A Waffle Wednesday Giveaway!!

I have a spectacular post in store for you today.

First and foremost the BIG NEWS.

You ready??


I passed my personal training exam!!

I am now a certified personal trainer.


Even more – I got 93%

Just 0.5% less than my written exam ;)

How I did this is beyond me. I should explain I suffer from major performance anxiety. I’m the girl who dropped classes that had presentations in the syllabus. When I saw my Personal Training Specialist course included a one-hour practical exam, I seriously considered not doing it. Instead, I did what I do best. Ignored it and pushed it to the back of my brain.

Unfortunately, the day still came. One thing that really attracted me to personal training is that it’s one-on-one. I’m good at that. But the idea of going through an hour-long session with an instructor watching me like a hawk sent the anxiety rushing through my veins.

Today I sent my mom a text: "”I’m freaking out!! Worst idea ever :(“

She immediately called to give me a pep talk. She told me to keep my weaknesses in check (I’m a mumbler) while playing up my strengths. She knows I’m good at putting people at ease, and told me to be my genuine self.

That’s exactly what I did! (thanks mom) I got docked marks on a few nitpicky things, but my instructor said I aced it based on my enthusiasm, attentiveness and communication with the client. I am thrilled beyond words. I feel like I can really do this PT thing now :D

Anyways, all that aside, I am still moving this week. Phew!

As I was packing yesterday, I found an old teddy bear I’ve had since the age of four. Freddy the Teddy (I was a clever child). Finding him brought back a slew of childhood memories and I couldn’t bare to cram him back into storage.

Now I have two teddy bears :)


The money shot!


Aahhh, I’ve been trying to catch Archie yawning since he got here. Animals yawning are so cute :)

I awoke this morning after having a strange and vivid dream. My mother’s house had been overtaken by cats, and then I almost burned it down. What on earth does that mean??

I needed waffles to soothe my subconscious.


A wafflewich made with two Nature’s Path Pomegranate Waffles, one fried egg, smoked salmon and pure maple syrup. An amazing combination of flavours. 


And the mandatory citrus on the side.


On my Favourite Food Pairings post, Lara said hers was eggs + citrus. I would have to agree. What is it about eggs that makes me crave oranges??


Now, for the really good stuff.

It’s no secret that I love waffles. It’s a love that goes way back to the days of Eggos before elementary school, covered in real butter and Aunt Jemima. Clearly, I’ve matured plenty over the years, celebrating Waffle Wednesday every week. My first appliance upon moving into my current (soon to be old) apartment was even a belgian waffle maker.

I feel bad though. Every Wednesday, after devouring my latest batch of protein waffles, I get comments from my bloggie friends, saying they wished they had a waffle maker. If only I could spread the waffle wealth!

Enter: CSN stores.

Many of you in the blog world have probably already stumbled across this website. They seriously carry everything, from counter stools to pot racks.

When I was contacted by CSN about doing a review or giveaway, I was overwhelmed. Too much to choose from. I didn’t need or want anything extra because I’m moving halfway across the country. And what on earth could I give away that would make sense on my blog??

Then I found it.

Chef's Choice 8300100 - International WafflePro Taste /Texture Select Classic Belgian Waffle Design

The Chef’s Choice International WafflePro.

Finally, a Wednesday where I can actually share my waffles :)


To win this, all you have to do is leave a comment in this post. That’s it! It’s open to everyone. To make it as fair as possible, I will not be responding to comments in this post – I’ll draw a random comment next Wednesday, May 12 at 8pm EST.

A special thank you to CSN for hosting this giveaway :)

And an even bigger thank you to everyone out there in blog world and real world who has been SO supportive throughout all my endeavours. Sometimes I get people telling me I inspire them, but in all honesty, you inspire me. <3

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  1. Oh, commenting, commenting! I read ALL the time – sorry it took a giveaway to make me comment :)

    Congrats on your exam!

  2. Congrats on passing your exam!!!

    Great giveaway, I’m dying for a decent waffle maker. I hope I win!

  3. Congratulations!! That’s so great you passed your test. How long did you study for it?

    I love when my kitties yawn. Adorable. :)

    And I’d like to throw my hat in for a waffle maker. I’ve never made my own waffles from scratch before…

  4. I love your teddy’s name! My stuffed animal’s name was Bunny – he was a blue bunny. hahaha.

    I like your idea of waffle sandwiches too..mmmm Wafflewiches! Brilliant :)

    Super Congratulations on your PT cert too, way to go girl!

