Take Heed

Ahhh, it was yet another glorious day around these parts. Mid 20’s and clear blue skies. Felt like a summer day!

I loved reading through everyone’s goals for May. One of the reasons why I keep doing it! Here is just a snippet for inspiration ;)

  • Kristin: “Run at least 20 times… that is 5x a week! I am officially in race training” 
  • April: “My new goals are to STRETCH!!” 
  • Morgan: “my goals are to relax and enjoy the little moments. I spend a lot of time thinking about my future but I don’t live in the moment very much. I need to change this!”
  • Julie: “My May goals are no beef or bread. I’m also working hard on Weight Watchers and trying to lose 5 pounds.”

So now when I check in every week this month you can keep me updated on how it’s going! I think I’ll make Sunday check-in days again. Seems to be the only day of the week I can remember…

Once again I am putting my ugliest photos at the top of the post. Probably not the best blogging technique ;)

But this has to be shared!

Last night, I microwaved 3/4 cup egg whites in a mug, then added blueberry jam and peanut butter.

Are you gagging yet? I assure you it was delicious. I’ve had eggs with fruit before, but the nut butter really brought it up a notch. Scrumptious snack!

I was up at 6am with a growling tummy. It required a special remedy.

Hey, it was never specified which type of jar oats in a jar should be eaten out of ;)

The last of my marshmallow fluff now that I’m trying to lay off the refined sugar. Cream of wheat cooked with egg whites, topped with PB and chocolate chips for good measure.

The fluff melts on the hot oats and it transforms into the thing dreams are made of.

I can’t believe I’ve never thought of it before, but I added a splash of vanilla extract to my coffee today – delightful!

Thankfully, I don’t drink regular cow’s milk or cream, so reducing my dairy consumption should not affect my coffee consumption. I normally just use a splash of almond milk. Cow’s milk has always made me squeamish :\

Are you singing it now?

Naner and dates with crunchy almond butter. I’m back and forth with crunchy and smooth. I just can’t decide which is best.

Then it was off to Body Step! I went to the big gym again and it was beyond stellar. My heart rate skyrocketed because I was pushing myself to the max. It’s such a motivating class. I credit it entirely to the instructors – they bring it out of me! 

My whole life, my eyes have always been bigger than my stomach.

Except in the case of salads. I’d say they’re on par here ;)

Highlights being spinach, kale, rotisserie chicken breast, and pickled beets. Dressing made out of watered down hummus.

I’m trading in my usual romaine lettuce for dark leafy greens to make up for some of the calcium I’m missing out on without the usual dairy. I’ll also add a little more tofu, almonds and sardines which are all notably high in calcium as well. And of course, I take a daily calcium supplement! There’s tons of conflicting research out there about calcium absorption. Unfortunately, it’s an issue that’s been highly politicized.

After lunch, I took the pooch out for his walk in the sunshine. It was hot out!

He passed out at the bottom of the stairs again after. This is probably my favourite picture of the bugger yet. Archie + Running shoe = <3

I think I’m losing my love for honeycrisp, it’s been replaced by galas. This snack powered me through cleaning out my closet. I am getting rid of exactly half of my wardrobe!

I had full plans of eating up my cupboards this week, but I just couldn’t do it. I caved and bought fresh produce

I’ll throw out my 2-year-old box of lasagna noodles and expired box of soup. The fresh veggies were worth it.


Steamed green beans + broccoli, topped with 2 whole eggs that were scrambled with smoked salmon, capers and honey mustard. Scrambled eggs + mustard may be my new favourite thing. Awesome pairing!!

And some butter on hot toast. Nothing like it my friends!

I was supposed to meet a friend to practice for my personal training practical – but the gym was closed! I dropped her off at home, and intended to drive back to my place. But I drove right past the turn off to my neighbourhood and kept driving.

I drove across the river to the other side of town, and kept driving.

I rolled my window all the way down and turned up Death Cab For Cutie’s Narrow Stairs album.

In the two years that I’ve been driving, I’ve never just driven. I’ve always been on a mission, a deadline, somewhere to be.

I had no clue where I was going tonight, but that didn’t stress me out. Instead I relished in the scent in the air and the feel of it on my face. It was fantastic.

noname (1)

It’s helps that I live in a gorgeous river valley. I may be sick of this city, but that river definitely stole my heart.

