I Don’t Monkey Around

Hello friends!!

I have tons of yummy food pictures for you today, so let’s get to it!

I slept in until 8am today. Apparently, it takes four days to break out of your sleep routine. Noted.

However, the late wake-up call meant I was rushed this morning. Started off with a bowl of cream of wheat which always cooks up quick.


I don’t think I’ll get through this box before I move. However it was delightful topped with All Bran, molasses and almond butter.

Then I got straight to work in the kitchen. A co-worker from my now old-job, celebrated her birthday today. I promised I’d show up with a treat, and to be honest, I couldn’t give up the chance to bake for somebody!

Last week, she was on the quest for the perfect cinnamon bun. I tucked this away back in my mind, and when word of her bee-day came up, I knew she was destined for some monkey bread.


I’ve never had or made monkey bread before. After many google searches, I decided on this recipe. The only change is that I used two cans of biscuits, 1/2 the pudding mix, and added 1/2 cup brown sugar.

I’ve heard they call it “monkey bread” because it’s “so easy a money could do it.” I would have to agree.

Cut each biscuit into quarters, dip into melted butter, then shake up in your cinnamon sugar mix.


And build your loaf of bread!

It’s traditionally done in a bundt pan, but I don’t own one. Nor was I adding to my kitchen collection when I’m about to pack it up.

After that first piece, I got a little wise and started doing eight at a time. Went much faster.

Popped in a 350F oven for 35 minutes.

Mine browned a little on the top, which is a shame. But it was a sacrifice I had to make to cook the center.

I had some of the cinnamon-sugar mix left, so I mixed it up with the remainder of my melted butter.

And spread it on top of the loaf. Mmmmm…

I couldn’t stick around for the loaf feast at the office, but it got nothing but good feedback. Hopefully it cured my co-worker’s cinnamon bun craving!

Instead, I snuck a piece fresh out of the oven as a little pre-run snack ;)


Totally against my “no refined sugars” thing. But exceptions must be made in certain instances! This is most definitely one! I must say, the butterscotch pudding totally made this recipe. It gave it a sweet caramel-y flavour. I highly suggest you add it to your next monkey bread :)

The refined sugars of course were the perfect fuel for a quick 4 miler along my favourite trail. Holy beautiful day!!! Bittersweet, as it’s probably my last run along the riverfront trail. The same trail that taught me how to love running :) Additionally bitter because I got a sunburn. At 10am. In May. With sunscreen on. Ridiculous.

The rest of my day was a whirlwind. It included donating 4 boxes of books to the library. Times like those I’m glad I lift weights! I did a lot of deadlifts with those things today :P

I also went to the doctor as a follow-up to my skin thingy. I’ve been on antibiotics for a month now because of an infection of the hair follicles in my legs. It’s cleared up a lot in the past month, but the doc wants me to continue taking them for two more months to ensure it’s completely zapped. Unfortunately there’s a worldwide shortage of tetracyclene or something, so that issue is not sorted out yet. Nothing is ever easy, is it? I’m not really keen on being put on stronger antibiotics for any length of time either…

At least I had yummy snacks to keep me going :)


Totally forgot I put maple in the homemade protein bars. Got a pleasant surprise when I bit into it!

Dinner was leftovers made into a salad. 


The lentil-bulgur-hummus-feta-tofu mash up, baked into little patties.


On top of some “sweet potato chips.” Ie thinly sliced sweet potato dusted with salt and spices.


I drizzled some balsamic on the spinach, and the flavours happening on this plate were out of this world. Tangy, sweet, salty, good times.

This evening, I added three more bags to my garbage pile. Throwing shit out feels awesome! Goooooodbye baggage! :)

Just finished up a microwave protein cake.


30g peach-mango whey protein powder, baking powder, cinnamon, 2 tbsp applesauce, 2 tbsp egg whites.


Topped with almond butter. The fruity whey powder made an awesome tasting cake.


Now it’s time for me to get back to packing! I’m catching up on Gossip Girl while doing it, which is making it a little more bearable (and scandalous).

So, here’s a breakdown of some things happening:

  • Final meeting with landlord and subtenant tomorrow. Could go badly, hoping it goes well.
  • Doing my personal training practical exam on Wednesday!! *insert hyperventilating here*
  • A BIG giveaway announcement tomorrow, Wednesday. I highly suggest you come back for that one ;)
  • Thursday, I am hoping to pack my Ford Focus up with as much as I can, and drive it to my mom’s
  • Thursday will also have a post on tips for staying healthy in college
  • Seeing as I’m feeling overwhelmed, moving to mom’s may happen Friday
  • Saturday, come pick up my big furniture with my dad and a truck
  • Sunday, hopefully relax, and celebrate Mother’s Day :)

Right now I’m just trying to focus on the short-term and doing what needs to get done each day. Thinking ahead elevates my heart rate too much.