  5. Congratulations on passing your PT test and overcoming your anxiety!

    I’m drooling over your waffles. I loved waffles as a child and have recently re-discovered them. Sadly, mine are still coming out of the freezer. I’d love a waffle maker to take my waffles to the next level. :)

  6. congrats on passing (with flying colors!)

    and i’m seriously craving a wafflewich now :D

  7. cool beans! thanks for the giveaway and CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Animals yawning is adorable!! Also sleeping. They always look like they’re smiling. =)

    Congrats on your certification!!

  9. I’m so happy for you Susan – you conquered your fears and passed with flying colors. You will be a fabulous PT! I wish you lived closer.

    I do not have a waffle iron, and would love one, but won’t buy it on my own. I really want to win!!!!! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  10. adrienmelaine

    congrats on your big day today! you’re going to have so much fun being a PT, the parties are going to start getting wilder and wilder- just a warning!

    Thanks for the waffle giveaway too! I could use one of those badboys- I’m moving pretty soon!

  11. That’s fantastic- mes félicitations!
    Those waffles look mighty tasty. I cannot wait to get my own apartment so I can acquire some fun kitchen gadgets (our current place is tiny and I have three roommates, so I have to keep kitchen stuff to a minimum!).

    And oh my gosh, yawning dog=so so so cute.

  12. Congratulations on passing your exam… you totally deserved it and I am sure that you will be a GREAT trainer!! I also really wanna win the waffle maker!! :)

  13. Congratulations on passing!

  14. CONGRATS!!! That’s so exciting :D Wanna pass your smartness over here so I can pass my finals??

    Oh and I would love a new waffle iron because my current one sucks lol

  15. CONGRATS!! That is so exciting!!

  16. Go Susan!! I knew you could do it. I am serious that you should start up a virtual training website. :D

  17. Congrats on passing your exam! I am so so happy for you and can’t wait to read all about your new job :) I also would like to win that waffle maker :)

  18. i love waffles- they come out perfect every time, unlike pancakes (too unpredictable), and nothing compares to the crispiness of a freshly made belgian waffle!

  19. Ohhhh waffles! How I love thee! Even though I really don’t have room to store a waffle iron, I can’t pass up the chance to win this lovely gem! Waffles? yes please!

  20. That waffle sandwich is genious! I have got to get me some waffles! :)

    Love the pic of your pup, how sweet!

  21. Wow a waffle maker? That’s awesome!

  22. Congratulations on passing your exam! I would love a waffle maker!

    ps – I think Archie is going home with stronger muscles after spending time with you.

  23. congrats!
    your pup is so adorable btw!

  24. Congrats on your exam! I knew you’d kick ass =)

    Oh boy what I would to win that waffle maker. Wouldn’t be proper to post on this blog ;)

    Nicole G

  25. Applause!! Congratulations on passing your exam!
    My waffle maker just broke—can’t tell you how sad my kiddos are! They were totally getting into your protein waffles too!
    Now they have to wait for me to get to a store to buy one…or win one! ;-)

  26. Yeah, congratulations on the exam! If you lived here….I’d hire you! Awesome job!

  27. Congrats on passing your exam! Not that I had any doubts!

    I’m not a waffle fan but my sister is and she lost hers moving from Ontario to Vancouver. So if I won, I would gie it to her!

  28. oh what a perfect giveaway for waffle wednesday! I would be happy to take that puppy off of your hands; I’ve always wanted a waffle maker! eating toaster waffles is simply not the same.

  29. Everytime you post a picture of Archie , I go AWW and then turn my computer around and show my bf every single time!! So adorable, seriously what kind of dog is that?! I have a cockapoo and they look a bit similar but not exact.

  30. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i want a waffle maker SO BAD!!!!

  31. Congrats on becoming a PT! :)

    I have been following your blog for a few months now and it has really taught me a lot about healthy eating, fitness, and loving life!

    & Archie is such a cutie! I love all of the pictures of him lately! :p

  32. Congratulations! Hope you find a job quick when you hit TO. So when you put people at ease does that mean you’re not like Jillian cracking the whip? :-)

  33. Congrats on the test! If it helps, my Goodlife in Milton (outside of TO) is hiring personal trainers like crazy. Just thought I’d mention it!

    I’ve always dropped classes for presentations and things like that because I have the same sort of anxiety!

  34. Aww your dog is suuuuper adorable…all snuggled up with his teddy. The 6th pic down looks absolutely delicious! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  35. I knew you had nothing to stress about :) Congratulations on passing, Susan!! Do you have an idea yet of where you’d most like to work? (I know, no responses.. so you can wait to tell us!)
    I don’t have a waffle iron – even though we put one on our registry :( It was probably #2 on my “Most Wanted” list, so winning would be awesome!! For now, it’s protein pancakes and custard oats!

