Out For Good


It’s been a long day!

Woke up pretty dazed and confused. After much humming and hawing, I eventually stumbled out the door for a run. Was expecting it to be chilly, but it turned into a sunny morning around Moncton’s (man-made) lake!

I’m officially on an unofficial training plan. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I want to rebuild my running base and introduce long runs. Right now that means running twice a week, increasing my mileage by 10% each week. This week is a 7-mile week, and today’s run was a 3-mile run.

Except, 5k’s are my least favourite distance. Ever. I don’t know what it is, but 3-milers are always horrid and I feel like death after. So I instead tried outdoor intervals a la JB. I did:

  • 1 minute walking
  • 1 minute jogging
  • 1 minute sprinting

x11 for a total of 33 minutes. Pheeew-ie! Intervals outdoors are way harder, but also way more fun! I love just running as hard as I can. My heart rate maxed out at 178bpm which is pretty high for me. I was hoping to hit the 180s, but I guess that’s what next time is for ;) Not sure if this was actually 3 miles either, and I’m too lazy to map it out.

Walked in the door a starvin’ marvin.


Mark, my mother’s boyfriend/partner, cooked up an extra bit of steel-cut oats while I was out tearing up the neighbourhood.

I added a scoop of unflavoured whey powder, a palm-ful of quinoa, and a handful of blueberries and raspberries, letting it simmer for a while longer.

Topped with almond butter and maple syrup. Oatmeal is quite possibly the best post-run food ever. Seriously.

Shortly after Mark, my dad and I made the 100 mile drive back to my old apartment. We had a minivan and pickup truck to fill up with furniture that will be going to my family’s cottage in Nova Scotia. I also had to scrub down my empty apartment, which is quite possibly my least favourite chore of moving.

We didn’t eat lunch until almost 3pm. Best turkey and hummus Pita Pita pita of my life. I inhaled it. It didn’t stand a chance.

Unloading at my mom’s went smoothly, and I reheated some of her famed chili for dinner.

Made with buffalo meat.

And a random half orange on the side.

You know, because scurvy is so prevalent these days ;)

I found four hidden dog bones while emptying my apartment today.

But at least Archie has been reunited with his begging companion. Rudy (left) is my next doggie victim. I’m putting him on a walking regimen stat ;)

Well, it’s been a short and sweet post! Tis the weekend, y’all don’t want to be inside reading blogs anyways ;)

I’m MEGA sore from a culmination of running like a maniac today, stiff legged deadlifts on Thursday, and moving the contents of my apartment. So the second I hit publish, I’m sprawling out on the couch with a magazine.

Oh, and my mom and I just picked out our mother’s day gift to my Nana ;)

See ya tomorrow and happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy readers out there!!! xoxo


Question of the Day: Are you doing anything for Mother’s Day? I think I may offer some free labour to my mom. Buying things is out – one needs a job to buy stuff ;)

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  1. Actually, Mother’s Day was last weekend here in Portugal! We didn’t do much because my mom was sick, but she’s better now. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Haha I’m sure your mom will appreciate that :) We are moving Mother’s Day to next weekend when my bro and sis will be home from school!

  3. I don’t want to be inside reading blogs but it’s cold and rainy so…..
    Don’t tell my mom but I haven’t got her anything yet and I do have a job :-)


    Seriously. 2 miles is enough for my attention span, and I don’t hit a comfy, zone out until about 4 miles. Ugh.

  5. I had some bison today too YUM!

    I’ll be seeing my mom Monday. Tomorrow i’ll be with the MIL.

    That cake sounds delicious!

  6. That chili looks awesome! I’ve never had buffalo meat, but I’m debating some buffalo jerky from TJ’s on my next trip.
    We’ll be spending Mother’s Day at a local restaurant for lunch with my mom, Omah (grandma), mother-in-law and a great aunt who is in town for a wedding. So looking forward to it!

  7. greensandjeans

    Your pictures are extra pretty today! My mama lives far away, but I did send her a present and a card! I get to see her in a few weeks and I’m very excited!!

  8. We can exchange running stories – I’ve just started it up again too. I only run when the weather is nice. I’m training for a Father’s Day 10k.
    Glad you’re out of the apt. Heading to brunch tomorrow morning – my family eats :) Then we’re going golfing if it’s warm enough. Happy Mom’s Day to your mom!

  9. that oatmeal and chilli looks divine! i loove chilli! xx

  10. Running outside is so much harder. I bet you probably go faster sprinting outside than you do on a treadmill too since you don’t have a number telling you you are going too fast. Great job!

    Have a great day today! This Mother’s Day has already been the best ever. It started yesterday for me. I’ll be posting about it tomorrow.

  11. Funny, I don’t run for less than 4 miles anymore pretty much unless I am doing a race. Or I used to run that before the back thing….

    I want to see the rest of that recipe page!!!

    Cleaning is exhausting, especially deep cleaning. It counts as a workout!

  12. I made my mum breakfast and me and my little brother got her two pretty awesome gifts which I can’t wait for her to see!
    I’ve never run over 5km but Im gearing up for it this summer.

  13. Yesterday I went bowling with Mitch and his mom, then we got Mexican food (mom after my own heart!) and came back to our condo to watch Up in the Air (it’s a good one!). Today, I’m going to brunch with my mom and her fiancée’s family…meeting them for the first time (the family) so that’ll be…interesting…

  14. Yikes- i didn’t realise that you had to go all the way back to your old place! ah, the joys of moving. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend- mother’s day was a few weeks ago here in the UK :D

  15. My mom is almost 700 miles away, but I sent her an edible arrangements! And the boy and I went out with his mom and grandma last night :)


  16. wow girl your moms’s boyf totally came through the clutch with the extra oats for you!

    hope you and mama have an awesome mothers day :)

  17. Is that a new picture in your sidebar or am I just now seeing it?! You look gorgeous!

    Your outdoor run sounds like a great way to mix it up–I’ll keep that in mind for my morning run tomorrow!

  18. Ahh cuteness! I’m about to make my mom-in-law some cookies :)

    Running outdoors wins at LIFE! I can’t imagine anything better than gettin fresh air, sunshine and people/city watching in whilst I run. Good for you!

  19. hey! i did outdoor intervals yesterday too! hah. that chili looks so good~ it is rainy here today, i could go for some of that. dude, your recipe card makes me want an old school type writer!

    and HOT new photo to the right!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. holy queen elizabeth cake. i saw the post where you made that – it looks AMAZING! and i love that you added a palmful of quinoa to your oatmeal – must try that!

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