The Last Lunch

My mother texted me today to tell me she will be back from Florida on Sunday and that she misses me.

I sent a message back, saying I missed her too, but she’s not getting her dog back.

Actually, after tomorrow I start the process of getting rid of my belongings and bringing what’s left to my mom’s place about 90 minutes from here. I’d like to spend as much of May there as possible before I move to Toronto June 1st. So she’s lucky. She’ll get her dog back after all ;)

Ce matin, j’ai mangé le petit déjeuner dans une jarre de beurre de cajoux.


Wait. That doesn’t sound right.


There we go :)

Cream of wheat + egg whites + maple syrup + raisins + cinnamon + cashew butter. Getting through the many jars of nut butter in my fridge. I may be eating cream of wheat for a while though!!

Even though tomorrow is my last day at work, we all went out for a celebratory lunch today because my boss is out of town tomorrow.

My boss gave me full reign over the location. He told me this two weeks ago, and it took me two weeks to decide. This was serious business people!! I wanted to choose a spot that was relatively healthy, inexpensive (since he was paying) but had regular food everyone would enjoy.

Then I realized the one thing everyone loves is breakfast. Who doesn’t love breakfast at any time of day? So the group of us went to a local-ish place called Chez Cora that specializes in brunch-like fare.

Recycled photos. There is a time and place to take pictures of your food. This was neither.


But this is my favourite dish there, so I already have photos on hand! Piece of toast with a perfectly poached egg (someday I will do that!). And cottage cheese dumped on top of the fruit (minus the kiwi today, since I am now off it).

Afterwards, my boss took us to a place called Johnnie Java. A counter and espresso machine tucked in the back of a specialized import store. They roast their own beans there and supposedly have the best coffee in town. I got an espresso macchiato, and it was pretty darn good! Went down smoooooth. They also sell green beans there, so it’s my goal to try roasting my own (using Lori’s popcorn method) before I get rid of my popcorn maker. So, like, this weekend :)

The rest of my afternoon was spent sobbing over leaving my job.


Kind of ;)

Lunch was light, and even with my afternoon snack I was still starving for dinner! Threw together what is quickly becoming a staple around here.

Giant junk salad

There are many reasons why I keep resorting to these. Besides being super quick and healthy, it’s also HUGE and takes a while to devour eat.

Highlights included pickled beets, chicken, cottage cheese, feta and olives. Only dressing was fresh lemon juice. Amazing.

And…um…in case you’re wondering, I am still eating protein powder batter every night.












1 1/2 scoops chocolate protein powder, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, water. With sprinkles and chocolate chips. Tastes like chocolate icing. It makes me happy.

My eats are going to be repetitive, boring and random over the next little bit. Instead of apologizing, I’ll instead reassure you that they will get exciting again soon. I already have a dessert list of things to feed my step-siblings in Moncton, then a list of fun things to make in Toronto. One of my new roomies (hi Megan!) is a fellow foodie, so I suspect we’ll be having tons of fun in the kitchen :)

And with that, I’m going to wrap up this post with a little April Goals wrap-up.

Continue the spirit of the sleep challenge, aiming to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I got around 7-7.5 every night, which is all I can ask for. My body functions best on 7.5 now. Anything over that is just a distant memory…

Get rid of as many of my belongings as possible. Totally didn’t do this. But this is what I’m dedicating all next week to.

Get my bike on the road. Pffft!! It was SO cold ALL month. Any other Maritimers out there agree that we had sucky weather this month? Cold, cloudy or rainy most of the time :(

Pass my personal training exam. Check!! I passed my written exam :) My practical is next Wednesday. Eep!

Chill the eff out. No stress here. Now that I’m funemployed, I have nothing but time to focus on all my obligations. We will just ignore the fact that I no longer have a steady paycheck coming in….mmmkay?

Hope you all have a great Friday!! Mine will be spent working my last day at the university, hopefully eating lunch with the old man, attempting another evening workout, then coming back here for Flashback Friday! See ya then!!


Question of the Day: What is your favourite restaurant and what’s your favourite dish to get there? My favourite restaurant is Calactus, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Moncton, featured here, here, here, and here. But my favourite dish there is the Big Marc Burger, blogged about here. Hands down, the best veggie burger ever!!

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  1. greensandjeans

    Leaving a job is always sad to me, no matter how awesome and exciting the new one is! My favorite restaurant here in phoenix is the daily dose because they make a mean breakfast, the best veggie burgers ever, and a pretty fantastic cocktail…

  2. awww leaving a job is sad!! but theres BETTER things in store. fav restaurant- WHOLE FOODS.. does that count? ha!

  3. Hihi! I was surprised when i saw french word! BTW, this was a perfect sentence, in case you were wondering :) J’ai eu envie de le prendre comme un clin d’oeil pour moi :) hihihi! So sad Archie is coming back to your mom: we will not see picture of him anymore!! lolll He is such a cuuutiiiieee!!! :D Cora is a restaurant started right here, at Montreal. A well know restaurant were i go …too often ;) But my fave right now is Amir and is shish Taouk sandwich, paired with a fattouch (?) salad. Humm…seems i have found what to eat tomorrow! :)

  4. I hope you enjoy your last day at work!! Looking forward to hearing about what’s next for you!

  5. That cream of wheat jar looks heavenly – yum, yum!

    1 piece of advice for roasting the coffee? Do it outside. Believe me, you do not want to do it inside.

