through a Honey Bunches of Oats breakfast phase right now… if I had more time in the morning I would be all over french toast and apple pancakes!

    My favourite grades had to be 6, 8, and 12.

    – Six because I was allowed to walk to my friends houses by myself.
    – Eight because that’s when you start to “get” the adult jokes in movies, and my friends started to act older than we were (ooohhh so grown up! lol)
    – Twelve because I was a major art geek in high school and most of my classes that year were art related… fun!

  15. Spin class with your Dad = awesome!! I cannot imagine my Dad doing that.
    Chocolate banana smoothie does not sound half bad right now I must say…
    My favourite grade…hmm. We call them different things in England but Year 10 and Year 12 (ages 15/16 and age 17) were both pretty awesome :)

    Happy Friday!

  16. I guess my best year was the 9th grade. It was a lot of fun. Things drastically declined from that point on though.

    Love the picture of Archie’s little butt. My dog likes to look out the window like that. He’s not supposed to be on the couch but when his father isn’t there I don’t say anything! ;)

  17. I LOVE Calactus!! I was in there last week when I was in Moncton and had the feta and spinach pizza – it was amazing!! Have fun in Halifax, that’s where my BFF lives right now too!

  18. I love that you guys do spin classes together! Working on that guest post this weekend…this week has been nutso. Yay for the interview!!!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    Best year growing up- 10-11 was good…was touring a lot with music and hanging out with friends inbetween. High school pressure had yet to hit (!) so my life was music, friends, school and field hockey :)

  19. I love doing spin classes with my mum. It’s so great when parents are healthy – it sets an awesome example.
    Hmm.. I think my favourite grade was grade eleven because of the variety of courses I was taking (I took classes in the sciences and the humanities which was fun since I love both areas) and I felt like I was surrounded by a great group of friends.

  20. Aww spin classes together!! that is so freakin cute!!!
    I LOVED sophomore year.. grade 10! so much fun and i hung out with all the 12th graders.. and then 11th grade SUCKED

  21. Hi there!! I’m absolutely loving that “flute” of an entree you ordered and can totally see why this might be your favorite restaurant. Yum. :)

    I think i loved…freshman year? I went to a british school so we went by grades and my school had ’em 1 though 13. I loved being part of the more “senior” kids, but still young enough so you can mess up without people asking questions. hahaha

  22. My feet are the same. I can run 4 miles or more and my feet don’t hurt. I walk 18 holes of golf and my heel is killing me. You’d think it would be the other way around!

    That’s great you’re getting some feedback on your resume!

  23. Wow that veg cafe food looks INCREDIBLE, and very cool that you and your dad do spin class together! I always love hearing about people biking to work…I am also a commuter cyclist but thankfully I’ve never had to dress up too much for my job!

    Wooo way to go on getting an interview! I agree, applying to jobs online is quite daunting (I’m currently in the process of job hunting for my next work term! Stressful!).

  24. you and your dad are ADORABLE! and i am loving the behind the blog series – so much fun to learn a bit more about people…even if they are keeping major secrets from us!

    hope you are having the MOST FUN with your BFF – banff in 23 dayssssss!

  25. …and now I am TOTALLY craving runny eggs on toast.

    Love the idea of your blogger interviews, and I am so honored to be included. I hope you’re having a great time with your BFF!

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