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Odds, Bits, Ends and Bites

Ohwow, there is some good venting happening over on my last post. So happy I opened up the floor to let you guys get some of your marketing pet peeves off your chest! Elizabeth mentioned food companies telling women they can “indulge” without the “guilt.” Ohyes, that makes my blood boil! We should never-ever feel guilty about the food we eat. We eat it, and move on!

Speaking of which, I’m moving on ;) Har har.


I “slept in” this morning because I had plans on going to spin class after work.


But I still had to work hard this morning at clearing out the four kinds of hot cereal in my cupboard.


Today’s poison was cream of wheat cooked with 1/2 cup egg whites and topped with PB&J. That’s only 1/3 cup of the dry stuff. It cooks up HUGE. Me likey.

Then I put my new $20 outfit on! I hate getting dressed in the morning, but today it was fun :) I wore pink!!

IMG_6133 IMG_6135

Having spent most of my working life in coffee shops, I’ve always complained about not being able to dress up for work. Well now I have to, and I can’t stand it! Sometimes I manage to sneak yoga pants in, or today’s comfy/casual new shirt :)


Dressed it up with the new $2.99 necklace. All my necklaces are big and chunky, needed something a little more simple and classic. The pants are a little big around the hips, but hey, they were $12 ;)

Today I attempted to do the impossible – exercise after work. People are always so impressed that I get up at 5am to workout. But honestly, I am more impressed by people who can put in a full work day then drag themselves to the gym. All before dinner!! For me, with each minute that passes, there is another reason for me not to work out. So jumping out of bed and doing it first thing gives me absolutely no opportunity to put it off.

I was worried about this. I knew my chance of success was low. As per usual, I shared my concerns on Twitter.


This worked pretty well. I didn’t want to have to tell them tomorrow that I didn’t go.


This is usually a pretty good technique for me. I feel like I need to follow through with a workout after that sugary snack.


I raced home to let the dog out and got into my spin outfit asap. Once I’m in my workout clothes, the chances of me getting there are pretty high. Especially when I’m wearing cycling shorts, as the padding is really awkward to hang out in.

And I made it!! Albeit, my glutes are furious with me right now, but they’ll just have to deal ;) It was a regular spin class, not one of the Les Mills RPM ones, so it was nice to change it up that way. Lots of sitting sprints to some decent music.

Of course, I was ravenous when I walked in the door. Don’t ask me why, but in my hungry state I thought it would be a good idea to cook every vegetable in my fridge.

IMG_6150 IMG_6152

The left side is roasted broccoli, butternut squash, sweet potato and brussels sprouts in garam masala spice.


The right side is sauteed onions, mushrooms, zucchini and tofu in butter, garlic, salt and pepper. Topped with a healthy dose of parmesan cheese.


So. Many. Vegetables. I will have leftovers for days :)

Finally, after many taste tests, I’ve decided to share the recipe for my newest homemade protein bar.


Homemade Apple Oatbran Protein Bars

  • 2 cups oatbran (I like Quaker best)
  • 1 cup unflavoured soy protein powder
  • 4 packets stevia
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • 4 tbsp almond butter
  • 2 packaged cups of applesauce (I think they’re 1/3 cup each)
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4 cup raisins

Mix all the ingredients, minus the water, together. Add water only as needed (it takes a while for the protein powder to dissolve, so mix it for a while first). Flatten in a 9×9 pan and bake at 350F for 15 minutes.


The texture of these bars is just what I’ve been going for! Dense and crumbly. I thank the soy protein powder for that. However, they’re still a touch on the bland side. Likely because the protein powder is unflavoured and oatbran is well, bland. But definitely a step in the right direction!

Now if you don’t mind, I have to do my taxes. I have put them off to the last possible minute. Whoops.


Question of the Day: When do you work out? When would you prefer to work out? My energy is highest mid-morning after a hearty breakfast and mug of coffee. Even when I’m not working out – it’s when I’m most productive.

Muscle Monday

Awesome feedback on my Confessions post! Y’all made me feel a lot more normal for many of my confessions :) I am now offering free personal training services to someone who can hang up my clothes and do my dishes. Takers? No?

As I confessed yesterday, I’m growing weary of these early morning workouts. Today may have been the last one. Gonna try out the after-work-workout thing tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Here’s what my full-body workout looked like today:

Warm-up: 20 minutes on the elliptical

Exercise Weight Reps Sets Muscle
Front squat push press 40 lbs 8-12 3 Legs, shoulders
Wide-grip lat pulldown  50 lbs 8-12 3 Back
Bulgarian split squat  15 lbs 8-12 3 Quads, glutes, inner thighs, calves
Barbell bench press  50 lbs 8-12 3 Chest
Good morning  50 lbs 8-12 3 Hamstrings, glutes, lower back
Dumbbell shoulder press  15 lbs ea 8-12 3 Shoulder
Reverse lunge with forward reach  10 lbs ea 8-12 3 Quads, calves, back
Barbell bicep curl  25 lbs 8-12 3 Biceps
Skull crusher  25 lbs 8-12 3 Triceps
Plie squat  20 lbs 8-12 3 Quads, glutes, inner thighs

Finished off with a set each of roll-up, reverse crunch, side knee drops, bicycle crunches.