  36. Congrats on rocking the test! I knew you would :) I agree, animals yawning are so adorable.

  37. Awesome giveaway! I’ve always wanted a waffle maker! And I love the teddie :) Isn’t amazing how one thing can bring back so many good memories? I love that.

  38. Considering that I very seriously entertained the notion of not going to college because of a Fundamentals of Speech requirement, I think I feel your performance-related pain!! Congratulations on passing your exam! :D

    <3 <3

  39. Congrats! That’s soooo exciting! Best of luck to you on your new venture :-)

  40. Wow! Excellent work on your exam. And your wafflewich looks great!

  41. I’d love to enter! Thanks!

  42. OMG congrats on becoming a certified personal trainer!!

    Dayum, I wish I could say that I liked salmon coz it’s so good for you but I just can’t seem to get my tastebuds around it! I’m more of a sweet waffle/pancake gal (although I’ve actually never had a waffle before :|)

  43. Good job! Not that I expected anything less but for you to pass it with flying colors…now just send me some of that good mojo for my Chem test on Friday!

  44. Congrats on passing! Read your blog all the time. :)

  45. Congrats on passing! Also, I love waffles!! :)

  46. WTG on aceing the exam!

  47. Congratulations! I love waffles too and have been wanting a waffle iron!

  48. Yay on the passing!! I don’t think any of your readers ever doubted it, but I know how hard it can be to convince yourself. Job well done!

  49. Well, Ms. TRAINER!!!!! Awesome!!! Congrats on passing and being certified! Love your blog, and healthy outlook on life. Delurked finally…im a protein junky and have never made protein waffles. Cool giveaway!

  50. Dena Semkowski

    That’s so funny! As i was reading your post, my bf walked in and commented on how good those waffles look, and we should look into getting a waffle maker. Haha! I would love to win it!!

    Congrats on you amazing PT exam scores! This sounds like something you will really enjoy :)

  51. CONGRATS!!!!!! As if there was ever any doubt you’d pass. Pul-eeze!

    As for the thick skin comment you left me…funny, I dont think I have one! I have a tough bravado but my core is very soft. Tough skin, soft heart I guess :) Your media stories were an earful..oy girl!


  52. Congrats lady thats fab news roll on new beginnings and fun times ahead! x x

  53. Hey Susan – I’ve been lurkin’ a while now (your blog is definitely a fave) and figured, what better time to come outta the woodwork? I seriously get MAJOR waffle jealousy from so many bloggers… fingers crossed my number comes up!

    – Beth

  54. Please don’t take this as a competition entry, I live in the UK and have my own waffle maker. Just to say congrats, it’s seriously amazing. Well done, you deserve it, and wow at the amazing high score.

  55. Congrats on passing your exam!!!
    Great giveaway, I’m dying for a decent waffle maker. I hope I win!

  56. Hey,
    that’s so neat that you have a Teddy that’s called Freddy the Teddy ’cause I’ve got oen too. And it’s even got a little brother: Eddy the Teddy.
    Congratulations on passing your practical training exam! Overcoming ones fears is always a good thing. Even though I love speaking in public I can understand ppl who don’t like it but am always happy for others when they overcome their fear…So, good job!

  57. CONGRATS!!! I recently graduated for nursing school…so i know how hard studying all the A&P is! :)
    I would only DREAM of having that awesome waffle maker! :) I love kitchen appliances, but an awesome waffle maker is one that I don’t have! :)

  58. CONGRATS!! I’m SO happy for you! You’ll make an amazing personal trainer. :) :) You get to live your dreams~!!

    Haha, it’s funny! I’ve always enjoyed your waffle wednsday posts and yearned for a waffle maker of my own (we’re pancake people in this house) ;)

    Congrats again!

  59. Congrat to you! And to have a waffle from a Susan waffle maker would be divine! XO

  60. WOW – CONGRATS – That is awesome.
    I would love to win the Waffle Maker – I have never had one and that is a shame. Great Post.

  61. Congrats on passing! I have friends with anxiety about test taking. And my fiance didn’t sleep for two days before he had to give a best man speech. So while I personally can’t relate, I’ve seen first hand what this anxiety does to a person. Glad you overcame it!!! =)

    Now about that waffle maker . . .

  62. Congrats again! I said it on twitter as well if you didn’t see :)…

    And I want to win a wafflemaker!!! :)


  63. Congrats on passing! How exciting – and you did so well! I am currently studying for my Group Fitness Instructor certification. Hope I do as well as you.

    Archie is absolutely adorable!

