Dog treats, Meatballs and a Photoshoot


I accidentally just published a guest post I was working on, so I apologize if you got something weird in your Readers. Consider it a tease ;)

My mother insisted on taking a picture of me today because I looked “pretty.” This is what happens when you get dressed after not wearing makeup, real pants, or straightening your hair for almost two weeks.


Please don’t ask why I’m hanging out on the hardwood floor, or why I’ve grown velociraptor arms. Such are the mysteries of life…

My mother and I are at least on the same schedule. She’s newly retired, and myself newly unemployed.


I was up at 7am though. The poodle busted through my door again – how does he do that??


Not butter or french toast today. It was all about the bacon with my fried eggs on toast.

Traded in the citrus for fresh watermelon.


Incredibly satisfying meal. I lovelovelove eggs. I could never ever give them up :)

Instead of doing “nada” between 11am & 12pm, I went to the gym. So I’m not entirely useless ;) Hit up the co-ed location for a full-body workout. However, the free weights and weight machines are on different floors, which is incredibly irritating when I want to do alternating or supersets using both. I think gym design should be a specialty career position.

15 minutes on the elliptical, increasing resistance

Straight Set: (x3)
One arm dumbbell snatch

Superset: (x3)
Assisted chin-up
Plie squat

Superset: (x3)
Barbell bench press

Superset: (x3)
Stiff leg deadlift

Superset: (x3)
Cable pushdown
Hanging leg raises

Superset: (x3)
Preacher curl
Cable horizontal woodchop

Funnnn! I’ve been too lazy to type out my usual tables for weightlifting. Let me know if you miss it!

Walked in the door and heated up some leftover eggplant chicken tomato soup asap.

Another incredibly satisfying meal. Yum!

I took the pretty bowl today ;)


I’m not the biggest fan of noodles. It’s a slimy texture thing. But egg noodles and angel hair pasta I can do. Oh, and Kraft Dinner – but does that actually count as pasta? :P

Even after yesterday’s sugar post, I still needed a treat to finish off this meal.

I literally found this in the very back of my mother’s fridge. Hidden treasure!

I’ve never met a truffle I didn’t like.

In the spirit of sharing, I also treated the doggies.


I got bored last night and whipped up some of Peanut Butter Boy’s Peanut Butter Dog Treats.


1 large banana
1/4 cup egg substitute (1 egg)
1/3 cup creamy natural peanut butter w/ salt added a pinch of salt to batter
1 T honey (more if you plan on eating them too) added an extra tbsp
1 cup whole wheat pastry flour
1/2 cup wheat germ ground flax seed


1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees and lightly grease a baking sheet.

2. Mash the banana with the back of a fork in a medium bowl until very few clumps remain. Add the egg, peanut butter and honey until thoroughly mixed. Stir in the flour and wheat germ and mix well.

3. Place dough onto a lightly floured surface and roll out to about 1/4″ thick. Cut into desired shapes.


The only cookie cutters I could find were in the shape of the alphabet, so I did up a bunch of A’s and R’s for Archie and Rudy.

Rudy is the gutweiler, so he got first grab.

IMG_6772 IMG_6773
Archie is the real test, he’s quite picky. But he gobbled it up!

Let it be known that my mother and Mark also ate a couple out of the oven last night. Just keepin’ it real here folks! ;)

Decided to go “shopping” this afternoon (ie look at things I can’t afford to buy). I somehow ended up at a natural foods store packed with amazing things I’d love to try. I walked out with a Bumblebar and six medjool dates. I was pretty proud of myself :)

My mom and Mark are out of town for the next couple nights, so it’s just me holding down fort with the pups for the rest of the week. I was on my own for dinner. A shame, because they really missed out ;)

Started with some extra lean ground buffalo meat and I immediately knew I wanted to put it towards Danica’s Healthy and Spicy Buffalo Chicken Meatballs. Yes, I used buffalo in buffalo spice :)

Started with some carrots, celery, onions, chives and parsley in the food processor.


Mixed up with the meat and 2 tbsp Frank’s hot sauce. Something therapeutic about mixing up ground meat with your hands… no?


Fry in a pan until browned on each side.


Then baked in more Franks until fully cooked.


I ate mine in a salad.


