Off and Running – New Goals!

Hap-p-p-y weekend people!! Or, if you’re like me, happy funemployment ;)

Today was quite possibly the best way to kick off the month of May. It was gorgeous!


Was up at 6:30am with the sun streaming through the blinds. Wonder how many days of unemployment it will take until I’m no longer up at this time?


I must say, I’ve done a spectacular job at cleaning out my freezer. This morning, I had a couple Nature’s Path Pomegranate waffles with fried eggs on top. Yolks on the verge…


I’ve been asked how I fry my eggs without breaking the yolk (I always flip, never sunny-side up). My trick is that I grease the pan. Today I used butter. It was glorious.


Avec some yogurt and Grape Nuts. This will be my last serving of yogurt for a while. I’ll explain why below!

After digestion, coffee and some extra munchables, I was off and running!


It was 13 C by the time I made it out the door, and heating up quickly. I did something I haven’t done on a run in a while – I bared my shoulders!

Also wore sunscreen. Very important!!


And don’t forget the little hole on the back of your Lululemon top. Or else you will end up with a random red dot on your back until November.

Or, so I hear.

With the warm-up and cool-down I was out there for about an hour. 5-ish miles? I haven’t run in almost two weeks because I hurt my foot walking last weekend. I wanted to give it more than enough time to heal before attempting to run, and it actually took days for the pain to go away! No pain running today. In fact, besides a head wind on the way back, it was near perfect.


Seconds after a run. Don’t you ever say I only post pretty pictures of myself on here ;)

Although, I’m not sure if I could post a picture of myself first thing in the morning like Lori did. My hair takes on a life of it’s own in the twilight hours.

Post-run meal was a giant bowl of goodness.


Stir-fry with chicken, tofu, bulgur and frozen veggies.


What made it really out-of-this-world though was the addition of hummus, olives and feta. Stir-fries aren’t just for soy sauce.


It was amazing. Plus, I used up a fraction of the grains in my cupboard!

Even though I had my morning run out of the way, I still owed the pooch an afternoon walk. It was getting even warmer, so a stroll in the sunshine sounded nice :)

We stumbled upon this spooky looking path, and my curiosity got the best of me.


I mean, I was protected by a poodle, right?


The river was high today and wrapped around a bunch of gnarly trees. Verrry spoooky.

And then we found a graveyard!!


Random. I had no idea this trail existed, or that it had a graveyard.


Archie was completely thrilled by the adventure. Pretty sure our long walks are the highlight of his day.


Remember when I was complaining about the bare trees? Well it’s starting to get green!!



Hurrah! Summer is on the way!

Poor Archie didn’t quite make it home though. He started struggling on the last hill. I looked down at him and said “C’mon Archie! Dig deep!” But he started limping, so I was left carrying at 14 lb furball in my arms up the rest of the steep hill.


He came home and wiped out at the bottom of the stairs in between all my shoes. I thought I’d finally done him in. I went out, worried about him the whole time, and came back to the usual enthusiastic tail wag and energy. We need to work on his stamina, but his recovery is pretty good!

Last but certainly not least, it’s time I mark the first of the month with a new set of goals. Let it be known that I am stealing the “themed goals” idea from Janetha ;)

Strength train three times a week, with a focus in muscular power.
Run twice a week, increasing my mileage by 10% each week

Stop buying dairy, eating it only when out or when it’s “a must”
Stay away from refined sugars, again eating only for special occasions

Add and organize content, new recipes, workouts, and revised pages and categories

Improve my organization. Make lists, finish them, know what needs to be done, when.
Spend time with my family
Enjoy and soak up every single minute.

There is so much more I’d like to do, but I think it’s really important not to overwhelm myself this month! I’m hoping to be moved out of my apartment by next weekend, then live at my mom’s until I move to Toronto at the very end of the month. It’s going to be a weird transitional period for me. But it also has the potential to be a fabulous month ;)

As for my nutrition goals, I have been inspired by Sammie, who is doing an 8-week Operation Bootyfication as a fun way to help prep for her upcoming fitness competition. I am not fully participating, but I have been looking for an excuse to eliminate refined sugar and dairy from my diet for a loooong time, and it was the perfect little kick that I needed ;)

The reason why I want to try this out is because I want to see how it makes me feel. Everyone reacts to certain foods differently, and I have a sneaking suspicion that these two are dragging me down. Especially things like yogurt and cottage cheese, which I eat a lot of.

Okay, and marshmallow fluff too ;)

I still have some of this stuff on hand, so I’ll still be snacking my way through cheese strings. But the amount will be significantly decreasing, so it’s a move in the right direction. Of course, I’ll keep you updated on the results! (Fatty February by the way, is still in full swing!)

If you’re looking for another kick in the butt this month, Janetha is doing a Wakeup Call Challenge that you should check out! I’m a huuuuge advocate of early morning workouts, and it will be a fun way to give them a try :)

And with that, I’m (finally) done! Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday and have a fabulous Sunday!!

Question of the Day: What are your goals for May? You best be making some! ;)

Edited to add: I am such a space cadet. I forgot to mention that I changed my blog layout!! If you’re subscriber, I encourage you to click out and take a looksie. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to make the site more “readable” :)


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  1. My goal is to get married without killing my fiance. ;-)

    I also am planning on doing another round of detox so I look & feel my best on my wedding day!

  2. I don’t do yogurt either. No one understands it. People rely WAY too much on that crap ;) I do eat the occasional cottage cheese which my body agrees with.

    I haven’t thought of any May goals yet. I’ve gotta get this new house in order so that’s sort of a goal. Health wise I need to get my smith machine put back together and lift heavy!

