Someone is the Owner of a Brand New Waffle Maker!

Whooaaa, thanks for all the compliments on my photoshoot!! Haha. They made me feel nice as I read them this morning, in my giant flannel pants, smudged mascara and gnarly hair :P

Okay, I won’t beat around the bush here. I know you’re eager to find out who won the free Belgian waffle maker!! Drumroll pleeeease…



Woo! Congrats Sarah!!! I’ll be sending you an e-mail to get all the necessary info :)

I apologize to those of you who didn’t win, as I’m about to tease you with another Belgian waffle photo.

Seeing as I’m almost fully off the dairy now, I have to come up with a new protein waffle recipe. My old one consisted of cottage cheese, oatmeal, and egg whites. So today I mixed up a few things as I went along.

2 tbsp soy protein powder, 2 tbsp whey powder, 2 tbsp whole wheat flour, 1 tbsp ground flax, 1/4 cup egg whites, 1/4 cup almond milk, 1 tsp baking powder, cinnamon.


It got super crisp and crusty! I bet this would be okay as pancakes, but definitely needs tweaking for waffles. Anyone got a decent high protein, low dairy waffle recipe?

Topped with strawberries, homemade maple pecan peanut butter, sugar-free syrup and sweetened flaked coconut.

I usually buy unsweetened coconut, but we needed the sweet stuff for a cake recipe. Um, it’s rad.

Supah filling!!! 

Archie watched me from afar, he so wanted some.

I spent the morning applying for personal training jobs in Toronto! Not getting my hopes up though, applying for jobs online is a suck hole. People still like the old-fashioned resume drop-off.

The rain cleared briefly before lunch, so I had a sugary snack before heading out for a planned 5-miler.


Two of the medjool dates I bought at the natural food store yesterday, stuffed with almond butter. I usually buy teeny tiny honey dates because they’re cheap. Whoa. These medjools are ginormous and mega sweet. Two was definitely one too many for me, which is saying a lot.

I actually mapped out the run today beforehand, planned for two loops around the lake.


Not to be a complainer or anything, but I really miss my trail in Fredericton!! Wain! I miss my gym too, learning to exercise in different environments may be the hardest part of moving for me.

On the bright side, there are a few hills around here and I was able to challenge myself in a new way :) Oh, and I totally ran past an old high school boyfriend on the sidewalk. Thank gaaawd I was disguised in my ballcap and sunglasses.

Came home and iced my feet, ankles and knees while eating a big ole salad.

My mother’s usual salad bowls no longer cut it, I had to revert to one of her mixing bowls.


Apparently running up hills makes me hungry for whole romaine hearts??

With leftover spicy buffalo buffalo meatballs in mustard/mayo/olive oil dressing.

On the icing, I remember getting a question a while back on why/when to do it. I ice after long runs to prevent pain after. I never get pain in my muscles or joints during a run. If I do, I stop. But often when I do longer runs, I’ll get pain in my feet, ankles and knees a few hours later, and it can last a couple days. Bringing the inflammation down with ice, and sometimes ibuprofen, gets rid of it 99%.

Despite the super sweet dates earlier, my inner chocolate monster still needed to be put to bed.

Please disregard the flour on this bar – it’s from making the homemade doggie treats ;)

Pretty stellar ingredients for a chocolate bar, no?

And it was on sale! Oh yeah, it was delicious. It was chocolate ;)


This afternoon I whipped up another batch of homemade protein bars.


Much like this recipe, except I used two cups oat flour (ie oatmeal ground in the food processor). I also left out the raisins and used 2 tbsp pure maple syrup instead of the fake stuff. I seriously missed not having these at my mom’s!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping with my Nana! Yes, my 87-year-old grandmother was looking at yoga pants with me, because she does yoga too!


I ended up getting a pair of Merrell hiking shoes for my trip to Banff, Alberta in June. I’m hoping they can double as walking shoes, as my feet DO NOT like walking in my running sneakers AT ALL.

As a side note, while I was at the shoe store, three different women came in looking for Reebok Easy Tone shoes. Sigh. The salesperson was thankfully knowledgeable, and warned the women they could lead to further pain down the road. When I asked him about it, he said he’s never seen a shoe sell as much as that one! Double sigh.