With spinach, romaine, tomato, onions, mushrooms and red pepper.


For the dressing, I whisked together Italian vinaigrette, honey mustard and nonfat yogurt (just a lil’ bit!)


YUM. I haven’t had meatballs in forever! I cut back on the spice just a tad, and they were perfect for my palette. I think I may have used a little too many veggies, as I was dealing with 2/3 pound meat. But it did cut back on the calories a bit. The more balls the better. [insert lewd joke here]

Finally, if you’re not sick of looking at my mug yet – I got the photos back from my photo shoot! You may have noticed the new spiffy one on the sidebar.


I got my friend Melanie to take some professional headshots for marketing purposes as a personal trainer and freelance writer (just started doing a little web freelance…yayyy!).


I met Melanie while working at Starbucks way back in the day. She’s an awesome photographer, who’s had the chance to shoot some pretty nifty musicians.


These shots were actually taken around her parent’s yard. We lucked out with some great weather and lighting.


It’s so funny, because as a person who suffers from sometimes severe social anxiety, you would think being in front of the camera would terrify me. But I used to co-host a TV show and worked on the radio. Cameras and microphones are easy. You don’t have to watch the reaction of your audience.

You can check out more of my friend’s great photography at her website here.

Question of the Day: What scares you more? Being on camera or being in front of an audience? Any tips on how to get over those fears? For me, a lens is just a lens, and a microphone is just a microphone. In my head, they’re innocent inanimate objects. As for public speaking or performing, I practice till I’m blue in the face, helps ease the nerves… a tad…

Edited to add: The winner of my waffle maker giveaway will be drawn tomorrow at 8pm Atlantic Time!!

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  1. I’m glad your dog enjoyed them as did your mom =). They’re dry, but somehow addicting….

  2. Your photos are awesome! You are so pretty.

  3. I really like the photos! I could use a photographer friend.

    Rudy is just precious! He’s a handsome boy.

    As long as I’ve practiced and I know what I’m talking about, I do alright with public speaking. But that doesn’t mean I’m not terribly nervous!!

  4. Your photos look gorgeous – you have a great smile! I can’t wait to try that treat recipe for my pup. My dog is tiny and so often regular sized dog treats are way too big portions for him!

  5. You are so pretty susan!!!

  6. Aww, you’re so pretty!

    My doggie loves the homemade treats. His favorite are made with pumpkin, peanut butter, and oats!

  7. I love the pictures! You look gorgeous!!

    I have major stage-fright issues in front of an audience. I really need to work on that!

  8. I was getting ready to ask you why they were doggy treats when all the ingredients looked like humans could eat them. Then you let slip someone did. I think I’d probably fight with the dogs for them! lol ok maybe not :-)

    You look great Susan!

  9. Great pics!

    We should get bonus entries if we actually know what Atlantic time is :)

  10. Your photos look great! I love the one of you in the black with the trees in the background. You make me wish I was a redhead!

    Love the pups!

  11. Your pictures look beautiful! I always feel awkward in photos! I’m not sure what scares me more. At least with a live audience you get instant feedback. :)

  12. fattiefatterton

    You are so photogenic! Lovely pictures.

    Hmmm, I do okay in front of an audience unless I’m singing – then I’m terrified. But speaking, I’m okay.

  13. Ah, I haven’t been able to comment these past few days because finals have begun =( Almost over though!

    I think its so adorable that you made dog treats for the pups, so very sweet of you lol

    I prefer being in front of an audience rather than in front of a camera. I guess the permanence of film/photos bothers me more than the immediate experience of being in front of people. Atleast that way I can hope that people simply forget anything bad about it =)

    Ohh and I’m finally home for Waffle Wednesday tomorrow! I can’t wait!!!

    Nicole G

  14. i love the photo of you kneeling on the ground, thats a goodie! xx

  15. Oh raw red meat in a blender. Can I have more please (that’s my tongue in cheek humor which i am sure sounds bitchy but i am saying it with a smile ) !

    Serioulsy as a vegan, i can appreciate that my hubs would love it if i were to make meatballs

    Accid publishing a post..ive done that once, almost had a heart attack, it was 85% done and i honestly dont think anyone noticed!

    Dog treats look better than most food i see in restaurants! lucky dogs!