  64. Congrat on passing! I had no doubt you would.

    Your waffles always look so yummy! A wafflemaker would be amazing :)

  65. I would LOVE the waffle maker, but my fiance would FREAK out if we won… he’d eat waffles for a month!!

  66. Great job on the exam. I’ve been dying for a wafflemaker, I’d love to win this one!

  67. Bravo!!! Toutes mes félicitations!! What a huge win! :)

  68. oohhhhh!!! I’d love a waffle maker!

    And congrats on passing your PT Exam!

  69. Congrats on passing your exam! Are you kidding me with the waffle maker give-away?! Awesome. This is needed in my life!

  70. Congratulations on passing your test! Also, mmmmmmmmmm … waffles.

  71. Congratulations on passing your exam!! What an accomplishment! I have been dying to get my hands on a waffle maker since reading so many Waffle Wednesday posts! Maybe now is my chance?!

  72. Those Archie pictures make my morning! He has the cutest puppy dog eyes! :)

    YAY on your exam! I might have to move to Canada. You know Americans are always threatening to move to Canada! lol!

    I’ve always wanted a waffle maker like that. Mine is part of my George Forman Grill and it doesn’t work so good. I have to get frozen waffles.

  73. abbynormally

    Congratulations!!!! That is so exciting! And I think I’m hungry for waffles now…

  74. I love waffles !!!!! So does my family.

  75. Congrats on passing your exam! And great giveaway, too.

  76. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is fabulous news. Well deserved.

    Can I just say that I massively related to this comment: “I’m the girl who dropped classes that had presentations in the syllabus.” SO AM I. Seriously. If I had to present to the class….well, I was done. Out of there. Hated it. So I completely appreciate how big of a deal this was for you! Nice work, friend :)

    As for the waffle maker. Please let the stars align so that I might win this! I have never made a waffle before and would LOVE one of these!

  77. Cingratulations on passing your PT practical. I would love to have a waffle maker of my own!

  78. Firstly HUGE CONGRATS!

    Secondly the only waffle maker we have is a Mickey Mouse waffle maker….LOL….Yup its for my daughter so it would be great to get an adult type waffle maker ;)

  79. I have wanted a waffle maker since college when I became addicted to them in the dining hall! I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

  80. Congratulations, that’s so awesome! :) Good job!

  81. Amanda @ HopeHasAPlace

    Pomegranate waffles? I’ve never heard of such things! Looks good, though… as does that waffle maker! ;)

  82. i know you were nervous but i KNEW you would pass with flying colors. you are a smart lady, i never doubted you for a second. congrats again. i admire you. i want to have my PT credentials but i am just not that motivated. maybe one day! you inspire meee!

    and of course you have to give away a waffle iron! makes so much sense! what a great giveaway. i have always wanted a circle iron, i will probably register for one!


    one more thing, that $hot of archie?! I DIE.

  83. Congratulations – a 93% wow!! You did awesomely and I’m sure you’ll be an amazing personal trainer!

    I’m so pumped about this giveaway – I’ve never owned a waffle maker! :)

  84. erintakescontrol

    Congrats again on passing your performance eval! You are going to be an awesome trainer!

  85. Congratulations!!!!! :) That’s such exciting news–good for you for overcoming your anxiety! You’re going to be a wonderful PT!

  86. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so happy for you! If I ever work up the courage and save up the money to have a personal trainer, I hope she’s like you!

  87. I have to say, the practical exam has been a major deterrent for me in terms of signing up for a PT course. Perhaps I should follow your lead and bite the bullet :D

  88. I’m so excited you passed, CONGRATULATIONS! And thank you for making me crave waffles!

  89. I drool over your waffles all the time so to win this appliance and be able to attempt to create my own would just be wonderful! :)

  90. HOOORAY!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!

    (I don’t think I can be entered because I am in the UK- #fail :P but commenting anyway because I am so happy for you!!! )

  91. Salmon with waffles, that looks phenomenal, congrats on passing your exam!

  92. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m just starting the process of becoming a personal trainer and am totally freaking out! It was awesome to hear that you overcame the exact same fear that is stressing me so much. Maybe there’s hope for me after all, lol!!

  93. Congratulations on overcoming your anxiety fears and completing that crucial part of certification!!!

    I love waffles – great giveaway ;)

  94. Oh my goodness! I have so much to say…First, congratulations on becoming a certified personal trainer! That is amazing!!! Second, I love, love animal photos; ones with yawning animals are even better :) Third, I also love waffles and the shortage in the US makes me sad (and want them even more), so a waffle maker would be super awesome!

