New Favourite Cake and Goal Check-In!

Hi there! Hope you all had wonderful weekends spent with your moms (sounds like it!). It was a busybusy day around these parts, feels like I haven’t stopped yet!

Started off after a solid 8 hours of unconsciousness.

One of my favourite breakfasts of all time: 2 eggs on toast and an orange.


My favourite kind of toast too – sesame ezekiel.


And a smidge of buttah to go with the runny yolks. Mmmmm…

My mom however got no brunch or breakfast in bed from me. Nope! Instead I dragged her to the gym for Mother’s Day!


Actually, more like she dragged me. There were a few mother-daughter duos there, very cute :)

We went to the woman’s only gym which is a drag because their weight area is seriously lacking. How are women supposed to lift heavy? Boo. Anyways, here’s what I managed to muster. Upper-body only. My glutes are wrecked.

Warm-up: 15 minutes on the elliptical, increasing resistance

Straight set (x3):
Dumbbell pullover (chest, back of shoulders, lats, rhomboids,triceps)

Alternating sets (x3):
Incline chest fly (chest, front of shoulders, biceps)
Incline dumbbell row (lower lats, rhomboids, middle traps)

Cardio: 10 minutes on the rowing machine, alternating grips

Straight set (x3):
Cable lateral raise (top and front of shoulder, traps)

Alternating sets (x3):
Dumbbell twist curl (biceps)
Forward triceps extension (triceps)

Cardio: 10 minutes on the stairmaster, increasing speed   

Not too shabby! Didn’t kill myself in the weight area what with all the moving over the last few days.

I didn’t get to eat until an hour after , which may explain the ginormous dish that followed.

Whenever I’m really hungry, I think I need 10x more food than can fit in my stomach.

A massaged kale salad with leftover roast chicken and watered down hummus for the dressing.


I made my mom buy me kale to keep on top of that calcium!

Shortly after it was on to my Nana’s Mother’s Day present:

I have never heard of Queen Elizabeth Cake before. But when I said I wanted to bake something, my mom pulled out this recipe and said it was my Nana’s favourite. Figures, my family are such monarchists ;)

My Nana loves to bake with two things: dates & oranges. Her date squares are to die for. Must be where I got the taste for it!


Clearly, as soon as I saw dates in this recipe, I knew it was a winner. And topped with coconut? Yesplease!


I will not lie, I licked the bowl clean and tried a couple tastes of the topping. The deliciousness of plain old butter and sugar will never cease to amaze me.


The recipe called for a 9×12 pan, which I completely disregarded and put in a 9×9 pan. Oops.

Not all hope was lost. It cooked up wonderfully, and it meant the topping was extra thick ;)


Once put under the broiler, the sugar hardened like in a brulee. Mygosh.

Look at that thick icing. How have I never heard of this cake before??


The photo below is a setup. This is my mother’s piece. Mine was twice as big.


And worth every. single. bite. My Nana was so happy and impressed that we thought to make her favourite cake. I am starting to learn where that sweet tooth of mine comes from ;)

The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting with Mark’s family. Then we came home to a late dinner. I made a stir-fry for Mark and I while my mom feasted on her Mother’s Day lobster.

Spot that pinwheel shaped veggie?


Fiddleheads! For all you West-coasters, fiddleheads are a young fern that’s harvested in the springtime. It’s actually late in the season for them. My mom steamed some before I added it to the stir-fry. I’d compare the taste to broccoli or asparagus.

And quinoa! I didn’t have a grain at lunch, so I figured I should probably add one to the mix for dinner. Was tasty all mixed up.

By the bye, after dinner I went to my dad’s to help him move furniture. If it’s not my crap, it’s someone else’s. The moving never ends!! :P


Sunday! Time for my Monthly Goal Check-In.


Strength train three times a week, with a focus in muscular power.
Got in two lifting workouts this week, but I think I should get at least an extra two more with moving ;)
Run twice a week, increasing my mileage by 10% each week. Check! Got in a 4-mile and 3-mile run this week – both outdoors!

Stop buying dairy, eating it only when out or when it’s “a must.” I haven’t had cottage cheese, yogurt or milk since writing this last week. I’ve had maybe one 15g serving of feta or cheddar cheese a day since, and a little butter here and there.
Stay away from refined sugars, again eating only for special occasions. Oooh, not as great on this one. I’m still eating regular chocolate, and a piece of cake today that was definitely packed full of refined sugars. Will do a detailed post about this tomorrow!

Add and organize content, new recipes, workouts, and revised pages and categories.
Check! Added a new recipe page, and new workouts are up under the workout tab. Oh, and there’s a new pic of me on the sidebar –>

Improve my organization. Make lists, finish them, know what needs to be done, when.
Well, I did make a list, but I never referred to it. I’m still disorganized… but I don’t think I forgot anything! 
Spend time with my family. Giant check! Spent all day with various family members :) 
Enjoy and soak up every single minute. You know, ever since writing this, I’ll occasionally stop and take notice of what I’m doing in a single moment. I never realized how little I do this, and how enjoyable life is when you do. Check.


Question of the Day: What were your goals for this month, and how are you doing on them?


Congratulations!! to Brie on her wedding and Heather on her little HEABlet!!!


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  1. Goals:
    Meditate daily
    Pack and move to new apt
    Walk to and from work, weather permitting
    Get familiar with the stability ball
    Drink water at the office
    Be a good listener
    Write in my journal more.

    Thank you Susan for your blog that I read daily XO

  2. I love that you took your mom to the gym on Mother’s Day!!

    My goals for May are to complete the Reach the Beach 55 mile bike ride next weekend. I’m also trying to be better about stretching, drinking water, and using sunscreen.