    Use about 1/2 cup of green beans and turn on the popper. After the beans get warm, they will blow off chafe. Then you will hear the beans start to pop (sounds like popcorn). Once that finishes, you can stop at any time and use the beans. They will go through another crack stage, and that is the darker, oilier roast.

    • Thank you for the tips Lori! I’m actually kinda scared. My neighbours are going to wonder what the hell I’m doing, but at least it will smell good ;)

  6. Oh I don’t think I could pick a favorite restaurant…it totally depends on what I’m in the mood for! But, I love carne asada burritos from this Mexican joint (I wouldn’t call it a restaurant) El Indio, I love the hot and sour soup at a Chinese restaurant called Choice of Mandarin, and the cinnamon toast with a side of fruit from a place called the Mission. Yeah…I like going out to eat hehe…

  7. Nice of the boss to treat you to lunch. You obviously did a great job while there such a short time.

    I don’t have a favourite restaurant yet.

  8. Hmmm… I don’t think I have a fav restaurant!
    Well, you’re moving on to bigger and better things so I’m sure you’ll be ok ;)

  9. I know living a job can be hard, but this is soooo exciting for you! complete life change is about to happen–I even feel excited for you!

    My favorite restaurant lately is Coolgreens! All fresh, organic, local stuff :)

  10. SUSAN! what an adorable new layout – i LOVE it! and all the fun changes you have in store. i can’t believe its your last day of work already. that went by SO incredibly fast! i am jealous you know how to do your own taxes, although my dad does mine for me so i can’t complain. love me a good junk salad, some heavenly looking waffles and that cute lil’ dog of yours, which is saying a lot because i don’t genuinely like animals. don’t hate me.

    i am making a banff packing list this weekend – so i will send that to you asap. only 40 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. My absolute favorite restaurant is the Lebanese Taverna in DC but since it’s a six hour drive I’ll go with my local favorite, Cafe Everest. It’s a Nepali restaurant. Everything is sooo good there. I usually get the chicken tikka or the aloo chaat. Plus a mango lassi.

  12. None, and I mean NONE of your pictures are showing up for me :( Are you still planning on going to that yard sale thing? I can’t remember when it was. You are going to nail your exam on Wednesday. Leaving jobs is always kind of mixed but I am SO SO SO excited for you right now. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

    fave restaurant is my diner in NY. We are going there when we meet…it is where I discovered tzatziki!

  13. Don’t you dare make me choose a favourite restaurant! Or dish! I am way too indecisive and in love with a million things for that…
    Your jar of cashew butter is too cute. I want.

  14. Happy last day at your job! I’m so proud of you and excited for your future endeavors :D Can’t wait to read about em too :)

  15. Awww, puppy pictures melt my heart! :)

    My alltime fave resto is in my hometown in RI. It is called Crazy Burger and I LOVE their Wild & Crazy Mushroom Burger!


  16. Okay, so I’ve seen lots of wacky methods for poaching eggs out there, but I poach at least one egg a day with no problems (my bf is some sort of egg-tarian) :)

    all you do is fill a pot about halfway with water (I usually use one of my smaller saucepan), bring it to a boil, drop in the cracked eggs when the water is bubbling, keeping the heat as high as possible without spilling over. Check by lifting an egg out with a slotted spoon every now and then, and take ’em out when they look done! easy peasy.

    Anyways, I’m excited to see your future adventures in upcoming posts! I’ll live vicariously though you :)

    (and BTW loving the new layout! so clean!)

  17. Oh I love Cora’s for breakfast. I have two faves right now….one is Brasa, a brazilian restaurant in Niagara Falls and the other is Allegro, an Italian restaurant in Bolton.

  18. Your mom’s dog is a cutie, I wouldn’t give him back either. I go through phases with favorite restaurants, but currently my favorite is a tie between a delicious Tapas place called Blue Stove where I get an amazing hummus dish and some mushrooms and asparagus AND a great italian restaurant called il casale where I get some dish I can’t even spell the name of but it’s basically the most amazing homemade tubes of pasta ever with tomato sauce straight from Italy. Yum.

  19. CORAS. SO MUCH LOVE FOR THAT PLACE. I haven’t been there in ageessss….I eat so much food, and it’s all so GOOD! ♥

    I have family in Moncton, and Calactus is on my MUST-DO list next time we go up and visit (most likely this summer). I’ve only heard about it recently and can’t WAIT to try it! Anything I should keep in mind? (Their veggie burger, apparently! ;) )

    • Definitely the veggie burger!!! I also really like their “flutes” and they have a great sampler plate with hummus, tofu cream and veggies. Oh, and the chocolate banana smoothie and espresso is good too. Gah! I can’t wait to go back there when I’m home!

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