I effortlessly found my way back home and hour later. I took the dog out for another evening stroll. Again, soaking up every minute. Day 2 of my May Goals, and I’m already reaping the benefits.


Finished the night off with some Averie inspired protein popcorn. Microwave popcorn tossed with a little water and chocolate protein powder. Another fabulous treat :)


I am off to go cuddle up in bed and read magazines. Busybusy day tomorrow packing up!


Questions of the Day:

1. Nut butter – smooth or crunchy? Flavoured or natural? I’m back and forth, but I think I like crunchy best. Definitely natural.

2. What moment recently made you stop and take heed? Tonight, I walked up the hill and looked over the river as the sun was setting. And the smell of freshly cut grass coming in through my car window!

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  1. Marshmellow fluff oats! Are you serious!?!?! That could possibly be the BEST. Idea. Ever! Haha I want some now!!

  2. Royal Gala for me….I don’t eat any other apples now. It’s always nice to just drive with no destination!

  3. I love smooth and natural! Seeing the sunshine and the feeling of the suns rays made me stop and smile recently. Such an amazing feeling. The eggwhite / PB & J combo sounds really tasty actually, I have to try it!

  4. greensandjeans

    Crrrrrunchy! It’s hard for me to stray away from peanut butter for too long because other nut butters don’t have the some crunch effect!

  5. thanks for the popcorn shout! I have one on my blog that’s Peanut Butter popcorn…that would be music to your ears WITH the protein powder. And i put coconut oil on it too. Aint “lowfat” or cals but it sure is dang tasty!

    The ugliest pics. Ok so I had a reader tell me that one of my dessert pics was sketcy. A dark choco coconut snowballs. Yes, it’s really dark looking but i dont think it looks bad. LOL

    Reducing dairy…not a problem for you which is great!

    The fresh vs canned veggies. there are just some things, even in the name of being frugal, i cannot do: canned veggies is one of them! Good for you, too!

  6. Sounds like you are on the right track getting your calcium without dairy!

    I love me some smooth almond butter. But really, nothing beats thick and crunchy!!

    What a beautiful experience it sounds like you had! I love wandering off once in a while. Sometimes it is exactly what you need!


  7. Was Archie giving a strong hint or what?

    I love sardines and I drink almond milk for calcium :)

    Natural and chunky…kind of like me;)

    I use to eat protein popcorn alot when I first started. Now I don’t eat popcorn :(

    Walking Boomer in my new neighborhood made me take heed. The flowers and trees smell awesome and I thanked God I finally have a home after 2 days of ruckus.

  8. That cup of coffee looks like it has a big smilie face in it :D

    I like any and all nut butters. I don’t care if they are smooth or crunchy or full of seeds, as long as they are about to enter my mouth!

    I stopped for a moment yesterday when I entered my kitchen. The window was open and the neighbor’s lilac is blooming. The scent wafted in through the window so strong it stopped me in my tracks and I just stood there enjoying the perfume.

    I think Archie’s face says, “Susan, why do you keep doing this to me??” LOL

  9. FLUFF!! omg that brought me back to my youth haha thank you for sharing that it put a BIG smile on my face!

    umm new layout?! love it so so much! it looks beaitiful and great header!!

    that body step class looks awesome! i love the way you described it as your HR SKYROCKETED!! i love workouts that push me!!


  10. Smooth all the way!

    It sounds like you totally had a great experience. I’m always headed off with the proverbial bug up my bum to go somewhere or do something but it’s so healing just to go.

  11. Hey! I must have missed it, but why did you decide to forego dairy this month? just curious!

    Love your scrambled eggs with veggies–that is such a no fail meal for me!

    Oh, and I like crunchy I think—and nonflavored most of the time!

    • It’s okay! I’m cutting way back on dairy as an experiment. Not entirely – mostly just the 2-3 servings of yogurt/cottage cheese I eat every day. My gut (har har) is telling me I might function better without it. We’ll see!

  12. I love smooth nut butters, natural. However, I never had some of those wonders, like with chocolate, or maple stuff…maybe I should try it.
    Your cup of coffee really looks cheerful :)

  13. I’ve got to admit that the egg white pic did gag me! I hate egg whites though! lol!

    Technically I like cruncy peanut butter best but I always buy creamy because I use too much of the crunchy! lol!