Back to the food.


Baby food to be exact.

And no, I’m not on the baby food diet.

I mixed it with some of this stuff…


Soy protein powder, baking powder, cinnamon and egg whites.


Popped in he microwave for a couple minutes, and a protein cake is born.


Topped with more homemade maple pecan peanut butter.


Now. Did anyone make it this far, or did you check out at the giveaway winner? :P Don’t worry, I’ve got some free food coming up in the weeks to come!

And with that, I’m off to bed. Tomorrow shall be a fun day – spin class with the pops, lunch at my fave vegan restaurant, and a play at my old middle school! See ya then!!


Question of the Day: Runners- what sort of routes do you prefer? Out-and-back? Loops? Pavement? Trail? Treadmill? Flat? Hills? I realized today that I much prefer out-and-back routes to loops. Loops just feel longer! And I love a soft squishy trail, no pavement or sidewalks please.

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  1. I prefer a single loop or an out and back. Now that I have a Garmin I can do a 14 mile loop Sunday for my long run. I just hate seeing the same things too many times. Sometimes once is enough!

  2. I prefer loops because I can’t be lazy and quit. My lunchtime run is a 3.5 mile loop and it’s perfect!

    I can’t wait to see your photos of Banff! I went there on a roadtrip as a teen and it was amazing! I’d love to go back to that piece of heaven!

  3. I like a single loop, which I think is similar to an out and back I guess. I like knowing right when I get to halfway point so that I can pace myself throughout the run. I want to try to up my mileage and run 1-2x more per week this summer, so maybe I’ll switch it up a bit. As for conditions, I like running on pavement, as long as its even. I hate uneven and cracked sidewalks!

    That baby food is adorable looking. I totally thought it was yogurt at first glance =)

    Nicole G

  4. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Ugh! I work at a running/cycling store and it makes me want to bash my head into the wall when women come in looking for those shoes! I like trails and bike paths the best, and I like out and backs!

  5. I like a single loop, like the once-around path at my lake that I’m used to. I’m okay with my pavement, but once my legs start to hurt I veer off and run across the grass.

  6. I eat my salads out of mixing bowls too! or big pyrex baking dishes.

  7. I do out and backs, and I hate hills but I’m making myself do them because there are hills on my half marathon route! I’m lucky though in that I can choose hilly routes or flat routes where I live. Oh and I HATE the treadmill…I want to like it for the convenience factor, but I’m done after 30 seconds, literally.

  8. I love to run along the seafront wind blowing through my hair and sun on my face……….oh I so look forward to being able to do my long runs again! Each day my back is getting stronger so not long now me thinks.

    That waffle and protein muffin look soooooooo good! x x

  9. chillel williams

    Hmmm if you (queen of zee sweet teeth) found medjool dates VERY sweet i must get my hands on some..I’m trying to eliminate unnatural sugar from my diet and ANYTHING ‘healthy’ that can rival candy in the sweet stakes is def worth checking out in my book!

    At the moment i only run on the treadmill..It’s all i’ve ever done..I’m going to try my first outdoor run on Saturday morning and can i just say i’m SCARED TO full of fear..I’m not sure why..but i guess treadmill running’s so familiar…I keep having these crazy thoughts that im just not going to be able to run as well outside’..Hence the fact that i plan on undertaking this new venture at 4.30am when noone is around to witness what could possibly be an epic fail.. Wish me luck!

    • I learned to run on the treadmill too and was mega scared about running outside at first. The hardest part was learning how to pace myself. It’s SO easy to sprint without realizing it and feel like death 10 minutes in. Just go at a nice and easy jog, enjoy the scenery and have fun! :)

  10. Mmm that choco bar looks fab!!

    I love hiking. I need to go more often!!

    I like out and back routes the best. I do loops a few times a week and they DO feel longer! Even though my out & back is actually the longer route!! And I like SOME light hills, just for the challenge :D


  11. I prefer out and back courses, but there really is nowhere to run here. I just kind of pick a neighborhood and run around it as many times as I need in order to meet my distance goal.

    That’s too funny that you saw an old bf. I love going home to visit my parents but I really don’t enjoy seeing some of the people from my past around town!

