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Home and Homecooked!!

Happyhappy Friday friends!! It’s an even happier Friday around these parts – I’m at my mom’s!! I’m shacking up here till I move to Toronto at the end of the month. Happy days indeed :)

So! Wonderful feedback on my last post on tips for staying healthy in college. Here are some of the extra tips from the comments:

One tip is if you go with room and board you don’t have to eat everything the landlord puts in front of you. In my case she fed me like I was 2 people and soon I weighed that much!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)
stay outta the cafeteria’s mega huge buffet lines..they scoop eggs and a side of bacon and toast on your breakfast plate that’s 1500 cals and that will set any one up for failiure. basically portion control and smart choices…PLANTS and VeggieSS!!!

i know for me it was all about portion control at all-you-can-eat meal plan locations!

Jessica (electropositive)
As a thankfully graduated person, I do want to add one to the list: keep stress down! If you’re like me, stress = eats. Usually bad eats. I always wanted french fries and Coca-Cola when I was having a bad day, and if the day was bad enough I would top it off with going to town on whatever I had in the house when I got home. I would say stress was the #1 cause of my weight gain in college

A good tip is to fore-go the late night burger joint and eat something when you get home. It doesn’t have to be carrot sticks, but it also doesn’t have to be half a pizza! You’ll save money as well as calories.

I would add finding a few dorm-mates or classmates that share your goals. Get chatting! Odds are, someone in class will want to join up for a gym session after class or lunch at a healthy restaurant. Having someone else around (that you see on a regular basis) will help hold you accountable

Really appreciated these extra tips! I never lived in a dorm, so I luckily didn’t have to rely on a microwave and cafeteria for sustenance.

Instead, I made ginormous bowls of hot cereal ;)

I finished the cream of wheat! 

Polished off the box today with some egg whites and dates cooked in. Topped with homemade maple pecan peanut butter.

I must say, I`m now a cream of wheat convert. It’s fabulously creamy and the extra iron isn’t bad ;)

Spotted: poodle hiding treats in couch.

I give Archie a treat after our walk everyday. Pretty sure I’ve found every single one hidden somewhere packing up. The most impressive one was found in the back of my closed sock drawer. How did he do that??

Spent the morning packing my car to the brim.

Said goodbye to my favourite view…

Then hit the road!

Arrived home to a loving household and dinner in the oven :)

Mom made one of my favourites – roast chicken.

Which I covered in homemade cranberry sauce post-picture.

Oven fries. Smothered in ketchup (of course).


And the mandatory greens. Perfect meal! Thanks mommy! I’ll have to contribute to the meals while I’m here. My mom has an excellent kitchen for cooking in.

Now I’m cuddled up with the pooch, watching CBC with the fam (although technically the Fifth Estate just began. We know how to rock it on a Friday night!)


Archie won’t leave my side now that we’re home. My mom is jealous – muhahaha. Still have him on his new exercise regimen. Took him for a nice walk after dinner :)

Well that’s all from me tonight! Tomorrow, I’m heading back to my apartment with a convoy to pick up the bigger items. Then I’m officially out of the place. On to my new adventure!


Question of the Day: What’s your favourite homecooked meal? The roast chicken is one of my newer favourites since I was a vegetarian for so long. But my mom’s chili and lasagna is always in high demand!!