    I spent some time relaxing with friends at a park overlooking the river this weekend. That was nice! :)

  14. NOTHING like butter on toast. YUM. And driving without purpose – love it. I actually used to do it a lot when I first learned to drive, it was such an escape to just go with no planned route or destination! That’s actually one of the things I love about running!
    I definitely prefer crunchy, natural nut butters!

  15. Somewhere in heaven, the king of rock and roll is eating oats out of a fluffjar, with banana, pb, and bacon. I actually don’t know if Elvis ate fluff, but I’d like to think so.

    Okay, you are now my hero for suggesting eggs and mustard. I love both, so clearly I need to try this combo.

    Have a good Monday!

  16. Amanda @ HopeHasAPlace

    Natural, unflavored nut butter for sure! And I usually alternate getting crunchy and creamy. I think I prefer crunchy, but my roomies prefer creamy, so we compromise. :)

  17. “Fluffy oats” now has a whole new meaning…heehee :D I want to try! I use vanilla extract in my iced coffee, but cinnamon in my got…oh so delicious. Though that might all change now that I am cutting back on sweetener- I like coffee with whole milk if it is unsweetened (no cinnamon/sweetener- just good creamy coffee).

    RE the calcium/greens issue- so much confusing/conflicting info! I have been warned about spinach as a calcium source but I haven’t heard anything about other greens.

    Nut butters: smooth. I choke on nuts. I like unsweetend- just roasted nuts and salt.

    The sunset reflecting on the building outside my kitchen window took my breathe away last night- gorgeous!

  18. Oh man!! Now I have to keep up with my goal of stretching if your keeping track! LOL ;)

    And that egg combo.. defintely NOT gross! I love egg whites with peanut butter… I think I need to throw some jelly on it next time!

  19. Such great food combination’s in this post. The breakfast in the Fluff jar looks quite interesting. I’ve never tried eggs with sweet things though…I’m a little scared! But I’ll take your word for it. And to answer your question..definitely crunchy!! I’m a crunchy girl tried and true.

  20. Hi!
    Just wondering re giving up dairy…
    are you gonna give up eggs (and butter) as well?
    Eggs are a toughy for me ,but I guess they are considered dairy…hmmmm

    Like your May challenge idea…I have so many things I want to change/do but I better try and narrow them down!!

    • No way! Eggs are one of my favourite foods!! I’ve never had an issue with them anyways. I think it’ll just be foods derived from the “opaque white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals” :P I don’t eat that much butter, maybe 1 tbsp a week, so I don’t think it’ll make a difference.

  21. Ooh, I’m not so sure of the nutbutter eggs, but the popcorn sounds delicious! I made some sweet popcorn last night too!
    I’m all about the smooth peanut butter. Actually I kind of like it gritty if you know what I mean. So…in between? :)

  22. Just driving and being in the moment sounds so beautiful! My friends and I have definitely done that sometimes. It’s quite nice on country roads.

    This is the first time in a while I’ve seen your blog outside of Reader and I love the new layout!

  23. YUUUM – such delicious eats, Susan!
    I never thought about sweet egg whites… It must taste lovely ;)
    So. much. PB in that jar!
    Loved it!
    Have a wonderful week, girl!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  24. duuuude we’ve been eating such similar things!

    seriously love love love mustard & eggs. actually i just love spicy brown mustard with everything under the sun haha. and i always add vanilla extract to my cawfs! it adds such a great flavor :)

    love that pb&j eggs! thats a must in giving a try soon :)

  25. Fluffy oats! I think even my kids would enjoy that! Sometimes I put cinnamon in my coffee – it makes it taste gourmet without the cost!

  26. Defo smooth for me crunchy seems to make my tummy crazy! x x

  27. Fabulous idea to do oats in the fluff! I never thought of that one before and I am not a huge nut butter person (gasp I know) so it takes me forever to polish off a jar.


    i admittedly HATE driving. i would much rather someone else drive. however, every once and awhile, there is NOTHING better than just cruising around town with no destination and the radio turned up obnoxiously high. love it.

  29. I am loving all your pics lately! Archie is so stinkin’ cute!

  30. Nut butter= smooth & natural! ;) Once you natural you don’t go back! Haha.

    The last moment that made me take heed happened Saturday–I was on a 3 day trip to New York city and got to see the view from the top of the empire state building at night. It was gorgeous and took my breath away, and really made me appreciate my life. :)

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