  12. I have those Merrell’s and I love them! Good choice!

  13. What’s wrong with those shoes? Can you do a post on it?

    • Oh, there’s nothing wrong with my running sneakers (saucony progrid ride 2). My feet LOVE running in them. But walking in them makes the side of my left foot hurt. My walking gait must vary from my running gait enough to make a difference I guess.

  14. I’m not a runner per se but I’ve been venturing into jogging. I like loops, hate hills, hate treadmills! :)

    I find myself unable to get over the baby food diet. I think Tracy Anderson may possibly be the most idiotic person in the world. I find it sad that a lot of people actually follow her advice! She’s dangerous!

    • I am a very level headed person who goes by “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” But Tracy Anderson makes me spew things you wouldn’t imagine. She makes me LIVID!

      • I see why her clients don’t lift over 3 lbs. They are too weak from their baby food cleanse! I usually ignore silly diet/fitness fads but this lady gets under my skin big time!

  15. I need a waffle recipe too, I’m awful at making them :D
    I prefer trail runs, somewhere with trees and grass. So that I could just run and unwind.

  16. I would love a waffle maker…that looks delicious!!

  17. I’m not really a runner, but I think the most enjoyable routes for me when I do actually run (which has been a long time) are loops in the outdoors.

    How cute that your grandma does yoga! Sounds like my G-Pa. He is around that age and very active still as well. It’s motivating to see.

  18. ahhhh banff! love the shoes…as soon as i get paid, i am going shopping for some as well! and your waffles look delish. and i am loving your ginormous salad. and i hope you have a wonderful day!


  19. It might seem odd, but I like to mix treadmill and outdoors in the same session; I get hell of bored doing my 7 mile routine on the treadmill, so I run 3.5 on the machine then walk out the gym and finish up with walking on the street. It’s easier on my knees then doing my whole run on the pavement and more interesting than just doing it all the treadmill.

    • That’s a great idea!! Oooh, I hope my new gym is in a running-friendly area. Breaking up a long run that way sounds soooo much better.

  20. I try and do a big out and back loop that often incorporates different sides of a river or a lake for minimal repetition. Ohh running outside, how I love thee.
    I often crave giant salads after a run! Those balls look legit (ha)

  21. peanutbutterfingers

    i like BIG loops around BIG lakes. pretty scenery is key & i hate running straight down a road. it makes the run feel never-ending!

  22. I actually thought that baby food sounded good LOL
    Love the shoes! I’ve tried on that brand before and I really liked them.
    I’m more of a loop type of girl for shorter runs, but for runs 8 miles or longer, I like to do an out and back.

  23. umm that waffle recipe looks DARN good to me!!! I have made soy flour pancakes before and they were SO good! (on myblog in the recipe section) so I bet they would work as waffle batter too?? def want to try it out soon, but sadly I didnt win your waffle iron giveaway :( hehe thats okay!! congrats to the winner, and that just means I need to get my butt out there and get myself one!!
    when I go for a run, I LOVE loops!! that way I dont have to see the same thing over and over again! I also am loving this run around a lake near me in boston! its 1.5 around, so I do it twice then back to my apt, its a nice 5 mile run!!

  24. haha those shoes totally crack me up. in theory they seem sorta neat but then when you really think about the concept…do we really need special sneaks that do the work for us?? how lazy are we?? genius marketing tho!

  25. “Apparently running up hills makes me hungry for whole romaine hearts” — HAHA! When I am a hangry beast, I swear I eat the weirdest stuff too. Like HANDFULS of spinach, or ever raw potato!

    And I love mixing baby food into stuff! I think the grocery store peeps find it bonkers that I’ll buy like 2 jars of baby food. They probably think I’m malnourishing my child or something!

    • Confession – I went to the grocery store specifically to buy that baby food. I bought two packs of gum with it so it didn’t look THAT weird :P

  26. I have to admit, I’m really lazy, so I prefer mostly flat runs. I do a boot camp, and yesterday the instructor had us run up and down a hill 4 times, and I have to admit I wasn’t ready for it!

  27. I like to run out and back, but with a different route back, if possible. I would love to run on trails, but I don’t know of any that aren’t in scary, secluded parks that I am not interested in going to alone.

    Also, I love your mom’s plates! My parents have a few like that and it makes me happy to see those in all your photos :)

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