    Your photos are gorg, susan!

    your email today, yes. I will get that jazz to you….soon :)

  16. Awwwwww you so pretty! Those meat balls look amazing! x x

  17. Love those pics, you look great!

    I am MUCH more nervous being in front of a camera! Knowing I am being recorded and can see myself after scares me more than talking to people! But i am a big chatterbox, that could be the case… ;)


  18. chillel williams

    Susaaaaaaaan! Okay i’m probably a little happier to be back at your blog than you are to find me here squeeling again..but i missed ya girl!..ahem..and dearest Archie!..
    My finals are finally over!!!!!!!! So i’ll be back to commenting on one of my FAVE blogs..wohooo!
    Since i’ve used my last few brain cells on my exam which finished um 2.5 hrs going to bullet point stuff in this comment..just for coherency purposes!
    -i LOVE the new layout! Change usually scares the crap out of at first i was like ‘whaaaaa!!???’ and then i was like ‘aaah..i like…’.. :)
    -i know i say it all the time..but you’re hella-gorgeous in a natural way lady..It’s inspiring..I’m totally working on trying to cultivate your natural ‘i-always-look-this-good’ look!
    -i really think you should steal Archie off your ma when you move out..
    -erm…did i mention how crazy INSPIRING you are!!??
    -Massive congrats on your PT exams..Im soooo proud of you..and happy for you..I wish you the best of luck in your future with this career! You’ve inspired (i should really get a thesaurus) me to think about making radical changes in my own life…ahem..namely deciding not to go to law school..eep! im sticking to my guns though and following my dreams..commitment to passion is good yes!? :)

    Im going to stop waffling..I guess im amking up for lost time eh?..

    Peace and love!
    I missed ya!

    • Chilly!! I missed you too!! I just stumbled out of bed and am SO not rocking the “natural beauty” look – wild hair, smudged mascara, you get the picture :P Ohgosh, I considered law school for a while there too – so glad I didn’t do it! Commitment + Passion = Success in my books :D

  19. Oooh I like that schedule!!! Can I have it?! ;)

    Beautiful pictures :) I’m with you on the cameras vs. live audiences thing. So long as I don’t have to actually see the finished product, because that’s possibly even more embarrassing!

    <3 <3

  20. I agree! All of those meals look really appetizing. And all your pictures are beautiful too. I love your smile and your eyes. :)

  21. OMG–I LOVE that schedule. I think I’m about to hang something similar like that up around these parts since I’m post-grad school now :)

    Love your photo shoot–isn’t it so fun to get all gussied up??

  22. you look like such a model in the last picture with the wind in your hair :) gorgeous!
    ohh now i have a craving for meatballs…good thing mom is making some for dinner tonight! woot woot.

    haha your to do list makes my day :) too funny.

  23. I love the last one–something so simple and pretty about it!

  24. I may try those dog treats one day…Cocoa is so picky I he’d probably spit them out. He’s an OCD dog, he only has one approved brand of everything! lol!

    Love the photos! Really pretty! :)

    I think I’m worse with cameras than with public speaking. I feel like I ramble and I never know what to do with my arms! lol! I don’t like public speaking either but I get by. I just keep thinking how little impact a screw up would have on my life as a whole and it gets me through it.

  25. Beautiful photos!!!

    Is it bad that I love being on camera and in front of an audience as long as I don’t have to be myself. :-/ I always wanted to be an actress but having kids sort of derailed me. I would have a very hard time being myself in front of people tho’

    • Yes! Sometimes when I have to speak in front of a crowd I just tell myself I’m acting out a character who is really outgoing and articulate – it works! Sort of ;)

  26. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Look at you pretty girl! I love the pictures!

  27. I don’t like WATCHING myself on camera…makes me uncomfortable. I don’t mind being in front of an audience…although I do get nervous, I tend to calm down as time goes on whether I am giving a presentation or teaching a class.

    Great pictures!

    Oh, and I have eaten one of my dog’s treats….they are tasty these days lol ;)

  28. hmmm reading those dog treat ingredients…they sound perfectly “people” delicious too!!! love the great pictures, you look gorgey!!

  29. I’ve definitely mentioned this here before but public speaking scares the bejesus out of me. Hate it.
    Your meatball looks awesome love! I’ve totally been craving big salads filled with stuff like that.
    Oh and GREAT pics. You look so lovely!