Phew. That felt good.

If for some reason, I’m not back tomorrow, it means I just fainted doing my practical. No worries :P

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  1. Monkey bread!! YUM! Love the protein cake, great idea!!

  2. Omgosh, monkey bread looks like so much fun to make! I’m definitely gunna make that for the next function I bake for. Mother’s Day perhaps? =)

    (not that you need it)

    Nicole G

  3. Good luck on the exam! Be confident in what you know :D

    Your monkey bread looks sooooo good! It’s funny, my dad used to make “monkey bread” every year at Thanksgiving and I just recently realized that it wasn’t monkey bread at all…his was woven + savory lol

    Gah I’m also in the sunburn boat. Except mines a farmer’s tan *cringe*

  4. You’ll be fine on the exam – you know what you are doing. Just remember that.

    My sister loves and makes monkey bread for New Years eve. I have never had any myself.

    I am glad you are progressing on the skin front, I was wondering how that was.

  5. Looks like your monkey bread turned out sooo yummy! And props to you on the book donation :)
    Try not to stress too badly about your PT practical. With all the studying you’ve been doing, I’m sure you’re well prepared!

  6. Good luck with your practical tomorrow! Your protein cake makes me want to break out my microwave. Haven’t opened it since I got it for Xmas 5-6 years ago.

  7. greensandjeans

    I am the sunburn queen (stupid Irish ancestors)! The pudding in the monkey bread idea? GENIUS!

  8. Ooh, I’m so intrigued by those mashup patties! Good luck on the practical!

  9. loving the new layout! mango-peach protein powder sounds delicious! xxx

  10. I’ve only heard about monkey bread recently online… sounds yummy! :)

  11. That bread looks fabulous!

    I hate taking medications too.

    Good luck on the exam!

  12. Oh my gosh I love monkey bread! We used to make it over the fire when I was at camp when I was a kid… I just introduced it to my boyf last summer camping and he is hooked!

    Good luck on your practical!!!


  13. What a crazy busy week you have this week. You will get through it. I think it’s wise to focus on each day instead of looking ahead. I tend to hyperventilate/get intimidated by looking ahead too far too. GOOD LUCK TODAY!! Will be thinking about you, sweetie!

  14. GOOD LUCK! Ahhh you’re in there right now probably! Hope it goes swimmingly, which I’m sure it will!

    Your salad looks so good lady as does that bowl of cream of wheat which you might have just inspired me to try!

  15. i’ve always wanted to try monkey bread!!!! and i love the protein cake with mango mix? yum!!!

  16. Monkey bread is really similar to something Mitch’s mom makes a few times a year like on Christmas morning, only she calls it sticky buns and it uses refrigerated bread (roll) dough, not biscuits. It’s SO good and I totally requested it this weekend as my birthday “treat” in lieu of cake (and I love cake, so that’s tells you how bad I’ve been wanting it).

  17. I. Love. Monkey. Bread. That is all.

    I also hope your practical went well today! :)

  18. you will ROCK your personal training exam!!

    that monkey bread looks so good! it is the most interesting looking bread, I love how it is lots of little biscuits all put together! i wish i was a better baker, i would be all over that, but I am afraid i would screw it up!

  19. cleaning out garbage is so overwhelming but doesnt it feel awesome to get it OUT?!?!

    good luck today, you are gonna rock!!!!!!

  20. Dinner looks GREAT!
    I’m sorry your skin thing isn’t resolved yet–of course nothing is ever easy! :/
    And good luck on your exam!

  21. Monkey bars look awesome – I’m sure you thought the same after the first bite!

  22. I must have looked at your morning bowl of delish a few times today, it looked soo good! Great shot too, you really captured it :))

  23. i am late to the party so congrats on passing the test! and monkey bread looks AWESOME, i have never had it! i NEVER pass up the chance to bake for someone, either. i should try a protein cake w/ fruity powder! great idea. i want to make your bars but i have made a vow to eat my way through all my packaged bars before buying/making more. it could be months. im serious. so many bars!!!

    love you!

  24. Holy smokes, how good does that bread look?!!!!!!! And your dinner- woohoo for fabby eats! I am reading backwards and wordpress won’t load your latest post, but CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW you could do it!!!!! So proud of you and so excited for you :D

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