Good times :) I could have spent all morning playing around in the weight area if time allowed.

Today was my last Monday at my job. Boo :(


Been coming home at lunch to let the pup out. But also to secretly watch The View.

It also allows me to assemble salads of epic proportions.

Salad highlights include pickled beets, pickles, basil feta and chicken breast cooked and seasoned to perfection. The best part of course was the salad dressing: hummus + pickle juice. Seriously, pickle juice makes the best dressing.

I baked five chicken breasts last night in preparation for the week. SO easy. Threw them on a pan, watched TV for a while, then took them out, chopped them up, and tossed in the freezer. Badabing. No sketchy sodium in my chicken breasts thankyouverymuch.

Of course, it also equals an excess of chicken consumption when I’m cramped for time. Consider this lunch, pitafied.

Where I rushed off to after supper is top secret.

But it may have involved a cute girl with a camera ;)

IMG_6100Hi Melanie!!!!

After that business I went to the mall. This is bolded because I haven’t been shopping since I bought Lululemon pants in February. And before then, since Christmas. I actually went there to get tax stuff, but the sales lured me in. Picked up a new pair of pants, long-sleeved shirt and pretty necklace ALL for $20. Score. I’ll take a picture when I wear them all to work tomorrow :) I’m getting rid of all my “chubby” and raggedy clothing. Unfortunately, this doesn’t leave much left behind.

Then I came back home and amped up.

With a Muscle Brownieeeeeee. 



IMG_6103 IMG_6108

I’ve been living alone for too long.

You can read the long ingredient list in further detail here


Waaaiit a second. The front of the package says 20g protein, and this says 10g protein. WAIT a second!! Gah!! Foiled. There is two servings in a package. This is a GIANT pet peeve of mine. I thought I was getting a huge beefcake brownie for 170 calories. Apparently, it has the caloric density of a beefcake too.

At least I don’t feel so gypped for paying $3 for this anymore, since I am getting two servings out of it.

I ate the piece on top, and… um… it was delicious. The texture was spot on. Kinda fudgy, not the least bit dry or tasteless.

And I think I feel my biceps tingling ;)

Well that’s all from me! Archie just rose from the dead and is looking at me with those puppy dog eyes. Unfortunately we can’t walk. I injured myself walking this weekend. Ugh. Don’t even get me started…

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

IMG_6092 Hugs and kisses ;)


Question of the Day: What are some of your biggest marketing pet peeves? I have many! Currently my biggest one is this commercial where a pretty woman is running in a little tank-top and no bra. Any woman out there knows running without support it impossible, and painful. Jeez. :P

Confessions of a Part-Time Blogger

  • I love it when other bloggers do confession posts. Lucky for you, I have a lot to confess.
  • I have four different kinds of hot cereal in my cupboard and I am desperately trying to eat them all before I move.



  • I measure and weigh everything, but I still take “heaping” scoops and always round down to the lowest gram.
  • I am a naturally lazy person. Being active is something I have to make myself do every. single. day.
  • Except today, because I laid in bed reading from 7am till noon.


  • I often use the same dishes over and over again, just rinsing and wiping them off each time.


  • I never eat at the kitchen table. Usually on the couch or in bed (they’re in the same room anyways – it’s called a bachelor people!!)
  • I chew a pack of gum a day.


  • I LOVE taking pictures of my food. Part of the reason why my blog has always been a food diary of sorts. Food makes the best subject.
  • I didn’t shower today. Sometimes I just need to give my skin a break.


  • Baking intimidates me.


  • I secretly want to perfect the art of the homemade protein bar. This stubborn desire is why I stopped buying packaged ones.


  • I’ve always told people that I want to adopt a kid when I’m older. But with each passing day, I know more and more that I want to have a family. And children that are my own.


  • The irony of life is not lost on me. Especially considering my left foot is hurting from walking and not running.
  • I often browse university and college websites, dreaming about different classes and degrees.
  • I stopped playing music because I feel musically inferior to real musicians.


  • I’m tired of waking up at 5:30 every day to work out, and am happy this is my last week having to do it.
  • I don’t usually talk unless spoken to.


  • Sometimes, I don’t feel like cooking for myself.


  • I would cook a lot more if I didn’t hate doing dishes (see above)
  • I don’t hang up my clothing. I have a clean clothes hamper and a dirty clothes hamper. Ironing is more fun.
  • When I have chocolate, I don’t just have chocolate.

IMG_6082 .

  • But sometimes when I have peanut butter, I just have peanut butter.
  • My mom has been in Florida for two weeks and I miss talking to her on the phone.
  • I want to be out of this city in two weeks, and I haven’t started packing.

Your turn! What do you want to get off your chest?