  30. Hey Susan! Your pictures look great! I especially like the last one! Beautiful. :)

    I think I’m much better in front of an audience. I hate getting pictures taken because then you have the pictures forever! I am getting better though at not being so camera shy.

  31. beautiful pics and rockin the lululemon! love that! :) dog treats taht are human friendly too?!? thats so fun! i remember my mom bought my dog special doggie icecream which was basically the same ingredients as human icecream witha few additions-I tried it, not bad!!

    I really enjoy talking in front of people acutally so that doesnt scare me! i think being in front of a camera would scare me more!!

  32. I think my very favorite is the 3rd photo where where you are half kneeling. I love it!

    I spent my 20s as a musician, so I was performing a lot. It never really got easy, as I had performance anxiety. I could control it, but it just didn’t feel all the great. Very stressful and one of the reasons I stopped.

    The camera I don’t really mind :D

  33. ahhh i hope i win your waffle maker it would be the best birthday present EVER! hahaha anywayssss

    those pictures of you are GORGEOUS! so exciting for you to get to use them to launch your career in all aspects and ultra sweet of your friend to hook you up with her skills! enjoy your day girl :)

  34. I think I love baking for dogs as much as I love baking for people. Speaking of…I feel really bad about that because today is Niko’s birthday and I didn’t have time to bake her anything :(

    Those photos are just lovely! Your friend is a great photographer and you are beautiful!

  35. You’re NOT a fan of noodles? Wow I seriously wish that was me. I’m a total noodle/pasta addict. I cannot stop eating them once I start, or resistant them if I see them hanging around my kitchen. KD totally counts, best kind of pasta out there ;)

    Lucky little dogs with their gourmet homemade treats. Is it weird that I’m considering making those just for myself? Let’s pretend I didn’t say that.

    Lovely photos, you look great! I get nervous in front of an audience AND a camera. I don’t like the idea of either one, though a camera is slightly less intimidating. The idea of speaking in front of people terrifies me a lot of the time. If I’m well (VERY well) prepared then I can swing it but otherwise I completely stumble and mumble and feel like a fool and hate every second of it haha.

  36. Beautiful pictures!! You have such a pretty hair and eye colour combination (as a brown-haired brown-eyed girl, I am envious!).

    Love the “to do” list :)

    Your doggies are lucky- I would totally eat those biscuits!

  37. I don’t mind talking in front of a crowd or getting my photo taken, but I don’t like to be in videos, nor do I like to watch myself on videos.

    I too have never met a truffle I didn’t like (chocolate or mushroom).

  38. Those photos look beautiful! And how sweet are you to make tasty treats for your pup too :-)

  39. You look gorgous in your pics!!
    I took public speaking last semester and I gotta say…the nerves never went away. But at the begining of the class I was giving speeches with a red face, stuttering, and jumbled thoughts. By the end of the class, it was a LOT better. I think practice helped, as well as preparation & not looking directly at the audience (at the wall behind them).
    velociraptor…hahaha had me dyinggg

  40. Katherine: What About Summer?

    I love sitting on the floor; nothing wrong with it at all.

    I really like those photos of you, too. I think it’s great you have your running shoes on and they give a bit of flare to your personality

  41. ohhh that last picture of you is GORGEOUS! i never thought about getting headshots for writing work – but i might need to do that as well! ummm i am LOVING the looks of those buffalo meatballs. and the lewd joke insinuations. hope you are having a lovely thursday – banff in 27 days! holy crap – less than a month!!!!!

  42. so i have been just straight up reading blogs on my reader and not commenting today, but i HAD to click out for this one! of course. you always make me do that with your clever ways. i LOVE the letter doggie treats, gotta make them for R and P! and also LOVE LOVE the photoshoot! you are a beauty!

  43. BEAUTIFUL photos, Susan! You are lucky to have such a talented photographer friend! Although, it has to be said that it must be easy to shoot beautiful photographs with such a gorgeous subject! ;)

  44. i remember this post and commented and yes, your pictures totally conveyed what I come to “know” and love you for…beautiful on the inside & out, with what I like to call and “easy breezy” confidence and exuding warmth and compassion. Just lovely!


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