  95. Congratulations! That’s a great accomplishment!

  96. OMG SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU! I remember when i passed mine, I was in this room with about 10 others, taking exams for all sorts of things and as soon as it came up on teh screen that I passed, I wanted to SCREAM to someone, but I looked around and it was just a filled with angry people taking exams…oh well!

    i want that waffle iron SO SO SO bad!! so I can make your protein waffles!!! this would be the perfet thing I need in my life right now! I make the pancakes, but no fun without the waffle iron!

  97. Congratulations on passing your personal training exam and especially for putting aside your anxiety to do it!

  98. Susan, you are such an inspiration, I don’t own a blog myself, but I am an avid reader of yours. I always go to your blog if I run out of ideas of what to make.. you come up with creative dishes and I love it every time I make it!!

    Also, congrats on passing your exam!! This is exciting news and I wish you the best in your endeavors.

    P.S. I would also love the waffle iron, shweet giveaway!! =)

    Love and happiness.

  99. Christina Guthrie

    Hey can your Mom win!!! I need one. Your dream represents your anxiety of coming home with no Fergus here. In your dream he and all his cat friends in heaven took over the house. It scared you so you wanted to burn the house down – something I warned you not to do a million times!!!

  100. First of all — CONGRATULATIONS! I’m seriously proud of you for overcoming your anxiety/panic and getting through it — no wait, not just ‘getting through it’ — ROCKIN’ IT! :)
    Second — oh my. That waffle maker is fabulous. Admittedly, your protein waffles look so delicious, I tried to make them Sunday (for a monday breakfast). One thing lead to another (i.e. DH talking to me) and I forgot to spray the waffle maker! Result? protein waffle stuck.to.everything.
    It was ugly.
    But I imagine this beauty would require my full attention — and DH would just have to wait. HA!

  101. congrats!!! that is such exciting news. it seems like you will make an amazing personal trainer!
    id l-o-v-e to win that waffle maker!!

  102. Congratulations!

    I would love to win that waffle maker; my bf eats Eggos every day and I’m dying to clean up his diet a bit (and enjoy some waffles myself!) with delicious home-made waffles.

  103. How awesome! Good job!

    I just threw away my waffle iron LOL!

  104. Congrats on your exam! 93%, what a smartie! I love waffles but never had a waffle maker, so it’s been mainly pancakes in my house. :(

  105. I’ve only made frozen waffles before since I dont have a waffle iron. This would make my day!!

    Congrats on passing your exam. And with such a high score!

  106. Congrats!! I love waffles :)

  107. First off, congrats on KILLING that exam! You’re going to be one kick-A personal trainer!!!

    Secondly, I’d love to enter! I’m just moving into my first place and a waffle-maker would be a great addition to the few little pieces I’ve got for the kitchen!

  108. Congrats to you! If I won the waffle maker I’d be a hero in my house! And the only frozen waffles my kids would know would be the ones that I had made and frozen!

  109. Whoo! Congrats to you for passing! I was supposed to be my sisters client for her PT test- luckily she found someone else

  110. Wow! Those waffles look amazing and CONGRATS on passing, thats great!

  111. Way to go! What I wouldn’t do for a waffle maker – blueberry waffles whenever I want, imagine?!

  112. nancyrunswild

    Congrats on passing!!!

    Ohhhh I would LOVE that wafflemaker!

  113. oh my GOSH…
    i love your blog and am so SO excited for you. I know you’ll make an awesome personal trainer, you’ve showed that so much through this blog.
    good luck on all your upcoming ventures!

  114. your waffles look sooo good every Wednesday. I want to start my own waffle wednesday!! Your food inspires me so much and I can’t wait till I have a full kitchen with full appliances to be able to make half the stuff you make (i’m still just starting out on my own)

    thank you for your blog!!

  115. most nervewracking thing I could think of, to be a personal trainer… kudos to you and congrats on passing with flying colors!

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a belgian waffle maker! never owned one, and would be super happy to have one for my brand new condo I just moved into with my fabulous hubby :)

    btw – I love your blog, keep doing what you are doing :)

  116. what a fun giveaway! is it sad that I’ve NEVER owned a waffle iron before? =/

    congratulations on passing your exam!!! :)

  117. I definitely congratulated you in a different post, I believe. But um…I want, no I NEED a waffle maker.
    But once again…congratulations!!! Susan ROCKS!

  118. I love waffles!! Would love my own waffle maker to make them at home. Homemade just taste sooo much better than frozen.

  119. Congrats on passing the exam, you will make a great personal trainer!! I would love a waffle maker! And I love your blog!

  120. HOLLA to being an official personal trainer, way to GO!!

    And loving this giveaway, I’ve been wanting a waffle maker for AGES :)

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