  3. What a curious little veggie – pinwheels – I have never tried them but now I want to!

    My biggest goal at the moment is to finish school = 4 finals to go!

  4. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Your nana was clearly a genius! That cake looks ahhhh-mazing!

  5. Hello, just found your blog and love it! I’m too trying to have a balanced meal and exercise regularly. Let’s motivate each other.

  6. And a smidge of buttah to go with the runny yolks. Mmmmm…= the pic right there is perfect. And I dont even like eggs. But i love the look of that one!

    that cake. omg. you know when a granny has recipes not only handwritten but TYPED on notecards in 1972 style font, it’s a keeper of a recipe
    butter and sugar never cease to amaze me either

    and my goals. blog less, live more.

  7. That cake looks wonderful, wow! Love the recipe cards as well. So awesome to do a mom and daughter workout this AM too, how fun.

  8. That cake looks sooooooo good, yum :)
    It’s a shame that the weights part of the gym was lackluster. It’s a shame because women don’t know how much they would benefit from lifting heavy weights!

  9. Susan,
    I totally think you’re enjoying and soaking up every moment. Seriously, every time I read your blog lately, you seem so full of joy. There is just a different attitude going on from say a year ago. Not that you were negative before or anything. I don’t know, you just sound like you’re enjoying life more. :)

    Love that you and your mama went to the gym together and then baked your nana a cake. Why have I never heard of a Queen Elizabeth cake either. Oh my gosh, it sounds divine and rather simple. Thanks for sharing – I love old family recipes.

    Runny egg yolks + toast = nothing better!
    Thanks so much for the congrats, and I hope you have a wonderful week!

  10. I have a question for you- is there an advantage to the incline fly or row versus using a ball or a flat bench or standing (for the row)? Or does the incline just help support your back?

    • The incline fly hits a few of the smaller muscles in your upper chest, and the incline row gets a few of the smaller ones in your back. The differences aren’t huge, it’s just fun to throw in different variations of each move to keep your muscles guessing, and to keep from getting bored!

  11. Mmm… I love runny yolks :)

    WOW that cake looks amazing! I have never had fiddleheads, but I want to try them!

    Great job on your goals!!
    My goals were-
    1. Run at least 20 times- working on it! I am up to 6x this month so far… but 3.5 more weeks to go!!
    2. Keep my apartment clean after my spring cleaning- Also working on this one, it still gets messy but we are better about cleaning up the mess!!
    3. Write more for pleasure && be more creative with my blog!- I am writing more for sure, almost everyd day! And the creativity is comning, slowly :)
    4. Save $200- haven’t saved any yet! This was a crazy spending weekend, unfortunately.
    5. Focus on making my transition to eating vegetarian/pescetarian as natural and unprocessed as possible- Still a veg/pesce, still pretty natural… but working on it! :)
    6. Keep up my early riser challenge!- So far I have! I got up at 5:30 this am!!


  12. I’d say you are doing pretty good on your goals! I should be doing the list one and trying to get organized–I’m the worst at that.

  13. You and your mom look so cute!

    That cake will be mine. I licked the screen, I swear. Might have that made for my birthday!

    My goals were to start running again, which hasn’t happened yet. Then weight loss, but that won’t tally till the end of the month. Dentist appointment is scheduled! It’s actually turning out to be a quiet month so far, which is kind of nice :D

  14. I love that you brought your mom to the gym for Mother’s Day–that’s so cute!
    OMG I’m the same way when I’m hungry–I make enough food for like 5 servings! HAHA
    You have some really great goals and it’s definitely encouraging me to make and actually stick to some of mine! :)

  15. I must make this cake ASAP! Looks fabulous! :)

  16. Wow. That cake looks amazing! I’ve heard of a Victoria Sponge but never a Queen Elizabeth cake! Must…make…soon…

    Happy Monday!

  17. littlemissminny

    Omg, what an amazing cake.
    I feel the same way when I’ so hungry, I feel like I could eat an elephant!

  18. Awww, that’s cute that you two hit up the gym. Those fiddleheads look so interesting, I’m going to have to check them out. I’m East Coast but way south (FL), and I don’t think I’ve ever seen those around…

  19. Are you allergic to dairy?

    your breakfast is one of MY favorites that I have almost daily! 2 pieces of toast (or english muffin), 2 eggs, and an orange! It’s soo good! :)

    • Oooh, poached eggs on an english muffin? Yum! And no, I’m not officially allergic to dairy. But I don’t like how excess amounts of it make me feel (ie gross) so I’m cutting way back. So far my body is happy without it!

  20. FIDDLEHEADS!!!! Mmmmmmm, I miss them. Sobeys carries them here – but it isn’t the same as getting them fresh from the river in front of my parents place. How do you eat yours? I like mine with vinegar. Is that weird??

    • Ooooh, vinegar?? I could get into that! I like vinegar on my fries. Wait. Wonder if you could make curly fries out of fiddleheads? Hmm…

  21. Love your goals for the month – looks like your staying on track. Thats awesome that you were able to hit the gym with your mom.

  22. wow. that cake looks EPIC! and you know i hate frosting so this would be so perfect for me! i am making it some day, mark my words.

    your mother’s day was fun! that is great you guys worked out together. i am anxious to read your sugar post so i am cutting this comment short!

  23. Yesss this cake looks superbly delish. And you know how I feel about runny eggs.. I need some badly! Lately I’ve been eating so many protein powder based foods and salad bar (and real food too, don’t worry) but I am missing my staples of REAL food like roast chicken and bell peppers and toast and eggs. This post makes me want eggs real bad. Haha.

    And agreed with Heab’s comment. Love your posts lately.

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