  3. Little bit late to the party as ive had a super busy week…but when did you change your layout??! It looks great!

    Dairy and that goal. LOVE IT. No one “needs” dairy. And it has so many pitfalls, which ive blogged about, but i think that’s great. One less blog I will see “yogurt messes” and cottage cheese pancakes on :)

    My goals…I am competing in a fitness show June 5th. Doing it as a vegan. And of course that’s huge, but also signed with a modeling agency so need to do pics. And other irons in fire too that i need to handle!

  4. Nice header! My goal is simply to weigh less than the first time I ran a HM. Oh yeah and finish the HM too :-)

  5. Love the new layout :)
    My goal.. exercise 5 times a week this month. It’s gonna be tough in the beginning but I know it’ll be good for me :)

  6. I love runs outside. Yours looks great!!

    Interesting challenge, to not eat dairy! I don’t eat much anymore at all, because it really doesn’t do my body well. Definitely an energy-zapper!!

    Goals for may-
    Run at least 20 times… that is 5x a week! I am officially in race training :)
    Keep my apartment clean after my spring cleaning
    Write more for pleasuer && be more creative with my blog!
    Save $200
    Focus on making my transition to eating vegetarian/pescetarian as natural and unprocessed as possible
    Keep up my early riser challenge!


  7. I hope im not late on this-LOVE THE LAYOUT!!! its so classy!!!
    GREAT goals!! gah-i hope i never have to give up dairy.. i would have major attachment issues! haha
    love running outsidE!!!

  8. My new goals are to STRETCH!! I’m so bad at it.. but I do know how important it is!!

    And I would have gone on that path too! LOL. That is so random there was a graveyard there!

  9. I always enjoy reading your goals. I think it’s great to keep a goal list to remind us of what’s important. Also, it feels awesome to accomplish things!

    I’ll be curious to see if eliminating the dairy helps give you more energy, but how are you going to know if its the refined sugars or the dairy? Sorry, just had to ask. I don’t know if I could live without my Greek yog and cc. And eggs.

    I like your goal for enjoying every single minute! I think I’m going to steal that for my May goal if you don’t mind!

    That path looks gorg! Have a great Sunday!!!

    • That is a good point! I don’t expect to be giving both up completely. Seeing as I’m moving and going on vacation over the next couple months, I fully expect to be indulging in both dairy and refined sugars! I guess I can try to keep the splurges separate, or reintroduce them separately to see how I feel. If anything I’m just hopeful I learn to make better choices so I don’t rely on them as much :)

  10. Love the new layout!!!!!! Looks great…can’t wait to poke around. Also love your photos of the walk- such a random thing to find. I love discovering hidden areas in my neighbourhood (minus the spooky gnarly trees- though with Archie, maybe I would feel more brave).

    I just set my goals for May- :D

  11. greensandjeans

    Love the new layout! My fitness goals for May are to keep building up my marathon base (training officially starts May 30th!) and to keep up the strength training. I’ve been slowly cutting dairy out of my diet without really even noticing. I kind of just stopped buying yogurt (the main culprit) and I haven’t really missed it. I still eat some cottage cheese and I just can’t quit feta, but improvements have been made!

  12. love your goals! I’m also working on reducing my dairy intake. If I have yogurt or ice cream I typically feel bloated and gross. I’ve found that I dont get that feeling when I nix dairy.

    my goals are to relax and enjoy the little moments. I spend a lot of time thinking about my future but I don’t live in the moment very much. I need to change this!

  13. Yay for no pain running!!

    What do you usually put in your coffee? I know you don’t do a lot of milk, but I guess I never noticed how you drank coffee.

    I have found that any dairy substitute in coffee just doesn’t do it for me.

    And the butter? Hell yes with eggs! People are just too afraid of real buttah.

    • Almond milk, I actually randomly took a picture of my coffee this morning! So I’ll post it tonight. I’m really grossed out by regular cow’s milk and cream, including ice cream. The only thing I eat is yogurt and cheese, so hopefully it won’t be *that* bad ;)

  14. The new setup looks nice! I always love reading your goals. It will be interesting to see if dairy and refined sugars were affecting you like you thought. Especially the dairy. Be sure you are getting enough calcium elsewhere. I know you will though. You’re a smart cookie.

  15. good luck with your dairy fast! i’ll be interested to see how it goes :) i eat so much dairy its slightly ridiculous haha i should prob cut back a tad but i just cant go a day without cc or greek yogs!

  16. Love the new layout, it’s the first thing I noticed! Some of the font is small, not sure if that’s just my laptop? I need to learn WordPress and get my act together. change is good :)
    Love your May goals. I’ve contemplated losing the dairy for a few weeks, just to see what happens, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that drastic change yet! My May goals are no beef or bread. I’m also working hard on Weight Watchers and trying to lose 5 pounds.

  17. I like the new blog layout, very simple and nice :)

    Your goals look great. I’ve tried to give up dairy because I don’t think it’s awesome on my tummy but I’m a bit addicted to yogurt and ice cream- thats about all the dairy I get though, so in the end it’s not a ton.

  18. My goal this month is to just be happy with me! I am doing this challenge..”defi bien dans ma peau”. You’d love it! The goal is to eat healthy, exercise and learn to feel good “in your own skin”. Thanks for your awesome posts!! They always motivate me……and cheer me up when I am feeling down :)

  19. Sounds like you have some great goals!! My goal is to try to stop (ok, minimize) procrastinating and GET THINGS DONE!! :)

  20. ohhhh…my may goals are to stay positive, make it happen and HAVE FUN! i know that sounds so lame, but i do much better if i just kind of go with the flow. i mean, last month i tried to cut out diet coke, limit my sugar intake and something else (clearly, i have already forgotten) and that didn’t happen so much…

    but i LOVE your goals, and have no doubt you will accomplish each and every one of them!

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